Bear stories

Bear stories

In the enchanting world of children’s literature, bear stories hold a special place in the hearts of young readers. There is a particular charm and fascination attached to these amicable creatures, captivating children’s imaginations across the globe. This list introduces the top 21 bear stories available online, perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and children in their early years.

Reading about bears stimulates the imaginative faculties of young children and fuels their curiosity about the natural world. These endearing creatures, with their warm and cuddly portrayal, often serve as friendly, comforting figures. Stories featuring bears often weave life lessons into their narratives, teaching children about friendship, bravery, and kindness. From the iconic teddy bear to the wildly adventurous grizzly bear, these characters provide companionship, courage, and inspire giggles from kids in equal measure.

These carefully selected bear stories are designed to be a delightful bedtime read. With the ability to access them online, they can easily become a part of your nightly rituals, bringing a sense of familiarity and warmth to your child’s bedtime routine. Moreover, these tales are an exceptional resource for children just beginning their journey into the world of reading.

These bear stories are available for free in pdf format, making them easily accessible and printable for offline reading. Whether you’re on a road trip or cozying up for a bedtime story, these printable versions ensure that your child’s favorite bear tales are always within reach.

Here are the top 21 bear stories that promise a blend of adventure, life lessons, and a whole lot of bear fun. Each story is perfect for kids and guaranteed to capture their interest, nurture their love for reading, and transport them into a world of bear-y adventure!

So, prepare to embark on this exciting journey and explore the joyous world of bear stories – a world of excitement, friendship, and lessons learned from the most lovable creatures in children’s literature.

Reading can indeed be an “unbearably” fun activity with these charming bear tales! Dive in, explore, and let the reading adventures begin!

Top 21 Bear Stories:

  1. Winnie The Pooh and The Honey Tree: In this story, Winnie-the-Pooh sets out on a quest to obtain honey from a tree. With the help of his friend Christopher Robin and a blue balloon, Pooh attempts to deceive the bees and reach the honey. However, his plan takes an unexpected turn, resulting in a comical adventure that leaves Pooh with his arms up in the air for an extended period and earns him his familiar name, Pooh.
  2. Goldilocks And The Three Bears: In this classic bear story, a curious girl named Goldilocks stumbles upon a secluded house in the forest, which happens to belong to three bears. She explores their home, trying out their chairs, tasting their porridge, and finally falling asleep in Baby Bear’s bed. When the bears return and discover Goldilocks, she quickly flees, leaving Baby Bear feeling sad that he didn’t get to play with her.
  3. A Bear In The Rain: In this heartwarming story, a bear who despises the rain meets a helpful wood anemone. Unable to hide or close his fur like other creatures, the bear is suggested to use an umbrella made of a large branch with laurel leaves. Grateful for the idea, the bear embraces his newfound solution and walks proudly with his umbrella, while the wood anemone patiently waits for the rain to pass and opens her leaves when the sun returns.
  4. Little Bear Cub: In this cautionary tale, a discontented Little Bear Cub yearns to be something greater than a bear. Dressed in human clothes, he attempts to live as a prince but fails when his true bear nature is revealed. The story serves as a reminder that embracing who we are and finding contentment in our own lives is more fulfilling than chasing unrealistic aspirations.
  5. Winnie The Pooh: Stuck At Rabbit’s House: In this story, Winnie-the-Pooh, also known as Edward Bear, discovers a hole in the forest, believing it to be Rabbit’s home. After a series of humorous misunderstandings and attempts to retrieve Pooh from the hole, his friends decide to wait for him to slim down and eventually manage to free him. Pooh continues his walk, while his friends affectionately call him a “silly old Bear.”
  6. Bart The Bear Hibernates: In this bear’s story, Bart the brown bear prepares for hibernation by hunting for food like salmon and berries. He says goodbye to his forest friends, who either store food or adapt to survive the winter. Bart then settles into his cozy den for a long, peaceful slumber, hoping for sweet dreams of future forest adventures with his friends.
  7. Mrs Polar Bear’s Adventures: In this bear story, a mother polar bear and her cubs venture out from their snow den as the winter fades. They encounter dangers, such as hunters and an iceberg breaking up, but ultimately find refuge on a lush shore with abundant food. Through their journey, the bears learn survival skills and experience the resilience of nature. The story highlights the mother’s optimism and belief that everything happens for the best.
  8. The Bear And The Bees: In this bear story, a bear searching for berries comes across a fallen tree containing a hive of bees and their honey. When the bear attempts to investigate, a bee stings him and retreats into the log. Enraged, the bear attacks the log, prompting the entire swarm to retaliate. The bear narrowly escapes by plunging into a nearby pool of water.
  9. The Friendly Playmate: This heartwarming story revolves around four children enjoying a berry feast on a hillside. A friendly brown bear unexpectedly joins them, shares their berries, and even helps them gather pine cones for play. After encountering ants and hearing a familiar sound, the bear swiftly departs, leaving the children with a lasting memory of their joyful time spent with their unexpected furry friend.
  10. The Lion, The Bear And The Fox: A bear and a lion vie for a stray kid as their prey. They fight fiercely until they are both too injured to continue. A cunning fox seizes the opportunity, snatches the kid, and escapes, leaving the bear and lion regretting their lack of cooperation and the missed chance for a mutually beneficial outcome.
  11. The Three Little Bears: In this classic bear story, three bears of different sizes live together in the forest. While they are out, a little old woman enters their home and eats the porridge, sits in their chairs, and sleeps in their beds. When the bears return, they discover the intruder and chase her away. The bears never encounter the woman again.
  12. Piglet Meets A Heffalump: Christopher Robin, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Piglet discuss Heffalumps. Pooh decides to catch a Heffalump with a cunning trap using honey. However, Pooh ends up getting his head stuck in the honey jar while Piglet mistakes him for a real Heffalump. Christopher Robin comes to the rescue and they all laugh together, reaffirming their love and friendship.
  13. Bart The Bear Wakes Up: Bart the Bear emerges from a long winter hibernation, eager to explore the changing world. After struggling to catch salmon, he receives help from Bella the Bear, who teaches him the techniques. Grateful for her assistance, Bart invites Bella to join him on a forest adventure, reuniting with old friends along the way. With the arrival of spring, Bart and his companions embark on a joyful hike, relishing the sights and sounds of the season. As Bart returns to his den, he looks forward to a summer filled with exciting adventures and cherishes the friendship he has found in Bella.
  14. The Brave Little Polar Bear: In the icy wilderness, a small polar bear cub grows up under the guidance of her mother, learning essential survival skills. When her mother departs, the cub faces challenges alone but remembers her teachings, ultimately becoming a strong and self-reliant polar bear. As she matures and prepares to pass on her knowledge, she ensures the future strength and resilience of her species.
  15. Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition To The North Pole: One day, Pooh Bear goes on an expedition with his friends to discover the North Pole. Along the way, they encounter mishaps and adventures, and Pooh inadvertently becomes the hero by finding the North Pole. With their mission complete, they all return home, and Pooh enjoys a well-deserved treat.
  16. Two Travelers And A Bear: Two men encountered a bear in the forest. One man climbed a tree for safety, while the other feigned death. The bear, convinced the second man was lifeless, left him alone. When the first man descended from the tree, he reproached the other for abandoning him, to which the second man responded that the bear had advised against keeping company with someone who would abandon a friend in times of peril.
  17. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas Stocking: Old Mother Bear is knitting stockings for Santa Claus when various animals come to her without stockings. She generously gives away her finished stockings to them. Eventually, the animals realize that Old Mother Bear has no stocking for herself, so they make a special one and hang it up for her. When Santa Claus arrives, he is amused by the large stocking and fills it with joy. Old Mother Bear and Santa Claus dance merrily, celebrating their special bond.
  18. Good Night, Hibernators: In a small village by a vast forest, a curious girl named Mira embarks on a journey to tell bedtime stories to the forest animals. From bears to bats, hedgehogs to squirrels, and badgers, Mira’s enchanting tales soothe and send them off to a peaceful winter slumber. With her mission accomplished, Mira returns home, feeling content and falling into a restful sleep, knowing she has brought comfort to the animals through her storytelling.
  19. Pooh And Piglet Go Hunting And Nearly Catch A Woozle: In the middle of the forest, Piglet lived in a grand house. One winter’s day, he encountered Winnie-the-Pooh who was busy tracking mysterious paw prints. The two friends followed the tracks and, as the adventure unfolded, they discovered that the tracks belonged to their own previous wanderings. Pooh realized his foolishness but found comfort in the fact that lunchtime was near.
  20. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: Old Mother Bear is worried about her four mischievous bear cubs who always cause trouble. With the help of Fairy See-It-All, the cubs are taken to a wee little house in the woods where they learn important lessons: Boxer learns to be on time, Drowsy-Head learns to go to bed, Bruin learns to pick up his things, and Bright Eyes learns to be polite. After a year, they return home as changed bears, and their newfound good habits inspire other children in the town to have a Happy New Year.
  21. The Bear In The Forest Hut: In this story, an old man and an old woman each have a daughter. The old woman is cruel to the kind daughter of the old man and sends her into the forest, where she encounters a bear. The bear gives her tasks to complete, and with the help of a mouse, she succeeds. The bear reveals himself as a king under an enchantment and rewards her. The cruel daughter is sent to the same hut but fails and meets a tragic end. The kind daughter marries the king and they live happily ever after.