Stories About Farmers

Stories About Farmers

Welcome to our amazing collection of the Top 10 Stories About Farmers for kids to read online! This entertaining and educational selection is perfect for children who love bedtime stories and are eager to learn about the important role farmers play in our lives. These stories are available in various formats, including pdf, free to read online or download, printable, and even with fun pictures to keep the young ones fully engaged.

The stories in this collection range from easy and short, to slightly longer classic tales with morals, making them suitable for girls and boys of all ages, from toddlers to elementary students. Children in preschool, kindergarten, and early years will particularly enjoy the engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations.

Listening to these farmer stories, which can be read aloud, helps to promote important values like hard work, dedication, and teamwork. Parents can use our collection as a great way to engage with their children during story time, while teachers can use them for educational purposes in their EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) classrooms.

These stories have been carefully chosen and curated to ensure that they are the best of the best — delightful tales that kids will enjoy hearing time and time again. Along with audio and versions in English, this selection of farmer stories makes for a perfect night time learning experience, encouraging children to fall asleep with wonderful tales of hardworking farmers and their dedicated efforts to nurture and care for the land.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of farmers and their incredible stories, and spark the love for learning in young minds with our fantastic collection crafted especially for them! Happy story time!

Top 10 Stories About Farmers for kids to read online:

  1. The Farmer And The Stork: A simple and honest Stork visits a newly planted field with a group of Cranes, but they all end up caught in a net belonging to the Farmer. The Stork pleads with the Farmer, telling him that he didn’t know the Cranes were going to steal. However, the Farmer tells him that he will have to share the same punishment with them since he was caught with the thieving birds. A downloadable PDF ebook of the story is available to read offline or print.
  2. The Farmer And The Cranes: A group of cranes saw a farmer planting a field and eagerly waited for him to leave so they could feast on the newly sown seeds. The farmer returned and tried to scare them away by swinging a sling and shouting, but the cranes soon realized they were not in any real danger. Eventually, the farmer loaded his sling with stones and killed several of the cranes, causing the others to avoid the field entirely. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  3. The Farmer And The Snake: In the story, a Farmer finds a frozen Snake in his field and takes pity on it by picking it up to warm it back to life. However, when the Snake gains enough strength, it bites the Farmer and kills him. The Farmer’s dying words warn others not to take pity on scoundrels.
  4. The farmer and his sons: A rich old farmer tells his sons that a treasure is hidden somewhere on their family estate before he dies, urging them not to sell it. With the belief that they will find the treasure, the sons dig up the entire farm but to no avail. During the harvest season, they realize that their hard work has paid off with a remarkably profitable crop, revealing that the real treasure was the wealth of a bountiful harvest.
  5. Do What You Can: The story is about a farmer who depends on his large field of corn for his family’s income. However, with no rain in sight, his crops begin to wither and he is left worried. Two little raindrops up in the clouds see the farmer’s struggle and decide to help, one raindrop at a time. Eventually, a whole shower comes and the corn is watered, and it grows and ripens — all because the first little raindrop determined to do what it could. The story teaches us the importance of even the smallest efforts in helping others and making a difference.
  6. The Peasant and the Cucumbers: The story tells of a peasant who plans to steal cucumbers to sell, with the eventual goal of owning a house and garden. He plans to hire watchmen to protect his cucumbers, but when he tries to test them by shouting a warning, the watchmen beat him up. A downloadable ebook of the story is available for offline reading.
  7. Spring on the farm: A farmer prepares for a special event where all the baby animals on his farm are showcased to visitors. As the day begins, children arrive to see the cute little creatures and learn about how farms operate during the spring season. They visit lambs, piglets, and chicks, learning about their unique characteristics and the hard work that farmers put into raising the animals. By the end of the day, the children are grateful for the experience and excited for the next spring event.
  8. The Farmer and the Bear: A farmer who lost all his relationships went to a bear named Brown and asked him to work together in his house and fields. They agreed to divide the crops, with the bear taking the tops and the farmer taking the roots. However, the clever farmer fired a shot at the end, causing the bear to leave empty-handed. The following year, the pair tried again, but with Brown proposing to switch the division, only to be outsmarted once more by the farmer. The bear then decided to part ways, unable to outwit the clever farmer.
  9. The Turnip: This is a story about a poor soldier who becomes a gardener and grows a giant turnip. He gives the turnip to the king, who makes him rich. The soldier’s jealous brother tries to get the same reward but ends up planning to kill him. However, the soldier is saved by a student who he tricks into getting stuck in a sack, claiming it to be the “sack of wisdom.”
  10. The Scarecrow: A farmer had a cherry tree that was always eaten by the robins before he could harvest the delicious fruits. He decided to make a scary scarecrow to keep the birds away from his produce. However, the robins soon realized that the scarecrow was just a harmless and comical figure that would never move. They decided to make the scarecrow their home, and even raised a family on the tree. In the end, the farmer’s kind-hearted gesture allowed the robins to live happily and undisturbed. An ebook (PDF) is available to download for offline reading or printing.