The Moonlit Lullaby

Once upon a time, on a beautiful night, the earth was softly sleeping under the moon’s gentle light. High up in a tree, there was a cozy little nest where a baby bird was tucked in tight.

As the whippoorwill sang a faint, soothing note, everything around became quiet and still. The baby bird closed its eyes, listening to the peaceful night.

“Sleep well, little one,” whispered the wind. “I’ll sing you a lullaby to help you dream tonight.”

While the baby bird slept, a gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of flowers, filling the air with lovely dreams. The great moon above spread its wings, casting a warm glow over the slumbering world.

The winds sang softly all night long, helping the baby bird to rest, safe and sound in its nest. The earth and air joined together, like loving parents, keeping watch over their tiny friend.

Even the stars in the sky gathered close, as if to say, “We’ll protect you, little one, until the break of day.”

And as the baby bird slept, a great wing from far away came to fan its dreams, keeping it safe until the morning sun appeared.

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