Stories About Farms

Stories About Farms

Welcome to the Top 42 Stories About Farms collection for kids, where children of all ages can enjoy a variety of fun, educational, and engaging stories to read online or download as a free PDF. This collection of bedtime farm stories will spark the imagination and curiosity of both boys and girls during story time, and is perfect for early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students. Whether you prefer printable or audio versions, these farm tales are filled with wonderful adventures and life lessons for EYFS, toddlers, and beyond!

Stories About Farms hold a special place in the hearts of children, as they offer a glimpse into the fascinating world of farming and agriculture while teaching important moral values. These classic farm stories are often set in the enchanting world of the countryside, where animals and nature come to life in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. Kids will love to tell and listen to these famous bedtime stories over and over again, as they learn and grow through the exciting narratives.

Each farm story in this best collection comes with captivating pictures to keep the attention of your little ones, making the learning experience even more delightful. The short, easy-to-read texts in both English and other languages ensure that children from different backgrounds can enjoy and connect with these bedtime stories. So, grab your favorite blanket and settle in for some night-time, fun-filled, and classic story time with our enchanting collection of Top 42 Stories About Farms, and let your children fall asleep to these delightful tales as they drift off into the magical world of farms and the wonderful lessons they provide.

Top 42 Stories About Farms for kids to read online:

  1. Mr. Fox cuts the Cottontails: A story about Mr. Fox who gives a dinner party to improve his reputation, inviting all the wood animals but leaving out the Cottontail family. Jimmie and Susie Cottontail arrive late, chased by Mr. Dog, and ruin the party. The next day, Mr. Fox blames the Cottontails for the chaos, saying he should have known better than to invite them because their tails can be seen from a distance and they have no sense. As a result, the Cottontails are never invited to any dinners given by the wood folk because their trails can be too easily followed by Mr. Dog. Downloadable ebook available.
  2. The Farmer And The Stork: A group of Cranes invite a trusting Stork to go with them to a newly planted field.The birds become trapped in the Farmer’s net. The Stork, who belongs to a good family of honest birds, pleads with the Farmer to spare him, but the Farmer refuses since the Stork was with the thieving Cranes and must share their punishment.
  3. The Peacock: The story tells of a peacock who was granted beautiful feathers by Juno, but was unable to fly due to their weight. Despite his splendor, he was left burdened and oppressed, only able to walk the ground instead of taking flight. An ebook download is also provided.
  4. The Dog In The Manger: In this fable, a dog is lying in a manger filled with hay and refuses to let hungry cattle eat it. When the farmer sees the dog’s behavior, he drives him out of the stable. The story teaches a lesson about selfishness and the consequences it can bring. A downloadable ebook (PDF) of the story is available for offline reading.
  5. The Farmer And The Cranes: A farmer plants seeds in a large field, which the cranes see as an opportunity to enjoy a feast. The farmer attempts to scare the cranes away, but they soon realize that he cannot harm them. Eventually, the farmer resorts to using a sling to kill some of the cranes. The cranes learn their lesson and never visit the farmer’s field again. An ebook download is available.
  6. The Farmer And The Snake: A farmer finds a frozen Snake in his field and decides to warm it back to life despite knowing its deadly nature. Once revived, the Snake bites the man and kills him. As the man takes his last breath, he warns others not to take pity on scoundrels. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  7. The Lark And Her Young Ones: In this story, a mother lark and her young ones live in a field of young wheat. When the wheat grows tall and ripens, the farmer decides it’s time for harvest and plans to call for help. The young larks worry about the danger they may face, but the mother lark assures them that they won’t be in danger yet. However, when the farmer decides to do the work himself, the mother lark tells her young ones they need to leave the nest immediately. The next day, the farmer cuts down the wheat to find an empty nest.
  8. The Milkmaid And Her Pail: A milkmaid was walking back from milking the cows with a pail of milk on her head. She was daydreaming about using the milk to make butter, then sell it to buy eggs. When the eggs hatched, she would sell the chicks to buy a new dress to wear to the fair. She was so lost in her thoughts that she tossed her head scornfully, causing the milk pail to fall and spill, along with her dreams of butter, eggs, chicks, and a new dress.
  9. The farmer and his sons: A rich old farmer on his deathbed tells his sons not to sell the family estate as it contains hidden treasure. After his death, the sons spend much time and money searching for the treasure, only to discover that the real treasure was the bountiful crops they harvested, resulting in a profit far greater than their neighbors. The story emphasizes the importance of hard work and the benefits reaped from it.
  10. Was it the field fairy?: This is a story about two little orphans, Jack and Nina, who had to work for a greedy and unkind man named Simon for a home, little food and harsh treatment. They were asked to take their beloved cow to the butcher, which made them sad. While Jack was waiting for the cow to drink from a stream, a fairy appeared and offered to help the cow. The cow chose to remain a cow but asked the fairy to change Simon into a kind and good man. Over time, Simon changed and became like a family to Jack and Nina, making them wonder if it was the work of the fairy. The story ends on a happy note with Jack and Nina forgetting their past troubles with Simon.
  11. The lovely moon: A child who doesn’t want to sleep is told by his mother about all the animals that are already asleep. When the moon shines in through the window, the child’s mother sings a song about the lovely moon, and the child eventually falls asleep while asking if the moon can see the lambs. The story ends with the moon smiling at the mother and the mother smiling back, and the child fast asleep with the moon shining on him. The ebook for this story is available to download.
  12. Mrs Tabby Gray and her three little kittens: The story is about Mrs. Tabby Gray and her three little kittens who live in a barn and want to go up to the big house for milk and bread. One day, their mother finds a new home for them in a trunk filled with old clothes, but when the lady who owns the trunk shuts it and goes away, Mrs. Tabby Gray becomes frightened. She searches for her kitten until the kind lady follows her and opens the trunk, and the family is reunited. In the end, Mrs. Tabby Gray decides that a barn is the best place to raise children.
  13. Animal Farm: The story is about a group of mistreated animals who plot a revolution to overthrow their farmer’s regime and take control of the farm. Initially, the rebellion is a success, and the animals live happily together under fair rules and treatment. However, one power-hungry pig, Napoleon, takes control and manipulates the other animals through lies and unfair decisions, causing the farm’s state to become worse than before. The animals realize they have been tricked and need to find a solution.
  14. Winter Solstice Celebration: In a small village, a hardworking farming family celebrated the winter solstice, marking the beginning of deep winter and the famine months. They slaughtered most of their cattle for a feast consisting of roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy to prepare for the long and cold winter ahead. As they gathered around the warm fire in their cozy farmhouse kitchen, they reflected on the year passed, grateful for the good times and ready for the challenges winter brings. The night ended with the family feeling content and looking forward to the new beginnings that the longer days ahead would bring. An ebook download is available.
  15. The Island’s Rebirth: The story is about an old man who lived on an island and worked hard to sustain it. When a treasure was found on the island, the other islanders became lazy and stopped taking care of the land, which resulted in its destruction. The old man tried to warn them, but they didn’t listen. Eventually, the islanders realized their mistake and asked the old man for help. He taught them how to work the land carefully, and over time, the island was restored to its former beauty. The old man passed away in peace, knowing that his beloved island would thrive for generations to come.
  16. How Patty Gave Thanks: The story tells of a cold November night in a barn where the animals are settling in for the night. They all speak of how a little girl named Patty visited them throughout the day and thanked them for their contributions, such as the cow’s milk, horse’s rides, and sheep’s wool. They were all pleased and touched by her gratitude and gifts. As they settle for the night, they reflect on how happy Patty made them with her kind words and actions.
  17. Christmas in the Barn: In this story, Johnny is eagerly waiting for Christmas and sees a wagon arrive with two Christmas trees. He realizes that his parents both got one, and since his mother is not home, she doesn’t know. He decides to use the extra tree to make a Christmas tree for all his pets with items like oats for the mare, hay for the cow, meat for the dog, and carrots for the rabbit. His scheme is a success, and all the animals enjoy their unique tree.
  18. The Peasant and the Cucumbers: A peasant goes to a gardener’s to steal cucumbers, planning to sell them to buy a hen, which will hatch eggs and raise chicks for sale, leading to the purchase of a sow, who will bear pigs that will be sold to buy a mare and raise colts, which will eventually lead to the building of a house and a garden. The peasant plans to keep a sharp eye on his garden and hires watchmen to guard it, but when he attempts to trick them by shouting a warning while approaching, they hear him and beat him up. A downloadable ebook is available.
  19. The big flood: The story follows the experience of a Dutch family during the devastating Watersnoodramp of 1953. They were abruptly awoken in the middle of the night by rushing water and had to quickly scramble to reach the roof of their farmhouse. With no means of communication with the outside world, they helplessly watched as their village was destroyed and they lost everything they had. Eventually, they were saved by soldiers, but the tragedy left a lasting impact on their lives, serving as a reminder of the power of nature and the importance of being prepared for disasters.
  20. Spring on the farm: The story depicts a special spring event on a farm where visitors come to see all the baby animals born on the farm. Farmer John prepares the farm animals and explains the importance of spring on the farm. The children learn about the different baby farm animals, grow attached to them and experience the magical wonder of spring on the farm. The story ends with the children already looking forward to the next spring event.
  21. Blanca and Rosalinde: The story is about an old woman and her two daughters, one of whom is kind and helpful and the other is selfish and envious. When the helpful daughter shows kindness to an old woman visiting their home, the woman reveals herself to be a sorceress and rewards the daughters accordingly. The selfish daughter becomes a queen and is unhappy while the helpful daughter remains on a farm and is content. Eventually, the sorceress returns and reveals that the selfish daughter was punished, not rewarded, and the queen loses her title and finds happiness on the farm with her sister.
  22. Little Sleepyhead: A little child is sound asleep despite the Clock ticking, the birds singing, the Southern Wind blowing, and the Rooster crowing. It’s only when the sun shines on the child’s face that he wakes up and calls for Mama. Despite the noise-making efforts of the Clock, Bird, Southern Wind, and Rooster, the child doesn’t know what woke him up.
  23. The Farmer and the Bear: A farmer who lost his wife and all his relationships asked Brown the Bear to do housework and farm together. They agreed to divide their crops, with Brown getting the tops and the farmer getting the roots. However, the farmer tricked Brown and fired a shot, causing Brown to flee without any roots. The following year, they agreed to swap roles, but the farmer tricked Brown again. Brown became angry and refused to work with the farmer anymore.
  24. Kuratko, the Terrible Chick: The story is about an old couple who longed for a child, and when a new chick is born, they spoil it with excessive feeding. The chick grows up to be a greedy and terrible creature that eventually swallows the old couple and other people. However, a cat that results ended up scratching the bird to death and rescuing the people whom it swallowed. In the end, the cat takes the bird as his dinner, and the elderly couple learns a valuable lesson about the consequences of spoiling someone too much.
  25. The Eatyoup: The story is about Dicky Duck, a wise duck who almost falls victim to Mr. Fox’s clever ploy. Mr. Fox pretends to be an “Eatyoup” animal, someone who is desperately looking for a wise creature, to get Dicky Duck to come closer. When Dicky comes close enough, Mr. Fox almost catches him, but Dicky escapes using his wings and swims to safety. Dicky tells the other animals about the encounter, but he doesn’t go near the forest again, knowing that Mr. Fox is there. The story ends with helpful links to download the ebook version.
  26. The Old Grey Hen: The story is about an Old Grey Hen who is tired of her life on the farm and wants to change it to something more comfortable for her. She complains to the other animals, but only the Greedy Turkey sympathizes with her. The Hen then decides to scratch and lay eggs as little as possible, becoming a burden to the other animals on the farm. Eventually, she is eaten by the farmer, and the Greedy Turkey reflects on how her only satisfaction seemed to come from others’ unhappiness.
  27. The History of the Five Little Pigs: The story is about a family of five little pigs and their different personalities. The first little pig is strong and reliable, while the second little pig is mischievous and causes trouble at home. The third pig is good and obedient, and the fourth pig is lazy and stubborn, leading to his downfall. The story ends with the fifth pig foolishly going fishing in a prohibited area and getting whipped by Farmer Grumpey. The story highlights the importance of being responsible and obedient.
  28. Little Bo-Peep: Little Bo-Peep falls asleep while watching her sheep, and they wander off into the woods led by the foolish Bellwether. When she wakes up and finds her sheep gone, she sets out to look for them and meets many unhelpful people along the way. She eventually meets a friendly owl, who leads her to her sheep at an enchanted place with fairies and elves. The elves have played with the sheep’s tails, and they need to be reattached in the morning. Bo-Peep swings the Bellwether’s tail over the owl’s head three times and transforms the owl back into a princess. In return, the princess gives Bo-Peep a beautiful cottage, and her sheep never run away again.
  29. The Three Piglets: Three little pigs are each given materials to build their own homes by their mother before she dies. Browny chooses mud, Whitey – cabbage, and Blacky – brick. The clever fox tricks Browny and Whitey into coming out of their homes before he takes them away to his den. But he fails to trick Blacky and instead gets trapped and burned alive in a kettle by Blacky. Browny and Whitey are rescued by Blacky and they all live happily ever after, having learned valuable lessons from their mistakes.
  30. The Half Chick: The story is about a half-chick named Medio Pollito who is very different from his brothers and sisters. He is disobedient and stubborn and dreams of leaving the farm to go to Madrid to see the King. Along the way, he ignores the pleas of those who ask for his help, but when he finally reaches Madrid, he’s thrown into a pot of soup and then blown away by the wind. He ends up pinned to the top of a spire on the tallest church in the city where he sits to this day.
  31. Donkeyskin: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who had a beautiful daughter. The queen fell ill and asked the king to remarry, but he became mad and wanted to marry his own daughter. The daughter went to her godmother, who gave her impossible tasks to complete before the king could marry her. However, the king managed to fulfill all the princess’s requests, and the donkey beloved by the princess was sacrificed. She fled, worked on a farm, fell in love with a prince who was sick, gave him a cake with her ring inside, and ultimately, they got married.
  32. The pink and blue eggs: In this story, old White Hen tells the other hens about two eggs she saw that were pink and blue. The group discusses who could have laid these eggs, with no one claiming responsibility. Later, they discover that the eggs were just Easter eggs for the farmer’s daughter to play with and not real eggs to be hatched.
  33. The Story of Speckle: The story is about Speckle, a hen, who diligently sits on her eggs to keep them warm, despite being hungry, thirsty and alone in the barn. With the help of a kind little girl, Speckle manages to survive and eventually her eggs hatch, revealing ten baby chickens that she takes care of and shows off to her friends on the farm.
  34. Cockyloo: The story follows the life of a group of chickens in a barnyard, including Cockyloo who is a brave and kind leader. Peck, another chicken, is jealous of Cockyloo and plots against him with a fox. However, Cockyloo saves the day by warning the farmer about the robbers that Peck and the fox had led to the farmhouse. Cockyloo becomes a hero, and a weather vane in his image is placed on the courthouse. Despite many chickens being taken for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Cockyloo remains the ruler of the barnyard until he dies a brave and heroic death. A PDF version is available for download.
  35. The Boy And His Dog: This is a story about a young boy named George and his loyal dog, Rover. Together, they go on a mission every summer evening to find their cows and bring them safely home from a vast and vibrant pasture. On some evenings, George becomes exhausted and calls upon Rover to help him round up the cows. Rover is not only helpful when it comes to herding cows but is also a faithful and loving friend to George. Their teamwork and friendship are a testament to the power of loyalty and the unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog.
  36. The Friendly Playmate: Four children went to a hillside to pick berries and found a big brown animal lying on moss. They were surprised to see it was friendly and happily shared their berries and played with it. They even thought it looked like a “funny big brown pig.” The playmate went its way into the forest when they heard the cows returning to the farm. Their father, upon hearing their story, discovered tracks and clues that their playmate was actually a brown bear. Luckily, it did not harm them. The children never forgot about their friendly brown playmate.
  37. Waiting For Spring: The cows on Solberg Farm eagerly await the arrival of spring after spending all winter in the barn. They become restless and uneasy, wanting to stretch their legs and eat fresh grass. When they hear the sound of bells outside the barn door, they’re overjoyed to finally be let out. Dagros, the oldest cow, is chosen as leader of the herd and is given a fine new bell. The cows make their way to the forest pasture where they can eat and drink to their heart’s content while enjoying the arrival of spring.
  38. The Rescue of Red Top: The story is about a cow named Dagros who is wise and knows the best places to find good grass and how to deal with pesky insects. One day, another cow called Red Top falls down a ravine and gets stuck. Dagros tries to help but can’t, so she runs to find some menfolk for help. They eventually come and rescue Red Top, and as a reward, they give Dagros a bigger branch than Red Top.
  39. The Green-and-Red Rooster: A farmer buys a green-and-red tin rooster weather vane and puts it on his shed. Henny Penny, a brown hen, becomes infatuated with the rooster, but he never seems to notice her. Henny Penny climbs up to the roof to get closer to him, but she realizes that he is just a tin ornament. She falls to the ground and is mocked by the other animals. Though she feels sad, she convinces herself that the rooster would have loved her if he were alive.
  40. The King of the Barnyard: The barnyard animals discuss the idea of having a king, with the donkey pushing for the idea. Eventually, they agree to make the donkey king, but trouble arises when the donkey asks for pages to wait on him. The cat and dog refuse, leaving the donkey alone in his supposed glory. He becomes the laughing-stock of the barnyard, realizing that his attempt to elevate himself above the others had led to his downfall.
  41. The Barn Dance: This story is about a barn dance held by farm animals, with the cat playing the fiddle, the dog playing the drum, and the goat playing the flute. Different pairs of animals danced together, and Madam Duck observed and commented on their movements. At the end, the peacock arrived and left with his grandeur, leaving the other animals in awe. They all departed the barn in pairs, and Madam Duck stayed behind to chat with Miss Guinea about the horse and Miss Pig. The story is available as a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  42. Reynard’s Scheme: In this story, Reynard the fox worries that farmers are setting traps for all the wood folks. He comes up with the idea to start a Good Club where they give up stealing from farmers and instead eat only what they find in the woods. Reynard plans to trick the other animals by having them keep away from the farm until the farmers stop setting traps and then he can have all the food to himself. Little Woody Chuck catches Reynard stealing from the farm, tells the other animals, and ruins Reynard’s plan. They have a party with the stolen food, but the animals decide to keep the Good Club name even though it now means a good party with good food.

In conclusion, the Top 42 Stories About Farms offer a delightful and engaging journey into the world of farming for young readers. These tales not only spark their imagination but also teach valuable life lessons, like the importance of hard work, caring for animals, and appreciating the beauty of nature. As they explore these stories, kids will learn about different aspects of farms, such as planting seeds, harvesting crops, and the various creatures that call the farm home. By taking this enchanting literary adventure, children will develop a deeper appreciation for farming and the crucial role it plays in providing food, life, and sustenance to our world. So gather around, young readers, and let the vibrant world of farms captivate your hearts and minds.