Bear Stories For Kindergarten

Bear Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome little ones, parents, and teachers to our wonderful compilation of the Top 51 Bear Stories for Kindergarten: To Read Aloud collection. This enriching selection is specifically crafted for young, eager minds prepared to embark on an exciting journey into the world of imagination and learning. Delivered in an easy-to-read aloud PDF format, this anthology stirs up the playful depths of storytelling with the adventures and tales of our fluffy bear friends.

Bear Stories for Kindergarten hold a special significance. They not only entertain our little listeners but also play a crucial role in teaching them invaluable life lessons. Each story is a unique blend of fun, adventure, warmth, and wisdom. Our bear characters, with their cuddly charm, engage the children in an emotionally safe exploration of various themes such as friendship, kindness, courage, and empathy.

Kids might find the bear stories particularly appealing because they are able to relate to the bears’ curiosity and playful nature. In addition, these tales often involve other adorable forest creatures, presenting a diverse range of characters for the children to connect with. Our Top 51 Bear Stories for Kindergarten are just the right mix of fun and learning, set to spark a love for reading in our kindergarteners, while nurturing their growth in life’s essential virtues. So, gather round, it’s storytime, happy reading!

Top 51 Bear Stories For Kindergarten

  1. Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree: Once upon a time, Winnie-the-Pooh went on an adventure to find honey. He climbed a tree with the help of a balloon, but then got stuck. He called for his friend Christopher Robin, who came with an umbrella to help deceive the bees. Eventually, Christopher Robin had to shoot the balloon so that Pooh could come down safely. Pooh’s arms stayed up in the air for a while, and that’s why he was always called Pooh. You can download a free ebook of this story to read offline or print.
  2. Goldilocks and The Three Bears: There was a little girl named Goldilocks with bright yellow hair. One day, she wandered into a forest and found a secluded house that belonged to three bears. When no one answered, Goldilocks went inside and tried out their chairs and tasted their porridge. Finally, she found the perfect bed to sleep in. But when the bears came back home, they knew someone had been there, and they found Goldilocks sleeping in Baby Bear’s bed. She quickly ran away and never returned to the forest. The bears were sad because they wanted to play with her. [Note: There are free downloads available for an offline PDF version of the story.]
  3. Snow-white and Rose-red: There once was a poor widow who lived with her two children, Snow-white and Rose-red, in a cottage near a garden with white and red roses. The girls were kind and spent their time in nature, where animals never harmed them. One day, a friendly bear knocked on their door, seeking shelter. The family welcomed him and he became their friend. When spring came, the bear revealed he had to leave to protect his treasures from evil dwarfs. Snow-white and Rose-red encountered the dwarfs and helped them, but they were ungrateful. Finally, the bear turned into a handsome prince and married Snow-white, while Rose-red married his brother. They all lived happily, and the two rose trees in the garden continued to bloom with beautiful white and red roses.
  4. Winnie the Pooh: Stuck at Rabbit’s House: In the story, Winnie-the-Pooh gets stuck in Rabbit’s house and has to wait a whole week to get thin enough to be pulled out. During that time, Christopher Robin reads to him and Rabbit uses his back legs as a towel-horse. Finally, with the help of their friends, they free Pooh and he continues his walk through the forest. The story highlights the importance of friendship, patience, and problem-solving.
  5. The Friendly Playmate: A group of children from Espesett Farm went to have a berry feast on a hillside. They found a friendly brown animal, which they thought was a pig, and let it join them. The baby didn’t like the animal because it ate her berries, but after some time, the animal understood and moved away. The children then fed the animal berries and played together. Later, the animal helped them shake pine cones from a tree. When the children’s parents heard about the animal, they realized it was actually a bear. They were relieved to know that it wasn’t dangerous. The children never forgot their friendly bear playmate, and the story of their adventure became a favorite among children.
  6. Uncle Wiggily In The Bear’s Den: Uncle Wiggily, a kindhearted rabbit, accidentally falls into a bear’s den while searching for his fortune. The bear plans to eat him, but luckily, Uncle Wiggily’s friend, the porcupine, comes to his rescue with his sharp quills. They escape together and continue their journey, grateful for their friendship. The story teaches children about bravery, friendship, and helping others. [Free ebook download available.]
  7. Bart The Bear Hibernates: This is a story about Bart the bear who likes to eat salmon and berries. As winter approaches, Bart gets ready to hibernate. He says goodbye to his friends, the squirrel and the fox, and goes into his cozy den to sleep. Bart dreams of exploring the forest with his friends while he is hibernating. The story teaches children about hibernation and the importance of preparing for the winter.
  8. A bear in the rain: Once upon a time, a bear was walking in the forest when it started to rain heavily. He complained about his soaked fur, but a wood anemone overheard him and suggested he close his fur like she closes her leaves. The bear explained that he couldn’t do that because he had two types of hair and couldn’t open and close his fur. The wood anemone then shared that butterflies hide when it rains because raindrops can harm their wings. The wood anemone suggested finding an umbrella for the bear, and they found a large branch with leaves that worked perfectly. The bear was grateful and walked proudly with his new umbrella, while the wood anemone returned to her spot in the forest. The story teaches children about problem-solving and finding creative solutions.
  9. Why The Bear Sleeps All Winter: In this story, little Brother Rabbit is a hardworking and sharing creature who always helps his animal friends. But there’s one animal, big Bear, who loves to play tricks on Brother Rabbit and steal his food. Brother Rabbit seeks advice from his woodland friends, and together they come up with a plan to teach Bear a lesson. They block Bear in a log and wait for him to wake up after a long sleep. When Bear finally emerges, he realizes that he has slept through the entire winter. From then on, Bear sleeps all winter while Brother Rabbit enjoys a peaceful season. The story teaches children about the importance of hard work, sharing, and finding clever solutions to problems. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  10. Mr. Bear’s Farewell Party: Mr. Bear decides to have a farewell party for his animal friends before going to sleep for the winter. They have a wonderful feast and enjoy themselves. After everyone leaves, Billy Possum and Tim Raccoon offer to stay and help Mr. Bear clean up. However, when Mr. Bear realizes that they have locked him out of his own house, he gets angry and throws them out the window. Billy and Tim learn their lesson and nurse their sore backs at home.
  11. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan stumble upon a magical forest where animals can talk. They meet friendly creatures like Mrs. Owl, who invites them for supper, and Mrs. Blue Jay, who shows them her adorable babies. They also visit Mr. and Mrs. Bruin, the squirrel, and the rabbit, all proud parents of charming offspring. As they leave the forest, Hulda and Nathan realize they want to return one day and continue their enchanting adventures with the talking animals.
  12. Big Brother Bear: In this educational story, Old Brother Bear encounters the Funny Fox and falls for his tricks. The Fox pretends to have a sore foot and asks Old Brother Bear to get honey from a tree. But when Old Brother Bear gets stuck, the Fox and the Bold Badger plan to make him get honey from a hive of bees. Old Brother Bear gets stung and learns his lesson. The story teaches us to be cautious and not trust tricky individuals. You can download the ebook to read offline or print it for your kids.
  13. The Three Little Bears: Three bears live in the forest. They eat porridge from bowls and have chairs and beds that match their sizes. One day, while they are out, an old woman enters their house and tries their porridge, sits in their chairs, and sleeps in their beds. When the bears return, they notice someone has been in their things and find the old woman sleeping in the little bear’s bed. She wakes up, gets scared, and runs away. The bears never see her again.
  14. Little Bear Cub: Once upon a time, there was a grumpy Little Bear Cub who felt bored and wanted to explore the world. He believed he could be more than just a bear and dressed up as a human. He even convinced a princess to marry him. But when he couldn’t resist eating honey at a royal event, everyone realized he was still just a bear. They chained him up and he missed out on a happy life in the forest. The story teaches us to be happy with who we are and not try to be something we’re not. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  15. Bart the Bear wakes up: Bart the Bear wakes up from his long winter sleep and is excited to explore the world around him. He meets Bella the Bear, who helps him relearn how to catch salmon. Bart then invites Bella to join him on a visit to his friends, Sandy Squirrel and Fox, and they all go on a hike through the forest, enjoying the signs of spring. Bart is grateful for Bella’s help and smiles as he settles down to sleep, knowing that springtime is the best time of all.
  16. The Farmer and the Bear: Once upon a time, there was a Farmer who lost his wife and became lonely. He asked Brown the Bear to help him with his housework and fields. They agreed to divide the harvest, with Brown taking the tops and the Farmer taking the roots. But when it came time to share the turnips, the Farmer tricked Brown and kept all the roots. The next year, Brown suggested reversing the agreement, but the Farmer once again tricked him and kept all the wheat. Brown decided he couldn’t work with the clever Farmer anymore and left. This story teaches the importance of fairness and trust in relationships.
  17. Little Bear: Once upon a time, there was a Native American boy and his little sister, who was a bear. The boy went on a journey to seek his fortune, but little Bear wanted to come too. Each time the boy tried to leave her behind, Little Bear followed him, carrying door posts, a pine tree, and a rock on her back. They crossed a brook using the rock as a bridge, and in the dark woods, Little Bear helped them find the sun and the moon that an old squaw had hidden. They collected sun gold and moon silver, becoming rich. Little Bear was clever and traveled with her brother wherever he went.
  18. Tricky Red Fox: In this story, Reddy Fox is hungry and wants someone to invite him to dinner. So, he tricks Mr. Bear into thinking there will be a big dinner party. But instead of waiting for everyone to arrive, Reddy sneaks into Mr. Bear’s house and eats all the food in the pantry. When the other animals find out, they decide not to invite Reddy to their dinners anymore. Reddy realizes that being tricky with his friends was not worth losing them.
  19. Little Footsteps Upon The Water: Once upon a time, there was a little Native American boy named Footsteps Upon the Water. He was very fast and quiet when he ran. One day, he got lost while chasing a squirrel and ended up stuck inside a hollow tree. His family searched for him, but he thought no one would come to save him. However, Grandmother Porcupine heard his cries and traveled for three days to help him. She brought her grandsons, who scratched and scratched until Footsteps Upon the Water was freed. Grandmother Porcupine asked who would be a mother to the little boy, and the good old Bear offered. Footsteps Upon the Water went to live in a cozy cave with the Bear and her cubs. They played together all summer and slept through the winter. They had many adventures picking berries and even scared away a man who tried to harm them. In the end, Footsteps Upon the Water’s father found him and invited the Bear and her cubs to visit their wigwam. The little boy went home, but he always remembered how kind Mother Bear had been to him.
  20. The Great White Bear: Once upon a time, the tailor and the tinker went to the king’s fair together. On their way home through the Enchanted Wood, they got scared by a white sheep and thought it was a bear. They ran back to town screaming about the bear, and everyone in the town got scared too. They all gathered weapons and went to the wood to kill the bear, but they soon realized it was just a harmless sheep. Everyone laughed and laughed, and their laughter spread all the way to the king’s fair.
  21. Magic Boots: “Careful Cat and Old Brother Bear are cautious and wise. When the Funny Fox invites them to hang up their stockings in his den on Christmas Eve, they agree happily. But the Funny Fox is sneaky and tries on Old Brother Bear’s magic boots and Careful Cat’s spectacles. Just as Santa Claus is about to arrive, the animals realize they forgot their special items inside the den. The stockings are filled, but Santa Claus is nowhere to be found. The lesson is that those who take risks may face consequences. The story can be downloaded as a PDF for offline reading or printing.”
  22. Bao The Panda Bear: Once upon a time, in the mountains of China, there lived a big panda named Bao. Bao had black and white fur that made him look like he was always wearing a fancy suit. He loved to eat bamboo and would spend his days exploring, eating, and resting. Bao enjoyed his simple life in the peaceful mountains.
  23. Piglet Is Entirely Surrounded By Water: In this story, it rained a lot and Piglet was all alone. He wished he had someone to keep him company. The rain caused floods, and Piglet felt scared and wanted to be rescued. He wrote a message for help and put it in a bottle. Meanwhile, Pooh was sleeping and didn’t notice the rain. When he woke up, he found himself surrounded by water. Christopher Robin and Pooh realized Piglet was in trouble and tried to rescue him. They used an umbrella as a boat and set sail to find Piglet. Finally, they found Piglet and rescued him. They all felt happy to be together again.
  24. Christopher Robin Leads An Expotition To The North Pole: In this story, Pooh and his friends go on an expedition with Christopher Robin to find the North Pole. Along the way, they have adventures and face a few challenges, like Roo falling into a pool. But with Pooh’s help, they all make it through safely. In the end, they discover the North Pole and celebrate their achievement. It’s a fun and exciting story that teaches children about teamwork and perseverance. You can download the ebook to read offline or print if you’d like.
  25. Kanga And Baby Roo Come To The Forest, And Piglet Has A Bath: In the story, Kanga and Baby Roo come to live in the forest, and Rabbit, Piglet, Pooh, and Owl try to figure out what to do about them. They come up with a plan to hide Baby Roo and have a little fun with Kanga. But in the end, they realize that Kanga and Roo are their friends and they all spend happy days together. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  26. Good night, hibernators: In a small village near a big forest, there lived a curious girl named Mira. She loved exploring the forest and telling stories to animals. One day, she ventured deep into the forest and told bedtime stories to bears, bats, hedgehogs, squirrels, and badgers who were all preparing for winter. After her journey, Mira returned home to a cozy and warm house, knowing that the animals would sleep well with the stories she shared. She fell asleep, dreaming about her forest adventures. You can download an eBook of the story to read offline or print.
  27. Kanan, the boy in the jungle: In this story, a boy named Kanan grows up in the jungle with his okapi family and learns about all the plants and animals. But one day, he must face the fierce tiger Titan, who doesn’t believe humans belong in the jungle. Kanan proves his worth by saving Titan from a fire and treating his injuries. The tiger realizes that Kanan is helpful and useful, and they work together to make the jungle safe for everyone.
  28. The Stuffed Animal Club: Once there was a little girl named Ava who was worried about going back to school after a long break. Her mom came up with a great idea – Ava could bring her favorite stuffed animal, Teddy, to school for support. Teddy helped Ava feel better and focus on her work. One day, Ava noticed another boy named Lucas playing with his stuffed animal, Bingo. They became good friends and started a stuffed animal club at school. With Teddy and Bingo by their side, Ava and Lucas made new friends and felt more confident. They learned that having someone or something to make you feel safe and calm is important.
  29. The Brave Firefighters and the Stuck Koala Family: Once upon a time, a family of koalas was enjoying their day in the Australian bush. Suddenly, they smelled smoke and saw that the bush was on fire. The koalas cried out for help but couldn’t climb down the tree because it was too hot. Luckily, firefighters heard their cries and came to their rescue. They carefully saved the koalas one by one and brought them to safety. The koalas were grateful and learned that many animals didn’t survive the fires. From that day on, the firefighters worked even harder to protect the land and its animals. The koalas lived happily ever after in their new home.
  30. The Brave Little Polar Bear: Once upon a time, a little polar bear cub was born in a cozy den. She learned important lessons from her mother, like how to swim, hunt for food, and survive in the Arctic. As she grew, she became strong and confident. One day, her mother left, but the little polar bear remembered everything she was taught and thrived on her own. She faced challenges along the way, but always remembered her mother’s lessons and persevered. When she had her own cub, she passed down those important lessons, ensuring the next generation of polar bears would be strong too.
  31. The Reindeer Cyclone: In a snowy north, a close-knit herd of reindeer was happily grazing when a hungry bear approached. The caring mother reindeer quickly alerted the herd and led them in tight circles around the bear, confusing him and making him fall. The reindeer learned to use this clever trick to protect themselves, and they lived happily and safely in the snowy north. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  32. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: Old Mother Bear is worried about her four naughty bear cubs and how to have a happy new year. But with the help of kind fairies, she teaches them important lessons. Boxer learns to be on time, Drowsy-Head learns to go to bed, Bruin learns to pick up after himself, and Bright Eyes learns to say “thank you” and “if you please.” After a year, the bears are happy and their good behavior inspires other children and parents in town. Everyone learns the importance of kindness and manners, making it a truly happy new year.
  33. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: Old Mother Bear is knitting stockings for Santa Claus, but when her animal friends come with no stockings, she gives them hers. The animals, in return, make a big stocking for Old Mother Bear and fill it with gifts. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus arrives and fills all the stockings. Old Mother Bear and Santa Claus dance with joy, wearing the socks she knitted for him.
  34. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends are excited for Halloween. They all dress up in fun costumes like witches, cats, and bears, and set off in Uncle Wiggily’s car for some Halloween fun. They meet other animal friends along the way, have a big celebration, and even encounter a real bear! But don’t worry, everything turns out okay in the end. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it out.
  35. Uncle Wiggily and the Watermelon: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes to a party but doesn’t get any gold or diamonds. His friend suggests asking for his fortune, but Uncle Wiggily decides to find it himself. On his journey, he comes across a big green thing that he thinks is a football. But when he tries to kick it, he falls and realizes it’s actually a watermelon. Uncle Wiggily and his friend enjoy the juicy fruit but are interrupted by a big black bear. To protect Uncle Wiggily, his friend hides him inside the hollow watermelon. The bear tries to eat the melon, but it rolls down a hill, causing the bear to think it’s magically disappeared. Uncle Wiggily escapes unharmed and continues on his quest.
  36. Uncle Wiggily Waters His Garden And His Neighbors: Uncle Wiggily decides to water his garden because there hasn’t been any rain in a long time. Nurse Jane warns him to be careful and not get wet or splash the neighbors. But when Uncle Wiggily tries to water the garden, the water suddenly spurts out and gets him all wet. He then gets tangled in the hose and accidentally sprays Mrs. Twistytail, a lady pig. As he tries to untangle himself, he accidentally sprays Uncle Butter the goat and the Bushy Bear. However, the Bear ends up being friendly after Uncle Wiggily sprays him. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  37. Uncle Wiggily And The Pine Tree: In this educational story, Uncle Wiggily Longears, a kind old rabbit, sets off on a journey to deliver an apple dumpling to Grandfather Goosey Gander. Along the way, he encounters a woodpecker tapping holes in a pine tree and a bad old bear who wants to eat him. Luckily, the bear gets stuck to the tree, allowing Uncle Wiggily to escape safely. This story teaches children about kindness and problem-solving, with a focus on nature and woodland animals. The story also includes free downloadable resources for offline reading or printing.
  38. Uncle Wiggily And The Beech Tree: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit gentleman, goes to the store for his friend Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. On the way, he sees a bear scratching a beech tree and realizes it will harm the tree. Uncle Wiggily scares the bear away and saves the tree. Later, the same bear tries to harm Uncle Wiggily, but the beech tree defends him by dropping sharp beech nuts on the bear. Uncle Wiggily thanks the tree and safely returns home. The story teaches children about kindness, bravery, and the importance of protecting nature.
  39. Uncle Wiggily And Jackie: Uncle Wiggily, Peetie Bow-Wow the puppy dog, and a grasshopper are on a journey to find Peetie’s grandpa’s house. Along the way, they encounter a big, scary bear who tries to eat them. But Peetie’s brother, Jackie Bow-Wow, comes to the rescue with a wooden gun that scares the bear away. Jackie leads them to their destination, and they all rejoice at being reunited. This story teaches about friendship and bravery while also providing free downloadable resources.
  40. Uncle Wiggily In A Boat: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure and finds a field of golden rod flowers, which he mistakes for gold. He meets a friendly ant who suggests that the flowers might turn into gold someday. Uncle Wiggily realizes that the flowers will always remain flowers, but he still appreciates their beauty. Later, he slides down a rock and meets the giant’s little boy. They have a fun time sliding together. They come across a rowboat on a lake with a box in it. Uncle Wiggily gets into the boat and starts rowing when a little black bear pops out of the box. Uncle Wiggily offers the bear some cherry pie to distract him and rows closer to shore. Eventually, the bear realizes the trick, but Uncle Wiggily jumps out and escapes while the wind blows the bear and the boat away. Although Uncle Wiggily doesn’t find his fortune yet, he continues to search, having more adventures along the way. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach about nature, friendship, problem-solving, and perseverance. The story can be downloaded as a PDF for offline reading or printing.
  41. Uncle Wiggily And The Mock-turtle: In this short story, Uncle Wiggily is asked by his little cousin mouse, Squeaky-Eeky, to take him on an adventure. They come across a strange object that turns out to be the Mock-Turtle from Alice in Wonderland. The Mock-Turtle sings silly songs and saves Uncle Wiggily from a bad bear’s bite. The story ends happily as Uncle Wiggily thanks the Mock-Turtle and he and Squeaky-Eeky continue their adventure. There are free downloads available of the story in PDF format.
  42. Uncle Wiggily On Roller Skates: Uncle Wiggily, the old rabbit, is looking for an adventure to distract him from his rheumatism. While driving his automobile, he comes across a little mouse girl who is cold and hungry. Uncle Wiggily offers to help her and takes her in his car. However, their journey is interrupted when a burglar bear with roller skates stops them. The bear wants to eat Uncle Wiggily, but with the help of the mouse girl, they outsmart the bear and get their car back. Uncle Wiggily is grateful for the help and decides to bring the roller skates home for his nephew Jimmie.
  43. Uncle Wiggily And The Third Kitten: Uncle Wiggily, the kind old rabbit, returns home to find that Mrs. Purr’s third kitten, Wuzzo, is still missing. Uncle Wiggily sets out to find the lost kitten, who turns out to be hiding in a hollow log with Neddie Stubtail, a bear boy. Wuzzo had been taken on an adventure to London by Mother Goose and needed Uncle Wiggily’s help to find her way home. They wash Wuzzo’s mittens and return her safely to her mother. All the lost kittens are finally found and reunited. You can download the eBook of the story to read on your phone or print.
  44. Pooh Invents a New Game and Eeyore Joins In: In this story, Pooh invents a new game called Poohsticks. He drops sticks into a river to see whose stick comes out first on the other side of the bridge. But when Eeyore accidentally falls into the river, the animals are worried. They later discover that Tigger had coughed and startled Eeyore, causing him to fall. Christopher Robin suggests they all play Poohsticks together and they have a fun time. In the end, Pooh, Piglet, and Christopher Robin realize that everyone is okay and that it’s important to understand each other’s intentions.
  45. Eeyore Finds the Wolery and Owl Moves Into It: In this story, Pooh and his friends help Owl find a new house. While they are looking, Pooh sings a song for Piglet. Eeyore joins them and finds a house for Owl, which turns out to be Piglet’s old house. Piglet graciously offers it to Owl and decides to live with Pooh. They all support each other and show kindness throughout the story.
  46. Christopher Robin and Pooh Come to an Enchanted Place, and We Leave Them There: In this story, Christopher Robin is going away and all of his friends in the Forest are sad. Rabbit calls a meeting and Eeyore reads a poem. Afterwards, they all sign a resolution to give to Christopher Robin. Then, Christopher Robin and Pooh go to an enchanted place called Gallcons Lap and have a special conversation. They promise to always be there for each other. In the end, they go off on an adventure together, knowing that they will always be friends. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it out.
  47. Uncle Wiggily Starts Off: Uncle Wiggily, a nice old rabbit, wakes up with a pain in his foot. He thinks he stepped on a tack, but it turns out to be his rheumatism acting up. His doctor suggests traveling to cure his rheumatism, so Uncle Wiggily sets off on a journey. Along the way, he meets a mysterious voice coming from a hollow stump. The voice promises Uncle Wiggily a fortune and a cure for his rheumatism inside the stump. Curious, Uncle Wiggily hops inside, only to be trapped by a big, black bear. But don’t worry, there’s more to the story to find out how Uncle Wiggily gets out and goes fishing!
  48. Uncle Wiggily Goes Fishing: In this story, Uncle Wiggily finds himself trapped in a bear’s dark closet. He tries to see something, but it’s too black. Uncle Wiggily asks the bear if it’s just a joke, but the bear growls and says he’s getting the fire ready to cook him. Uncle Wiggily remembers a rope his nephew put in his valise and uses it to escape through a window. He slides down the rope and gets away from the bear. Uncle Wiggily then finds himself by a brook and decides to go fishing. He catches an alligator instead and gets thrown up into a tree. Don’t worry, in the next story, we’ll find out how Uncle Wiggily gets down safely.
  49. Uncle Wiggily And Jennie Chipmunk: After Uncle Wiggily and his friends rest from their adventures, they meet Dickie Chip-Chip, a sparrow boy who tells them that Peetie Bow Wow is sick and wants to see Percival perform circus tricks and for the grasshopper to play a fiddle tune. They all head back to the Bow Wow house, leaving Uncle Wiggily behind. Uncle Wiggily then meets Jennie Chipmunk, who was scared by a bear and lost her hair ribbons. When the bear attacks, Uncle Wiggily cleverly throws dirt in its face, saving himself and Jennie. Uncle Wiggily gives Jennie money for new ribbons and shows her the way home. He continues on his own adventures. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach bravery, problem-solving, and helping others.
  50. Uncle Wiggily’s Ice Cream Cones: Uncle Wiggily and Grandfather Goosey Gander are trying to find a place to stay, but they can’t find anywhere. Luckily, they meet a crow who offers them a spot in the pocket of a scarecrow’s coat. The next day, Uncle Wiggily goes to get ice cream cones, but a bear steals them. Uncle Wiggily tickles the bear with the empty cones and escapes. He wonders how to get a full cone for Grandfather Goosey.
  51. Uncle Wiggily And Daddy Longlegs: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, stays with a giant and is served a breakfast too big for him. The giant’s son helps Uncle Wiggily fend off a bear. Later, Uncle Wiggily meets a boy searching for his lost cows. With the help of a friendly grand-daddy longlegs, they find the cows and enjoy a glass of milk. This is the end of Uncle Wiggily’s adventures for now, but he will continue traveling and finding his fortune in the next book. You can download the ebook to read more stories about him.

In conclusion, these top 51 bear stories for kindergarten provide an engaging blend of fun, adventure, and learning. Each tale introduces young readers to diverse bear characters—brave, kind, curious, or playful—who overcome various obstacles, teaching little ones valuable life lessons. They shape their understanding of friendship, bravery, love, and honesty. These stories not only ignite imagination and foster love for reading but also craft a moral compass in the children’s impressionable minds. Happy reading and exploring the wonderful world of bears!