Enjoyable Stories

Enjoyable Stories

Welcome to the Top 80 Enjoyable Stories for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for bedtime, story time, or anytime in between, and offers a wide variety of stories suitable for children of all ages – from toddlers and preschoolers to early years and elementary students. Each story in this collection is available in different formats, such as PDF for free download, making them perfect for both online reading and printable learning materials. With options suitable for both independent readers and read-aloud experiences, these educational short stories are sure to entertain and capture the imagination of both boys and girls alike.

Our carefully curated collection includes famous classic fairy tales, as well as newer stories with moral lessons, all complete with beautifully illustrated pictures. For children who enjoy a more immersive experience, many of these stories are also accompanied by audio recordings in English, so they can follow along as they read. The stories range from easy and short tales to tell, to slightly longer narratives that are perfect for more advanced readers. These enjoyable stories serve not only as fun and engaging entertainment, but they also play a crucial role in the overall development of children.

Reading enjoyable stories fosters a love of learning in young minds and helps them build important skills such as language development, listening, and comprehension. Furthermore, reading together with your kids during bedtime or night time can create a strong bond and lasting memories. Not to mention, these stories often come with valuable moral lessons which foster emotional growth and character building. So, dive into our collection of the best online children’s stories and let your little ones explore the magical world of imagination and learning, as they drift off to sleep with these delightful tales.

Top 80 Enjoyable Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: The story is about a man named Ali Baba who discovers the treasure of a group of forty thieves. He takes some gold but keeps the secret hidden from everyone. However, his brother Kassim becomes suspicious and forces Ali Baba to reveal the treasure’s whereabouts. Kassim is killed by the thieves, and Ali Baba’s maid, Morgiana, devises a plan to kill the remaining thieves and save Ali Baba. The robber chief tries to get his revenge but is thwarted by Morgiana. Ali Baba is grateful and allows her to marry his son. The secret of the treasure is passed down through generations, and Ali Baba’s family lives happily ever after.
  2. Hans in Luck: In this story, Hans receives a large piece of gold from his employer for his hard work. Along the way to visit his mother, he trades the gold for a series of items, including a horse, a cow, a pig, and a goose. Each exchange leads to a new challenge until Hans happily relinquishes his rock at the bottom of a well.
  3. Hansel and Gretel: In this classic fairy tale, a poor lumberjack and his wife plan to abandon their children in the forest because they can’t afford to feed them. But the clever Hansel uses pebbles and breadcrumbs to find his way back home twice, until they stumble upon a house made of bread and candy, where an evil witch traps Hansel and wants to eat him. However, Gretel cleverly tricks the witch and frees her brother. They return home with jewels from the witch’s house and live happily ever after. A PDF ebook download is available for offline reading.
  4. The Queen Bee: In this fairy tale, three brothers go on an adventure and end up staying in a castle. The castle’s prince gives them a difficult challenge to free his princess: finding all of her pearls, retrieving the key to her room from the lake, and choosing the correct princess out of three identical ones who ate different sweets before sleeping. The brothers fail, but Simpleton succeeds with the help of ants, ducks, and a queen bee, and ultimately marries the youngest and sweetest princess and becomes king while his two older brothers marry the older princesses.
  5. The Wishing Table: The story is about a tailor who sends his three sons to learn a trade. The oldest son is given a wooden table that can provide food on command, the second son receives a donkey that spits out gold coins, while the third son is given a magic cudgel that beats anyone who deserves it. When the innkeeper steals the table and donkey from the oldest two sons, the third son uses his cudgel to get them back and bring all three gifts to their father. They all live happily ever after.
  6. The Town Musicians of Bremen: The story is about an old donkey who runs away from his employer, hoping to make a living as a town musician in Bremen. He meets an old dog, cat and rooster on the way who also decide to join him on his musical adventure. They scare away robbers and decide to stay in a house instead of travelling to Bremen. The animals enjoy living there happily ever after. An ebook is available for download.
  7. Little Ida’s Flowers: Little Ida loved her cousin’s stories about flowers dancing at night, but her neighbor thought the stories were silly. One night, Ida hears music and sneaks to the living room to find all of her mother’s flowers dancing, even her wilted bouquet. They tell her to bury them so they can come back more beautiful in the summer. Ida listens and finds the perfect spot, thanking her cousin for the magical story.
  8. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: The story is about a one-legged tin soldier who falls in love with a dancer on a cardboard castle. After a series of unfortunate events, including being thrown into the sewer and eaten by a fish, the tin soldier is found by the boy’s mother and reunited with his dancer. However, a little devil knocks the tin soldier into the stove, but the dancer falls in with him, and they live happily ever after. The story ends with the boy finding a beautiful tin heart with a golden bow in the stove the next day.
  9. The Big Sausage: In a time of famine and sadness in Königsberg, the wisest people decided to cheer the people up by making a gigantic sausage using the last coins in the city’s treasury. Butchers worked hard to create the sausage and a big party was held with music, speeches, and an abundance of sausage for everyone to eat. The event brought hope and happiness back to the city. The following year, the harvest was successful and the famine ended.
  10. The Elephant and the Tailor: The story is about an elephant who passes by a tailor every day. The tailor never gives him anything, and one day, he pinches the elephant with a needle. Angered, the elephant retaliates by spraying dirty water on the tailor and his employees, ruining all the expensive fabrics. The town laughs at the tailor, saying he deserved it. Another story is told about the kindness of elephants, even when mistreated. The lesson is to treat everyone, especially elephants, with kindness. There is also an eBook download available.
  11. The Land of Cockaigne: The story is about the Land of Cockaigne, a magical place where everything is made of food and you never have to work or worry about anything. From cheese cobblestones to pork chops walking up to you and a fountain of chocolate, this land is a food lover’s paradise. There’s even rejuvenation springs to keep you young forever. But before you can enter, you need a very big appetite to eat through a wall of marzipan.
  12. The Three Sillies: In this story, a farmer’s daughter and her family become increasingly upset over the potential danger of a hammer hanging in their basement. When the daughter’s boyfriend arrives and finds them all crying, he laughs at their silliness and leaves to travel the world. Along the way, he encounters various people with even greater levels of silliness, including a woman attempting to get her cow onto a roof and a man struggling to put on his pants. Finally, the boyfriend realizes he wants to marry the farmer’s daughter after all and returns home to live happily ever after.
  13. The Gingerbread Man: The story is about a little old man and woman who made a gingerbread man, which came alive and ran away. The gingerbread man met several animals and bragged about his ability to outrun them but was eventually caught by a fox and eaten. The story is available to download as an eBook.
  14. The Squirrel Family: The Squirrel Family is a story about a loving family of squirrels who live in a big hollow tree in the forest. They live joyfully and carelessly, playing with their cousins until autumn arrives and the leaves start to change color. Daddy and mommy Squirrel collect nuts to prepare for the upcoming winter, but when Budge, their son, disappears, they worry they won’t have enough food for the cold months. Budge gets trapped by two boys who want to keep him as a pet, but he eventually escapes and returns home. The family celebrates his return, and Budge learns the importance of working hard.
  15. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: In this story, Kate and Brian are awake in bed one night and soon hear a soft knocking on their window. A jolly Christmas chocolate appears and when they confess their wish to see Santa Claus, he offers to take them with him to Santa Claus land. To get there, the chocolate covers their eyes and they fly until they arrive at a giant gate in Santa’s garden. They explore the garden and pick ripe toys until the chocolate points out Santa’s house and advises them to cross a plank over a deep abyss. Despite the warning, they both fall off the plank and wake up back home in their own beds. Excitedly, they tell their mother everything and she smiles.
  16. The tale of Peter Rabbit: The story is about naughty Peter Rabbit who disobeys his mother’s warning and goes into Mr. McGregor’s garden. He eats vegetables and becomes sick. Peter is chased and almost caught by Mr. McGregor but manages to escape back home to his rabbit hole. The story ends with Peter feeling unwell and his siblings having a good supper. The links to download the ebook and print version of the story are also provided.
  17. Where the sparks go: In the story, a cat and a dog are sitting dozing before a fire-place. The wood was snapping, crackling, and making the sparks fly. The cat thought that the sparks were silly, for some of them flew up the chimney on a clear cold night. The spark that flew near to the cat told her that once they reached the top, they lived forever sparkling as stars in the sky. The cat called the spark silly, but the spark was determined to shine. In the end, the dog and the cat went out to see if they could see the spark in the sky. The end of the story is left open as to whether the spark was right or not.
  18. Mr. Fox cuts the Cottontails: In this story, Mr. Fox invites all the animals in the woods to a big dinner, but two rabbits, Jimmie and Susie Cottontail, are late because they stopped for another meal. As they hurry to Mr. Fox’s house, they are followed by Mr. Dog. When they reach the house, Mr. Dog chases them inside, ruining the party. Afterward, Mr. Fox decides never to invite the Cottontail family to any future dinner parties because their tails can be easily followed by Mr. Dog. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  19. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: The story is about Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends who are excited to celebrate Halloween. They all wear masks and costumes and go out for a ride in Uncle Wiggily’s car. They have lots of fun, but they encounter a real bear who tries to attack Uncle Wiggily. However, they manage to scare the bear away and continue their celebration. Uncle Wiggily treats the children to hot chocolate and they all go home to bed, ready for another adventure the next day. The story is available for download in PDF format.
  20. The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf: The story is about a shepherd boy who enjoyed amusing himself while tending the sheep in a pasture by playing pranks. He tricked the villagers twice by shouting “wolf” for fun, causing them to run to his aid, only for them to find out it was a joke and to be laughed at. When a real wolf finally appeared and attacked his flock, and the boy cried for help, the villagers didn’t believe him, resulting in significant damages to his sheep because of his past deception.
  21. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: The story is about a group of frogs who become discontented with their freedom and want a king to rule them. Jupiter, the ruler of the gods, grants their wish by throwing a log into the water, which the frogs mistake for a king. They soon realize their mistake but then ask Jupiter to send a real king. The new king, a crane, turns out to be a tyrant who eats the frogs, and they regret asking for a king. Jupiter reminds them that they have only themselves to blame for their misfortunes.
  22. Pooh And Piglet Go Hunting And Nearly Catch A Woozle: In this story, Piglet and Winnie-the-Pooh go on a hunt for what they think are Woozles. As they follow the tracks, they encounter more and more creatures, until they are frightened and Piglet decides to leave. Christopher Robin appears and Winnie-the-Pooh has a moment of clarity, realizing that they were just following their own tracks in circles. They all go home for lunch. An ebook (PDF) of the story is available to download.
  23. Uncle Wiggily makes a cherry pie: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, an elderly rabbit, comes across a hedgehog who is feeling sick and longs for cherry pie. The hedgehog reveals that he cannot make good cherry pie because he has been putting the cherry pits in the filling. Uncle Wiggily offers to make the pie and teaches the hedgehog how to remove the pits. While waiting for the pie to cook, the trio is visited by a crying circus dog whom Uncle Wiggily invites to share the pie. They end up having a good time and feeling much better after the meal.
  24. Santa Claus: The story describes how Santa Claus rides in a sleigh drawn by tiny reindeer with bells on their harnesses on the night before Christmas, dressed in fur. He carries a pack full of toys for the children, like dolls, drums, balls, tops, wagons, sleds, tea sets with blue roses painted on them, and horns with red and white stripes. He fills up the stockings of children with goodies and gifts, and rides away on his sleigh without being noticed by the children. Every year, children all over the world eagerly wait for Santa Claus, and the story captures the excitement and joy of Christmas Eve.
  25. The kite that went to the moon: Tom and Anna have made the biggest kite in the village, but it won’t fly. After searching for someone who can help them, they end up on the moon with the Lady of the Moon and find their kite, which has been chasing a star. When they return to Earth, everyone is amazed by their story, and Tom’s kite sails back to the sky.
  26. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: The story is about Uncle Wiggily who meets Jack Frost and is given the power to make icicles with a toy. Uncle Wiggily uses the toy to make bridges, clothes sticks, and even a cage to trap the bad Fox who tries to catch him. Jack Frost’s gift helps Uncle Wiggily perform kind acts and outsmart the Fox. The story is available as a downloadable PDF ebook.
  27. The bad little goblin’s New Year: The story is about a nasty goblin called Midnight who played mean tricks on woodland animals. But one day, he gets trapped in a tree and ends up in a house with children who become his friends. He performs kind deeds for them and becomes a golden flame that dances on New Year’s Day. He then spreads cheer to the woodland animals and becomes friends with them too. The story ends with the children being happy and the goblin being celebrated for bringing New Year’s cheer.
  28. The good sea monster: In the story, a sea monster lives on an island and is feared by sailors. One day, the monster saves a boy named Ko-Ko during a storm and takes him to the island. The monster helps Ko-Ko collect food and supplies from a sunken ship and they become friends. Ko-Ko wishes the monster could talk and a sea-god reveals that an old witch had transformed him. When Ko-Ko’s friend wishes the sea monster to become a man, the sea-god transforms into his true form and turns the island into a paradise for the children.
  29. Puss in Boots begins his travels: In this story, a cat named Puss finds a picture book about “Puss in Boots” and decides to become Puss in Boots Junior. He dresses up in a pair of boots with red tops, a hat, and a cane, and goes out looking for adventure. He meets a little pig stuck in a fence and helps him out, and in return, the pig invites him to lunch with his mother. Puss hesitates to go, but the pig assures him it will be fine, and they set off together.
  30. Puss in Boots junior visits the old woman in the shoe: In this story, Puss in Boots Jr. comes across a huge shoe and discovers that it belongs to the Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoe with many children. They invite him for lunch and a game of tag. Puss in Boots Jr. fools around with the children before thanking the Old Woman and continuing on his journey. The story ends with the download link for an eBook version of the story.
  31. The animals’ Christmas tree: This is a story about animals who learn about Christmas trees and decide to have their own. They hold a meeting to plan how they will decorate the tree and what gifts each animal will get. However, some animals want live prey for their gifts, leading to conflict. A brave little lamb offers to sacrifice itself as a Christmas present to bring peace and preserve the happiness of the animals. Eventually, they agree to hang little images of animals instead of real animals on the tree, and the tradition spreads to humans. The story can be downloaded as an ebook in PDF format.
  32. A Christmas present for mother: In this story, a little prince’s mother is sick and he wants to get her the perfect Christmas present. She tells him that a smile, a kiss, and a hug are the dearest gifts she knows, but he wants to get her something special. She asks for a little jar of rosemary like the one that bloomed in her mother’s window when she was a little girl. The prince searches high and low for rosemary but cannot find any until he meets an old woman who has a jar of rosemary, but she refuses to sell it. The prince decides to trade his favorite and magical ball for the rosemary. The queen is thrilled to receive the rosemary as a Christmas present and realizes that it’s the best gift she has ever received.
  33. Puss in Boots junior and the three little kittens: In this story, three little kittens have lost their mittens and Puss Junior offers to help them find them. They all search together but can’t find them anywhere. Eventually, they ask a mouse who tells them the mittens are in the tool closet. They find the mittens and everyone is happy. The story also includes a link to download an ebook version of the story.
  34. What happened Christmas eve: The story is about two children, Jessie and Fred, who are excited for Christmas and attempt to catch Santa Claus. They see strange objects on their neighbor’s roof, which they believe to be Santa and his reindeer. They later discover that it was a white cat carrying her kitten. On Christmas Day, they receive presents from Santa, including a kitten for Fred.
  35. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: Old Mother Bear is busy knitting stockings for Santa Claus to fill on Christmas Eve. When various animals visit her and express their sadness at not having stockings, she gives each of them a stocking she’s knit. But when Christmas Eve arrives, she has no stockings left for Santa to fill. However, the other animals come together and make a three-foot-long stocking for her, which they fill with goodies. Santa Claus fills the other stockings and dances with Old Mother Bear. In the end, he wears new red socks carefully knit by Old Mother Bear.
  36. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In this Christmas story, Uncle Wiggily goes out on a snowy day to go shopping with his friend Grandfather Goosey Gander. On his way back home, he hears two boys talking about how they won’t be getting any Christmas presents because their chimneys are clogged with soot. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a plan and calls his friends, the black crows, to help take presents down the chimneys of the boys and even some girls who were not expecting Christmas. The next morning, the surprised children wake up to find wonderful presents waiting for them and there are happy calls of “Merry Christmas!” all around.
  37. Uncle Wiggily’s New Year’s Horn: In this story, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a bunny rabbit gentleman, overhears some children planning to blow the Old Year out and the New Year in with their horns. He feels sorry for a poor boy who doesn’t have a horn and comes up with an idea to make horns out of goat’s horns for the boy and his sister using Billie Wagtail’s old horns. Uncle Wiggily leaves the horns on their doorstep anonymously and the children have a happy New Year’s celebration, blowing their horns as loudly as they could. The story ends with everyone wishing each other a Happy New Year. The story is available for download as a PDF.
  38. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: The story is about Old Mother Bear who is worried about not having a Happy New Year because her four bears are naughty. But with the help of fairies, each bear is taught a lesson on being punctual, responsible, tidy and polite. They spend a whole year away from home and return as reformed bears who make their mother proud. Reading this story had a positive impact on children as it motivated them to be on time, polite and obedient, making families and communities happier. The story is available to download and read offline.
  39. Alice in Wonderland: Down the rabbit hole: The story follows Alice who is sitting by the bank with her sister, bored, when she spots a white rabbit with a watch. Curiosity makes her follow the rabbit down a rabbit hole where she falls for what seems like forever and lands in a strange world. Desperate to leave the place, Alice tries various means until she grows the right size to fit through a small door which leads her to a beautiful garden she yearns to explore. However, she finds she left the key behind and is too small again to fit through the door. She eats a cake and grows again, only to become still too small to reach the key.
  40. The snowball: In this story, a little boy goes outside on a snowy day to make snowballs. He has fun and makes a big snowball, which he brings inside to show his mother. However, when he wakes up from a nap, the snowball has disappeared. The boy’s mother knows where it went, but the reader is left to guess. Downloads of the story in PDF format are available.
  41. Alice in Wonderland: the pool of tears: In the story, Alice grows so tall that she can only look through the door with one eye and her feet are too far away to care for. She starts to cry and create a pool of tears, shrinking in the process. A mouse appears but is mad at the mention of cats and dogs, so Alice leads them to the shore where the story ends. There is a downloadable ebook (PDF) available to read offline or print.
  42. The snowman and the boy: A group of children make a snowman with sticks for arms, stones for eyes, and a smiling mouth made of a twig. The youngest boy wishes they brought him a hat, fearing the snowman will catch a cold. Late at night, the snowman sneezes and tells the boy to get him a hat; he offers his own sailor hat, and the snowman puts it on, and they set off on a journey to the Winter King’s palace to ask him not to let the sun shine the next day. The king cannot comply with this request, but he asks the North Wind to freeze the snowman and make him last a little longer. The boy wakes up and finds the snowman frozen in the field, and realizes it was all a dream.
  43. Alice in wonderland: A Race: In the story, a wet and cross group of animals and birds come up with the idea of having a race to get dry. Surprisingly, there was no official start or end time, but the Dodo eventually declared that everyone had won and each needed a prize. Alice gave out some cakes as the reward, but the Mouse was given a thimble and asked to tell a tale. When Alice mentioned her cat Dinah, some of the animals quickly left, and Alice felt sad and lonely. She hoped the Mouse would return, but no one did.
  44. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: In the story, a clumsy giant named Energy struggles to find work because people are afraid to trust him due to his clumsiness. When Energy tries to do something, it always ends up with a mistake or an accident. Then, he meets a good woman who gives him a chance, but again, the giant breaks her things, and the woman forgives him but advises him to go to the Fairy Skill to learn. When he meets Fairy Skill, she teaches him how to weave, shape the potter’s cup, make golden chains, and other tasks. After passing three trials given by Fairy Skill, Energy learns to be a helper in the world, and he gives the beautiful things which he has made to the good woman as a thank you for her kindness.
  45. The Peacock butterflies: The story is about a plain little Butterfly who wants to have a dress like the colors of Mr. Peacock’s tail. She flatters Mr. Peacock and he agrees to give her two tips from his tail. She gets the tips with the help of Mr. Woodpecker, and she wears a gorgeous gown of blue and black, becoming the envy of other butterflies in the garden. No one knows that it was due to the flattery of plain little Miss Butterfly that the Peacock Butterfly family name was created.
  46. Alice in Wonderland: The rabbit sends in a Bill: In this chapter, Alice is on a mission to find the White Rabbit’s fan and gloves, but she can’t seem to locate them. She comes across the Rabbit’s house and accidentally drinks a bottle that makes her grow big. She finds herself trapped in the house and can’t get out. She eventually eats a cake that makes her shrink back to her normal size and escapes into a forest where she encounters a puppy and a caterpillar smoking a pipe. She wonders how to get herself back to her normal size once again.
  47. The little dog and the big dog: The story is about two dogs, Little Dog and Big Dog, who were best friends. Little Dog was always barking, but Big Dog only barked when he had something important to say and everyone listened to him. One day, Big Dog suggested they go see the king and Little Dog agreed. Along the way, they encountered obstacles, but Big Dog always reassured Little Dog and found a way through. When Little Dog got trapped, he went for help and found the woodcutter’s little boy who understood him and set Big Dog free. The king was so pleased to see them that he invited them to a feast and sent them home in his own carriage.
  48. What the flowers told Martha: Martha is visiting her grandmother in the countryside and gets bored while everyone naps. A bee tells her the flowers in the garden want to talk to her, and she discovers that they can talk and tell stories. She hears the story of how the Rose got thorns from a jealous Thorn Bush, and the story of Narcissus and how he became a flower. The Tulip also shares her story of blooming in different countries. The flowers invite Martha to come back and listen to more stories, and she promises to return.
  49. Alice in wonderland: a caterpillar tells Alice what to do: In this excerpt from a classic story, Alice encounters a caterpillar who questions her about her identity and her changing size. Frustrated, Alice tries to eat a mushroom to bring herself back to her normal size and continues on her journey to find a way into a small house. Along the way, she is stopped by a bird who mistakes her for a snake and demands she leave.
  50. The plate of pancakes: In the story, a little boy named Karl wants to take some pancakes to his father. His mother agrees to let him, but warns him not to go through the Enchanted Wood alone. When he goes through the wood, he gets distracted by blackberry bushes and a talking rabbit, and forgets about the pancakes until it’s too late. The next day, his grandmother gives him a plate of pancakes to take, and tells him to say “no” three times if anyone tries to stop him. When Karl hears strange noises in the wood, he remembers his grandmother’s advice and successfully delivers the pancakes to his father, never encountering any trouble in the Enchanted Wood again.
  51. To catch a snowflake: The story is about a little girl named Amy who lived in a village in the woods and loved the winter season when it snowed. One day, she noticed the unique and beautiful snowflakes dancing around her, and she wanted to catch one. However, every time she tried, the snowflake would melt in her hand. She realized that she couldn’t catch a snowflake, but she could still appreciate their beauty and spent the rest of the winter watching them dance. The story encourages us to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes and to enjoy the winter season.
  52. The Making of a Snowflake: This is a story about two tiny particles named Dusty and Vapor, who fall in love and dance together through the air. When the weather turns cold, they cuddle up close, and their love becomes a beautiful snowflake. Together, they spread joy and happiness through the sky as one strong and resilient snowflake. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  53. Snowy’s Search for a Twin Snowflake: A snowflake named Snowy is in search for a snowflake who is exactly like her, but no matter how much she searched, she couldn’t find one. As she continued to flutter around, she realized that every snowflake was unique and beautiful, just like her. Snowy then made friends with all the snowflakes she met, and she realized that even though they were all different, they were also all part of a wonderful, snowy community. From that day on, Snowy was happy and content, knowing that she was unique and beautiful, just like every other snowflake in the snowy land.
  54. The Penguin Huddle: A group of penguins in Antarctica face a long, dark winter when the sun disappears for months. They become unhappy and lonely until a wise old penguin suggests they form a huddle and take turns protecting each other from the cold. The penguins work together and switch places in their circle, helping each other through the difficult time. Eventually, the sun returns, and the penguins are grateful for their teamwork and support. An eBook download is available.
  55. The Penguin Family: This story is about a family of penguins living in a snowy land. Mom and Dad take turns going into the ocean to collect fish and feed their chick. As the baby penguin grows up, it learns how to dive and catch food too. The family is happy and content, grateful for each other and their cozy home. They work together to provide for each other and overcome any challenges that come their way.
  56. A Tale of Two Lovers: In Antarctica, a penguin named Perry wanted to impress his love interest Penelope by building a big nest. After failing to find the right rock on his own, he enlists the help of a killer whale. Despite encountering many unfriendly whales, Perry meets a young and eager whale named Keith, and they make a deal: Perry will tell Keith about finding a big rock if Keith helps him build a nest. Eventually, they find the perfect rock, and both couples, Perry and Penelope and Keith and Kiki, live happily ever after. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  57. The Lazy Penguin: The story is about a lazy penguin named Joe who spends his days lounging on the ice while scoffing at the other laboring penguins. One day, he meets a female penguin named Lily who challenges him to change his ways and put in the effort to achieve true happiness. Joe decides to take responsibility, work hard, and raise a chick with Lily. Through dedication and hard work, Joe learns that laziness is not the path to happiness, and he finds true fulfillment in providing for his family. The story ends with Joe marching across the snowy landscape, knowing that he will never be his old, lazy self again. The story also offers a link to download the eBook version.
  58. The Fierce Penguin Olympics: In a cold and snowy land of Antarctica, two fierce penguins, Pablo and Polly, prepare to compete for gold medals in the Penguin Olympics. Though they dislike each other, they ultimately help one another become better penguins throughout the various events – diving, long-distance marching, oiling feathers, and tobogganing – and realise they share similar determination and drive. After competing ferociously, the penguins end up respecting and becoming friends with each other.
  59. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about a happy-go-lucky dog named Max who becomes upset with his family who is always busy on their computers and ignores him. In order to grab their attention, he starts misbehaving by breaking things in the house. While his family scolds Max at first, they eventually realize that they have been too focused on work and not spending enough quality time with Max. They begin to make changes and spend more time outdoors with him. In the end, Max’s mischievous behavior helps his family see the importance of spending time with loved ones, and they vow to never let work get in the way of their happiness again. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  60. Making Santa Smile: In a small village nestled in the snowy mountains, the villagers decide to surprise Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. They prepare handmade gifts and set out carrots for the reindeer. When Santa Claus and his reindeer arrive, they are touched by the village’s kindness and enjoy the treats. Santa Claus thanks the villagers and delivers the children’s gifts. From that day on, the tradition of leaving gifts for Santa and his reindeer continues every Christmas Eve. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  61. The Boy Who Became Santa Claus: This is a story about a young boy named Nicholas, who lived with his parents in the North Pole and was known for his kindness and generosity. His parents saw that he was destined for greatness and asked him to take over the family business of delivering presents to children all over the world on Christmas Eve. Nicholas was thrilled and became Santa Claus, who is still loved by people worldwide for bringing joy and happiness to children on Christmas Eve. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  62. The Grass is Always Greener: A little sheep named Wooly who lived in a meadow was bored of the same old routine and longed for an exciting life. He packed his bags and set off for the big city where he found a job at a cooperation, quickly becoming their valued employee. But his colleagues took advantage of him, leaving him hurt and disappointed. Wooly realised he didn’t need the excitement of the big city and returned to the peaceful meadow where he was welcomed back by his friends and family. He enjoyed eating delicious grass and living a simple life, experiencing true happiness.
  63. The Snowman with a Cold: The story is about Frosty, a snowman in a land of snow, who catches a cold while playing. The people in the land wanted to help Frosty and brought him inside, but he started to melt. A little girl had an idea to put a hat and a scarf on him to keep him warm. Frosty was grateful to the people for helping him, and ever since then, people have been putting hats and scarves on snowmen as a way to remember Frosty and how they helped him. You can download the ebook in PDF format to read offline or print.
  64. The Abominable Snowman’s New Friends: In a far-off land covered in snow and ice, lived the Abominable Snowman. He was solitary and fierce, but a group of children who went on an adventure to find him held out their hands in friendship, surprising him. They spent the rest of their adventure exploring the mountains with the Snowman, learning about his way of life and were amazed by his strength and bravery. When it was time for the children to go home, they returned with many stories to tell and new friend in the Abominable Snowman.
  65. Sledding on a Leaf: In a snowy land, a group of unique snowflakes decided to go sledding but found they had no sled. One snowflake suggested using a leaf, which the others doubted at first but soon found it worked surprisingly well. Though one snowflake did take a tumble, they all laughed it off and continued with their adventure. The story ends with everyone enjoying themselves, and there is a download link to an ebook version of the story.
  66. The Mischievous Elf and the Gingerbread Man: In the story, a newly baked Gingerbread Man is captured by a mischievous elf who wants to use him as the centerpiece of his gingerbread village. The Gingerbread Man initially contemplates accepting his fate, but with the help of a sweet elf named Lily, he finds the courage to escape and search for her. Eventually, they fall in love and live happily ever after.
  67. The Giant Gingerbread Man’s Apology: A gingerbread man grows too big when left in the oven and becomes overly proud and arrogant, annoying the other sweets in the bakery who trick him into getting locked out. The giant gingerbread man wanders the forest, searching for a safe and happy home but struggles to find one due to his size. Eventually, he finds his way back to the bakery, apologizing for his behavior. To his surprise, the other sweets forgive him and welcome him back, and they all live together happily ever after.
  68. A Christmas Tale of Friendship: The story is about a stray cat searching for a home on Christmas Eve. He is constantly rejected or chased away by families and other cats. Just when he is about to give up hope, the cat spots an elderly woman eating alone. The woman doesn’t hear the cat outside her door, but when he dances and jumps, she sees him and invites him in. Together they enjoy a meal, snuggle up, and become best friends, never feeling lonely again.
  69. The Ice Skating Rescue Squad: A boy and his dog, Bernie, keep their town safe by patrolling the river when it freezes over. One day they rescue a stranded penguin, help a cocoa seller from falling in the water, assist a scared little girl on the ice, and provide a stable platform for an elderly lady to cross the river. At the end of the day, they are exhausted but happy to have helped. An ebook of the story is available to download.
  70. The Fantastic Journey to School: This is a story about a young boy named Leo who takes the school bus every day driven by an old man named Mr. Jones. One day, while on their regular route, the bus suddenly turns into a magical vehicle that can fly, taking the children on an adventure to various amazing destinations including a playground in the clouds and a land of sweets and candy. The bus safely returns to the real world, and the children can’t wait to take more exciting rides to school with Mr. Jones. An ebook download link is available.
  71. Scared of the hairdresser: A little boy named Anthony is scared of going to the hairdresser. His parents decide to let his hair grow until it gets too long and starts to cause problems. They then come up with a plan to take him to the hairdresser without telling him. Though Anthony is angry at first, he is amazed at how much better he could see the world once the hairdresser finished cutting his hair. He gets a candy treat and decides to go to the hairdresser without any fuss from then on. The story is available in a downloadable PDF format.
  72. The Curious Reindeer and the Jack in the Box: The story is about a curious reindeer named Scamper who loves to explore and discover new things at Santa’s workshop, including the packages meant for children. The elves decide to teach him a lesson by putting a jack-in-the-box in one of the gifts, causing Scamper to run away scared. Afterward, Scamper becomes more careful in his explorations, causing less trouble for the elves. A PDF ebook download is available.
  73. The Search for Santa’s Sleigh Team: The story is about the annual competition among the reindeers of the north pole who aspire to become one of Santa’s helpers, and how Santa chooses the best and kindest ones for his sleigh team. After the final round, nine reindeers are selected and given special names to reflect their unique qualities. On Christmas Eve, Santa and his team take to the skies to deliver presents to children all over the world, and the chosen reindeers become the pride of the north pole. The story concludes with a link to download the e-book in PDF format.
  74. Santa’s Reindeer: This is a story about how Santa’s reindeer are all female and have special magical antlers that allow them to fly his sleigh. They are strong and fast and loved by children all around the world. The reindeer help Santa deliver presents and receive carrots and cookies from children as a thank you. The story highlights that the female reindeer are just as capable as the male reindeer and are the true stars of Christmas. A downloadable eBook in PDF format is available for offline reading or printing.
  75. The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly: This is a story about a little reindeer named Glow-Nose who lived in the North Pole with other reindeer. However, Glow-Nose was too afraid to fly and every year during Christmas, he would watch his friends deliver gifts to the good children around the world while he stayed behind. Glow-Nose felt embarrassed and alone. But Santa Claus noticed his fear and explained that he had a special gift – his nose glowed brighter than any other reindeer’s, and that made him very important on Christmas Eve. With Santa’s encouragement, Glow-Nose started to believe in himself, practiced flying every day, and soon he was soaring through the sky with the others, leading the way with his bright, shining nose. Finally, on Christmas Eve, Glow-Nose was able to do the job that he was meant to do, and he felt proud and happy.
  76. The Ice Sliding Fox: In this story, a fox in the forest keeps its guilty pleasure of playing in the snow a secret from the other animals. However, one day a little squirrel discovers the fox having fun and tells the other animals. The fox learns that it’s important to have fun and enjoy life, and it becomes a happier animal and is no longer feared by the other animals in the forest. The story ends with a link to download the eBook.
  77. The Little Soccer Star: The story is about Andrés, a small child who loved playing soccer but was always laughed at by the bigger boys in his neighborhood. One day he showed off his skills, managed to score a goal and proved the older boys wrong. Andrés kept practicing, became the best player in his town and won many trophies for his talent. He showed that size doesn’t matter, and anyone can achieve their dreams by working hard and never giving up.
  78. The Lonely Giant: A family wakes up to find their cereal, orange juice and toys missing. They decide to catch the culprit and the son eventually discovers a lonely giant who had been taking their breakfast and playing with their toys. The boy offers the giant to live with them and he accepts. The family lives happily ever after, and the giant is no longer lonely.
  79. The Mistletoe Mystery: In a small town during Christmas, the most beautiful mistletoe that decorated the Christmas tree in the town square disappeared. Four friends searched the town and the nearby woods until they found the missing mistletoe hanging from a tree branch, nibbled on by a family of squirrels. Feeling sorry for the hungry creatures, the friends invited the squirrel family to the town’s Christmas feast, and everyone was happy and the Christmas spirit was restored to the town. The story is available to download as a PDF ebook.
  80. The Magic of Christmas Lights: An old grandma living alone in a small town becomes increasingly lonely until Christmas arrives and her young neighbours across the street decorate their home and garden with beautiful Christmas lights. The twinkling lights bring back fond memories of Christmases past and with great courage; she crosses the street to thank the family who invites her to have dinner with them. From then on the old grandma is no longer lonely as she discovers a new family and her love for Christmas lights continues to bring her joy each and every evening.

In conclusion, the Top 80 Enjoyable Stories for kids offer a delightful and diverse blend of tales that not only entertain, but also inspire young minds to explore their imagination, learn valuable lessons, and develop a love for reading. Through captivating characters, engaging narratives, and vibrant illustrations, these stories help to build essential literacy skills and foster lifelong appreciation for literature. By providing an online platform, children around the world can easily access these enriching stories anytime and anywhere, nurturing their curiosity and sparking their sense of adventure.