The first swimming lesson

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Theo. Theo loved swimming, he went swimming all the time with his parents and had great fun. But now it was time for his first swimming lesson and this made Theo very scared and nervous. His parents tried to prepare him the best they could. They bought him new swimming trunks, a swimming cap, goggles and a big towel. They told him what was going to happen and that he could trust his teachers. Theo felt that he was ready and started to look forward to his first lesson.

The day of his first swimming lesson arrived and his mother dropped him off at the pool. She said: “Theo, like I’ve explained to you before. I cannot stay in the hall with you, but I will be watching your from the bleachers. Good luck, you can do it!” But as soon as she left, Theo started crying.

The trainer, noticing Theo’s distress, approached him and asked, “What’s wrong, little buddy? Are you okay?”

Theo sniffled and replied, “I don’t know you, I don’t know the other kids, I’ve never been in a big pool before and my parents can’t join me.”

The trainer smiled and said, “I understand that you’re nervous, but we’re here to help you. You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Why don’t you just watch the other kids for today, and next time you can join in?”

Theo nodded and sat on the side of the pool, watching the other kids as they swam and played. He observed how they kicked their legs and moved their arms, and how the trainers helped them when they needed it.

As the lesson went on, Theo began to feel more comfortable. He could see that the other kids were having fun, and that the trainers were friendly and helpful. He realized that he could do it too, and that he didn’t have to be scared anymore.

The next time Theo had a swimming lesson, he was brave enough to join in. He remembered what he had observed the previous lesson, and with the help of the trainers, he was able to swim and play with the other kids. He was so happy that he had overcome his fear, and he couldn’t wait for his next lesson.

His mother was so proud of him, and Theo was excited to show her all that he had learned. From that day on, Theo loved going to swimming lessons and became a great swimmer over time.