Stories About Slyness

Stories About Slyness

Welcome to the amazing world of the Top 55 Stories About Slyness for kids to read online! Our fantastic collection is perfect for children who love bedtime stories and exciting tales filled with cunning characters and clever plans. Here, you will find a vast array of stories that spark curiosity and engage the imagination of every young reader. Available in a free PDF format, easily downloadable, and printable, these educational short stories are perfect to tell with captivating pictures, making the experience even more enjoyable. From classic fairy tales to the best and most famous stories, each of them has a moral, inviting young readers to reflect and learn valuable life lessons.

Discover the magic of storytelling with our remarkable collection, which combines fun and learning for kids of all ages. Toddlers, kindergarteners, preschoolers, and elementary students will gain entertainment and education from our inspirational, easy-to-read English stories accompanied by vibrant visuals. Perfect for storytime, these tales are also available in audio format for a captivating read-aloud experience.

Our carefully crafted library offers longer, classic bedtime stories for boys and girls that will whisk them away to the land of dreams. These imaginative tales of slyness are an essential part of every child’s growth and development, helping them improve their language and cognitive skills while fostering a lifelong love for reading. So, put on your comfiest pajamas, snuggle up under the covers, and get ready to explore the fantastic world of sly characters and clever schemes – an essential aspect of the early years foundation stage and preschool curriculum. Let the bedtime story magic begin and delight in the colorful journey of these unforgettable, timeless tales.

Top 55 Stories About Slyness for kids to read online:

  1. Hansel and Gretel: A poor lumberjack and his wife decide to abandon their children, Hansel and Gretel, in the forest because they cannot feed them. Hansel is smart and leaves a trail of pebbles to find their way back home. The same happens again, but this time Hansel leaves breadcrumbs which birds eat, leading them to a house made of food where they meet a witch who imprisons Hansel. But Gretel outsmarts the witch, and they escape with treasure and return home to their joyful father.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood: This story is about Little Red Riding Hood who is on her way to her grandmother’s house to bring her wine and biscuits. While on her way, she meets a wolf who tricks her by sending her to pick flowers, while he goes to the grandmother’s house to eat her. The wolf disguised himself as the grandmother and ate Little Red Riding Hood too. Luckily, a hunter rescued them and filled the wolf’s belly with stones. They were happy, and Little Red Riding Hood promised never to leave the forest path again. The story is available for download as an ebook.
  3. The Pied Piper of Hamelin: In the German town of Hamelin, a man with a strange appearance offered to rid the town of the rat plague in exchange for payment. He played his flute and led all the rats out of the town, making them jump into the river. But when he asked for payment, the mayor offered him a much smaller reward than what was agreed upon. The man left, angry, threatening to take revenge on the children of the town. Later, all the children disappeared, following the stranger with his flute. The people of Hamelin believed that the missing children became settlers in Romania, speaking only German.
  4. Little Thumbling: In this story, Little Thumbling is the youngest of seven brothers in a poor woodcutter’s family during a famine. His parents leave them in the forest, but Little Thumbling uses pebbles to find the way back home. The parents try to leave them again, but this time, Little Thumbling uses bread crumbs, which birds eat. The boys end up in a giant’s house and are saved with clever ideas by Little Thumbling. He steals the giant’s seven-mile boots and takes money from the giant’s wife to feed his family. The giant promises never to eat another child again. There is a downloadable eBook available to read this offline.
  5. The Frog, Fox, Lion and Deer: The story is about a Frog and a Fox who compete in a race to determine who is faster. When the Frog wins, the Fox becomes angry and recruits a Lion to seek revenge on the Frog and his friend, a Deer. The lion and the fox devise several unsuccessful plans to catch the deer. Eventually, the deer tricks the Lion to his death.
  6. The Pack of Ragamuffins: A Rooster and Hen decide to go to Nutmountain for nuts and meet a duck on their way. Rooster insists duck to pull their cart, they meet two pedestrians and invite them to hitch a ride, promise not to step on their feet. They spend a night in an inn, but before leaving sneakily place Needle in the towel and Pin on the seat. The next morning, the innkeeper finds the eggshells and is pinched by Pin, but cannot catch them. Rooster, Hen, Pig, and the duck team up, the story ends with an open invitation to the readers to imagine what happened next.
  7. Till Eulenspiegel: The story is about Till Eulenspiegel, who didn’t like to learn or work and enjoyed playing pranks. His mother wanted him to learn something useful, so he promised to learn the best of the best. However, he continued to play pranks on people and trick them, like pretending to perform a trick with shoes but dropping them all in the water, causing a stampede. He even pranked two thieves who took his beehive by pulling their hair and creating a fight between them. Till’s idea of happiness was different from his friends when they climbed a mountain, and he enjoyed going up but didn’t like the thought of going downhill again.
  8. The Six Servants: In this story, a prince tries to win the hand of a beautiful princess who is guarded by her angry queen mother. The prince acquires six servants with unique abilities who help him complete three challenges set by the queen, including eating 300 cows with wine, retrieving a ring from the Red Sea, and staying awake while the princess disappears. Although the queen tries to keep the prince from marrying her daughter, he ultimately succeeds with the help of his loyal servants. The story ends with a twist, as the prince reveals himself to be more than he seems.
  9. How The Birds Got A King: In this story, long ago, birds used to be able to understand people, but not anymore. A cuckoo proposes that birds should have a king like people, which is accepted by all birds except a peewit who wants to be free. The birds decide that the one who can fly the highest should be king, and an eagle wins, but a small bird with no name hides between the eagle’s wings and flies even higher. When the birds change the rule to the one who can poke the deepest hole in the ground should be king, the small bird hides in a mouse hole and declares himself king, but the birds decide to trap him and starve him to death. An owl is appointed as a guard, but falls asleep and the small bird escapes. The other birds get angry with the owl and since then, owls only fly and take revenge on mice at night. The small bird became known as the Winter King and still sneaks around yelling “The king am I.”
  10. The Gnome: The story is about a king with three daughters and a tree that, if anyone takes an apple from it, the person disappears a hundred thousand meters under the ground. The three daughters disappear when they take an apple, and the King makes an announcement that whoever brings his daughters back can marry one of them. Three brothers decided to look for the girls. They found a castle with a gnome that tells them where the girls are. The youngest brother rescues the girls, and they all go up except him. When his brothers pull him up, he remembers the gnome’s warning and puts a stone in the basket, so when the brothers cut the rope, he remains there. By blowing a flute at the bottom of the well, little men come to rescue the youngest brother. In the end, the youngest brother marries the youngest princess, and the older brothers are never heard from again.
  11. The Wolf and the Kid: The story is about a young kid who gets separated from his flock and encounters a wolf. The wolf plans to eat the kid, but the kid asks the wolf to play some music for him to dance to before he dies. The wolf agrees, but while they were dancing, the shepherd dogs hear them and come to save the kid from being eaten. The story emphasizes the importance of being obedient and listening to elders to avoid getting into trouble.
  12. The Wolf And The Sheep: In this story, a wolf who is injured and starving asks a passing sheep for help. He requests for a drink of water to give him strength to find some food, but the sheep refuses, suspecting that she would become the wolf’s prey. The story ends with the wolf remaining hungry and thirsty, and the sheep walking away unharmed.
  13. The Wolf And The Goat: A hungry wolf sees a goat browsing at the top of a steep cliff where he couldn’t get at her. He calls out to the goat pretending to be very anxious about her safety, encouraging her to come down and promising her the finest grass. The goat suspects the wolf’s motives and refuses, knowing he really just wants to eat her.
  14. The Wolf And The Lean Dog: In this story, a wolf encounters a skinny dog and considers eating him but the dog suggests waiting until he becomes plump from scraps at his owner’s wedding feast. The wolf agrees and returns later to find the dog much larger, but changes his mind when he realizes the “porter” guarding the dog’s yard is actually a large and unkind dog. The story showcases the dog’s cleverness in outwitting the wolf.
  15. The Wolf and the Donkey: In this fable, an Ass outsmarts a Wolf by pretending to be lame and tricking the Wolf into searching for a thorn in his foot. The Ass then kicks the Wolf away and escapes. The moral of the story is that it’s better to be wise than strong, and sometimes being clever can save us from danger. Readers can download the story as a PDF ebook from the website.
  16. The Ass, The Fox, And The Lion: In the story, an Ass and a Fox were close friends who helped each other get food. One day, they encountered a Lion, and the Fox tricked the Ass into a deep pit where the Lion could eat him. However, the Lion saw through the Fox’s deception and killed him instead. The story can be downloaded as an ebook in PDF format.
  17. The Cock And The Fox: In the story, a wise old cock is approached by a crafty fox who tells him the news that all animals have agreed to forget their differences and live in peace. However, the cock sees two approaching dogs and the fox quickly runs away. The cock outwits the fox and goes to sleep with a sense of satisfaction. The story is available to download as a PDF to read offline or print.
  18. The Porcupine And The Snakes: In this story, a Porcupine asks a family of Snakes for permission to share their sheltered cave with them. However, the snakes soon regret their decision as the Porcupine’s sharp quills prickle them at every turn. When they ask him to leave, the Porcupine refuses and instead politely escorts the Snakes out of the cave, forcing them to find a new home.
  19. The Wolf And The Shepherd: The story is about a wolf who had been prowling around a flock of sheep but did not try to do any harm. He seemed to be helping the shepherd take care of the sheep. The shepherd got so used to seeing the wolf about that he forgot how wicked he could be and even left his flock in the wolf’s care while he went on an errand. When he came back, he saw how many of the flock had been killed and carried off, and realized how foolish it was to trust a wolf.
  20. The Wolf, The Kid, And The Goat: In this story, a mother goat goes to the market and tells her kid to only let in visitors who know the password, which is “Down with the Wolf and all his race.” A wolf lurking nearby overhears this and, when the mother goat leaves, goes to the door and uses the password. The kid then asks for proof and the wolf cannot provide it, so he is forced to leave empty-handed.
  21. The horse, hunter and stag: In this story, a horse asks a hunter for help in seeking revenge on a stag with whom he has quarreled. The hunter agrees but puts a bit and saddle on the horse to control him, and after they defeat the stag, the hunter refuses to remove the equipment, saying he prefers to keep the horse under control.
  22. The Animals and the Plague: During a severe plague among the animals, the Lion calls a council to determine who is most guilty and therefore must be offered in sacrifice to appease the gods. The Lion confesses his own sins but encourages the other animals to do the same. When the Fox speaks up in defense of the Lion’s actions, calling eating sheep an honor, the plan backfires and the council concludes that the Fox is the most guilty and should be sacrificed. The moral of the story is that those who justify their own wrongdoing may end up being held accountable for it.
  23. The Silent Princess: In ancient Turkey, a prince who had been warned by an old woman that he would fall in love with the silent princess and become very ill. His father gave him permission to leave and seek out the princess who wore seven veils and had many suitors who tried to get her to speak, but all failed and died. With the help of a nightingale, the prince made the princess talk three times and won her over. The seven veils fell off, revealing the most beautiful princess in the world. They got married, had many children and lived happily ever after.
  24. Zlatovlaska with the golden hair: In this fairy tale, a king gains the ability to speak to animals after eating a snake. His cook, who also tries some, gains the same ability. When the king hears that a golden-haired princess exists, he sends the cook to find her; the cook gains help from ants, birds, and a goldfish, then successfully completes three tasks for the princess’s father. He picks out the princess, and they return together, but the king kills the cook for bringing such a beautiful bride. The princess uses a combination of water that can cure and kill to bring the cook back to life, but the king tries to use the same water and fails, so the cook marries the princess instead and becomes king.
  25. The Pomegranate seeds: This story is about Proserpina who is taken by King Pluto to the underworld when she pulls out a bush of flowers that creates a hole. Her mother, Mother Ceres, searches for her and eventually finds out that she is being held by King Pluto. Quicksilver visits the king with a request to give Proserpina back her freedom to save the Earth. King Pluto eventually lets her go, but she had eaten six seeds from a pomegranate, which meant she had to spend six months of the year with King Pluto and the other half with Mother Ceres.
  26. Why the elephant has small eyes: The story is about a cunning Tortoise who tricks an Elephant into giving up his eyes by offering him delicious food. The Elephant becomes blind and asks a worm for his eyes, which he reluctantly gives. The Elephant is unable to return the eyes, and the worm remains blind forever. As a result of this incident, Elephants now have small eyes compared to their big bodies.
  27. The Rabbit’s Bride: A rabbit keeps eating all the cabbages from a woman and her daughter’s garden. The daughter tries to shoo him away, but he convinces her to come with him to his rabbit-hutch. He invites her to cook for his wedding guests, who are all rabbits and animals, but she feels lonely. When she tricks the rabbit and goes back home, he realizes the trick and is sad.
  28. Clever Gretel: The story is about a cook named Gretel who was asked to prepare two tasty chickens for a guest. While waiting for the guest to arrive, Gretel kept tasting the roast meat and ended up eating both chickens. When the master came back with the guest, Gretel told the guest to run away as the master intended to cut off his ears, and the guest believed her and fled. The master, angry that the chickens were gone, chased after the guest with his knife, asking for one chicken, but the guest thought he was after his ears and ran away with both chickens.
  29. The girl and the goblin: The story is about a little girl who has a beautiful room filled with treasures, including a string of pearls. Every morning she adds a new pearl to the string, a gift from the king. One day a goblin visits her and gradually the room becomes less beautiful as he touches everything. The little girl tries to fix a pearl that the goblin made dark, and her mother, hearing the door close, rushes in to help. They clean everything and restore the room’s beauty, and the little girl and her mother put two golden hearts on the door so it can never be closed again. The single darkened pearl on her necklace remains until she is an old woman, but she still wears it proudly when she finally goes to the king’s court.
  30. Max’s Quest for Attention: This is a story about a dog named Max, who noticed that his family was spending more time on their computers and less time with him. To get their attention, he began breaking things around the house. At first, his family scolded him, but eventually, they realized they needed to spend more time with him. Max’s mischievous behavior helped them see the importance of spending time with loved ones, and they made changes to prioritize it. In the end, Max’s actions helped his family find happiness. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  31. The Gingerbread Man’s Secret Recipe: In a forested area, a gingerbread man named Ginger lived in a cozy bakery famous for its unique taste. One creature in the forest, Rupert the fox, was jealous of Ginger’s success and tried to steal his secret recipe by sneaking into the bakery when it was closed. However, the recipe book he found was a decoy, and Ginger and his friends caught him red-handed before he could steal anything. Rupert was embarrassed and vowed to leave Ginger and his bakery alone. In the end, Ginger and his friends celebrated their victory with a big batch of gingerbread cookies.
  32. The Curious Reindeer and the Jack in the Box: The story is about a curious reindeer named Scamper who lived at the North Pole and enjoyed exploring and discovering new things. He would often open the gifts that the elves were preparing for the children, which drove them crazy, so they decided to teach him a lesson by wrapping a jack-in-the-box in one of the gifts. Scamper was frightened and ran away, but he eventually returned and learned to manage his curiosity, becoming a content and helpful assistant to the elves. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  33. The fox and the horse: A farmer abandons his old horse, and the horse meets a fox who devises a plan to get rid of the lion that the farmer wants the horse to defeat. The fox ties the lion to the horse who drags him to the farmer’s house and impresses the owner. The horse is saved, lives happily until he dies, and a downloadable PDF of the story is available.
  34. The cat and mouse in partnership: A cat and mouse agree to live together, and buy a pot of fat to store for winter. The cat secretly goes to eat the fat whenever she’s out, pretending to be a godmother. The mouse catches on when the pot is empty and is eaten by the cat.
  35. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: In this Japanese folktale, a white hare wants to cross the sea to get to the mainland of Inaba. He finds a crocodile swimming nearby and tricks him into forming a line with other crocodiles that the hare uses to cross the sea. But after the hare jeers at the crocodiles, they take revenge by pulling out all of his fur, leaving him in pain and alone. A kind fairy named Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto helps the hare, and the hare predicts that Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto will win the heart of the Princess of Inaba, which he does. The story ends with the hare becoming famous as “The White Hare of Inaba,” and Okuni-nushi-no-Mikoto being worshiped as a god by some people in Japan.
  36. How Anansi tied Tiger: In the story, Anansi tricks Tiger into giving him his caught fish by lying to him and then hiding them. When Tiger catches him with the fish, Anansi gives them up, and Tiger eats them all, leaving Anansi with the bones. Anansi then tricks Tiger by pretending to see lice in his hair and tying his hair to a tree, leaving him stuck. Anansi taunts Tiger and leaves him behind, and Tiger is killed by a hunter. An ebook download is available.
  37. The lad who went to the North Wind: A young man goes to the North Wind’s house to retrieve meals that were blown away, and the North Wind gives him a cloth that can provide any food. However, the landlady changes the cloth for one that doesn’t work, so the man returns to the North Wind who gives him a ram that can make gold ducats on demand. However, the innkeeper also switches the ram for another. Finally, the man receives a stick that can beat anyone when told to do so, and he uses it to get his meal back and keep the other items.
  38. Why dog and cat are enemies: In this story, a couple sell their lucky gold ring and become poor, causing their dog and cat to go hungry. The two animals team up to restore their owners’ fortune and the cat goes to extraordinary lengths to retrieve the ring. When the cat is praised by the couple and the dog is scolded, the dog becomes angry and chases the cat, causing a lasting rivalry between them. An ebook version of the story is available to download.
  39. The Three Princes and Their Animals: Three princes go on a hunt and receive animals as companions in exchange for sparing their lives. They mark a spot in the forest and separate, with the eldest brother and their stepsister finding a castle with robbers. The brother defeats the robbers and is betrayed by his stepsister, but is saved by his animal friends. He later saves a princess from a nine-headed dragon and gains half a kingdom and her hand in marriage. The three brothers are turned to stone by an old witch, but the youngest manages to revive them. They return to the city, where the youngest brother finds and rescues his lost brother. Everyone lives happily ever after.
  40. The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf: In this classic tale, a mother pig sends her three little piglets out to seek their own fortune. The first two build houses out of straw and sticks, which are easily blown down by a cunning wolf who eats them both. The third pig builds a house out of bricks and outsmarts the wolf by going to buy turnips, apples, and butter at the market, while the wolf chases after him. In the end, the wolf falls into a kettle of boiling water and is eaten by the clever pig who lives happily ever after.
  41. Puss in Boots: A miller’s son, left with nothing but a cat after his father’s death, gets lucky when the cat offers to help him become rich. Using his wit and cleverness, the cat presents the son as the Marquis of Carabas to the king and wins the favor and hand of the princess. In the end, the son marries the princess and the cat enjoys living a luxurious life.
  42. The Trojan Horse: The story is about how the Greeks tricked the Trojans with a wooden horse filled with soldiers. The Trojans thought it was a gift and brought it into the city. As a result, the Greeks won the war and destroyed Troy. The Greeks had been trying to conquer Troy for ten years, but it was Odysseus who came up with the cunning plan.
  43. Rubezahl: This is a fairy tale about Rubezahl, the Spirit of the Giant Mountains. He hires himself out as a servant to humans, but eventually kidnaps the King’s daughter, Emma, and takes her to a castle underground. Emma becomes bored and angry but is given a wand to transform turnips into friends. When her friends eventually wither, she demands new ones from the Mountain Spirit, but he has difficulty counting them correctly and is tricked by Emma when she escapes with her true love, Prince Ratibor. The Mountain Spirit becomes angry, destroys his palace, and descends into an abyss with a hatred for humans. Emma and Prince Ratibor get married and live a happy life, while the Spirit becomes known as Rubezahl, “turnip counter.”
  44. The Rain Elves: The Rain Elf children are allowed out to play after the Sun disappears for a day. The garden is ecstatic to see them, but they become overcrowded quickly, causing damage to the flowers. A desperate attempt to keep the Rain Elves from returning to the clouds ends in disaster. The garden is flooded, and the Wind Witch cackles with glee as the Rain Elves refuse to heed their mothers’ calls to return home. The Sun eventually drives the rain away, and the Rain Elves return home, leaving the garden in a sad state, learning a valuable lesson to be content with a few Rain Elves at a time.
  45. The spring fairy and the frost giants: In this story, the Frost Giants plan to capture Iduna, the Spring Fairy, and steal the golden apples she guards to bring desolation to the fruitful fields. They try to get help from Loki, the Prince of Mischief, and capture him first to force him to help them. They betray Iduna and capture her and her golden apples. The valley of Spring withers away, and the heroes of Asgard command Loki to bring back Iduna. He rescues her with his magic and brings her back to Asgard despite the Storm Giant’s pursuit. The basket of golden apples is safe, and the Spring Fairy is the people’s joy once again.
  46. When Jack Frost was young: The story is about Jack Frost, a mischievous young man who, despite his mother’s warnings, wakes up early one day to start his rounds. He spreads heavy frost everywhere and ruins all of his beautiful paintings. His mother scolds him and tells him to wait until she calls him next year. Jack learns his lesson and sleeps the whole next year, only waking up when his mother calls him again.
  47. The Farmer and the Bear: In this story, a Farmer who had lost all his relationships approached Brown the Bear to work together at home and on the field. The Farmer suggested that Brown should take all the tops while he took all the roots when they divided the crops. Brown agreed. When they harvested their turnips, the Farmer gave Brown all the greens, but when it came to the roots, the Farmer shot his gun, and Brown ran away without any roots. The next year, they worked together again, but this time the Farmer took all the grain and gave Brown the straw and roots. Brown then left and refused to work with the Farmer again, saying he was too clever.
  48. Why the hippopotamus lives in the water: A hippopotamus with seven wives challenges the animals to guess his name at a party, and when no one succeeds, they all leave without dinner. The turtle devises a plan to learn his name, and the hippopotamus reveals that he and his family will be ashamed if it is known and will leave the land to live in the water. The turtle overhears one of the wives calling him by name and reveals it at the next party, earning the delicious food for everyone. From that day, the hippos have lived in the water, only coming to land at night to eat. An ebook is available for download.
  49. The Tempest: The story is about Prospero, the Duke of Milan, who was betrayed by his own brother and left to die at sea with his daughter Miranda. They washed ashore on an enchanted island where Prospero, a skilled magician, freed the spirits who were imprisoned there and became their master. Years later, when his enemies sailed by, Prospero used his magic to create a storm and brought them to his island where he got revenge but ultimately forgave them. He also arranged for his daughter to marry a young prince and, after many years away, returned to his duchy with a happy and forgiving heart.
  50. Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming: Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, goes for a swim with two young frogs, Bully and Bawly. However, Uncle Wiggily, not being a great swimmer or diver, gets stuck in the mud at the bottom of the pond. The frogs manage to rescue him, but then Fuzzy Fox appears and wants to eat Uncle Wiggily’s ears. Bully and Bawly come up with a trick to save their friend by using a diving board to launch a rock at the Fox, allowing them and Uncle Wiggily to escape.
  51. As you please: This is a summary of a story about a wicked Duke named Frederick who banishes his brother and takes over his duchy. Rosalind, the daughter of the banished duke, flees with her cousin and disguises herself as a young man named Ganymede. Orlando, a handsome young man, falls in love with her and they meet regularly where she pretends to be Rosalind. They eventually get married along with Rosalind’s cousin and Orlando’s brother. The wicked Duke returns the duchy to his brother and goes to a monastery to pray for forgiveness. The story ends with a beautiful wedding in a forest clearing.
  52. The boy with the moon on his forehead: The story revolves around a king who does not have an heir to the throne from his six queens. He decides to marry a seventh wife, the daughter of a poor woman who, upon overhearing her daughter’s conversation about bearing twins with remarkable qualities, becomes the king’s new queen. When the time comes for the queen to give birth, her ringing of the golden bell attracts the ire of her jealous co-wives, which leads to the queen’s banishment and the swapping of her newborn boy and girl twins with puppies. However, the twins are miraculously saved by a potter and his wife, and they grow up without knowing their true identity. When the boy with the moon on his forehead and stars on his palms goes on a life-threatening quest to attain the kataki flower to heal his sister of its curse, a chain of events leads to the revelation of their true identities and the downfall of the scheming co-wives.
  53. The Story of Arion: The Story of Arion tells the tale of a famous musician who travels to different cities, making a lot of money along the way through his music. On his journey back home, the sailors he had hired to take him back to Corinth plan to kill him and take all his riches. Arion asks to play one last song before his death, during which he throws himself into the sea and is saved by a helpful dolphin. When he returns to Corinth and tells his story to the tyrant Periander, he is not believed until the very sailors who tried to kill him arrive. The men are then punished, and Arion receives all of his belongings returned to him. He then creates a statue on Cape Tainaron to remind people of the dolphin who saved his life.
  54. Buttercup: The story is about an old woman who has a son named Buttercup and a dog named Goldtooth. When the old woman is baking, Goldtooth starts barking and alerts them to a witch who comes to visit. The witch lures Buttercup into a bag and takes him away, but Buttercup tricks her twice and escapes. On the third attempt, the witch’s daughter tries to kill Buttercup, but he kills her instead and escapes with all the gold and silver from the witch’s house.
  55. The Tell-Tale Goblin: The story is about a Little Fairy who falls in love with a River God and their midnight meetings on a small island. However, a Goblin who saw them together wants to tell the Queen and earn a reward. The Little Fairy, afraid of being banished, seeks the help of the River God, who gives the Goblin a silver hat to keep their secret. The Goblin later regrets his actions but is punished with a silver thistle instead of the red jacket he hoped for. The Little Fairy marries the River God, and the Goblin blooms alone with regret.

In conclusion, the Top 55 Stories About Slyness is a fascinating collection that showcases clever tricks, witty plans, and cunning methods used by various characters to achieve their goals. These stories not only provide entertainment for kids but also teach valuable lessons about resourcefulness, problem-solving, and the importance of using one’s wit in different situations. By reading these tales, children can learn that, while slyness can sometimes be used for good, it can also lead to complications and unexpected outcomes. Overall, these stories celebrate the power of being clever, reinforcing the message that knowledge, critical thinking, and skillful strategies are essential tools in overcoming challenges in life.