Farm Stories For Kindergarten

Farm Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome dear children and grown-ups too, to our Top 30 Farm Stories for Kindergarten! Each engaging tale in this prized collection is perfect to be read aloud, shining a spotlight on the endless wonders that a farm offers. From the mooing of the cows at dawn to the crunching of fallen apples underfoot, each story invites you – the reader, into a world that has something for everyone. These eye-catching doorways into rural life are available in PDF, a format that brings a colorful farm experience, allowing kindergartners to visualize and learn more efficiently.

Farm Stories for Kindergarten are incredibly crucial as they help broaden the perspective of our little ones, teaching them about different animals, birds and plants found on a farm, their names, sounds they make and their roles in our lives. These stories will make them understand compassion towards animals and nature, the importance of hard work, and the origin of the food we consume. Moreover, who doesn’t love the thrilling adventures of animals living out their lives, having fun, solving problems, and learning lessons? These tales are not just a collection of words but a tool, a beneficial platform for early education. Let’s invite curiosity and feed imagination with our farm stories that might make your kindergartners laugh, think, learn and above all, yearn for more. So, are you ready for a barn-load of excitement?

Top 30 Farm Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Little Red Hen: A hardworking Little Red Hen lives in a barnyard and spends her time searching for worms to feed her children. The lazy cat, pig, and rat refuse to help her with any of her tasks, but she perseveres and accomplishes them all on her own. From planting the wheat seed to baking bread, the Little Red Hen shows the importance of hard work and responsibility. In the end, she enjoys the fruits of her labor while the others miss out.
  2. The Tale of Pigling Bland: Once upon a time, there was a family of pigs who caused a lot of mischief. Aunt Pettitoes had eight little pigs, and they were always getting into trouble. But two of the little pigs, Spot and Pigling Bland, were well-behaved. Aunt Pettitoes decided that the other six pigs had to go, so they were sent away. Spot stayed at home to help with the chores, while Pigling Bland and his brother Alexander went to market. Along the way, they faced some challenges and adventures. Eventually, they found their way to a kind farmer who helped Pigling Bland reunite with his family.
  3. Little Boy Blue: Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Little Boy Blue who lived on a farm with his family and many animals. He had a special love for the flower garden in their farm. One day, his daddy gave him a blue horn with golden stars painted on it. When he blew the horn, it made a beautiful sound that delighted not only the animals on the farm, but also the fairies who lived in the garden. Every night, the little purple pansy fairy would come and take Little Boy Blue to the meadow where they would join the fairies in a magical dance. However, the fairy dust made him fall asleep in the meadow, and he was found by his daddy the next morning. Little Boy Blue excitedly told his mother about his wonderful adventure.
  4. Mrs Tabby Gray and her three little kittens: Mrs. Tabby Gray and her three little kittens live in a barn. The kittens can’t wait to go to the big house and have delicious food like their mother. One day, their mother finds a new home for them in a trunk, but when she goes back to get the other kitten, the trunk gets locked with the first one inside. The mother cat tries everything to get her kitten out, and eventually, the kind lady realizes what’s happening and opens the trunk. The kittens are reunited, and they all realize that the barn is the best place to raise children.
  5. Little Sleepyhead: In this story, a little child is fast asleep while the clock, birds, wind, and rooster try to wake him up. Eventually, the sun shines through the window and wakes him up. The child’s mother comes in, but nobody knows who woke him up. The story teaches about the natural elements that can wake us up in the morning, such as the sun, and how different animals and objects can make sounds to get our attention. You can download the ebook to read offline or print for educational purposes.
  6. The Boy And His Dog: In a beautiful village, a young boy named George and his loyal dog, Rover, embark on a mission every evening to find their cows and bring them home safely. The cows enjoy grazing in a vast meadow with sweet grass and drinking from a gentle brook. When it gets hot, they find shade under the trees. Sometimes, George gets tired searching for the cows, and Rover helps him round them up and lead them back. Rover is not only helpful but also a loving friend to George. Together, they care for the cows and enjoy their time in the pastoral paradise, showcasing the power of loyalty and the strong bond between a boy and his dog.
  7. The Friendly Playmate: A group of children from Espesett Farm went to pick berries on a hillside. They found a big brown animal that looked like a pig, but was actually a friendly bear. The bear joined them in their berry feast and even ate berries from the baby’s cup. The children played with the bear, who helped them shake pine cones from a tree. When ants started crawling on the bear, the children brushed them off. Eventually, the bear left when he heard the sound of the cows returning home. The children had a great time with their friendly bear playmate, and even though their parents were surprised, they were glad the bear was not dangerous. The children always cherish the memory of their special afternoon with the bear.
  8. How Patty Gave Thanks: This heartwarming story is about a little girl named Patty who shows gratitude to the animals on her family’s farm on Thanksgiving Day. Patty thanks the cow for her milk, the horse for giving her rides, and the sheep for providing wool. She even showers corn for the hens and thanks them for their eggs. Patty’s kind and grateful heart brings joy to the animals and reminds us all to appreciate the creatures that bring us comfort and happiness.
  9. The Farmer and the Bear: Once upon a time, a Farmer lost his wife and became lonely. He asked Brown the Bear to help him with his housework and fields. They agreed to divide the turnips: Brown would get the tops, and the Farmer would have the roots. But when it was time to divide them, the Farmer tricked Brown and took all the roots. The next spring, they tried again with wheat, but the Farmer tricked Brown once more. Brown decided not to work with the Farmer anymore because he was too clever. The story teaches us about fairness and honesty. You can download the ebook to read and enjoy the story with your students offline or print it.
  10. The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lucie who was always losing her pocket-handkerchiefs. One day, she went to the farmyard crying because she had lost her handkerchiefs and asked the animals if they had seen them. She climbed up a hill and discovered a small door in the hillside. Inside, she met Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, who turned out to be a hedgehog. Mrs. Tiggy-winkle had been washing and ironing all of the lost clothes from the animals in the area. Lucie found her missing handkerchiefs and thanked Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, but when she turned around, Mrs. Tiggy-winkle had transformed back into a hedgehog and ran away. Lucie then returned home with her bundle of clothes.
  11. The Magic Corn: Once there was a peasant girl who lived with her family near the Ranchería River. Every morning, she went to the corn fields with her father and marveled at the magic of the corn plants that produced twenty ears each. As she grew older and had her own family, her son became curious about the corn’s magic. Instead of working in the fields like his mother, he read about ways to produce more corn online. He convinced his mother to let him plant his own corn, but neglected the work and only focused on reading. When harvest time came, his plants only produced one or two ears, while his mother’s plants still produced twenty. Regretful, he asked his mother to teach him the ways of the magic corn, and she agreed to show him through experience. The story ends with the joy of the family continuing the tradition of the magic corn.
  12. The Story of Speckle: This is the story of Speckle the hen, who lovingly sat on her nest of eggs in a cozy wooden box in the barn. While the other farm animals went about their day, Speckle stayed on her nest, determined to keep her eggs warm. She received visits and encouragement from the farmer, Dobbin the horse, and even a friendly swallow. Kind little Phoebe, the farmer’s daughter, brought Speckle food and water every day. After three weeks, the eggs hatched, and Speckle became the proud mother of ten adorable baby chicks. Together, they went on a walk around the farm, encountering curious cows and a surprised farm dog named Fritz. They eventually arrived at the farmhouse, where Phoebe and her father provided a new coop for Speckle and her growing family. Speckle and the chicks were filled with joy as they watched the world around them, with the barn swallow chirping happily overhead.
  13. Spring on the farm: Once upon a time, on a beautiful farm, there was a special spring event where all the baby animals were shown to the world. Farmer John made sure everything was perfect before the big day. When the day arrived, visitors came to see the adorable baby animals and learn about the farm. Farmer John explained that spring is a time of renewal and growth. The children learned about planting crops and taking care of the animals. They loved cuddling the lambs, tickling the piglets, and holding the chicks. At the end of the day, the children bid farewell to their new friends and looked forward to the next spring event on the farm. They knew that the magic of spring and the adorable baby animals would never fade.
  14. The Tale of Samuel Whiskers: Once upon a time, there was a cat named Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit who was always losing her kittens. One day, she decided to lock them in a cupboard, but one kitten, Tom, managed to escape. While Mrs. Tabitha searched for Tom, his siblings, Moppet and Mittens, got into mischief in the kitchen. They played with the dough for muffins and hid in jars. Just as Mrs. Tabitha discovered their mischief, a neighbor, Mrs. Ribby, came to borrow some yeast. They all realized that the rats were the ones causing trouble, and Mrs. Ribby offered to help find Tom. Meanwhile, Tom had climbed up the chimney and ended up in the rats’ den. They tied him up in dough, but just as they were about to cook him, they were interrupted, and Tom was rescued. The rats eventually found a new home in the barn, and Tom’s siblings became expert rat-catchers. Tom, however, remained scared of rats. You can download the ebook (PDF) or print version of the story using the provided links.
  15. Growing Jack-O’-Lanterns: In a charming rural village, a group of lively boys discovers the magic of Jack-o’-lanterns. They join the diligent farmer in planting seeds and eagerly watch as their pumpkins grow. When autumn arrives, they carve funny and spooky faces on their pumpkins and place a candle inside, creating Jack-o’-lanterns. The boys have a delightful time surprising their friends and chasing the girls with their lanterns. As the candles burn out, they bid farewell to their creations, satisfied with the joy they brought. You can download an eBook of this story for offline reading or printing.
  16. Mr. Fox cuts the Cottontails: Mr. Fox wants to change his reputation among the other woodland animals, so he invites them to a big dinner at his house. All the animals save their appetites for the night-time feast. However, when two members of the Cottontail family, Jimmie and Susie, are running late, they are chased by Mr. Dog and seek refuge in Mr. Fox’s house. The party is spoiled, and everyone runs away. Afterward, Mr. Fox blames the Cottontails for the mishap and decides to never invite them to his dinners again because their tails and behavior make them easy to follow.
  17. The Farmer And The Snake: A kind Farmer found a frozen Snake and decided to warm it up. But when the Snake regained its strength, it bit the Farmer and he died. The lesson is to be careful who we show kindness to, as some people may not appreciate it and can harm us. You can download an eBook version of the story to read offline or print.
  18. Christmas in the Barn: In this heartwarming story, Johnny is excited for Christmas and sees two Christmas trees outside. His parents explain that they each bought a tree, and Johny comes up with a thoughtful plan. He decides to decorate one tree in the barn for all his pets with special treats and toys. On Christmas morning, Johnny’s pets enjoy their surprise presents, and it becomes a joyful celebration for everyone. The story emphasizes the spirit of giving and the joy of sharing with others, making it a meaningful educational read for young children.
  19. Little Bun Rabbit: In this heartwarming story, little Dorothy befriends a shy and soft bunny in the meadows and woods near her farm. The rabbit tells Dorothy about his life in the wild, including how rabbits keep watch for Santa Claus during winter. He even shares his adventure of visiting Santa’s castle, where he saw the jolly old man make toy rabbits. Dorothy is captivated by the rabbit’s story, but their time together is cut short when the farmer’s dog approaches. The bunny dashes into the woods, leaving Dorothy hoping for another meeting in the future. This educational story highlights kindness towards animals and sparks imagination in young readers.
  20. The Turkey Escape: Billy ‘Biscuit’ Baker, a young boy, dreams of eating lots of turkey. He and his best friend, Timothy ‘Tadpole’ Taylor, find an egg that hatches into a turkey chick. They argue over who gets to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving, but before they can catch it, it gets scared and flies away on a passing train. Nobody knows where the turkey went, but Billy and Timothy would be happy to know their friend is out there living a happy life.
  21. The Green-and-Red Rooster: Farmer Jones bought a green-and-red tin rooster for his shed. Henny Penny, a little brown hen, tried everything to get the rooster’s attention, but he didn’t notice her. Henny Penny even climbed up to the roof and realized that the rooster was just a tin decoration. She jumped back down and all the other animals laughed at her. Henny Penny walked away feeling sad, but still thought the rooster was handsome. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about the importance of noticing real and genuine things over appearances.
  22. The History of the Five Little Pigs: This story is about five little pigs and their adventures. One pig goes to the market and has to pull the cart himself when the donkey refuses to walk. Another pig stays at home and causes mischief, but gets in trouble when his mother finds out. The third pig is obedient and helps his mother, while the fourth pig is stubborn and refuses to learn his lessons. The fifth pig goes fishing where he’s not supposed to and gets in trouble with a farmer. Each pig learns a lesson in their own way.
  23. The Three Piglets: Once upon a time, there were three little pigs named Browny, Whitey, and Blacky. Browny loved rolling in the mud, Whitey was greedy for food, and Blacky was smart and well-mannered. Their mother, before passing away, built each pig a house – Browny wanted a mud house, Whitey wanted a cabbage house, and Blacky wanted a brick house. Their mother also warned them about the sly fox who would try to trick them. Browny and Whitey fell for the fox’s tricks and were taken to his den, but Blacky outsmarted the fox by hiding in a kettle and boiling him. Blacky then rescued his siblings and they all lived happily ever after, having learned from their mistakes.
  24. The pink and blue eggs: In this story, Old White Hen sees some pink and blue eggs on the table inside the farm-house. She tells the other hens and they all wonder who laid those colorful eggs. The hens and chickens go to see for themselves and discover that the eggs are indeed pink and blue. The chickens also want to see the eggs, but the hens worry about how to get them up to the window. Eventually, they find out that the eggs are actually Easter eggs for the little girl to play with, so they had worried for nothing.
  25. The Eatyoup: Dicky Duck is a wise young duck who catches lots of worms and insects in the pond. One day, he meets Mr. Fox who pretends to be a “Eatyoup” animal and tricks Dicky into getting closer. But Dicky Duck is smart and uses his wings to escape. He warns the other animals about the “Eatyoup” animal and becomes even wiser and more cautious. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  26. The lovely moon: In this story, a little child doesn’t want to go to sleep. But his mother reminds him that all the animals, like the chickens, pigeons, and lambs, are already asleep. She puts him in his cozy bed, and when the moon shines through the window, his mother tells him that the moon has come to say goodnight. The child watches the moon and eventually falls asleep while his mother sings a lovely lullaby. The moon smiles at them, but the child is fast asleep and doesn’t see it. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to discuss bedtime routines, the importance of sleep, and the beauty of nature. The story is available as a downloadable ebook for offline reading.
  27. Was it the field fairy?: This is a story about two little orphans named Jack and Nina. They had to beg for food and a place to sleep until a man named Simon offered them a home in exchange for their work. However, Simon was actually a greedy and unkind man who took advantage of the children. One day, Jack was supposed to take their beloved cow to the butcher, but instead, he encountered a kind Field Fairy who offered to help. The Field Fairy changed Simon into a kind and good man, and he started treating Jack and Nina with kindness and generosity. The cow was saved from the butcher, and everything turned out well for the children. They believe that the Field Fairy played a part in their newfound happiness.
  28. The Island’s Rebirth: There was an old man who lived on a beautiful island, where he worked hard as a farmer to provide food for everyone. One day, a treasure was found on the island, and people became greedy and lazy. But the old man knew that relying on the treasure would harm the island and its resources. Despite being laughed at, he continued to take care of the land. Eventually, the treasure ran out and the island was destroyed. The islanders realized their mistake and asked the old man for help. He taught them how to work the land responsibly and the island began to flourish again. The old man passed away, knowing that he had saved the island for future generations. If you want to read and download the story, click the link provided.
  29. The Toy Farm: The MacMulligan children wanted to buy a toy farm for their mother’s Christmas present. They all worked hard to earn the money they needed. The twins found a lost cat and were given a dime as a reward. Joseph returned a lost bundle to a man and received a dime for his help. Cassie took care of a neighbor’s baby and earned a nickel. With their combined earnings, they were able to buy the toy farm for their mother. She was overjoyed and invited all their neighbors to see the special gift. The children were proud of what they had accomplished and Joseph even promised to buy his mother a real farm when he grows up.
  30. Thanksgiving Dinner At Lathem’s Farm: Once upon a time, there was a wise farmer named Lathem who knew all about the seasons and nature. When the ground got hard and the leaves turned beautiful colors before falling, Farmer Lathem would say, “Winter is coming, Thanksgiving is near!” The people in the village would stay indoors, enjoying the cozy season of warmth, family, and feasts. Farmer Lathem’s farm was the place where they had the grandest Thanksgiving dinners. The Lathem family had been living there for generations, and they believed their feasts were the best. They grew all the fresh food right on their farm, and even the youngest children helped. The day before Thanksgiving was a bustling time of pie-making and excitement. On Thanksgiving day, the Lathems opened their doors to friends and family and had a delicious feast. Afterward, they rested, shared stories, and made memories. Every year, they continued this tradition, leaving a mark on everyone who experienced it. The spirit of their celebrations still lives on, making every Thanksgiving at Farmer Lathem’s farm a special memory.

In conclusion, these top 30 farm stories for kindergarten offer a delightful journey for kids into the heart of farm life. Each tale is woven with fun, love, friendship, and valuable life lessons, introducing young readers to a myriad of colorful characters, from chirpy chicks and busy bees to caring cows and playful pigs. These online stories not only entertain but educate, offering insight into the importance of hard work, responsibility, and the miraculous cycle of nature. This collection is a perfect blend of enjoyment and education, sure to foster a love for reading at a very young age.