Stories about consequences

Stories about consequences

Welcome to the Top 77 Stories about Consequences for Kids to Read Online! This engaging collection has been specially designed keeping the little ones in mind. We understand that busy parents are often on the lookout for fantastic bedtime stories to read or share with their kids. That’s why we have made this incredible selection of fun, educational, and captivating stories available in a range of formats. Whether you’re looking for a pdf, free online content, downloadable material, or printable options, we’ve got you covered. Each story has been thoughtfully crafted to make learning enjoyable for children, from preschool and kindergarten to early years and elementary students. Plus, they’re suitable for both girls and boys!

Featuring longer classic tales, enchanting fairy tales, and exciting short stories, these tales are paired with beautiful illustrations to spark the imagination of children and make story time truly memorable. Many of the stories also come with audio versions, perfect for read aloud sessions or for listening on-the-go. Written in easy-to-read English, we’ve made sure that these famous bedtime stories are accessible to children of all ages, including EYFS students, toddlers, and even those just starting their reading journey.

At the heart of our collection are stories that teach vital life lessons and highlight the value of good morals. The importance of Stories about Consequences cannot be overstated, as they serve as excellent tools to instill in children an understanding of the impact of their actions and decisions. By weaving these lessons into fun-filled adventures and entertaining characters, our stories ensure that little ones learn valuable life lessons while enjoying the thrills and joys of reading.

So go ahead and dive into our collection of the Top 77 Stories about Consequences for Kids to Read Online! We’re sure these fantastic tales will become your children’s new favorite night-time companions as they journey through enchanting worlds and learn meaningful lessons. Happy reading!

Top 77 Stories about consequences for kids to read online:

  1. Little Red Riding Hood: The story is about a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood who was on her way to visit her sick grandmother in the forest. She met a wolf who tricked and ate her grandmother then disguised himself as her grandmother. When Little Red Riding Hood arrived, she went into the house and talked to the wolf, not realizing it was not her grandmother. The wolf then ate her too. A hunter later saved them, killed the wolf, and they lived happily ever after. The moral of the story is to always listen to your parents and be careful in the forest.
  2. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: The story is about a German town overrun by rats, and a mysterious man with a magical flute who offers to rid the town of its rat problem for a price. After the man successfully drives the rats away, the town refuses to pay him the full amount, and he seeks revenge by luring all of the town’s children away with his music. The fate of the children remains a mystery, but it is believed that they ended up in Transylvania and are the ancestors of the German-speaking population there.
  3. Rumpelstiltskin: A poor miller’s daughter is taken to a room full of straw by the king, who demands that she spins all the straw into gold, or else she will die. A little man appears and promises to help her out in exchange for her necklace. The king then demands the daughter to spin even more straw into gold until she is eventually able to produce enough gold for the king to be satisfied. The little man then comes to claim her first-born child, but agrees to relinquish his claim if she is able to guess his name within three days. She succeeds in guessing his name, Rumpelstiltskin, and he disappears forever.
  4. The Goose Girl at the Well: In this story, a young man helps an old woman carry her heavy load and is rewarded with an emerald. He then meets a princess who has been banished into the forest, crying pearls for three years. With the help of the old woman, he brings the princess back home and receives a palace as a reward. The story ends with a mystery about the old woman’s identity, as the narrator doesn’t remember everything clearly.
  5. Bluebeard: In this story, a wealthy man with a blue beard tries to marry one of his two neighbors. One of the neighbors agrees to marry him after spending a week with him in one of his mansions. Before he leaves on a business trip, Bluebeard gives his new wife all the keys to the house, except for one room. She disobeys and finds the bodies of Bluebeard’s previous wives in the forbidden room. Bluebeard becomes enraged when he finds out and tries to kill her, but her brothers arrive and kill him instead. The new wife inherits all of Bluebeard’s wealth and later marries a nice man.
  6. Pippo: A poor man gives a sieve to his elder son and a cat to his younger son before he goes to prison. The elder son makes money with the sieve, but the younger son complains about the cat until the cat steals fish and presents it to the king as a gift from the young man. The king invites the young man to a feast and promises him a big bag of money if he can arrange a wedding with his daughter. The cat helps him, and the young man becomes wealthy. However, he becomes ungrateful, and the cat leaves him for being a loser who expects everything from others.
  7. Prince Darling: A kind-hearted king helps a scared bunny and is rewarded by a fairy. He wishes for his son, Cheri, to be a good person. After the king’s death, the fairy visits Cheri with a special ring that pricks him when he does wrong. Despite this, Cheri becomes cruel and tries to force a girl, Zelie, to marry him. When she disappears, Cheri blames his councilman Suliman and orders his capture. The fairy punishes Cheri by transforming him into animals, but Suliman becomes the people’s choice for ruler. Cheri learns from his mistakes, saves a man’s life, and is transformed into a dog, then a dove. He finally reunites with Zelie and regains his rightful place as the good-hearted, worthy ruler.
  8. The Flying Dutchman: During a raging storm, a stubborn captain orders his crew to set sail despite it being Easter, which is forbidden. As soon as they depart, the ship appears to turn into a ghost ship, known as the Flying Dutchman. The ship is said to have sailed the seas forever more, with sightings reported over the years. Nobody knows if the Flying Dutchman has found peace, but for the crew’s sake, let’s hope so. An Ebook (PDF) download of the story is available for offline reading on a phone or e-reader or to print.
  9. The Elephant and the Tailor: This is a story about an elephant who gets angry when a tailor pricks him with a needle, so he seeks revenge by spraying the tailor with dirty water. The town laughs at the tailor and agrees that he deserved it. The story teaches morals about treating elephants, or anyone for that matter, with kindness and respect. There is also another story provided about the kindness of elephants and how forgiving they can be. An eBook download in PDF format is available for those who want to read the story offline.
  10. Genevieve of Brabant: The story tells of Genevieve, the daughter of a wealthy count in Brabant who gets married to Count Siegfried and is imprisoned by the disloyal Knight Golo, who plans to kill her and her baby. Genevieve manages to escape and lives in a cave with her child, surviving on berries and deer’s milk. Many years later, Siegfried returns from battle and finds his wife and child alive. He forgives Golo and they all live happily ever after. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  11. How The Birds Got A King: Long ago, people could understand birds, but now they can’t. Cuckoo proposed a king for the birds and decided the one that could fly highest would be the king. Eagle thought he had won until a nameless bird hidden between his wings flew higher. The birds decided the one who could poke the deepest into the ground would be king but they tried to trap the nameless bird, and he escaped. The owl was appointed as guard, but he fell asleep, and the nameless bird escaped again. Nowadays, he’s known as the winter king, and the owl is afraid to show himself during the day.
  12. The Water of Life: The story is about three brothers who set out on a quest to find the water of life to save their sick father. The youngest brother is the only one who succeeds in finding it, but his older brothers steal the water and replace it with seawater. The father drinks it and becomes sicker, then orders the youngest son’s execution, but the hunter that is supposed to do so lets him go. Later, the youngest brother proves himself to be the true hero by marrying a princess and becoming the lord of the kingdom.
  13. Toinette and the elves: In the story, Toinette meets an elf named Thistle who gives her the ability to become invisible using fern seeds. Toinette uses the power to spy on her family but becomes unhappy when she hears them express their negative feelings about her absence. She decides to change her behavior and becomes a nicer person to her siblings. A year later, Thistle returns and encourages her to try being invisible again, and this time she enjoys it and makes the elves some fern seed broth as a thank you. Thistle’s parting words remind Toinette that true happiness comes from being kind and having a good mood.
  14. The Tortoise and the Ducks: In this story, the Tortoise, who carries his house on his back, feels sad and left out that he can’t see the world. A pair of Ducks offers to fly him up on a stick that he holds with his teeth so that he can see the countryside, but he loses his grip when he tries to speak and falls to his death. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading.
  15. The Shepherd Boy And The Wolf: The story is about a bored shepherd boy who tricks the villagers by shouting ‘Wolf, wolf!’ to amuse himself, but when a real wolf appears and he calls for help, the villagers ignore him, thinking it’s another lie. The wolf kills many of the boy’s sheep before disappearing. The story teaches the lesson that telling lies can result in a loss of trust, and people may not believe you when you need help.
  16. The Frogs Who Wished For A King: The story is about frogs who wanted a king to rule over them. Jupiter gave them a log to be their king, but the frogs soon realized that the log was useless. Jupiter then sent a Crane to be their new king, and the frogs soon regretted their wish when the Crane began eating them. In the end, Jupiter tells the frogs that they have only themselves to blame for their misfortunes.
  17. The Vain Jackdaw And His Borrowed Feathers: A Jackdaw sees a flock of Peacocks in the garden of the King’s palace and wishes to join their society. He finds some discarded feathers and sticks them among his black plumes. Once the Peacocks see his trick, they remove the borrowed feathers and some of his own. When he returns to his former companions, they drive him away for his previous airs towards them. The story is available to download as a PDF.
  18. The Owl And The Grasshopper: The story describes an old owl who becomes irritated by a grasshopper’s singing while she is trying to sleep during the day. The owl tricks the grasshopper to come closer by offering him a drink that would make him sing like Apollo. However, the owl eats the grasshopper instead. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  19. The Wolf And His Shadow: A proud wolf boasts about his size and strength as he sees his own shadow stretched out on the ground. He decides to challenge a puny lion to a fight and prove himself the king. However, the wolf’s arrogance gets the best of him when an immense shadow of an actual lion appears, and he is struck down with a single blow. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading.
  20. The Rat And The Elephant: The story is about a proud rat who believes he is just as important as an elephant in a royal procession, but is ultimately proven wrong when the royal cat spots him. The story highlights the dangers of pride and overestimating one’s importance.
  21. The Two Goats: In the story, two goats meet on either side of a deep chasm and attempt to cross on a fallen tree trunk. Neither goat was willing to let the other cross first, resulting in both of them falling into the chasm and being swept away by the current below. The story is accompanied by a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  22. The Ass And The Load Of Salt: A merchant’s ass carrying a heavy load of salt falls into a river, causing much of the salt to melt. The lighter load makes the ass happy and he finishes the journey quickly. The next day, the merchant loads the ass with salt again, but the ass purposely falls into the river and gets rid of most of the salt. The merchant cleverly outwits the ass by loading him with sponges instead of salt, causing the ass to struggle under a heavier load than before. There are download links for an ebook version of the story.
  23. The Monkey And The Dolphin: A group of shipwrecked people are rescued by dolphins, who take them to shore. One of the dolphins mistakenly picks up a monkey, thinking it’s a person. The monkey claims to be an important citizen of Athens and a friend of Piraeus, which surprises the dolphin. Realizing the truth, the dolphin abandons the monkey and goes to look for an actual human to save.
  24. The Rabbit, The Weasel, And The Cat: A Rabbit left his home to go eat clover, but forgot to latch the door. A Weasel took advantage of the situation and made himself at home. The Rabbit asked the Weasel to move out, but the Weasel refused. A wise old Cat offered to mediate and pretended to be deaf, asking the Rabbit and Weasel to speak close to her ears. The Cat quickly caught them both, settling the dispute in her favor. A downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  25. The Heron: In this story, a Heron is searching for breakfast along a stream but finds the available fish too small. As the fish move into deeper waters, the Heron is left with no option but to eat a tiny Snail. A downloadable PDF of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  26. The Dog In The Manger: The story tells of a selfish dog who sleeps in a manger filled with hay, preventing the tired and hungry cattle from accessing it. When the farmer discovers the dog’s selfishness, he drives him out of the stable with a stick. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading or printing.
  27. The Ant And The Dove: A Dove helps an Ant who is struggling in a brook by dropping a blade of straw, saving the Ant from drowning. Later, the Ant repays the debt by stinging a man who was about to kill the Dove, causing the man to miss his aim and the Dove to fly to safety. The story teaches about the importance of kindness, friendship, and how even the smallest creatures can make a big impact.
  28. The Farmer And The Snake: A farmer finds a frozen snake and brings it close to his chest to warm it up. The snake, revived, bites the farmer who later dies, telling others not to take pity on a scoundrel. An ebook download link is also included.
  29. The Milkmaid And Her Pail: The story is about a milkmaid who had plans for her future based on the milk she was going to sell. As she daydreamed about her hopes and aspirations, she accidentally dropped her milk pail and watched all her planned accomplishments vanish.
  30. The Flies and the Honey: The story describes how a jar of honey spills on a table attracting a swarm of flies. Without hesitation, the flies land on the honey and get stuck, leading to their death. The story teaches us how even the lure of sweetness can result in great danger if we don’t exercise caution in our actions. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  31. The horse, hunter and stag: A quarrel erupts between a horse and a stag, and the horse recruits a hunter to help seek revenge. The hunter agrees to assist but puts a bit, reins, and saddle on the horse. With the help of the hunter, the horse defeats the stag, but when the horse asks the hunter to remove the equipment, the hunter refuses, saying he now has the horse under his control. The story teaches the message of being cautious when seeking help and not blindly trusting others.
  32. The Animals and the Plague: In this story, a severe plague affects the animals, causing them to become ill and lose their appetite. The Lion suggests that the most guilty animal should be sacrificed to please the gods and cure the plague. He admits to being guilty of greed, but the Fox argues that there’s nothing wrong with eating sheep and shepherds, as they are inferior to animals. The story explores themes of guilt, punishment, and the morality of eating those perceived as less important.
  33. The Goose and the Golden Egg: A Countryman owns a magical goose that lays one golden egg every day. He becomes impatient with the goose’s pace and decides to kill it to take all the golden eggs at once. However, upon killing the goose, he finds no golden eggs, and his greed leads to the loss of the precious animal. A downloadable ebook of the story is available for reading offline on a phone or e-reader or for printing.
  34. Sparrow’s search for the rain: In a village near the sea, a girl refuses all suitors until the young men of the village, angry at being criticized by her, seek the help of Whirlwind, who causes the drought and is banished. When Rain, Whirlwind’s blind friend, departs with him, the village realizes its error and sends a sparrow that ultimately manages to find Whirlwind and Rain. The pair returns home, bringing back rain and an end to the drought, causing the villagers to honor the bird that found them and to never hunt sparrows again.
  35. The tears of princess Prunella: In this fairy tale, Princess Prunella longs for a friend but is dissatisfied with all the princes and princesses presented to her. Eventually, she chooses deaf Robert, the son of the court musician. Robert and the princess form a bond, but his deafness prevents him from hearing her cry, which he believes is the sweetest sound in the world. Robert leaves to find out how to hear her, and after performing a brave, a wise, a foolish, and a nice deed, he returns to the princess. He hears her cry for the first time and heals her wound. The two live happily ever after, though they cannot agree on whether the sounds of the forest or the city are more beautiful.
  36. Batcha and the dragon: In “Batcha and the Dragon,” a shepherd named Batcha follows a group of snakes to a cave and becomes trapped. He stays the night and witnesses the snakes transform into dragons. After being freed and returning home, he makes a promise not to tell anyone what he saw. However, when he breaks his promise to an otherworldly creature, he finds himself riding on the back of a dragon. Batcha manages to escape and winds up back at his home with his wife.
  37. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: This story is about Old Mother Bear who wants to have a Happy New Year but is sad because her four naughty bears – Boxer, Drowsy-Head, Bruin and Bright Eyes – have many bad habits that make it difficult for her to be happy. Lady Wind, Old Mother Moon, the Snowflake Fairy and Fairy See-It-All help teach the naughty bears important lessons for a year. Eventually, the bears learn and make their mother happy. The story teaches children to learn good habits to make those around them happy.
  38. The Pomegranate seeds: In “The Pomegranate Seeds,” Mother Ceres has to leave her daughter Proserpina to tend to the plants on Earth. Proserpina plays with the water nymphs but is lured by the beauty of some flowers and ends up being taken by King Pluto to the underworld. Ceres searches for her daughter and eventually finds her living with Pluto, who allows Proserpina to leave with Ceres, but she must spend half the year with Pluto due to eating pomegranate seeds. Proserpina is grateful to visit her mother half the year and notes that Pluto has some good qualities.
  39. Why the elephant has small eyes: In this story, the cunning Tortoise tricks the Elephant into giving away his eyes with the promise of a delicious snack, leaving the Elephant blind. The Worm then lends his small eyes to the Elephant, but the Elephant never returns them and the Worm remains blind. As a result, Elephants today have small eyes and Worms are blind. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available for offline reading or printing.
  40. The tale of the fierce, bad rabbit: The story follows two rabbits, one nice and gentle, and the other fierce and bad-tempered. The bad rabbit wants the nice rabbit’s carrot, takes it without asking, and scratches the good rabbit badly. Later in the story, a man with a gun mistakes the bad rabbit for a funny bird and shoots at him, but the bad rabbit escapes without his tail and whiskers. Meanwhile, the good rabbit watches from his hole and sees the bad rabbit’s punishment. The story is available to download in PDF format.
  41. Alice in Wonderland: the pool of tears: In the story, Alice finds herself growing taller and taller until she can only look through the door with one eye. She worries about her feet, which are too far away to take care of. She decides to send them new shoes each Christmas, but is puzzled about the address. As she tries to shrink back to her normal size, she cries so much that she creates a pool of tears. In the pool, she meets a mouse who is afraid of cats and dogs. They swim to the shore together, and the mouse promises to tell Alice why it hates cats and dogs.
  42. North Wind’s Frolic: In this story, the King of the Winds and his children live happily in a castle until North Wind decides to go out and play one day. However, his boisterous nature leads him to cause great damage in the garden and fields which prompts the people to complain to the King. North Wind admits his mistake and explains that he just wanted to play. Therefore, the King decides to keep him a prisoner in the castle for the summer and only allows him to go out and play in the winter. A downloadable ebook is available.
  43. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: In this story, a young giant named Energy is eager to help but is always too clumsy to do any work. People refuse to give him work until he is entrusted with a basket of china, which he breaks. He tries again with a pitcher of milk, but spills it. Feeling dejected, he sets off to find work and ends up meeting a good woman who advises him to learn at the Fairy Skill’s palace. He goes there and learns to weave, make cups and saucers, and pearls and chains. When he returns to the world, he presents the good woman with his creations, which transform her house into a palace, mesmerising the woman. This way, he learns to be a helper in the world.
  44. The straw, the coal and the bean: The story is about a bean, a coal and a straw who all managed to escape death and decided to stick together as companions. As they tried to cross a brook, the straw laid itself down as a bridge and the coal tripped on it halfway, fell into the water and died. The burnt straw also fell and the bean, who stayed behind, laughed so hard that she burst. A compassionate tailor later sewed the bean back together, but since he used black thread, all beans now have black seams.
  45. The Lazy Penguin: This is a story about Joe, the laziest penguin in Antarctica who spends his days lounging and mocking the other penguins for working hard. However, when he meets a female penguin named Lily, she challenges him to change his ways and start being responsible. Joe starts working hard to build a nest and march to the open water to feed his chicks. He finds true happiness and fulfillment in taking responsibility and the hard work. The story teaches us that laziness does not lead to happiness.
  46. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about a dog named Max whose family ignores him while they work on their computers. Max starts misbehaving to get their attention, and this leads his family to prioritize spending time with him. In the end, his actions make them realize the importance of valuing the things they love rather than just work.
  47. The Grass is Always Greener: A bored sheep named Wooly longs for excitement and leaves the peaceful meadow for the big city, where he lands a job at a corporation and becomes a valued employee. However, he soon realizes that his colleagues are taking advantage of him, and he returns to his hometown feeling sad and lonely. Welcomed with open arms, Wooly enjoys the simple pleasures of life in the meadow and realizes that true happiness doesn’t require the excitement of the big city.
  48. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: A boy named Timmy was very spoiled, always wanting more and never satisfied. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus took him on his delivery route to visit poor families and experience true gratitude. This changed Timmy, who became grateful for what he had and even started sharing his toys. Santa was pleased with Timmy’s transformation. A downloadable PDF ebook is available for offline reading or printing.
  49. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a woodland bakery lives Ginger, a famous gingerbread man with a secret recipe that makes him the most popular treat in the forest. However, a sly old fox named Rupert wants to steal the recipe for himself. Rupert breaks into the bakery looking for the recipe but cannot find it until he spots a recipe book. Unbeknownst to him, the book is a decoy. Ginger and his friends sneak up on Rupert and catch him red-handed with the decoy recipe, while the real one remains hidden. Rupert is embarrassed and runs off, leaving Ginger and his friends to celebrate their victory by baking a batch of delicious gingerbread cookies.
  50. The Giant Gingerbread Man’s Apology: In this story, a gingerbread man grows abnormally after being left in the oven too long, and becomes arrogant and unpleasant to others. The other sweets in the bakery trick him into leaving, and he wanders into the forest searching for a new home. After various failed attempts, he returns to the bakery and apologizes for his behavior. The other sweets forgive him, and they all live together happily and cooperatively.
  51. The Magical Christmas Tree: In this story, a magical Christmas tree asks the children of the forest to give up their most precious possession in return for something special. Those who are truthful are rewarded, while liars are punished. One young girl gives up a toy elf and is rewarded with a house full of toys. An older lady gives up a picture of her lost son and is rewarded with his return. However, a young man lies about his most precious possession and is punished when the person he doesn’t like moves in with him. The forest celebrates Christmas joyfully as the magical Christmas tree shines brightly as a symbol of the season’s wonder.
  52. Scared of the hairdresser: The story is about a boy named Anthony who is afraid of going to the hairdresser, but his parents trick him into going. After getting his hair cut, he realizes how much better he can see and feels happy and free. The story teaches children that things are not as scary as they seem and that new experiences can be positive. An ebook version is available for download.
  53. The Curious Reindeer and the Jack in the Box: The story is about a curious little reindeer called Scamper who loved exploring Santa’s workshop, especially opening gifts meant for children, which often left the packages in disarray. The elves decided to teach him a lesson by putting a jack-in-the-box in a gift, scaring him away from the workshop. Scamper returned but was more careful and learned to control his curiosity. In the end, he remained curious but didn’t cause trouble for the elves anymore. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  54. The Snow Globe Family: A boy named Jack has a bad attitude towards his family and says hurtful things to them, but when he tells them he won’t miss them when they’re gone, a snow queen takes them and locks them in a snow globe. Jack must mend his ways and do good deeds to free his family from the evil queen’s grasp. After performing numerous acts of kindness, the snow queen appears and is proud of Jack’s behavior, returning his family to him. From this experience, Jack learns the importance of family and the power of forgiveness. A downloadable eBook is available.
  55. The cat and mouse in partnership: The story is about a cat and mouse who become friends, and agree to store a pot of fat for the winter. The cat convinces the mouse that it’s safe to keep the pot in the church, but then secretly eats it. The cat tricks the mouse twice more into letting her eat the pot of fat, until it’s all gone. When the winter comes, the mouse realizes what happened and the cat eats her too. The story highlights the dishonesty in the cat’s actions and shows that greed can have dire consequences.
  56. The Rival Fire Fighting Planes: In a land far away, two fire fighting planes, Hawk and Scooper, compete to be the hero of the fleet by putting out fires and rescuing animals. However, they take bigger risks each day to outdo each other until they get stuck in a tree surrounded by flames. They realize they need to be more mindful of their actions and put aside their ego to work together as a team. They become the best fire fighting planes in the land.
  57. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: In this Japanese folktale, a white hare who lives on an island wishes to cross the sea to the mainland of Inaba. He sees a great crocodile swimming near his shore one day, and decides to ask for a ride. He tricks the crocodile into forming a bridge with his kind, and once he gets to the other side, he jeers at the crocodiles for being so gullible. However, the crocodiles then take revenge by pulling out all of the hare’s fur. A kind passerby gives him advice on how to cure his pain and make his fur grow back. When the hare recovers, he meets a fairy who is looking for the same princess that the crocodiles were seeking. The hare tells the fairy that he will win her heart because of his kindness, and the fairy is successful in his quest.
  58. The Island’s Rebirth: The story is about an old farmer who lives on a small island and loves his way of life. When the islanders dig up a treasure, the old man warns them that it will change their way of life forever and become a source of greed. However, nobody listens, and the island’s resources are depleted, causing the old man’s predictions to come true. The islanders seek the old man’s help, and he teaches them how to care for the land, leading to the island flourishing again. The old man dies knowing his beloved island will thrive for generations to come.
  59. Odysseus and the Bag of Winds: This story is about Odysseus and his crew being gifted a bag of winds by King Aeolus to help them on their journey home. However, the crew becomes curious and opens the bag, unleashing all the winds and causing chaos on their journey. The story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of curiosity and the consequences of giving in to temptation.
  60. The North Wind at Play: In this story, North Wind runs out to play and tries to convince an apple tree, corn, and a lily to join him, but they explain their duties. North Wind causes the apples to fall, the corn to lie down, and the lily to wilt after he leaves. The farmer complains to North Wind’s father, who advises North Wind to play only after the farmer has harvested, and to play with frost during the winter. A downloadable ebook is available to read the story offline or print it.
  61. The louse and the flea: In the story, a louse and a flea are brewing beer together in an egg-shell. The louse accidentally burns herself and the flea starts screaming. This sets off a chain reaction where each object in the room becomes agitated and passes on the reason for their distress to the next object. This continues until everything, including the louse and the flea, are drowned in a rushing stream.
  62. The Peasant and the Cucumbers: In this story, a peasant plans to steal cucumbers but then thinks about raising animals to ultimately buy a house and grow cucumbers legally. He shouts to watchmen in the garden to keep a lookout, but they mistake him for a thief and beat him.
  63. The morning and the evening star: The story is about two stars named Tschen and Shen, who were brothers. They once quarreled, and Tschen struck Shen with a terrible blow. As a result, they made a vow never to look at each other again, so now Tschen only appears in the evening, and Shen only appears in the morning. People use their story to illustrate that when two brothers do not live peacefully with each other, they are like Tschen and Shen. An ebook is available for download.
  64. The Three Princes and Their Animals: In this classic fairy tale, three princes go on a hunt and receive cubs from a variety of animals in exchange for sparing their lives. The princes eventually part ways, marking trees with arrows as a symbol of their bond. One prince and his step-sister encounter robbers who take them to a castle and attempt to kill them. The prince’s animals save them and they become the rulers of the castle. The step-sister betrays the prince, who manages to survive and saves a princess from a dragon. After the prince’s animals are turned to stone by a witch, his brothers bring them back to life and they all return to the kingdom, where the youngest prince finds his brother’s true prince identity and they all live happily ever after.
  65. Chicken Little: Chicken Little was running around in a garden where she didn’t belong, when a leaf fell on her tail under a rose bush. Frightened, she ran to Henhouse and declared that the sky was falling, causing a wild panic in the group. As they spread the news to others they meet, they find themselves in danger when they meet Sly Fox who tricks and eats all of them. All because of Chicken Little’s foolish fear. An ebook (PDF) of the story is available to download.
  66. The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf: In this classic tale, an old mother pig sends her three piglets to seek their own fortune. The first two built houses from straw and sticks, respectively, but the houses were destroyed and the pigs were eaten by a hungry wolf. The third pig built a sturdy house of bricks and managed to outsmart the wolf through his intelligence. In the end, the pig triumphed over the wolf and lived happily ever after. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  67. The Dwarves and the Elves: In this story, Odin, the king of the gods, sees the mischievous and cruel behavior of the Dwarves and the terror of certain creatures. He sends Thor to Jötunheim to retrieve stolen sheep, while he calls the Dwarfs and Elves to Gladsheim to speak with them about their behavior. Odin judges them, and those who have acted the worst go underground to take care of the central fire of Earth. Those who have only been mischief makers work in the mines to make gems and metals. Light Elves are sent to live among the flowers, play with the wild bees and summer insects, and do something useful. Frey, the god of sunshine, is appointed to teach them.
  68. The Twelve Dancing Princesses: Once upon a time, a king promised his daughter’s hand in marriage and the heir to the throne to anyone who could discover why his twelve daughters’ shoes were worn out every morning. Several princes tried and died when they failed. Then an old soldier encountered an old woman who gave him advice to pretend to drink the wine offered by the princesses and then follow them wearing an invisibility cloak. He discovered that the princesses were secretly going out dancing with twelve princes underground in a magical forest and castle, which explained the worn-out shoes. The soldier reported to the king, married the oldest princess, and became the next king.
  69. The Trojan Horse: The story is about the Trojan War, where the Greeks wanted to conquer the city of Troy, but after nine years of war, they were unable to breach the walls of the city. Then, Odysseus came up with a cunning plan to conquer the city, which involved building a giant wooden horse that had managed to deceive the Trojans. The Trojans thought of it as a gift, and they brought it inside the walls of the city. However, the wooden horse had Greek soldiers inside who had managed to open the gates of the city, and the Greeks overpowered the city of Troy.
  70. Rubezahl: This fairy tale is about Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains, who decided to kidnap a princess named Emma, whom he fell in love with. After failing to entertain her with new friends, he promised her turnips with which she could create new ones. When she ran out of turnips, she received help from a magpie that she transformed from a turnip, and with the help of her beloved Prince Ratibor, she managed to escape and marry him. Rubezahl became angry and vanished, with people thereafter calling him the “turnip counter”.
  71. When Jack Frost was young: This story is about a young Jack Frost who does not want to wait to start his frost rounds. He disobeys his mother and creates a frosty world earlier than he should have. He ruins the paintings he creates with his frost, and there will be no more frost for the year. His mother scolds him and tells him to wait until she calls him before he gets up. Jack learns his lesson and waits for his mom to call him next year.
  72. Daphne, the child of the morning: In a valley near Mount Olympus, the free-spirited and independent Daphne attracts the attention of Apollo. He tries to claim her as his own, but Daphne refuses to give up her freedom and runs away. Apollo chases her, but Daphne calls upon the goddess Ceres for help. However, with no response, Daphne runs into a river and turns into a laurel tree. Apollo mourns his actions and the laurel tree serves as a reminder of Daphne’s bravery and independence. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  73. Mrs. Elephant’s Moonlight Dance: In the story, Mr. Tapir proposes a dance competition for the animals in the forest. Mrs. Kangaroo and Mrs. Leopard are confident that they will win the prize, but Mrs. Elephant secretly practices her moves with the help of some frog friends. On the night of the dance, Mrs. Fox’s plan to get everyone to eat too much and be unable to dance is foiled, and Mrs. Elephant wows the audience with her beautiful dance and wins the prize. She encourages her friends to keep practicing and believes that determination can take you anywhere.
  74. The Farmer and the Bear: A farmer who had lost all his family asked a bear to work together with him on his fields and home, promising the bear all the tops and keeping the roots for himself. After sowing turnips and wheat, the bear ended up with nothing both times, and decided not to work with the clever farmer anymore.
  75. Why the hippopotamus lives in the water: In this story, the hippopotamus challenges the other animals to guess his name at a party, and when no one can, he withholds food. The turtle devises a plan to learn the hippopotamus’s name and digs a hole in the path to injure one of his wives. When she exclaims “Oh Isantim, I hurt my foot”, the turtle hears and remembers the name. At the next party, the turtle reveals the name, and the hippopotamus keeps his promise to go live in the water forever with his wives. The story ends with a downloadable ebook link.
  76. The index finger of Sallie Hicks: The story is about a little girl named Sallie Hicks who has trouble with her right index finger that likes to get into trouble. After burning her finger while disobeying her mother’s warning, Sallie sits in the big chair and thinks about her naughty finger. While looking at the pictures of her ancestors in the hall, she dreams that her great-grandmother talks to her and learns that even good little girls can sometimes be naughty and that mothers cry for their little girls when they get hurt. Sallie promises to be good and never stick her finger in anything again.
  77. The Frogs and the Fairies: In this story, a group of young frogs decides to explore the valley next to their pond, despite warnings from their grandfather. They stumble upon a fairy party and plan to eat all the fireflies, but the fairies catch them and punish them by taking a toe from each of their front paws. The moral of the story is to listen to the wisdom of those who came before you.

In conclusion, the Top 77 Stories about consequences provide valuable life lessons for children, teaching them the importance of being mindful of their actions and understanding the impact those actions can have on themselves and others. Each story demonstrates a unique perspective on consequences, ranging from moral dilemmas to lessons about respect, responsibility, and empathy. By reading these stories, children will be better equipped to navigate the complexities of life and make choices that lead to positive outcomes. At the same time, these engaging narratives instill a love for reading and a deeper appreciation for storytelling as a powerful tool for personal growth and development.