The Grass is Always Greener

Once upon a time, in a green and peaceful meadow, lived a little sheep named Wooly. Wooly was just like any other sheep in the meadow, spending his days munching on fresh grass and basking in the warm sun. But Wooly was bored. He was bored of eating the same old grass every day, and he longed for a more exciting life.

“I want to see the world!” Wooly bleated to his sheep friends. “I want to do something different!”

His friends shook their heads and laughed. “But Wooly, this is the life of a sheep!” they said. “We eat grass and live in the meadow. That’s what we do!”

But Wooly was determined. He packed up his belongings and set off for the big city, determined to make a name for himself. When he arrived in the city, Wooly was amazed by the hustle and bustle of the busy streets. He had never seen so many people and cars before!

He soon found a job at a large cooperation, where he quickly became a hardworking and valued employee. The people at the cooperation loved Wooly, because he was always bleating a cheerful “yes” whenever he was asked to do something.

Wooly considered his colleagues at the cooperation to be his true friends, but little did he know that they were taking advantage of him. They were asking him to do more and more work, without giving him any additional rewards or recognition. But Wooly was too happy and naive to notice. He was happy to be working in the big city, and he thought that his friends at the cooperation truly cared about him.

However, one day Wooly overheard his colleagues talking about how they were using him and taking advantage of his good nature. Wooly was hurt and disappointed, and he realized that he had been wrong about his friends at the cooperation.

Feeling sad and lonely, Wooly decided to leave the big city and return to the peaceful meadow where he was born.

When he arrived back in the meadow, Wooly was welcomed with open arms by his sheep friends and family. They were happy to see him and they celebrated his return with a feast of fresh grass.

Wooly was happy to be back home, and he enjoyed every second of eating the delicious grass in the meadow. He realized that he didn’t need the excitement of the big city, and that true happiness could be found in the simple pleasures of life in the meadow.

And Wooly lived happily ever after, eating grass and enjoying the company of his friends and family in the peaceful meadow.