A bear in the rain

Once upon a time, a bear was walking in the forest in the afternoon. It was raining heavily.

“All this rain, it’s really not bear weather, I can’t take it anymore,” he grumbled. “My fur is completely soaked.”

A wood anemone, who was nearby, heard his grumbling. “I don’t mind the rain,” she said. “I just close my leaves and open them again when the sun shines.”

“Can’t you just close your fur?” she asked the bear.

“No,” said the bear. “I have two types of hair and I get a new coat every year, but I can’t open and close my fur.”

“I’ve seen the butterfly hide when it rains. He told me that if big raindrops fall on his wings, he can die,” said the wood anemone.

“Maybe you can hide too?”

The bear grumbled that it was difficult to hide because he was so big.

“Then I have a much better idea,” said the wood anemone. “Let’s find an umbrella for you!”

They went searching together. After a while, they found a very large branch on the ground with thick laurel leaves.

“That branch has exactly the right shape,” exclaimed the wood anemone.

At first, the bear protested, but once he held the branch above his head, he was delighted that he no longer felt the rain. He thanked the wood anemone and walked proudly on, like a true gentleman bear, with his new umbrella!

The wood anemone quickly returned to her spot in the forest where she waited for the sun to shine and then opened her leaves again.