Stories About Gardens

Stories About Gardens

Welcome to the Top 33 Stories About Gardens, a delightful collection of enchanting tales perfect for kids to read online or download in pdf format to enjoy anytime, anywhere. These magical stories are free for children to explore, whether reading themselves or enjoying bedtime stories with their parents. Our printable selection of both famous and lesser-known garden tales contains captivating stories for boys, girls, and children of all ages.

From classic fairy tales to educational and moral stories, these garden adventures come alive with vibrant pictures and easy-to-follow, fun narratives. Your little ones will love exploring the wondrous world of gardens, no matter if they are still in the early years, preschool, kindergarten, or elementary students. We have tales suitable for EYFS, toddlers, and children with varying reading abilities.

Garden stories offer wonderful learning opportunities and wholesome entertainment for children, capable of sparking curiosity, creativity, and nurturing a love for nature. These tales weave profound life lessons that can instill essential values and foster good character. So gather the family, make yourselves comfortable, and join us on this enchanting journey through magical gardens, captivating night time adventures, and exciting mysteries in the best collection of stories online. Whether you choose to read aloud, listen to audio, or dive into a longer story, every moment spent in these garden tales will elevate your child’s story time experience and fill their hearts with cherished memories.

Top 33 Stories About Gardens for kids to read online:

  1. North Wind’s Frolic: The story is about the King of the Winds and his four children. One day, North Wind went out to play and caused havoc in the garden and fields, damaging the flowers, fruit, and crops. The people went to the King, who summoned North Wind. North Wind admitted he didn’t mean any harm and just wanted to play. The King decided to keep North Wind as a prisoner in the castle during the summer and only allow him to go out during the winter when there are no flowers and fruit. The story ends with a downloadable ebook link.
  2. What the flowers told Martha: Martha is visiting her grandmother in the countryside, feeling lonely when a bee tells her to go into the garden where she begins talking to the flowers. She hears stories of why the Rose has thorns and the tale of Narcissus from a Jonquil. The Tulip tells of her travels and longings for home. Martha promises to come back for more stories. She is amazed that flowers can tell such interesting stories and leaves, downloading a PDF of the story to read offline.
  3. The Kind Old Oak: As winter approaches, a group of violets under an old oak tree express their fear of dying in the cold. The oak reassures them and drops its leaves to keep them warm throughout the season. They sleep until the spring rain wakes them up, safe and sound under the tree’s protective foliage. A downloadable ebook (PDF) is available.
  4. How West Wind Helped Dandelion: The story is about a Dandelion plant that is loved by various creatures and has worked hard to make seeds. She wonders why no one wants to collect her seeds for next year’s planting. The West Wind hears her worries and assures her that he will take care of her seeds and transport them far and wide. The Dandelion is grateful, and her seeds are carried away on the wind.
  5. The windflower’s story: In this story, a group of flowers in a garden are curious about the quiet Windflower, who they suspect is hiding a deep secret, so they question her. The Windflower shares a story about their family being created by a goddess and named Anemone, but becoming known as Windflowers as they love the wind. The other flowers are surprised to learn about this, but when the wind comes, the Windflower flies away with it, leaving the other flowers wondering about the relationship between Windflowers and the wind. An ebook download link is provided for offline reading.
  6. The Little Worm That Was Glad to Be Alive: The story is about a little worm who lives in a small house in the ground. One day, he creeps out of his house to go for a walk in the garden and enjoys the warm sun, beautiful sounds, and sweet smells. A little boy comes to the garden to play and makes sure not to hurt the little worm. The story ends with the worm returning to his house for a nap. A link to download the ebook version of the story is provided.
  7. The Peasant and the Cucumbers: In this story, a peasant goes to steal cucumbers from a gardener’s patch. He plans to sell the cucumbers, buy a hen, then use the hen to raise and sell more animals until he can afford a house and garden. The peasant shouts out a warning to imaginary watchmen to scare off potential thieves, but real watchmen hear him and beat him up.
  8. Rock-a-bye baby: A little girl, Helena, plays with her dolls under a maple tree on the first warm day of spring and rocks her dolls to sleep on one of the low branches. Mother Nature is also singing a lullaby, and Helena discovers little brown cradles in the treetops, each holding a wee leaf baby. The babies grow and strengthen through spring and summer, providing shade with their green parasols. In autumn, they leave the tree to meet King Winter, while new leaf babies sleep in tiny brown cradles until spring returns. Helena is fascinated by this cycle and discovers an e-book to download about it.
  9. The Rain Elves: In this story, the Rain Elves are finally allowed by their mothers the Rain Clouds to come down and play on the earth. However, because so many of them want to go out, they can only go outside a few at a time, or else the earth would be crowded. The flowers in the garden are happy to see the Rain Elves at first, but they soon realize that so many of them cause damage to the garden, leaving them sad and bedraggled. The Wind Witch tries to help them keep the Rain Elves longer, but her actions lead to chaos and destruction, and the flowers realize that the mothers of the Rain Elves knew best to only allow a few to come out at a time.
  10. The Farmer and the Bear: A farmer who lost his wife seeks help from a bear to do housework and farm together. They decide to divide the harvest with tops for the bear and roots for the farmer. However, the farmer tricks the bear and takes all the tops and grain. The next year, they switch roles, but the farmer tricks the bear again. The bear leaves, acknowledging the farmer’s cleverness. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  11. The Bronze Ring: In this story, a king hires a gardener to fix his garden, and the gardener’s son falls in love with the princess. The king decides to send both the gardener’s son and the son of his minister on a journey, and the one who returns first will marry the princess. The gardener’s son is aided by an old woman and a magical bronze ring along the way, while the minister’s son struggles and eventually returns on a ship provided by the gardener’s son. The gardener’s son arrives in a magnificent ship and reveals the truth about the minister’s son, and he marries the princess.
  12. The Daisy: The story is about a happy and content Daisy flower that was overlooked by the fancy flowers in the garden. The Daisy enjoyed the simple pleasures of life and appreciated the beauty around it. When a lark visits the Daisy, it feels immensely happy and recognizes how blessed it is. Later the Daisy goes into a birdcage with a lark and is unable to help the bird when it becomes sick. The story highlights the importance of appreciating simple things, being empathetic and kind.
  13. The Devoted Friend: The story is about a man named Hans who had a wealthy friend, the miller. The miller frequently visited Hans’ garden to pick flowers and fruits without giving anything back in return. Hans worked hard in his garden and suffered from hunger in the winter. The miller only visited him in the spring and asked for a basket of flowers in return for giving Hans his broken wheelbarrow and asking him to do various favors. Hans never refused the miller, thinking he was his best friend. One day, the miller urgently needed help, but he refused to lend Hans his lantern, and Hans died during the storm. The miller participated in Hans’ funeral and complained about not knowing what to do with the wheelbarrow he was about to give to Hans.
  14. Edith and the Bees: A little girl named Edith goes to pick flowers for her sick playmate and comes across a beautiful rosebud, but gets stung by a bee hidden inside. Her father takes her to visit a beemaster, who teaches her all about bees, including the different types of bees and their roles in the hive. Edith becomes fascinated with the bees and thanks the kind gentleman before leaving to visit her friend Tommy.
  15. A Narrow Escape: In this story, two young bees, Buz and Hum, are allowed to try flying. An older bee accompanies them and advises them not to leave the garden, as they will meet with ‘Experience’ there. Buz disobeys and flies over the garden’s walls to a clover field. She collects honey, but while resting near a pond, a gust of wind throws her into the water. After struggling and almost giving up, she manages to hold onto a floating stick and eventually makes it to sunshine to recover. Buz learns the value of taking advice and returns to the hive, better for the experience.
  16. The Little Plant: This is a story about a magical garden where a little seed named Sprout lived buried in the soil. One day, the sunshine and raindrops encouraged Sprout to grow, and it emerged from the soil into a world full of colors and beauty. Throughout its journey, Sprout made friends with the flowers, trees, and insects in the garden, thriving and becoming a part of its tapestry. In the end, Sprout had blossomed into a magnificent plant, and its adventure had just begun.
  17. How the Beans Came Up: The story is about Alice May, a city girl who longs to have a plant of her own. When she receives Lima beans from the milkman, Uncle Peter, Alice plants them eagerly but becomes discouraged when the beans repeatedly pop up on the surface. Uncle Peter teaches her about the process of plant growth and encourages her to try again. The second time around, Alice successfully grows bean vines with beautiful blossoms and enjoys a harvest of delicious beans with her family. The story highlights the patience and perseverance required for successful gardening.
  18. How the Monkey Became a Trickster: In a garden where beasts were allowed to eat fruits, they had to make a polite bow and say, “please give me a taste of your fruit,” to the tree. A little old woman knew the names of all the fruit trees except for one, and no beast could remember its name. The monkey came up with a trick to know the name of the tree by singing a little tune. When he tasted the wonderful fruit in the corner of the garden, he found it bitter and sour, but he never forgot the tree’s name and tricked other animals by giving them the fruit.
  19. How the Pigeon Became a Tame Bird: A father gives his three sons melons when they leave home to earn their living, advising them not to open the melons unless there is water nearby. The two older brothers ignore his advice and the beautiful maidens that emerge from their melons die because there is no water. The youngest brother waits until he finds water and is able to provide the beautiful maiden that emerges from his melon with a drink. He marries her but is unhappy when she looks different from when they met. When a pigeon annoys him, he orders it to be roasted for his sick wife’s dinner and the cook finds a pin embedded in the pigeon’s breast. When the husband pulls it out, the pigeon turns into his beautiful maiden again. His wife admits to lying about her identity and dies. He marries the beautiful maiden, they live happily and build birdhouses for pigeons in their garden. The mothers in Brazil tell their children this story about how pigeons became tame birds.
  20. Charlie and the Blossoming Earth Day Garden: The story is about a boy named Charlie who wants to create a garden filled with wildflowers, bees, vegetables, and fruits, all without using any chemicals. With the help of his mother, they use natural methods to keep their garden healthy and attract pollinators while conserving water. They plan a special Earth Day event to teach their neighbors about the importance of taking care of the Earth. As a result, the whole town transforms, embracing eco-friendly practices and creating a colorful and lively landscape. Charlie’s mission of protecting the Earth and educating others spreads, and he even founds a nonprofit organization to promote the use of gardens for positive environmental impact.
  21. The frost king and the power of love: In this story, Queen Blossom asks for ideas to stop King Frost’s war on flowers, but none of the nymphs have any good ones. Lady-in-waiting Star volunteers to speak to King Frost and show him love, hoping to soften his heart. However, King Frost becomes angry and imprisons her. Star uses her magic to grow a garden in her cell, and the sight of it changes King Frost’s heart over time. In the end, the nymphs build a garden around King Frost’s palace, and he promises to stop destroying flowers. The story can be downloaded as an ebook in PDF format.
  22. The Bee And The Child: In this story, a curious girl named Lucy learns a lesson from a busy bee in a beautiful garden. The bee teaches her to enjoy the beauty around her while it lasts and to use her youth to learn and grow by planting seeds of kindness, knowledge, and love. Lucy takes these lessons to heart and carries the wisdom with her throughout her life, resulting in a bountiful harvest of joy and warmth. The story emphasizes the importance of cherishing moments, learning, and making the most out of our time.
  23. A Walk In The Garden: A young boy named Frank and his mother come across a pretty garden and the gardener kindly lets them walk through it. Frank carefully admires the beauty of the garden and doesn’t touch anything or meddle with the flowers, impressing the gardener. Another boy comes to the gate and tries to get in but the gardener refuses, as the boy had meddled with the flowers the day before. Frank learns the lesson that it’s better not to meddle with what doesn’t belong to you, and appreciates the beauty of the garden without causing harm.
  24. The Fairy Tulips: This story is about a village near Dartmoor, where an elderly woman owned a cottage and a garden with a bed of magical tulips. There were playful pixies who loved the tulip bed and would sing their babies to sleep there. The garden would come alive with the soothing melodies of their lullabies, and it was believed that the tulips themselves hummed along. When the old woman passed away, her garden fell into the hands of someone who did not appreciate the beauty of the tulips. In their disappointment, the pixies caused the parsley to wither, and for many years, nothing would grow in that garden. However, the pixies never forgot the kind old woman who had cared for their beloved tulips. They sang sweet songs around her grave and made sure it remained a beautiful, lush space.
  25. How The Flowers Grow: In a picturesque garden, flowers share their secrets with curious children. One day, the children discover a tiny green shoot protecting a small bud, and watch as it grows and transforms into a beautiful flower with the help of the sun and gentle breezes. Through this process, the children learn the secret of how the flowers grow. An ebook of the story is available to download.
  26. Uncle Wiggily and the Watering Hose: In this story, it was very hot and dry in animal land, and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy worries that there will be no strawberries for shortcake because they need rain. Uncle Wiggily Longears, the rabbit, decides to go on an adventure in his airship to find some rain. He lands near the house of Jackie and Peetie Bow Wow, who are playing with a hose to water their garden, which inspires Uncle Wiggily to buy one for Nurse Jane’s garden. After watering the plants, Uncle Wiggily helps a tired and hot ice-wagon horse by watering it with the hose, which cools it down. The next day, it finally rains.
  27. Butterflies: A group of children admire the beauty of butterflies in a garden, and their uncle teaches them about the insects’ names and characteristics. He explains the process of metamorphosis, in which the insects undergo a complete transformation from a larval stage to a magnificent butterfly with wings decorated in rich colors, and compares it to the fairy tale of Cinderella. The story emphasizes the incredible power of Mother Nature to turn something ugly and unappealing into a creature of astonishing beauty. The story ends with links to download an ebook of the story.
  28. The Enchanted Boat: A King tries to force his daughter to marry his new Queen’s son so he can become King. The Princess doesn’t want to marry him and escapes in an enchanted boat that takes her to a castle where she meets a prince who was turned into a leopard by a witch. The prince tells her that the only way to break the spell and turn him back into a human is to get a gold root from a blue mountain-peak, which only a princess can do. The Princess manages to get the root using the help of an injured eagle, and they return to the prince’s castle where he becomes human again. They marry and return to the Princess’s father’s kingdom, where they find that the Queen and her son had taken over. The Prince sets things right, banishing the treacherous Queen and her son and marrying the Princess.
  29. The Marriage of the Roses: In this short story, a bee helps a red rose win the affection of a white rose. The bee conveys love messages between the two, and eventually, they get married in a beautiful ceremony attended by other flowers. The bee continues to make matches, bringing sweetness to all the flowers in the garden.
  30. How Sunflower Became An Outcast: The Dust Imps have been wreaking havoc on the garden for many days due to the warm sun. The flowers are suffering and want the Rain Elves to come to their rescue. Sunflower refuses to ask the Sun to find the Rain Elves because she is in love with the Sun. Honeysuckle Vine overhears and takes it upon herself to save the flowers by catching a passing breeze and alerting the Rain Elves. The Dust Imps are defeated, and the flowers are saved. Rosebush credits Honeysuckle, while a Lily suggests punishing Sunflower for her refusal to help, causing Sunflower to become an outcast. Honeysuckle is now seen as a sister to the garden flowers.
  31. The Catbird: The story is about a little thrush who decided to leave the woods and build a nest near where people live to avoid hunters. He built his nest in a yard and had five little ones. A cat in the same yard was eyeing their nest until the thrush played a trick on the cat by imitating its voice. The cat was confused and never knew if it was hearing a real cat or not until one day, she decided to get the birds. But they had already flown away, all the while calling out, “Mi-ow, mi-eu.” From then on, all birds in the story were called catbirds, and they were known to build their nests near where people live without any fear.
  32. What Happened in a Garden: In the story, a proud red rose insults a butterfly for its different and bright colors. The butterfly challenges the rose to look at its own reflection and see from a new perspective. As the rose looks into the water, it breaks from its stem and is saved by a nearby weeping willow. The butterfly also lands on the water trying to see its reflection and gets stuck. The willow saves both the rose and the butterfly, but only the rose is grateful. The willow weeps over the vanity and foolishness of others, while a nearby bush enjoys life and laughs at those who take things too seriously.
  33. Calla Lily’s Cousin: In the story, “Calla Lily’s Cousin,” Jack-in-the-Pulpit is telling his wild flower friends how fortunate they are to live outside in the fresh air, unlike the flowers in the conservatory. Calla Lily inside the conservatory, who happens to be related to Jack, pretends not to notice the wild flowers outside because she’s ashamed of her wild cousin. However, Jack has no idea about Calla and loves his life in the woods, and there is another Jack-in-the-Pulpit who resembles Calla even more. Both Jacks prefer living in the woods to the fancy conservatory.

In conclusion, the Top 33 Stories About Gardens provide a delightful and enriching journey through the magical world of gardens for kids to read online. These captivating tales, filled with vibrant colors, enchanting characters, and valuable life lessons, allow young readers not only to learn about the wonders and beauty of nature, but also to cultivate a love and appreciation for the environment that surrounds them. Each story offers a unique perspective and an opportunity for kids to explore various garden themes, form a deeper connection with nature, and discover the importance of nurturing and caring for our precious planet.