The Bashful Earthquake

Once upon a time there was an Earthquake. He rumbled, mumbled and grumbled a lot. Suddenly, he bumped into something and everything tumbled, bumpyty-thump, thumpyty-bump! Houses and palaces fell down in a lump!

The Earthquake was sad and cried, “Oh, what a crash! Oh, what a smash! How could I ever be so rash?” He felt mortified and ran away, groaning as he fled. “This comes of not looking before I tread,” he said.

After a while, he was tired and stopped to rest in a field of grain. In that field, there was a clump of wheat, and inside the wheat, there was a Dormouse nest. The Dormouse was fast asleep, dreaming peacefully when suddenly his nest began to shake and tremble.

The Dormouse woke up and peeked out of his nest, angry and confused. “Who is it dares disturb my rest?” he squeaked in a husky voice.

The Earthquake was too weak to speak properly and apologized feebly. “I’m sorry, but I’m afraid it’s me. Please don’t be angry. I’ll try to be–“

But he never finished his sentence. The Earthquake melted away, leaving the Dormouse alone and grumbling. “Oh, bother!” he muttered before going back to sleep.