The search for eight little ice skates

Once upon a time, in a forest not so far away, there lived a little spider named Spike. Spike loved to do all sorts of fun activities, but there was one activity he really, really wanted to try: ice skating!

So, one cold winter day, Spike set out to find eight little ice skates for his eight little feet. But no matter where he looked, he just couldn’t find any ice skates that were small enough for him. He looked under logs and stones, in tree tops and tree trunks, under the snow and under the mud, but he couldn’t find any skates.

Spike was getting a bit discouraged, but he didn’t give up. He asked everyone he met if they knew where he could find some ice skates.

“I’m sorry, Spike,” said the birds. “We don’t have any ice skates, and even if we did, we wouldn’t know how to ice skate.”

“I’m sorry, Spike,” said the squirrels. “We don’t have any ice skates either, and we’re much too afraid of slipping and falling on the ice.”

Spike was starting to think that he would never be able to ice skate. But then, he had an idea. He would go to the rink and watch other animals ice skate!

So, Spike scurried over to the rink, and he watched as deer, wolves and bears twirled and spun on the ice. It looked like so much fun! And then he spotted his solution. There was a long, big centipede with a hundred little legs and he wore a hundred little ice skates. Spike hurried over to the centipede and explained his problem and his wish. “Oh my!” said the centipede, “you can take eight of my ice skates, I have a hundred and won’t miss eight.” Not only did the friendly centipede give the spider the ice skates, but he also offered to help him get the ice skates on and give him a few lessons.

Excitedly, Spike put on his new ice skates and made his way to the frozen pond. It was a funny sight, to be sure, as Spike wobbled and swayed on the ice, his legs all going into different directions, trying to get the hang of skating. But with a little practice and help from his new friend, he soon became a pro, gliding and twirling across the ice just like the other animals.

From that day on, Spinner was known as the best ice skater in the entire forest. And he was so proud of his tiny little ice skates that he wore them everywhere he went, even on the warmest days of summer.