One evening, when the fairies were having a feast, Little White Rabbit peeked out of his window and saw them frolicking. Little Rabbit and the fairies were best friends because his family had been pulling the carriage of the fairy queen for centuries. But tonight, Little Rabbit saw a stranger in the middle of the fairy group. She was as small as the others, but dressed very differently. The fairies all listened to what she had to say, instead of chatting happily, as was their custom.

“Who could she be?” thought Little White Rabbit, and because he was a very curious creature, he ran out of his house to the carriage of the fairy queen to ask her about the little stranger.

“Oh, that’s our dear Orianna, the Indian fairy,” answered the queen, “and she only visits us occasionally.” And because Little White Rabbit was so interested, the queen told him more about Orianna.

“Orianna lives near the Indians in a forest, and if you see a tall tree with an opening at the bottom, like the door of a wigwam, you know it’s one of Orianna’s houses. Have you actually seen her beautiful costume?”

Little White Rabbit told the queen that he hadn’t seen Orianna up close, so the queen told him to run to the fairies and look at the pretty dress she was wearing. Orianna wore the dress of an Indian girl, little moccasins on her feet, and she had two small black braids, but what Little White Rabbit was most drawn to were her wings. They didn’t look like fairy wings at all. Orianna’s wings were the feathers of an eagle. Her magic wand was also different, because instead of a wand, she carried a small silver arrow and bow. The tip of the arrow was made of gold.

Little Rabbit ran back to the queen and told her that he thought Orianna was the most beautiful of all the fairies. “But what’s shining on the tip of the arrow?” he asked.

“Oh, that’s the love she shoots straight into the hearts of all the Indians,” replied the queen.

“Orianna flies through her tree house to the highest branch and shoots her love arrow straight into the heart of all the Indians. That’s why the Indians always have so much love for nature and animals. Orianna is always on the lookout from the roof of one of her houses, and that’s why she visits us so rarely.”

At that moment, Orianna came to say goodnight to the queen, and Little White Rabbit ran to his house, but the next morning he got up early to look for the wigwam trees. But he didn’t find a single one, because the fairies are very clever and no one has ever found the places where they live.