The Elephant and the Tailor

In your life, you’ve probably seen an elephant. In the zoo, on television or on the computer. An elephant is the biggest animal on land and lives in South East Asia or Africa. In Africa it’s a bit smaller and lives in the wild. In South East Asia the elephant is domesticated and helps people with its wisdom, kindness and strength.

The elephant is a hard working animal that obeys very well. If his sitter treats him right, he will be very grateful and will obey its sitter. He is tireless, diligent and insanely strong. And the elephant understands everything. But the elephant can’t handle injustice. When that happens, the elephant gets extremely angry. Listen to this story…

In a certain city in South East Asia an elephant was led through the streets to go drink by the river. He had the habit to stick its trunk through the open windows of the houses. Sometimes he would get a nice piece of bread or fruit from the people. He would pass by the tailor daily, but the tailor never gave him anything.

One day the elephant walked passed the tailor again and stuck its trunk through the window. But the tailor, an angry man, pinched him with a needle and said: ‘here’s something for you!’. The elephant quickly retreated and calmly processed down the street, but the elephant was actually really angry and thought to himself: ‘you wait…I’m going to get you!’.

When the elephant was done drinking at the river, he tossed his paws through the mud so the water got cloudy and he could fill his trunk with dirty water. At the tailor he stuck his trunk through the window and the tailor started to mock him: ‘You liked the needle so much that you want more?’

But just as the tailor stopped talking, the elephant shot the dirty water all over him and his employees. They tried to jump away, but were too late and got soaked. And all the expensive fabrics that were laying there were ruined by the dirty water.

The evil tailor was laughed at by the whole town when they saw the damage. They said: ‘The tailor got what he deserved. He never should have harmed that sweet animal’. From this story we learn that you should treat everybody, but especially elephants righteously.

Let’s listen to another story about the kindness of elephants. Once upon a time an elephant got extremely angry because his sitter hit him. He became wild with rage, pulled himself loose and stormed down the streets. Everybody ran from the elephant. The woman from the garden who normally let her small child give the elephant a hand of grass quickly walked away. But in her hurry she forgot her child.

The elephant was running straight towards the child. Everybody thought the child would be trampled, but something magical happened. The elephant recognized the child, picked it up with its trunk and gently put the child on the roof of a market stall. The elephant calmed down and even let himself be led back by its sitter.

Even though the sitter had treated the elephant terribly, the elephant forgave him and the story goes that the sitter never hit the elephant ever again.