The Farmer and the Bear

Once upon a time, there was a certain Farmer who lost his wife. Then he lost all his other relationships and was left alone. He had no one to help him in his house or on his fields. So he went to Brown the Bear and said, “Say Brown, let’s do the housework together from now on, plant our garden full and sow our corn together.”

And Brown asked, “But how will we divide it afterwards?”

“How will we divide it?” said the Farmer, “well, you take all the tops and let me have all the roots.”

“Ok, good,” grumbled Brown. So they sowed some turnips, and they grew beautifully.

And Brown worked hard and gathered all the turnips, and then the Bear and the Farmer began to divide them.

And the Farmer said, “The tops are yours, aren’t they, Brown?” “Yes,” he replied. So the Farmer cut off all the turnip greens and gave them to Brown, then sat down to count the roots. Suddenly the Farmer fired a shot.

De boer en de beer sprookje

Brown became nervous and hurriedly went into his den with his head between his legs. Without any roots.

sprookje de boer en de beer
de boer en de beer kinderverhaal

The following spring, the Farmer went to visit him again and said, “Hey Brown, shall we work together again?”

And Brown replied, “Yes, good idea. Only this time we will do it the other way around. You can have the tops, but the roots are for me.”

“That’s fine,” said the Farmer. And they sowed some wheat, and the ears grew and ripened. No one had ever seen anything so beautiful. Then they started to divide it, and the Farmer took all the tops with the grain and gave Brown the straw and roots. So the Bear didn’t get anything this time either.


kinderverhaal de boer en de beer
de boer en de beer

And Brown said to the Farmer, “Well, goodbye! I’m not working with you anymore, you’re too clever for me!” And with that, he strolled leisurely into the forest.