Halloween Stories

Halloween Stories

Dive into the world of wands, witches, and whimsical creatures with our Top 44 Halloween Stories for kids to read online. These stories, designed to delight and entertain, range from funny tales perfect for preschoolers to slightly spooky stories suited for elementary grade students. Each story is crafted with captivating illustrations for your toddlers and young children to engage their imaginations. Crafted specifically to cater to a range of ages, from preschool, kindergarten to upper elementary school children, every story is a short, interactive tale meant to be read aloud, transforming bedtime into a magical experience.

These narratives are more than simple stories, as they incorporate themes of friendship, bravery, kindness, all unveiled through a festive Halloween lens. Many tales also carry potent moral stories, allowing children to learn important life lessons. Not limited to just reading, these stories are accompanied by vibrant pictures and fascinating illustrations that provide a visual delight to little readers.

Presented in an easy-to-read, user-friendly PDF format, our collection can be accessed for free, turning every kid’s reading time into an enchanting journey. These stories are perfect to read aloud, emphasize and reinforce linguistic skills, and improve reading abilities at the early learning stage. Moreover, this collection can be downloaded as an eBook, making it portable and accessible for on-the-go reading. In the digital age, online reading marks a practical way of integrating education and technology. So, get ready to print your favorite stories or load them up on your devices for a magical story-time treat!

Halloween stories are crucial in sparking children’s imagination, stimulating curiosity, and instilling a love for reading. These tales make the holiday more digestible for kids, by framing frightful elements into fun, friendly narratives. Moreover, themed stories like these help children understand the cultural significance of the holiday, instill a sense of community, and allow them to explore creative expression. With their blend of humor, adventure, and moral undertones, Halloween stories are guaranteed to be a hit with kids!  So, immerse your youngsters in these best, vibrant, and engaging Halloween stories written and designed in English. A treat of thrills and chills, without frights, awaits them!

Top 44 Halloween Stories for kids:

  1. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: The story is about Uncle Wiggily and the animal children getting ready for Halloween. They dress up in costumes, including Uncle Wiggily as an elephant, and go out in a car for some Halloween fun. However, a real bear tries to attack them, but they scare it away with a stuffed-stocking trunk. They all have fun and eventually go home and go to bed. The story ends with a mention of another adventure that Uncle Wiggily has the next day.
  2. The Courteous Prince: Once upon a time, a Prince falls in love with a girl of lower rank. The King tries to separate them and seeks advice from an old witch. The witch tells him that the girl’s enchantment will only be broken by courtesy. The Prince finds himself alone in an abandoned hunting lodge on Halloween night and encounters a ghostly woman. To serve her, he gathers heather and makes a bed for her. The next morning, he discovers that the ghostly woman was his lost love, who had been under a spell. Their love is finally allowed, and they marry happily.
  3. The Elf Knight: Janet, a beautiful maid, hears the story of Tam Lin, an Elf Knight who haunts the moorland near her father’s estate in Scotland. Intrigued, she ventures into Elf Land on Halloween night and encounters Tam Lin. He reveals that he longs to return to the human world but can only do so with the help of a brave maiden. Janet declares her love for him and agrees to rescue him. When the Fairy Queen and her knights pass by, Janet holds on to Tam Lin despite the many forms he transforms into. In the end, the Fairy Queen concedes defeat, and Janet and Tam Lin are married and live happily ever after.
  4. A Halloween story: Babette and Anton, children of a poor lumberjack, have a magical Halloween adventure when their vegetables come to life and they join a festive procession with witches and dancing vegetables. The vegetables promise to make up for the damage they caused to Anton’s vegetable garden, and they all return home with bags of gold, bringing luck and prosperity to their family. Every year, Babette and Anton continue to celebrate Halloween with the pumpkin that grew from their adventure.
  5. The Little Pumpkin: In a field, a little pumpkin grows on a vine. He is worried because he is supposed to become a Jack-o’-lantern, but he doesn’t know how. The sun and wind encourage him to just be the best little pumpkin he can be. In the end, the little pumpkin becomes the biggest and yellowest of all, and he is chosen to be a Jack-o’-lantern for Thanksgiving. He is proud and shines brightly until the candle burns out.
  6. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: On Halloween, the mischievous elf Twinkling Feet plays a trick on his fellow dancers, causing everyone to fall and lose their smiles. Twinkling Feet seeks help from the Little Fiddler and the Happy Little Witch, but it is only when he joins the children’s party and receives a dose of laughter that he finds his smile again. He returns to the fairy ring and learns the importance of cherishing his smile while dancing.
  7. The Halloween Ghosts: In the town of Maplewood, eight unique ghosts appear every Halloween, bringing mischief and delight to the residents. Each ghost has its own special character, from a melancholic singer to a spirit of the leaves. They entertain the townsfolk with their presence and stories before disappearing into the night, leaving Maplewood enchanted. This annual tradition is eagerly awaited and makes Halloween in Maplewood a magical event.
  8. On Halloween Night: On a spooky Halloween night, six witches gather in the woods and recite haunting rhymes about misbehaved children. The next day, the children, who were the subjects of the witches’ tales, dismiss the witches as silly. But when the children find themselves in the woods, the witches cast a spell and turn them into statues. Columbus and his sailors arrive and break the spell, teaching the children important lessons about manners. The night ends with the children joining Columbus in waving a flag, symbolizing their triumph over the Halloween spell.
  9. Jack Frost’s Halloween: In a land where reality meets fantasy, a group of peculiar characters called the Jacks come together. Among them is Jack Frost, known for his mischievous grin and jingling bells. One day, Jack Frost encounters a Witch on Halloween, but he is not deterred by her eerie presence. As other Jacks emerge, they all gather to sing and celebrate the magic of Halloween. Each Jack has a unique personality and story to tell, making the scene a spectacle of music, laughter, and peculiar magic.
  10. Halloween traditions: On Hallowe’en, the Spirit of the Year summoned beings from different nations to share their customs and superstitions. Each character, representing a different nation, took turns to tell their tales, from Egyptian mythology to English folklore, Welsh superstitions, Japanese ghost stories, American charms, Irish legends, Druid rituals, and Scottish lore. The gathering concluded with all the characters singing the “Star Spangled Banner” together.
  11. The Witch’s Dream: In the dead of night, the Witch is visited by various eerie figures, including Fear, Wind, Rain, the Moon, and four boys with brooms, all trying to scare her. Her trusty companions, the Owl and the Cat, come to her aid, along with the comical Jack-o’-Lantern. Finally, Courage arrives and dispels the fear, bringing warmth and merriment to the night. When morning comes, the Witch confesses her fearful dream, vowing to be kinder and not scare people anymore. The story ends with a song, warning of the dangers of Hallowe’en and wishing everyone a good night.
  12. A Halloween Carnival and Wax-work Show: In a festive hall filled with costumed children, Folly, dressed as a jester, brings the characters to life with his wand. They prepare for a wax-work show, with performances and spells adding to the enchantment. As the night progresses, the wax figures come alive, dancing and singing, creating a magical Halloween celebration.
  13. Halloween Puppet Play: On a spooky Halloween night, a showman and his puppets tell tales about the true meaning of Halloween. The Witch, Cat, Jack-o’-Lantern, and Brownie search for answers, while Punch and Judy conspire to learn the Witch’s intentions. Eventually, Knowledge arrives and brings understanding, leading to a joyful celebration. It’s a magical Halloween night on the hill.
  14. Making Jack-o’-lanterns: Three schoolboys named Jack, Bill, and Harold carve Jack-o’-lanterns on Halloween Eve. Bill’s pumpkin looks sad, leading them to decide to spread joy instead of fear. They gift their creations to three boys who have never seen a Jack-o’-lantern before. The boys cheer for Halloween and pumpkin pie, leaving behind a glow of kindness that extends beyond tricks and treats.
  15. The Nine Halloween Letters: On a Halloween night, nine children in a small town celebrate the magic of All Hallows’ Eve. Each child carries a carved wooden letter, spelling out the word “Halloween.” They joyfully recite the different aspects of the holiday, from happiness and apples to lanterns and laughter. Together, they create a joyful and memorable Halloween experience for all.
  16. The Pumpkin Ghosts: In the town of Harvest Hollow, three friends named Jack, Patty, and Gus share stories about the spirits of pumpkins. Jack tells the tale of a pumpkin ghost left alone after Halloween, Patty shares the story of a pumpkin spirit used for a delicious pie, and Gus talks about the spirit of a canned pumpkin who never got a chance to be a jack-o’-lantern or a pie. The friends reflect on the magical traditions of Halloween that the pumpkin ghosts now contribute to.
  17. Halloween Greetings: On a chilly Halloween night, five friends dressed as Halloween cards and embarked on an adventure in their cozy town. They shared spooky tales, including ghosts and goblins, mischievous imps, witches and black cats, eerie forms, and friendly goblins. After creating an atmosphere of delightful shivers, they promised to return next year before disappearing into the night. Their laughter and stories left a lingering enchantment throughout the town.
  18. The Halloween Debate: In a small town during Halloween, a boy and a girl have different views about the holiday. The boy thinks girls are scared of ghosts and only want to play childish games, while the girl challenges his beliefs. When a real ghost appears, the boy runs away in fear, leaving his mask behind. The girl laughs and goes to join her friends for the Halloween party, leaving behind the echoes of laughter in the town square.
  19. A Mother Goose Halloween: In the land of Mother Goose, the eight special children share their Halloween tales. Bo Peep searches for elves, Boy Blue stays awake to complete tasks, Marjorie Daw outruns a ghost, Humpty Dumpty plays tricks, Tommy Tucker sings, Nancy Endicott lights up Jack-o’-lanterns, Little Jack Horner enjoys pumpkin pie, and Miss Muffet is fascinated by goblins and witches. They spend Halloween with laughter, stories, and pumpkin pie, eagerly awaiting the next Halloween. You can download the eBook to read offline or print.
  20. Halloween At The Orphanage: In an orphanage, the children are disappointed that they can’t have a Halloween party due to lack of funds. However, village children arrive and ask to have their party with the orphans. They bring jack-o’-lanterns, treats, and even ice cream and cake. The orphans and village children have a joyful and memorable Halloween together, thanks to their beloved matron, Mother Farley.
  21. Halloween At The Club: In the town of Breezyville, a boys club led by Mr. Brown decides to celebrate Halloween by working with the police instead of causing mischief. Each boy is given a police star and assigned a part of the town to patrol. The boys enthusiastically embrace their new role and ensure a fun and safe celebration for everyone. It becomes a memorable Halloween, teaching everyone that fun can be had without mischief.
  22. Healthy Halloween: Once upon a time, the Health Spirit appeared during Halloween with a group of health-themed characters to promote well-being. The Frost Spirits brought frost and brightness, the Corn Kernels celebrated the harvest, the Apples praised their health benefits, the Grapes highlighted their iron content, and the Imps of Exercise emphasized the importance of physical activity. The Health Spirit hoped that people would remember the connection between health and Halloween and incorporate these blessings into their lives for a healthy lifestyle.
  23. A Quiet Halloween: Four girls in a small town decide to have a calm Halloween at home. As they sit together, they hear a knock at the door and spooky things start happening. It turns out that it was the girls’ brothers dressed up as characters from a story, and they wanted to join in on the fun. The girls agree, and they all have a memorable Halloween together.
  24. Halloween Spirit: In a kingdom filled with orange and black, the Halloween Spirit is released from her year-long confinement. She is greeted by a group of witches, goblins, ghosts, black cats, and children dressed as pumpkins, who all contribute to the enchanting atmosphere of Halloween. The festivities include songs, dances, scares, stories, and the youthful spirit of school children. Together, they make Halloween the happiest and most mysterious time of the year in the kingdom.
  25. Happy Halloween: In a small town filled with Halloween excitement, three young friends and their pet black cat, Shadow, gather to celebrate. Molly loves indoor activities, Tommy is captivated by the outdoor decorations, and Sammy enjoys both. They playfully scare each other and agree that Halloween is the time for fun. Every corner of their town holds a potential adventure. Additional downloads of the story are available as an ebook in PDF format.
  26. The Halloween Mystery Of The Vanished Boy: In an eerie Halloween season, a curious boy goes missing. A witch, ghost, jack-o’-lantern, owl, bat, and black cat each reveal a part of the mysterious story. The boy’s disappearance remains unsolved, but every Halloween, his spirit is said to be heard in the wind. Download the PDF ebook to read the full story.
  27. The Adventures Of Ten Little Goblin Elves: In a colorful and magical land, ten little goblin elves with unique masks and caps come together to spread Halloween joy and cheer. As each elf joins the group, they celebrate their unity and share their knowledge of Halloween secrets. Together, they march around the land, bringing smiles and happiness to everyone they encounter.
  28. Jim’s Surprise Halloween Party: In a small town, a boy named Jim with a foot injury couldn’t join the Halloween festivities. Feeling lonely, he wished he could sleep through the night. Suddenly, a group of his schoolmates surprised him with a party, bringing the celebration to him. Jim realized he was never alone, and that Halloween turned out to be a joyful and memorable night for him.
  29. A Halloween History: Long ago in the mystical British Isles, the Celts celebrated the festival of Samhain, honoring the sun god and lighting bonfires. They believed that on this night, spirits and mythical creatures roamed the earth. When Christianity came, Samhain became All Hallow’s Eve and eventually Halloween. Today, Halloween is a festive celebration of ancient traditions, filled with costumes and fun activities. Remember, it is a tradition that is thousands of years old.
  30. The Enchanted Wood: In the magical realm of the Enchanted Wood, Bats, Goblins, and Tricksy Elves come together for a night of revelry. The mischievous creatures enjoy dancing, playing, and scaring children on Halloween night. However, the Tricksy Elves intervene and drive away the Bats and Goblins, ensuring the night remains fun without causing harm. The Elves celebrate their victory and eventually bid farewell, leaving the forest peaceful once again. It was a memorable night filled with tricks, dances, and songs in the Enchanted Wood.
  31. Who Will Be Scared?: A group of mischievous girls plan to play a prank on their friends and teachers on Halloween but end up getting trapped in a spooky storeroom. They discover a skeleton hiding in a wardrobe, only to find out it’s their teacher, Miss Fairlee, wearing a mask. Miss Fairlee and the school principal, Madame, had overheard the girls planning the prank and decided to teach them a lesson. The girls apologize and promise to behave better in the future. They learn that pranks should not come at the expense of others’ comfort and happiness.
  32. The Brownies’ Frolic: In a magical land, seven mischievous creatures called the Brownies venture into a village on Halloween eve. They play, dance, and make silly faces, spreading joy and laughter. After their playful antics, they sing a song about their mischief and recite verses about their pranks. The next morning, the children find grinning Jack-o’-lanterns in the village square, left by the Brownies. The story of the seven Brownies becomes a beloved bedtime tale, keeping the spirit of Halloween alive.
  33. The Haunted House: In a small town, five adventurous friends explore a haunted house. As they get closer, they learn about the tragic tale behind the house. Despite their fear, they enter in search of a lost cat and discover that the “ghost” they saw was just the cat. They realize that not everything is as it seems and decide to leave the haunted house behind. From then on, whenever they see the cat, they remember their adventurous night and the lesson learned. Good night!
  34. Playing Halloween Elf: A group of friends, disappointed that their older siblings won’t let them participate in Halloween, come up with a plan. They decide to dress up as elves and perform acts of kindness for others. They successfully complete their missions and attend a special Elf Party, creating their own heartwarming celebration.
  35. The Halloween Picture Show: In a village, there is an annual Shadow Picture Show on Halloween. The show features Mother Halloween, witches, elves, goblins, and other magical beings. There are also Halloween tricks, fortune cake, and a romantic moment between a girl and a young man. The show ends with a wedding and a group of children bidding “good night.” It is a magical and enchanting event that the children will remember.
  36. Moonbabies: Once upon a time, the mischievous Moonbabies were transported to the moon by a witch after getting into trouble on Halloween. Under the guidance of the stern Moon Man, they learned obedience and transformation into Moonbabies. After longing to return to Earth, they finally convinced the witch to bring them back, and they regained their speech and reverted to their original forms. The story teaches the lesson of listening to elders and behaving well.
  37. The Halloween Ghost: Granny Spriggins, a sweet old lady, visits the graveyard on Halloween and encounters spooky sights like a flying witch and a ghost. Despite her fear, she enters an old church and finds a motionless ghost inside. The ghost tells her that only time will tell when she will join them. The story ends with a reminder to be brave and kind, even on Halloween.
  38. Growing Jack-O’-Lanterns: In a charming rural village, a group of boys discovers the magic of Jack-o’-lanterns. They plant seeds, grow pumpkins, and celebrate Halloween with joy and excitement. As the seasons pass, the boys watch their pumpkins grow and eventually carve them into Jack-o’-lanterns. They have fun surprising their friends and chasing the girls with their lanterns. But as the candles inside the Jack-o’-lanterns burn out, the boys bid farewell to their creations, satisfied with the delightful fun they had.
  39. The Halloween Witches: In a land where autumn paints the leaves in vibrant colors, a group of charming witches gathers on All Hallow’s Eve. Dressed in elegant white dresses and tall pointed hats, they come together for a night of magical mischief. Dancing under the moonlight, their playful antics fill the air with laughter and enchantment. Although their warnings are meant in good fun, they disappear into the mist, chasing a young man who took them seriously. Every year, these delightful witches return, spreading joy and reminding us to embrace the magic of the night.
  40. Dividing The Dead: Two boys named Tom and Jack dress up as ghosts to avoid getting caught by Farmer Brown while gathering apples. They go to the graveyard to divide their loot, but Tom secretly drops the two biggest apples outside the gate. Jack suggests a fair way to divide the apples, but Farmer Brown and Pete mistake their conversation for dividing the souls of the dead. Terrified, they run away, leaving the boys behind. Ultimately, Jack sees through Tom’s trick and they share the apples, playing games in the graveyard, not dividing the dead. The villagers still tell this spooky tale every Halloween.
  41. Secret Halloween: Once upon a time, a young girl named Grandma and her mischievous friend Prudence embarked on a secret adventure on Halloween night. They performed a magical charm in hopes of catching a glimpse of their future husbands. Grandma saw the face of a handsome young man in her mirror, and a year later, she married him. However, Prudence saw the face of an ugly ram and ran away, a bit frightened of Halloween. This story reminds us of the magic and mystery that Halloween brings, and encourages us to embrace the charm of the holiday.
  42. Two Ghosts: Once upon a time in a small town, two friendly ghosts named Whisper and Moan came to life every Halloween night. Whisper loved playing pranks, while Moan expressed himself with mournful cries. One Halloween, they unexpectedly encountered each other at the graveyard gate, but instead of being scared, they laughed and became friends. From that day on, they explored the town together, becoming a cherished tradition and bringing joy to the children of the town. Download the ebook here to read their story offline or print it.
  43. Halloween Love: In a village called Cassilis Downans, the residents celebrate Halloween with traditions and games. They burn nuts and pull stalks to determine their future spouses, play hide-and-seek, and engage in other festive activities. The night is filled with laughter, love, and magic, leaving everyone with warm memories of the special Halloween in Cassilis Downans.
  44. The Jolly Old Pumpkin: A jolly pumpkin warns against having its eyes stolen for Halloween. A knife cuts out the pumpkin’s eyes and demands a grindstone to be returned. The pumpkin rolls to a farmyard, then a store, and finally a bank to fulfill various requests before obtaining the necessary change. A little wee man appears and assists the pumpkin, returning its eyes and transforming it into a Jack-o’-Lantern. The pumpkin expresses gratitude and dances on a post, while the wee man and knife wish each other a happy Halloween. The pumpkin concludes by being thankful it’s not a pumpkin pie.

In conclusion, the collection of Top 44 Halloween Stories for kids offers a wide variety of engrossing, imaginative, and enjoyable narratives that not only infuse the spirit of Halloween but also important lessons for young readers. Engaging characters, spooky settings, and adventurous plots combine in these stories to entertain kids and stimulate their imaginations, while subtly teaching them about bravery, friendship, kindness, and the importance of being true to oneself. These Halloween stories are a perfect blend of fun, excitement, and learning, making them a great resource for parents and educators looking to make reading more enjoyable for kids, especially during the Halloween season.