The Dream of Little Christel

Christel was a young girl who walked slowly out of her house one day. She had been listening to a fairy in her dream and was thinking about what she had said about how even the youngest and humblest child can do something to make the world a better place. She wondered what she, being so small and poor, could do.

As she was pondering this, a skylark dropped from the sky and landed on the grass nearby. The bird sang as it flew away, and Christel thought about how the fairy had said that every day should be filled with kindness. She wondered what she could do to make a difference.

Christel decided to put her thoughts into action and began walking down the village street. She had a book in her hand and a determined look on her face. Soon, she came upon a crying baby at a cottage door. The baby was upset because a windmill near the cottage was stuck and wouldn’t move. Christel knelt down beside the baby and managed to set the windmill in motion, making the baby happy and stopping its cries.

Feeling good about what she had done, Christel continued on her way. She came across a rose tree that was drooping and wilting in the summer heat. Without hesitation, she ran to a nearby brook, filled her hands with water, and watered the roots of the tree. The roses perked up and Christel was pleased that she could help make the tree and the surrounding flowers look nicer.

She thought about the power of small actions and walked on her way with a sense of satisfaction.