Stories About Kindness

Stories About Kindness

Welcome to the Top 58 Stories About Kindness – a wonderful collection of tales crafted specially for kids, children and their beloved bedtime story moments! Our selection of stories is meticulously designed to not only entertain and engage, but also to inculcate important values, such as kindness and empathy, in young minds. These stories are perfect for all little ones – from preschoolers and kindergarteners to elementary and EYFS students – to read online or listen to during storytime.

Our collection encompasses a variety of captivating stories to suit every taste, with each of them available in different formats such as pdf, audio, and even printable versions. We also offer read-aloud and easy-to-read options, providing children with the ultimate comfort as they explore these heartwarming tales. Accessible for free and including beautiful illustrations, these short, and longer stories are perfect for both boys and girls looking for an entertaining and educational read.

The Top 58 Stories About Kindness not only provide fun and excitement, but also convey powerful moral lessons, which are crucial in the development of young readers. Each tale serves as a valuable teaching tool, helping to instill empathy and kindness in our children’s hearts. Featuring well-known classic fairytales and a range of night-time tales for a comfortable sleep, these stories will become the best companions for your child during their early years.

So, come on over and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of kindness with this delightful collection of stories that perfectly blends learning and fun for your toddlers. Engage in some quality story time with your kids and watch them fall in love with these charming tales, while embracing the timeless values of compassion and humanity.

Top 58 Stories About Kindness for kids to read online:

  1. The Queen Bee: In this fairy tale, three brothers go on an adventure and end up at a castle where they need to complete three tasks to save a princess and deliver the castle. The youngest brother, Simpleton, saves and protects animals along the way and in return, they help him complete the tasks and save the day. Simpleton marries the youngest princess and becomes the king, while his two older brothers marry the older sisters. An ebook download is also available.
  2. Sandman: This story is about Sandman, who visits children at night, turning an umbrella above their heads to give them wonderful dreams, or doing nothing if they have been naughty. Sandman visits a little boy, Hjalmar, every day to tell him a new story. Each night, Sandman takes Hjalmar on a different adventure in his dreams, from turning his room into a garden, taking him on a boat ride, attending a mouse wedding, going to a doll wedding, and seeing Sandman’s brother, Death, who only tells two stories – the most beautiful and the most horrible. Hjalmar learns to not be afraid of Death, as long as he has a good report card. Downloads are available for an e-book version of the story.
  3. The Snow Queen: The story is about an evil troll who creates a mirror that reflects only bad and ugly things. When the mirror shatters and shards get into the eyes and hearts of people, they turn cold and forget their loved ones. One such person is Kay, who meets the Snow Queen and forgets his friend Gerda. Gerda goes on a journey to find Kay, meeting various people and creatures who help her. Eventually, she finds Kay and melts the ice in his heart and eye with her warm tears, and they return home as grownups but with the hearts of children. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  4. The Travelling Companion: A young boy named Johannes goes on a journey after his father’s death, meeting an odd but helpful travelling companion along the way. They travel to a city where a king has a daughter who no one can marry without solving three riddles, and Johannes decides he wants to marry her after seeing her. With help from his companion, he is able to successfully solve the riddles and lift a spell on the princess, allowing them to live happily ever after. In the end, the travelling companion reveals himself to be the ghost of a man Johannes had helped earlier on his journey.
  5. The Happy Prince: In the story, a swallow befriends a prince statue who sees the suffering of the people in his town. The prince encourages the swallow to bring his treasures to help those in need, even though it costs him his sight and the swallow’s life. In the end, God rewards their kindness and they live happily ever after in paradise. The story teaches the values of compassion, generosity, and selflessness.
  6. Father Frost: In this story, a young girl named Natasha lives with her father, stepmother, and stepsisters who treat her poorly. Her stepmother decides to marry her off to Father Frost and sends her to meet him in the woods. Father Frost appears to her and asks if she is warm enough, warming her up each time she responds kindly. He transforms her clothing and purse into beautiful gems. When her stepsisters are sent to meet Father Frost, they are rude to him and freeze overnight in the woods. Natasha’s life improves after meeting Father Frost, and she later finds a kind man to marry.
  7. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: In this story, two old men live by a river, one is selfish and the other is kind. One day, the kind man’s dog leads him to a pot of gold and later a magical mortar that produces endless rice. The selfish man, jealous of his neighbor’s good fortune, tries to replicate it but fails and is thrown in jail. The kind man ends up showing the king a miracle wrought by the ashes of his dog, which blossomed into a beautiful cherry blossom tree. The story teaches the virtues of kindness and generosity.
  8. The Yellow Dragon: In this story, a boy named Woe invites a yellow horseman and his four servants into his home for dinner. After they leave, Woe and his father notice strange details about the visitors and seek advice from his grandmother who informs them that a great storm is coming. The storm destroys the surrounding area, but their home remains unharmed. When the yellow dragon and his horse return to Woe, he gives him a scale that brings him luck and miraculous powers, which impresses the emperor. Woe is invited to work for the emperor as a magician, and he and his family live in a beautiful house. The moral of the story is to always be kind and hospitable to strangers.
  9. The Elephant and the Tailor: The story is about an elephant who is mistreated by a tailor but later gets revenge by squirting dirty water on him and his expensive fabrics, teaching a lesson about treating elephants, and all creatures, with kindness and respect. The story also tells another incident where an elephant forgives its sitter for mistreatment after saving the sitter’s child from danger. The story emphasizes the elephant’s wisdom, strength, and ability to understand and forgive. An eBook of the story is available for download.
  10. The Golden Goose: This is a story about a family, with a young boy called Simpleton who was thought to be dumb. When his older brothers failed to chop down a tree, the youngest is given a chance, and he shares his food with a gnome who promises him luck. Simpleton finds a goose with gold feathers between the roots and takes it to an inn, where everyone who tries to pluck a feather from it gets stuck to each other. Simpleton takes the golden goose and the line of stuck people to a city with a sad princess. The king promises his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who can make her happy, but Simpleton has to succeed in three impossible tasks. With the help of the gnome, he prevails and marries the princess, becoming king and living happily ever after.
  11. Toinette and the elves: The story is about a girl named Toinette who meets an elf and is given seeds to become invisible. However, after trying it out, she realizes that being seen and loved by her siblings is more important. She shakes off the seeds and tries harder to be kind to her siblings. The elf returns the next year and convinces her to try being invisible again, where she learns a valuable lesson about the true happiness that comes from being kind and having a good mood. The story ends with Toinette living happily ever after.
  12. The Ant And The Dove: A Dove saw an Ant struggling in a brook and dropped a blade of straw to help it float to shore. Later, the Ant helped the Dove by stinging a man who was about to kill it with a stone. The story highlights the importance of kindness and how good deeds can be repaid in unexpected ways. An ebook PDF is available for download.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and Puss in Boots: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to buy new rubber boots from a shoemaker. He takes his old boots to the shoemaker to repair and also agrees to buy items from the store for Nurse Jane Fuzzy. On his way back, Uncle Wiggily meets Puss, who has lost his boots, so Uncle Wiggily gives him his new boots. He also meets a mother cat whose kittens have lost their mittens, and he gives her red yarn to make new ones. Later, a cat named Cat Mole’s petticoat gets burnt, so Uncle Wiggily gives her needle, thread, and white flannel to repair it. The story ends with the animals laughing at the bad Woozie Wolf who runs away as Cat Mole threatens him with a piece of red stone.
  14. Snow-white and Rose-red: The story is about two sisters named Snow-white and Rose-red who live with their mother in a cottage near a forest. One day, a friendly bear visits them every night until he leaves in the summer to protect his treasure from wicked dwarfs in the forest. Later, the two sisters encounter the same dwarf stuck in a tree and tangled in fishing line, and they help him both times despite his ungrateful behavior. They also see the dwarf’s precious stones and treasure. The dwarf tries to get the bear to eat the sisters in exchange for the treasures, but the bear saves the sisters and reveals himself to be a prince. The sisters then marry the prince and his brother respectively and divide the dwarf’s treasure.
  15. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty little goblin named Midnight who loved to play pranks on the animals in the forest. But one day, he accidentally found himself in a cellar where a family of children lived. Midnight started helping the children find lost items and made himself their secret friend. As the New Year arrived, Midnight transformed from a dirty little goblin to a beautiful dancing flame and spread happiness to everyone around him, including the animals in the forest. The children loved him and declared that every day felt like a Happy New Year when the goblin was with them.
  16. The good sea monster: The story is about a sea monster that lives on an island of rocks in the ocean. The sailors fear the monster and think he is a cruel monster, but a young boy named Ko-Ko eventually discovers that the sea monster is actually a friendly creature who helps ships in need. Ko-Ko becomes friends with the sea monster and eventually learns that he is a man who was turned into a monster by an old witch. With the help of Ko-Ko and a little girl they rescue, the sea monster is able to return to his human form, and they live happily ever after on the enchanted island.
  17. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: In this story, Old Mother Bear is knitting stockings for Santa Claus when her animal friends come asking for stockings of their own. She kindly gives them away, but when Christmas Eve arrives, she has no stocking for herself. Her friends hear and make her a large stocking, which they fill with small gifts. When Santa Claus arrives, he is amused by the size of the stocking and dances with Old Mother Bear.
  18. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In this story, it is New Year’s Day and the children in the village are excited to celebrate. One boy plans to blow the Old Year out and the New Year in with his Christmas horn. Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit, worries that the Old Year will be blown too far away and the New Year will be afraid to come in. Meanwhile, a poor boy named Jimmy can’t join in the festivities because he doesn’t have a horn. Uncle Wiggily comes up with an idea to turn Billie Wagtail’s old goat horns into New Year’s tooters and leaves them on the poor boy’s doormat. The children celebrate by blowing on their horns to welcome the New Year.
  19. Baba Yaga: A couple who longed for a child saw a stick in the cradle turn into a baby. They named him Peter and grew to love him. One day when Peter was fishing, the Baba Jaga, a terrible witch, tricked him and took him away. Peter’s faithful servant went to the Baba Jaga’s house and was told by a little cat how to rescue Peter. The servant followed the directions, freed Peter and escaped. The Baba Jaga realized what had happened and had to scratch her eyes open because the cat abandoned her. Peter and the servant returned home safely and the couple were overjoyed to see Peter again.
  20. Was it the field fairy?: The story is about two orphans named Jack and Nina who were taken in by a greedy and unkind man named Simon. Jack had to work hard on Simon’s farm and Nina had to take care of the house. One day, Simon decided to sell their cow to the butcher, but on the way, the cow met a fairy who helped her. Eventually, Simon got injured, and Jack and Nina took care of him, even though he treated them badly. Later, Simon became a kind and generous man and even bought a horse and carriage for the children to go to school. Jack believes that it was the work of the fairy that changed Simon.
  21. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: This is a story about a young giant named Energy who was very willing to work, but his clumsiness made people afraid to trust him with tasks. He desperately wanted to find work and help in the world, so he went into the valley to ask for something to do. After multiple failed attempts, he met a good woman who sent him to the Fairy Skill to learn. Under her guidance, he sorted threads, weaved carpets, made cups, and created a chain of pearl links. After passing her three trials, he emerged as a valuable helper in the world, armed with beautiful creations to give to the one he loved most.
  22. The Boy Who Became Santa Claus: The story is about how Santa Claus, who was once a kind and generous boy named Nicholas, became the jolly old man who delivers presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve. Nicholas used to share his toys with his friends, give sweets to other children, and even helped his neighbors shovel snow. His parents then passed on the tradition of delivering presents to him, which he embraced wholeheartedly. Santa Claus continues to spread happiness and joy, just like he did when he was young. You can download the ebook in PDF format from the provided link.
  23. The Lonely Rose Picker: Mark is a rose picker who feels lonely after separating from the love of his life. As Valentine’s Day approaches, he decides to hide all the roses he’s picked in a remote location to make the townspeople realize his worth. However, a little girl named Lily helps comfort him and they bring the roses back to save Valentine’s Day. Mark learns that there is still kindness in the world. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  24. The Snowman with a Cold: The story is about a snowman named Frosty who catches a cold. The people in the land of snow help him by bringing him inside, but he starts to melt due to the heat. A little girl then has the idea to put a hat and scarf on Frosty to keep him warm. The people continue to put hats and scarves on snowmen afterwards as a way to remember Frosty. The story ends with a downloadable PDF version of the story for offline reading.
  25. The Abominable Snowman’s New Friends: This is a story about a giant yeti-like creature called the Abominable Snowman who lives high up in the mountains and prefers being alone. However, a group of curious and brave children set off on an adventure to find him and when they do find the Snowman, they befriend him. They spend the rest of their adventure exploring the mountains with the Snowman and when it is time to return home, the Snowman promises to stay in touch. The children return home, hailed as heroes, with many stories to tell.
  26. The Christmas Story: This story is about the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem, witnessed by shepherds who spread the news. Jesus grows up to show kindness and forgiveness, performing miracles, and brings happiness to others. Later in life, during Christmas, Jesus feeds a village with a small amount of bread and fish, and the villagers celebrate and remember the miraculous gift that Jesus gave them. Christmas then became a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus and be grateful for the love and joy he brings. The story comes with a downloadable PDF for offline reading or printing.
  27. The Giant Gingerbread Man’s Apology: In this story, a gingerbread man is accidentally left in the oven for too long, and when he emerges, he has grown to a giant size. At first, the other sweets in the bakery are amazed, but soon the gingerbread man’s arrogance becomes too much and he is tricked and locked out. He wanders the forest, searching for a safe home but is unsuccessful. Eventually, he returns to the bakery and apologizes, and to his surprise, everyone forgives him and welcomes him back. They all live together happily and work as a team to make the bakery the best it can be.
  28. A Christmas Tale of Friendship: A stray cat wanders the cold and dark streets on Christmas Eve, looking for a warm meal and a home. After being rejected by several households and attacked by other strays, he finds an older woman who welcomes him in, shares a meal with him and becomes his best friend. They never feel lonely again. An ebook download link is provided.
  29. The Brave Little Boy and the Big Slide: The story is about a little boy named Huggy who loves the playground but is afraid to slide down the biggest slide. With the help of a friendly squirrel who encourages him to believe in himself, Huggy conquers his fear and slides down the big slide, feeling proud and happy. He realizes that he can do anything he sets his mind to, and looks forward to even more adventures. The story is available for download as a PDF ebook.
  30. The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly: The story is about a little reindeer named Glow-Nose who lives in the North Pole with all of the other reindeer, but is too afraid to fly when it’s time to deliver presents to all the good boys and girls. Glow-Nose tries to hide his fear from the other reindeer, but they tease him and call him names. Then Santa Claus comes to visit the reindeer, notices Glow-Nose’s fear, and encourages him by explaining how his bright nose is important in leading the way with the other reindeer. With Santa’s help, Glow-Nose overcomes his fear and finally becomes confident and happy at his important job.
  31. The Brave Children of the Ice Castle: A group of children exploring in the snowy woods stumble upon a beautiful ice castle and meet a friendly ice princess and her animal friends. However, they soon discover that the princess is in danger from her evil sister who has been plotting to destroy the castle and harm the princess. The children try several ways to protect the castle, but it is the bravery of one little girl who suggests that they form a protective circle around the castle and sing sweet songs to keep the evil sister away. As they sing, they offer the evil sister love and kindness, and she realizes the error of her ways and surrenders to the children’s love. The ice castle is saved, and the ice princess and her friends are safe.
  32. The Lonely Giant: A happy family wake up one morning only to find that their cereal and orange juice have disappeared along with their toys. The son cleverly decides to stay up all night to catch the culprit and discovers a lonely giant who was looking for comfort. Surprisingly, the family offers to let the giant stay with them and they all live happily ever after. The ebook is available for download in PDF format.
  33. The Mistletoe Mystery: In a small town during Christmas, the most beautiful mistletoe was missing, causing the townspeople distress. A group of friends decided to investigate and found it in the woods, hung by a family of squirrels who had taken it for food. Feeling sorry for the creatures, the friends invited them to the Christmas feast and returned the mistletoe to the town’s square, restoring the Christmas spirit. An ebook is available for download.
  34. The Magic of Christmas Lights: This story is about an old grandma who is lonely until she sees her young neighbor’s Christmas lights. She visits them to thank them for the joy the lights bring her and they invite her to join them for dinner. The family becomes her new family, and she is no longer lonely. The story ends with a link to download the eBook version.
  35. The cranky elf of Elfsville: In the magical town of Elfsville, every day felt like Christmas, but one elf hated the holiday and stole all the town’s Christmas lights. A brave little girl named Evie climbed up the snowy mountains to talk to the cranky elf and convinced him to forgive the town. He gave back the lights, and they all celebrated the big celebration together, living happily ever after. The story emphasizes the value of forgiveness and the importance of kindness towards others.
  36. The Great Ice Storm: In a small village, people were advised to stay inside due to the danger of an ice storm. However, many people had to leave their homes to go to work or school. A bright girl gathered the villagers and suggested they form a human chain to help each other on the icy roads, and surprisingly, the idea worked. Later, with her initiative, the school children spread road salt to clear the way for everyone. The story showed how working together and using resources could solve any problem and overcome any obstacle. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  37. The misbehaving monkey’s New Year resolutions: The story is about a misbehaving monkey named Moki who lived on the island of Bali. One day, Moki overheard tourists talking about their New Year’s resolutions, and he decided to make his own resolutions to become a helpful monkey. To keep his resolutions, he made small, measurable goals and started to show tourists the best places on the island, help them with traffic, and bring them fruit from the jungle. As Moki accomplished his goals, he became known as the kindest and most helpful monkey in Bali.
  38. The Little New Year: The story is about a boy named Maurice who, one cold morning, hears a knock on his window and finds the Little New Year waiting outside. The Little New Year needs help distributing blessings, and Maurice agrees to help. Together they visit Old Joe, a lonely man who receives clothing, wood, and a new year’s dinner, all provided by the Little New Year. They also leave flowers for a sick girl. The Little New Year explains to Maurice that there is no end to love and kindness. Maurice wakes up to find his dream was a gift from the New Year, and he receives a happy surprise. He remembers his dream and helps spread love and kindness.
  39. The Teacher’s Back to School Jitters: Jada, a preschool teacher, was nervous on the first day of school and didn’t want to go in. Her students noticed she was missing and made a banner to cheer her up. When they found her outside, they told her how much they loved her and how good of a teacher she was. Although Jada was still hesitant, the children’s kindness and understanding made her feel better, and they all had a great day in the classroom.
  40. Grandma’s Chicken Soup: In a small town hit by a terrible flu outbreak, a group of grandmothers decide to make a huge pot of chicken soup for the whole community. However, they lack the main ingredient, a chicken. They approach Farmer Joe, who despite also being sick, helps by giving them a chicken in exchange for a bowl of soup. With the help of the vegetables from their gardens and the fresh buns they baked, the grandmothers make a pot of soup that warms people’s hearts and bodies. Slowly but surely, the town begins to recover, and they celebrate Chicken Soup Day once a year to remember the act of kindness.
  41. The search for eight little ice skates: A little spider named Spike wants to try ice skating but can’t find small enough skates for his eight legs. He asks the other animals in the forest but no one can help until he meets a friendly centipede with a hundred skates who gives Spike eight and even teaches him to skate. Spike becomes the best skater in the forest and wears his ice skates everywhere. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  42. The Thrifty Squirrels: A squirrel family in a hollow tree were very thrifty, saving food for the winter and being careful not to waste any. One evening, a starving rabbit called Bimny knocked on their door and asked to warm himself by their fire. The Squirrels kindly gave him some food and tried to find out why he was in such a miserable state. Bimny explained that he hadn’t saved any food and now regretted it. Despite their generosity, Bimny couldn’t stay and eventually left. The Squirrels wondered how he was doing but never saw him again.
  43. The Dream of Little Christel: The story follows a young girl named Christel who is inspired by a fairy’s message that even the youngest and humblest child can make a difference. She sets out on a mission to do something good and comes across a crying baby and a wilting rose tree. She makes the baby happy by fixing a windmill and waters the tree, feeling powerful in the realization that small actions can make a big impact. The story encourages readers to think about the power of kindness and small actions in making the world a better place.
  44. Goody Two Shoes: The story is about two poor children, Margery and Tommy, who wander around together, tired and hungry, with no parents or home. A kind gentleman takes them in, and Margery gets new shoes made by a cobbler, which makes her very happy. She runs around the village showing off her new shoes, and people start calling her “Goody Two Shoes.”
  45. A Valentine’s Day Wish: In a zoo where all the animals were excitedly preparing for Valentine’s Day, a red panda named Pai felt lonely and left out as the only one of his kind without any friends. Upon noticing his sadness, the zookeepers surprised him with two new red pandas brought in just for him on Valentine’s Day, filling him with joy and companionship. Pai realized that love and companionship come in many forms and was grateful for his new friends, who made him happy and no longer felt lonely. The zookeepers were happy to have made a difference in Pai’s life.
  46. The Foundling: A poor woman’s daughter finds a red-skinned baby crying at their door and brings it home. The mother wants to give it away, but the daughter convinces her to keep it. The daughter takes care of the baby, feeding and singing to it, while the mother feels pity for it too. There is a download link for an ebook version of the story.
  47. The Laughing Prince: The story is about a farmer’s son named Stefan, who was sent by his sister Militza to make the princess of the kingdom laugh. The princess was tired of her mundane life and demanded someone who could make her laugh. Stefan succeeds in making the princess laugh, but he did not insist on marrying her. However, the princess fell in love with him and demanded to marry him; otherwise, she would stop eating. The princess’s father, the tsar, agreed to the marriage, and the couple lived happily ever after, filling the castle with laughter.
  48. Beauty and The Beast: A merchant with three daughters loses all his wealth and Beauty, the youngest daughter, accompanies him to pick up what should be a valuable item. The journey is not fruitful; their ship is seized, and they stumble on an abandoned palace. The merchant picks a rose from its garden and is given an ultimatum by a Beast, “Bring your daughter, and I will let you live.” Beauty volunteers to go since she is the reason her father picked the rose. During her stay, she gets to know the Beast better, realizing the goodness underneath the terrifying appearance. She leaves to visit her sick father and returns in time to be with the Beast, who transforms into a handsome prince and they marry and live happily.
  49. Protective Wings: In a snowy and bitter cold night, pigeons who huddled together offered warmth and protection to a group of shivering sparrows seeking shelter from the extreme winter weather. Although some birds questioned the act of kindness, the pigeons showed mercy and compassion to the sparrows. Later, when rescuers found the fallen pigeons and took them in, they discovered every pigeon that survived had a sparrow under their wings. The act of kindness of the pigeons saved the lives of the sparrows and gave hope for better days to come.
  50. The Maker of Rainbows: In a poor village on a dreary November morning, an old man arrives with a strange device that can transform tears into rainbows. He lifts the spirits of the children and turns an old, crazy woman into a young, beautiful girl. He even transforms a barren field into a golden wheat field. Despite the villagers’ mocking, he hints that he knows the location of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, and sets out to find it. Although he disappears mysteriously, the children never forget the magical rainbows he created.
  51. The Adventures of Kobold and Gnome on Saint Nicholas’ Eve: In this story, Gnome visits his friend Kobold during winter but finds him hibernating. He wakes him up and shows him a wooden rabbit he made for the Forest Ranger’s child. They decide to bring it to her on the Saint Nicholas Eve, but they have to sneak into her house. They successfully deliver the rabbit but make too much noise while leaving, causing a commotion with the chickens. Finally, they reach their burrow, happy and excited about their adventure.
  52. A bear in the rain: A bear in the forest is upset that his fur is getting soaked in the rain. A wood anemone suggests he try hiding or finding an umbrella. They find a large branch with thick leaves to serve as his umbrella, and he is grateful for the suggestion. The wood anemone returns to her spot in the forest and opens her leaves in the sunshine. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.
  53. Hilda’s Mermaid: The story follows Hilda, the daughter of a sailor who lives by the coast and longs to see a mermaid. One night, during a storm, Hilda lights a lantern to help guide ships and finds a mermaid seeking refuge in her home. Hilda offers the mermaid food and in return, the mermaid tells Hilda about her home under the sea. The two become fast friends, and while the mermaid disappears by the morning, Hilda keeps an eye out for her on future boat trips.
  54. The Courteous Prince: A handsome prince falls in love with a noble girl who isn’t of his rank. The king sends his highest servant to an old witch for advice, and she tells them that the charm on the girl will remain until a courteous Prince serves her. The king arranges a marriage for his son, separating the lovers, but the prince is sad and declares he will remain alone. One day, he goes hunting and takes refuge in an abandoned hunting lodge where he meets a ghostly woman who requests that he make her a bed made of heather. The prince fulfils the request, and the next day, he finds his lost love in the tower room, where the curse is broken after he showed her courtesy. The prince and his true love get married, and the king finally understands what the old witch meant with her words.
  55. The Funny Easter Bunny: In this story, Mother Tiny-Tail is upset because she has no eggs for Easter, but Funny Bunny helps her by going on a mission to get eggs. He receives help from the Little Brown Hen, the Farmer, and the Miller, but needs money to buy meal from the Miller. The Little Hill Men agree to give him gold if he measures their hill, and they are surprised when he succeeds. Funny Bunny uses the gold to get everything he needs and returns to Mother Tiny-Tail with a basket full of eggs. The Tiny-Tails are delighted by the Easter eggs hidden everywhere and Funny Bunny shows them a sugary egg from the Little Hill Men. He then hops off, singing a happy tune.
  56. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: On Halloween, a mischievous elf named Twinkling Feet trips his partner in a dance, causing all the elves to fall and get injured. He then realizes he has lost his smile and asks for help to find it. On his quest, he meets Jack O’Lantern and the Happy Little Witch, but none can help find his smile. Finally, a small creature jumps into his mouth, and Twinkling Feet realizes it was his own sweet laughter that he had lost. He happily returns to the fairy ring with his smile back.
  57. Little Never-Upset: The story is about Little Never-Upset, a toy who always smiled and didn’t join in when the other toys argued. One night, the other toys were bickering loudly and angrily, but Little Never-Upset’s calm and happy attitude set a good example for them. They soon realized they were wasting time and missing out on fun by quarreling. When the old Elephant apologized for his rudeness and invited Little Never-Upset back on his shelf, the latter forgave him and smiled as if he had never fallen. All the toys ended up laughing and having fun again.
  58. The History of the Five Little Pigs: The story is about five little pigs with different personalities. The first pig went to the market and, despite facing a difficult situation, showed his strength and determination. The second pig stayed at home and caused mischief, leading to consequences from his mother. The third pig was well-behaved and helpful to his mother. The fourth pig was lazy and got into trouble for fishing in a forbidden area. The fifth pig was stubborn and didn’t listen to his mother’s instructions, causing him to get sick. A downloadable ebook of the story is available.

In conclusion, these Top 58 Stories about Kindness offer a treasure trove of heartfelt lessons and valuable morals for children to learn and embrace. These stories beautifully illustrate how acts of kindness, compassion, and empathy can make a significant difference in the lives of others. Reading these tales not only entertains kids but also helps them understand the importance of kindness, shaping them into compassionate and understanding individuals. By incorporating the messages within these stories, children can gain inspiration to spread love and positivity in their own lives, contributing to a more supportive and caring world.