Calico Pie

Once upon a time, in a land of marvelous colors and whimsical creatures, there was a magical tree known as the Calico Tree. This tree was unique and enchanting, for it bore the most scrumptious Calico Pies.

One bright and sunny day, little birds of brilliant blue descended upon the Calico Tree. Their voices chimed as they sang, “Tilly-loo!” and feasted on the delicious Calico Pies. When they had eaten their fill, they spread their wings and flew away, never to return to me.

Beyond the land of the Calico Tree lay the Syllabub Sea, where delightful fish swam in its sparkling waters. One day, a charming little fish wearing a hat ventured out to meet the Sole, the Sprat, and the Willeby-wat. As they all enjoyed Calico Jam together, the little fish never returned to me.

In a cozy corner of this wondrous land, tiny mice gathered for their afternoon tea. They scurried with excitement, preparing themselves for the grand feast. With a flippity flup, they drank their tea and danced merrily in the cups. Yet, as the sun began to set, the mice scampered away, never to return to me.

Finally, in the meadow where the grass whispered softly, the Calico Drum called to the insects of the land. The grasshoppers, butterflies, beetles, and bees danced to the rhythm, hopping and bounding over the ground. They circled around, their joyous laughter filling the air. But as the sun dipped below the horizon, they too disappeared, never to return to me.

And so, the Calico Tree continued to offer its delights to the inhabitants of this magical land, but they never returned to me. I was left to marvel at their beauty and the sweet memories of their laughter, hoping that someday, they might return and share their happiness once more.