Stories About Sharing

Stories About Sharing

Welcome to the Top 28 Stories About Sharing for kids to read online! This collection of bedtime stories is perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students who are looking for fun, educational, and easy-to-read tales. Our selection of stories is not only available for free online, but you can also download a printable PDF or listen to them in audio format, making it perfect for bedtime, story time, or a read-aloud session with your little ones. With a diverse range of stories featuring exciting characters, famous classic tales, and enchanting new adventures, these stories are suitable for boys and girls alike.

Our Stories About Sharing collection includes short bedtime stories with engaging pictures that will capture the attention of toddlers, EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage), and younger children, as well as more extended tales for older children. These stories are not only enjoyable but also offer valuable moral lessons, making them a perfect addition to your bedtime routine, helping kids learn and grow as they fall asleep.

Sharing stories are essential for children as they foster empathy, communication, and cooperation among them. By reading these stories, kids will develop a better understanding of the importance of sharing with others, the joy it brings, and the positive impact it has on their relationships. The stories in this collection are carefully chosen to encourage kids to become more generous, kind, and thoughtful with one another while having a fun storytelling experience. So get ready to explore our fantastic selection of bedtime stories about sharing, where laughs, lessons, and memorable moments await you and your little ones, making their night time routine more enjoyable than ever.

Top 28 Stories About Sharing for kids to read online:

  1. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: The story is about two brothers, Ali Baba and Kassim, who lived in Persia. Ali Baba discovers the secret hideout of the forty thieves and manages to take some of their treasure. However, when Kassim discovers this secret, he becomes greedy and tries to take the treasure for himself, only to end up dead. The thieves then seek revenge and almost kill Ali Baba, but his servant, Morgiana, saves him by tricking the thieves. As a reward, Ali Baba allows his son to marry Morgiana. The story ends with the secret of the cave being passed down for generations and the family living happily ever after.
  2. Hans in Luck: In the story, a man named Hans quits his job after seven years and is given a piece of gold by his boss. Along his journey to visit his mother, Hans trades the gold for a horse, then a cow, then a pig, and finally a goose before ending up with a heavy rock that falls into a well. Despite losing the rock, he is happy to have been freed from the burden and continues on his way whistling, excited to see his mother.
  3. Little Claus and Big Claus: The story is about two people with the same name, Big Claus and Little Claus. Big Claus had four horses and Little Claus had one. Little Claus borrowed Big Claus’ horses on Sundays and pretended to have five horses. Big Claus killed Little Claus’ horse after finding out the truth. Little Claus sold the horsehide in town, where he pretended to have a conjurer who could create food and wine from a sack, tricking a farmer. Little Claus became rich and Big Claus got jealous. He drowned Little Claus in a bag, but a drover replaced him. Little Claus tricked Big Claus into drowning, making Little Claus get the last laugh.
  4. The Three Little Bears: The story is about three bears of different sizes who live in the forest and eat porridge. One day, while they are out, a little old woman enters their house, eats their porridge, sits on their chairs, and sleeps in their beds. When the bears return home, they discover what happened and the old woman runs away. The bears never see her again. There is a downloadable ebook available for reading offline or printing.
  5. The Old Man Who Made Trees Blossom: Two old men named Upstream and Downstream live on opposite sides of a river. The selfish Upstream is never happy for Downstream who is quite friendly and generous. When both men put a fishtrap in the river, Upstream has no luck while Downstream’s fishtrap is full of fish. The catch is even stranger for Downstream when he goes to chop wood and discovers a little dog in the willow root that falls apart. They take the dog home and share their food with it. The dog soon becomes big and strong and turns into a wise man’s guide. Downstream is also rewarded with a pot of gold he finds while following the dog. When Upstream borrows the dog, he is unkind and cruelly puts it on its back. When the dog leads Upstream to the ditch as a punishment, he kills it. Downstream and his wife give the dog a beautiful funeral and plant a willow branch that becomes a big, beautiful tree. Downstream enjoys sitting under the tree when he hears his dog’s voice telling him to make a mortar of the tree, which doubles the amount of rice placed inside it. When Upstream tries to do that too, only to find the rice decreasing, he destroys the mortar and makes the king angry, getting himself arrested. When Downstream uses the ashes from the mortar, flowers bloom, leading to him receiving beautiful clothes from the king, while Upstream is locked up in jail forever.
  6. The Big Sausage: In a time of famine in Königsberg, the town’s wise leaders decided to make a big sausage out of the last of the town’s treasury. They sent two people on a boat to get pigs and spices, and all the town’s butchers were tasked with making the sausage. When it was done, a big party was held, and the sausage was divided among the people. The story ends with the hope that the children had who were able to fill their bellies after a long time of hunger, and with the success of the next year’s harvest.
  7. The Ungrateful Son: In this story, a man and his wife refuse to share their roasted chicken with the man’s father when he comes to visit. As a result, a duck that the man tries to touch transforms into a creature that clings to his face and won’t let go. The man is forced to care for the animal, and only after he apologizes and asks for forgiveness from his father does the duck turn back into a roasted chicken that they can all enjoy together. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is available to read offline or print.
  8. The Golden Goose: The story is about a family, with the youngest child called Simpleton, who was sent by his father to chop wood in the forest. On his journey, Simpleton met a gnome who asked for food and drink but was immediately turned away. Simpleton eventually chops down a tree, and underneath it, he finds a goose with golden feathers. A lot of people try to take a feather, but they all end up getting stuck to the goose. Simpleton eventually takes the goose to a king, who promises his daughter’s hand in marriage, but Simpleton must do impossible tasks. Simpleton eventually completes the tasks with the help of the gnome and marries the princess.
  9. The Christmas Masquerade: In this story, the mayor of a city organizes a Christmas masquerade for all the children and promises to pay for the party for poor children. A new store opens, selling beautiful costumes, and many children choose to wear them to the masquerade. However, the next day, none of the children can take off their costumes, and they begin to act like the characters they are dressed as. The mayor seeks advice from the “Wise Woman,” but she is unable to help. The mayor’s eldest daughter then seeks the help of a cherry man, who reveals that the shopkeeper is responsible and asks for two conditions in exchange for freeing the children from their costumes. The mayor agrees, and the children are freed, and a law is passed to ensure that poor children receive Christmas gifts. The cherry man then marries the mayor’s daughter, and the shopkeeper leaves beautiful wedding gifts at the bottom of the cherry tree he was living in.
  10. A Christmas Carol: In this story, a rich and stingy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge does not want to celebrate Christmas and is unkind to those around him. However, after a visit from his deceased business partner and three spirits who show him his past, present, and future, Scrooge experiences regret and decides to change his ways. He becomes kinder to his loyal bookkeeper and his family, helps the poor, and accepts his nephew’s invitation to celebrate Christmas. The story ends with Scrooge becoming a second father to a sick boy named Tiny Tim.
  11. The Lion, The Bear And The Fox: In the story, a bear and a lion fight over a stray kid, each determined to have it for themselves, until they are too injured to continue. A fox then swoops in and takes the kid for itself, leaving the bear and the lion to realize that it would have been better to share the prize in a friendly spirit. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  12. The Travellers And The Purse: Two men were traveling together when one of them found a well-filled purse. His companion advised to say “we” found the purse, but the finder refused and wanted to keep it all to himself. When they heard a shout of “Stop, thief!” and saw a mob of people coming towards them, the man who found the purse fell into a panic and his companion advised him to still stick to his “I.” The story teaches a lesson about sharing fortunes or misfortunes of the road among travelers.
  13. The Dog And His Master’s Dinner: A faithful dog carries his master’s dinner every day, despite the temptation to eat it. Other dogs in the neighborhood notice and try to steal the basket but the loyal dog always guards it. One day, the other dogs confront the dog and make him feel foolish. He drops the basket and they divide the food among themselves while the loyal dog sadly watches.
  14. The Dog In The Manger: In this story, a dog is lying in a manger filled with hay, preventing the hungry cattle from eating it. When the farmer discovers the dog’s selfish behavior, he punishes him for it. A moral lesson is conveyed about the consequences of selfishness.
  15. The Porcupine And The Snakes: A Porcupine finds a cave to live in with a family of Snakes, but his sharp quills make the Snakes uncomfortable. When they ask him to leave, the Porcupine decides to stay and politely escorts the Snakes out of the cave to find a new home. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  16. A Christmas Tale of Friendship: A lonely stray cat wanders the streets on a cold Christmas Eve in search of food, warmth, and a home. He passes by families enjoying meals, but none of them let him in. He tries finding food behind a restaurant, but is chased away by other cats. Feeling hopeless and alone, he spots an older woman through a window and tries to get her attention. She eventually invites him in and they become best friends, never feeling lonely again. A downloadable ebook is available.
  17. The cat and mouse in partnership: The story is about a cat and a mouse who become housemates and store a pot of fat for the winter under the altar in a church. The cat tricks the mouse into letting her go to fake godmother duties while she secretly eats some of the fat. She repeats this until the pot is empty and the mouse discovers the truth. In the end, the cat eats the mouse as well. It’s a cautionary tale about the dangers of greed and deception.
  18. Part 1: My Father Meets The Cat: On a rainy day, a young boy meets an old alley cat who he invites home. Despite his mother’s hatred for cats, the boy feeds the cat for three weeks until his mother finds out and gets angry. However, the cat tells the boy about a way to fly by visiting Wild Island, a place inhabited by wild animals. The cat had seen something on the island that made her weep. An ebook download link is provided.
  19. Protective Wings: Amidst intense cold and snow, pigeons huddle together for warmth when a group of sparrows ask to join them. Many pigeons accept, offering protection under their wings. Despite criticism from others who think it’s foolish, the pigeons are merciful and share their warmth. When a man finds the sheltered birds, he brings them inside, and the revived pigeons each have a sparrow under their wings. This heartwarming tale portrays kindness and compassion.
  20. The Farmer and the Bear: A farmer who lost all his relationships went to Brown the Bear to propose that they work together and divide their crops. They grew turnips, but the farmer tricked Brown by giving him just the tops and keeping the roots. The next season they grew wheat, and again the farmer tricked Brown by keeping the tops with the grain and giving Brown the straw and roots. Brown became angry and left, refusing to work with the farmer again.
  21. The Dreamer: The story is about a poor couple, Peter and Kate, living in an old house by a river. Peter has a dream about a bridge in a nearby town where he will find fortune if he waits there for three days. He shares his dream with Kate, but she dismisses it, and he spends his days chopping wood instead. After three dream visits, the old, gray man tells Peter that he will not come again, and Peter must go to the bridge. Despite Kate’s objections, he goes, and on the third day, a tailor approaches him and tells him about his own dream, which leads Peter and Kate to find a chest of gold coins under the apple tree in their backyard. They become wealthy, and Peter returns to the town to visit the tailor and pay him for his help, revealing to the tailor that he is the poor man who had stood on the bridge waiting for three days.
  22. How a fish flew in the air and a hare swam in the water: This is a story about an old man who found a pot of gold and silver in the forest and wanted to keep it a secret from his talkative wife. He came up with a plan to distract his wife by hanging a fish in a tree and putting a hare in a fishing net in a stream. When they went to dig up the treasure, the woman exclaimed about the fish and hare, revealing their secret to the mayor. However, nobody believed her, and the man was able to keep the treasure and live comfortably in the city while his wife was mocked by the village.
  23. The Goblin at the Grocer’s: The story follows a student who lives in a building owned by a grocer, a shopgirl, a maid, and a little goblin. Every Christmas Eve, the goblin receives porridge with butter and loves to stay in the shop to learn more. One night, the student enters the shop to buy candles and cheese and ends up buying an old book with poetry instead of the cheese. The goblin plays a prank on the student by using a tongue tie to allow items in the shop to speak and agree that the student doesn’t know poetry. Later, the goblin watches through the keyhole as the student reads the book and is amazed by the tree with beautiful flowers and singing. During a fire, the goblin saves the book and realizes that he belongs to both the student and the grocer.
  24. The Devoted Friend: The story is about a poor but kind man named Hans and his wealthy friend, the miller. The miller takes advantage of Hans’ kindness and demands his time and labor in exchange for nothing but his words about true friendship. Hans eventually dies while helping the miller in a storm, and at his funeral, the miller mourns Hans’ loss only in terms of what he was about to receive from him. The story highlights the exploitative nature of false friendship and the dangers of blind devotion to such friendships.
  25. Intelligence and Happiness: The story is about Intelligence and Happiness who meet, and Happiness tells Intelligence to enter the head of a farmer’s son. Intelligence does, and the boy becomes an apprentice gardener and later wins the heart of the king’s daughter. When he demands the king keeps his promise and lets him marry the princess, he is sentenced to death. However, Happiness takes his place, allowing the king and princess to realize their mistake and release Vanek. He marries the princess and Intelligence learns to give way to Happiness in the future. The story teaches that kindness and happiness are more important than intelligence and status.
  26. How the Rabbit Lost His Tail: In this story, centuries ago, rabbits had long tails which were coveted by a jealous cat who stole one with a knife while the rabbit slept. When the rabbit woke up, instead of being angry, he generously gifted the tail to the lucky cat. Later, the rabbit bartered his knife for a basket then the basket for some lettuce. Though he lost his tail, the rabbit was content because he discovered the delicious taste of lettuce. Thus, despite their tails being lost, rabbits continue to be happy as long as they can munch on tasty lettuce. The story ends with links to download the ebook.
  27. Little Gustava and her animals: This is a story about a little girl named Gustava who lives in a small village. She enjoys sitting on her porch with her animal friends, including a gray cat, a brown hen, doves, and a Scotch terrier. Gustava feeds them bread and milk, and they all have breakfast together. Even though two birds outside are too shy to join, they all experience happiness in each other’s company. The story highlights the joy of befriending animals, no matter how big or small.
  28. How Mr. Fox was saved by his Friends: The story tells of a selfish fox who had plenty of food during a hard winter but refused to share with his hungry neighbors. One night, he decided to stay in and feast alone, but fell asleep and his coat caught fire from the stove. His neighbors rushed to save him and put out the fire, and in gratitude, the fox decided to treat his friends better and share his food with them in the future. A lesson in the importance of friendship and generosity.

In conclusion, these Top 28 Stories About Sharing not only ignite the imagination of young readers but also teach them the importance of sharing, kindness, and empathy. The tales instill valuable life lessons, such as cooperation and understanding, while also fostering a sense of community and a generous spirit. By reading these captivating stories, children will learn that sharing with others enriches their lives and strengthens bonds, making the world a happier and more harmonious place for everyone.