Stories About Flowers

Stories About Flowers

Welcome to our magical collection of the Top 50 Stories About Flowers for kids to read online! Packed with enchanting tales and dazzling illustrations, these bedtime stories are perfect for children of all ages. Our handpicked selection of short and easy-to-read stories can be enjoyed for free online, or you can download a printable pdf version to take with you wherever you go. The collection is carefully curated to suit the learning and educational needs of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, as well as toddlers in the early years foundation stage (EYFS).

Each enchanting floral story comes with picturesque illustrations, ensuring that storytime is as captivating as it is fun. Many of these tales are famous classics, while others are lesser-known gems just waiting to be discovered, available in both English and with an audio version, making it enjoyable for kids who prefer to read or listen to a story. The stories are specifically designed for girls and boys with engaging and morally-educational themes, perfect for nights when they need that extra something to coax them to sleep.

Stories About Flowers play an essential role in children’s lives as they instill a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and help nurture a love for plants and the environment. Reading these stories allows kids to develop a sense of wonder and understanding about the world around them, while also teaching them essential life lessons such as kindness, friendship, and bravery. With this visually mesmerizing and enthralling collection of stories, children will eagerly anticipate bedtime or naptime, creating a nightly tradition of captivating storytelling that will last a lifetime. So, get ready to embark on a magical journey through our fantastic selection of flower-themed tales, and nurture your child’s imagination, one beautiful story at a time.

Top 50 Stories About Flowers for kids to read online:

  1. Little Ida’s Flowers: In “Little Ida’s Flowers,” a young girl’s cousin tells her about flowers having a ball at night. Skeptical of the story, Ida places a wilted bouquet in her doll’s bed and whispers to her mother’s flowers, telling them she knows they will be attending the ball. In the middle of the night, she wakes up to music and finds her mother’s flowers dancing. They even borrow her doll’s bed to rest. The flowers tell Ida to bury them in a nice spot, and they will come back the next summer more beautiful than ever. In the morning, Ida and her cousin bury the flowers in the garden.
  2. The Loveliest Rose in the World: The story is about a powerful queen whose favorite thing in her garden was her beautiful smelling roses. She is ill and told that she won’t die if she receives the most beautiful rose in the world. People search everywhere, but the right rose waits with the queen’s son. He reads the story of someone who was crucified for the people’s mistakes to bring happiness. The rose comes from the story, and the queen seeing it makes her eyes shine and fills her cheeks with a rosy hue.
  3. The Rose-Tree: The story is about a good man with two children, a girl and a boy from different wives. The girl has golden hair, cherry lips, and fair skin. The stepmother sends her to buy candles and each time a dog takes them on her way back. When she couldn’t find candles for the stepmother, the stepmother pretends to brush her hair but uses an axe to chop it off and cooks her heart. The brother buries the heart under a rose tree, which blooms with a white bird on it, and the bird sings the girl’s story. After giving the bird rewards, it throws the red shoes, gold watch, and the millstone to the girl’s father and brother who are finally rescued from the stepmother’s cruelty.
  4. The snowdrop: In this story, a Snowdrop flower lies dormant under the snow waiting for summer. When a Sunbeam persuades it to come out early, the harsh winter winds and lack of sunlight almost destroy it. However, the Flower’s strong faith in summer and the kind words of children give it hope. It is eventually picked, pressed, and put in a book, where it is treasured for years to come.
  5. What the flowers told Martha: Martha was visiting her grandmother in the countryside when she heard a bee speak to her, telling her to come into the garden. There, the flowers talked to her and told her stories, including one about how the rose got its thorns, and another about the origins of the narcissus flower. Martha promised to come back and hear more stories, but for now, she had to go back inside. There is a downloadable ebook (PDF) available.
  6. The Lonely Rose Picker: The story is about a rose picker named Mark who became lonely after separating from his love. On Valentine’s Day, he decided to pick every single rose from the field and hid them. When the townspeople couldn’t find any roses, a little girl named Lily comforted Mark. They retrieved the roses together, and Valentine’s Day was saved. Mark felt happy again, knowing that there was still kindness in the world. An ebook download link is available for offline reading or printing.
  7. The Stinky Flower: In a rainforest in Southeast Asia, a group of blowflies who were jealous of other insects’ ability to feed on beautiful flowers discover the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia plant, which emits a pungent scent that attracts the blowflies. The plant and the blowflies form a partnership where the plant provides a safe place for the flies to lay their eggs, and in return, the blowflies spread the plant’s seeds. The blowflies are no longer jealous of other insects and are proud of their unique partnership with the rafflesia plant. The story comes in an ebook format for offline reading or printing.
  8. The Kind Old Oak: With winter approaching, all the little birds had flown away and the flowers had withered, except for some violets at the foot of an old oak tree. The violets were afraid of the cold, but the oak assured them that they could close their eyes and trust him. The oak covered the violets with red leaves, and they slept safely under them throughout the winter until the spring rain woke them up.
  9. How West Wind Helped Dandelion: The story is about a happy Dandelion plant that has many friends including Sunbeams, Raindrops, Birds, Insects, and garden plants. The Dandelion’s work is to grow and make seeds and as the long, bright days pass, the Dandelion works faithfully and at last, her seeds are formed. Unfortunately, Max and Nannie, two children who gather ripe seeds from the garden plants, don’t gather her seeds. Feeling slighted, a friendly seed sower in the form of West Wind comes to the rescue and sows all her seeds so that they will grow as far away as she wants. The story ends happily with the Dandelion feeling grateful and no longer worrying.
  10. The windflower’s story: In this short story, a group of flowers in a garden questions a Windflower about whether she has a secret. The Windflower reveals that her species was created by a goddess, and they are called Anemone. She also shares that the Wind has no favorites and takes all the Anemones with him. Later, the Wind comes to take the Windflower away, and the other flowers speculate about the relationship between the Wind and the Windflowers. The story ends with the Rosebush realizing that the quietest and most modest flowers sometimes have surprising stories.
  11. Jack the preacher: The Evergreen Trees are bragging about their duty of awakening and telling all the woodland flowers that it is spring. However, the awake and lively spring flowers that have heard their voice are actually responding to the preaching of Jack-in-the-pulpit, a little woodland preacher who tells them how to bloom and buzz. The Evergreen Trees are unaware of Jack’s existence and believe they are the ones preaching to the flowers. Nonetheless, all the flowers and insects know that Jack has always been their preacher, but the Evergreen Trees do not know it.
  12. Snowflakes: This is a story about a little raindrop who falls to the ground in the form of an ice needle. It meets other ice needles and together they become snowflakes. They decide to fall on a place where a sick little boy had planted seeds and keep the ground warm so the seeds can survive the winter. The snowflakes turn into water in the spring and the seeds grow into flowers, all because the little raindrop wanted to do good in the world. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  13. How the raindrops and sunbeams helped: Mother Nature sends a message to her helpers, the Sunbeams and Raindrops, to wake up sleeping plants and animals, prepare the soil, and dress the spring flowers, among other tasks. The Sunbeams and Raindrops happily comply, and the plants and animals wake up and grow. The spring flowers bloom, and the birds and children rejoice. The story concludes with a Downloads section that provides a link to an ebook version of the story.
  14. How the Buttercup Became Yellow: In this story, all the flowers were white and gained their color through magic. The little Daisy was proud of her yellow center, but she felt there was too much white on the field. She suggested that the White Cups should turn golden too, but they didn’t know how to change their color. The solution came from the Fairies, who whispered a love song to the white cups, tricking the Goblins into coloring them golden. The White Cups changed to beautiful golden buttercups, and they remained quiet about how it happened so the Goblins would not discover the trick. The Fairies were wise, and the buttercups learned that “silence is golden.”
  15. The Rain Elves: The story is about the Rain Elves who were locked up in their homes because of the hot weather. When their mothers, the Rain Clouds, discovered that the sun wasn’t shining, they let their children out to play on the earth for a while. The flowers were happy to see them but realized that they were too many, and some flowers wished they could stay the whole day. A hollyhock asked the Wind Witch to help keep the Rain Elves down for the whole day, and the Wind Witch caused mischief by luring all the Rain Elves out of the clouds at once. The rain became too much, and the garden became a sad place. The flowers learned that it’s best to be content when only a few Rain Elves are sent.
  16. Maya the Bee and the Wonders of the Night: The story is about a little bee named Maya who is on a quest to explore the world and meet humans. She meets different creatures along the way, like a mosquito and a flower elf, who teach her about the world and fulfill her deepest wish to see humans at their best and most beautiful. Maya learns about the beauty of the night, hears music from a snowy tree cricket, and discovers the magic of flower elves who have the power to grant wishes. Ultimately, Maya’s desire to learn about humans is fulfilled in a way she couldn’t have imagined.
  17. Maya the Bee flies with the Flower Elf: In the story, Maya and the Flower Elf fly through the enchanted garden guided by a moth and meet a curious firefly. Maya learns about the beauty of love as she watches two young people sitting on a bench in complete silence. The Firefly then goes out, and the Flower Elf disappears, and Maya is left alone, lonely and sad.
  18. Maya the Bee meets Effie and Bobbie: Maya, a bee, wakes up to rain for the first time and understands the queen bee’s warning about it. While seeking nectar, Maya overhears Bobbie, a dung beetle, propose to Effie the cricket, who rejects him after finding out his true identity. Bobbie also loses balance and Maya tries to help him upright. But after a field mouse disturbs them, Bobbie disappears. Maya then continues her journey.
  19. Maya the Bee in the House of the Rose: The story follows a young bee named Maya who wakes up in a flower one morning and decides not to return to her hive. She meets a beetle named Peter who invites her to his home, a rose, where she’s welcomed and given nectar. Maya is impressed by Peter’s rose home and his beautiful wings, and she compliments him on his handsome antennae. Peter and Maya part ways, and Maya flies off into the sky, happy and content with her newfound freedom. The story concludes with Peter returning to his rose and humming a morning song.
  20. The Golden Touch: The story is about King Midas, who was obsessed with gold. He wished that everything he touched turned to gold, but soon discovered the downside of his gift when he turned his daughter and everything he loved into gold. A stranger advised him to reverse the damage by diving into a river and sprinkling the water on the things he wanted to change back. The king learned that love and family were more valuable than gold and lived a happier life afterward. The story ends happily, with the king and his daughter living happily ever after.
  21. The Rose Elf: The story follows the life of a tiny elf who lives among the roses in a garden until one day, he gets locked out of his rose house and seeks refuge among other flowers. There, he witnesses a tragic event where a young man is murdered by his lover’s angry brother, and the elf helps the girl seek justice by telling her the story of what happened and guiding her to the location where her lover’s body is hidden. Over time, the girl grieves by a jasmine plant, and the elf and flower souls seek revenge, resulting in the death of the angry brother. The story ends with the Bee Queen singing about the power of the smallest petal in every rose and the role of flower souls in revealing the truth.
  22. The Daisy: A Daisy living outside a mansion is happy despite being a small and despised flower. It learns from nature and enjoys the beauty around it. The flower feels grateful for everything around it and admires the flowers inside the mansion despite being looked down upon. One day a bird comes and sings praises for the Daisy, giving it a sense of belonging, until it finds itself trapped with the bird. The bird eventually dies, and the Daisy is thrown on the road with nobody to care for it.
  23. The Devoted Friend: The story is about a kind-hearted man named Hans who has a wealthy friend, the Miller, who takes advantage of his generosity. The Miller always borrows from Hans but never gives back in return, and Hans is just happy to have a friend who speaks about the essence of true friendship. Hans works hard in his beautiful garden, but during winter, he becomes lonely and suffers from hunger. The Miller visits him only when the roses begin to bloom and demands flowers and even Hans’s time. The story ends tragically when Hans drowns in a storm while going to get the doctor for the Miller’s son. The Miller grieves at the funeral and wonders what to do with the wheelbarrow he was about to give to Hans.
  24. Spring and Her Helpers: In this story, Winter receives a message from Father Time informing him that Spring is ready to take charge of the land. Winter prepares to leave and Spring starts working with her helpers, the sunbeams, and the winds to make the earth beautiful. They work together to melt the ice and snow, warm the earth, dry the ground, and coax all the growing things to make haste. Spring’s work is done when the world becomes radiant with beauty, and she thanks her helpers for their assistance.
  25. The Meeting of the Winds: In this story, the North Wind and the South Wind meet in a field by a river. The North Wind complains that the South Wind melted his snow too quickly, but the South Wind explains that it is time for the grass and flowers to grow. They start to argue about who is stronger and more important until the river intervenes and reminds them that they should be friends and appreciate the unique wonders of their own homes. They apologize to each other and go their separate ways with a newfound respect for each other’s seasons.
  26. Sunflowers and Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: This is a story about a girl named Lottie who wants to do something special for her mother on Mother’s Day. She decides to create a sunflower garden and bake a strawberry shortcake with the help of her friends, Rosemary and Jack. They work hard to make the surprise perfect and when Lottie’s mom wakes up on Mother’s Day, she is surprised by the beautiful tray of breakfast and the sunflower garden. Together, they spend the day celebrating and making memories in the garden, starting a new tradition. The story ends with the sunflowers continuing to bloom and reminding everyone of their love and appreciation for their mothers.
  27. Edith and the Bees: A little girl named Edith goes to the garden to pick flowers for her sick friend. She sees a beautiful rosebud and bends down the branch, causing a small insect to sting her cheek. Her father comforts her and takes her to see the beemaster to learn more about bees. The beemaster shows Edith a glass hive and explains honey-making and bee behavior. Edith is happy to have learned something new to share with her friend. A downloadable ebook is available.
  28. A Narrow Escape: In this story, two young bees, Buz and Hum, are allowed to fly for the first time with an older bee who gives them some advice. Buz is tempted to fly over the garden walls to collect more honey and has a scary adventure when she falls into a pond. She manages to survive and learns the importance of taking advice. The story ends with Buz feeling better after every flight and returning to the hive.
  29. Solomon and the Bees: This is a story about a wise king named Solomon who is known for his intelligence and judgment. A curious queen from a distant land named Sheba visits Solomon to test his wit. She brings two wreaths; one made of real flowers and one of fake ones and challenges Solomon to tell the difference. Solomon observes the bees buzzing near a withered rose and orders the window to be opened. The bees fly towards the real flowers, and Solomon proves his wisdom. The story teaches that even the smallest details can offer valuable lessons, and we can find knowledge and understanding in the world around us.
  30. The Plant Household: This story is about a household where everyone plays an important role in serving their queen, Lady Flower. The upper servants wear green, while the cooks and those who work with them wear brown. Lady Flower works hard making seeds, and everyone else works hard to make sure that she and the rest of the household have everything they need. Although Lady Flower is not a royal lady, she is beautiful and works hard every day. Together, the household becomes the happiest and most beautiful in all the land. There is an ebook available for download.
  31. The Indian Legend of the Trailing Arbutus: The Indian Legend of the Trailing Arbutus tells the creation story of the beautiful wildflower, arbutus, according to an old legend. The legend describes an old man who, in his despairing state, is visited by a beautiful maiden who tells him stories of her country and victories. As they talk, they share their strengths, but eventually, the maiden causes the old man to shrink into a small mass on the ground, which then turns into the arbutus plant. She gives the flowers her virtues and sweet breath, and all who pick them are instructed to do so on bended knee.
  32. Daffy-down-dilly: This is a story about a little daffodil named Daffy-down-dilly who lived in a meadow and was known for her bright colors and bravery. One day, a little girl named Lily came to the meadow and Daffy-down-dilly taught her about kindness, love, and the beauty of nature. Lily listened and grew up to be a kind and gentle person spreading her virtues and embracing the wisdom of the flowers. The meadow became a magical place filled with love, light, and the wisdom of Daffy-down-dilly and her fellow flowers.
  33. The Lily Sisters: Three little sisters live in a beautiful palace and are taught by a kind nurse. One of the sisters is always discontented and refuses to play with visiting Sunbeams and jolly little raindrops. The other two sisters continue to grow and try their best. One day, the Great King crowns the two good lily sisters with pure white robes and golden crowns. The third sister immediately regrets her behavior but fades away. Madam Wind and the Bird family hold a concert in Maple Tree Park, and the crowned sisters hold a reception. Among the guests is little Ruth, who tells them the story of Easter and takes them to her sick friend, who keeps the lily sisters for Easter.
  34. Nature’s Violet Children: On a sunny hill in the woods, a colony of violets woke up from their winter sleep to greet the spring, but a little girl came and took some of them away. The violets drooped in their new home but the cheery canary sang to them to cheer up and make someone happy by blossoming. Mother Nature gave each of them a lovely violet cap, and they bloomed, making Ruth, the little girl, happy. The canary kept singing, and the sun went down as it heard its cheerful tune. The story is available for download in PDF format.
  35. Buttercup Gold: The story is about a greedy man who found a pot of gold but lost it due to a hole in his bag. The fairies in the meadow saw the gold and transformed it into yellow buttercup flowers, which brought joy to the rich and poor. The story teaches a lesson about the dangers of being too greedy and the unexpected benefits of generosity. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  36. Charlie and the Blossoming Earth Day Garden: The story is about a boy named Charlie who wanted to create a garden filled with wildflowers, bees, vegetables, and fruits, all without using any chemicals. With his mom’s assistance, he learnt about Earth Day, conservation, and protecting the environment. They planted various wildflowers to attract bees and beneficial insects, used natural methods to keep pests away, implemented drip irrigation to save water, and collected rainwater in barrels. Their garden thrived with an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and Charlie wanted to share the magic of his garden with his friends, so he hosted a special Earth Day event and encouraged everyone to start their garden and spread the word about Earth Day. The story ended on a positive note with Charlie’s vision transforming the town and inspiring others around the country to protect the Earth and make it a better place.
  37. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: The Deadly Poppy Field: In this chapter, Dorothy and her companions wake up refreshed and continue on their journey. However, they are swept away by a river current and stranded in a poppy field, where the scent of the flowers puts them to sleep. The tin woodman and the scarecrow carry Dorothy out of the field, while the lion succumbs to sleep. They lay Dorothy on the riverbank to wake up, and sadly leave the lion behind.
  38. The frost king and the power of love: In the story, Queen Blossom’s kingdom is suffering from King Frost’s war on flowers, and she consults the nymphs for a solution. Star offers to go alone to King Frost, believing in the power of love to soften his heart. However, he imprisons her, and a battle ensues between Queen Blossom’s army and King Frost’s. Meanwhile, Star creates a beautiful garden in her cell, which eventually softens King Frost’s heart. He releases Star and agrees to be friends with Queen Blossom. The nymph army returns home victorious, and it is said that Star was the one who vanquished King Frost with the power of love.
  39. The Bee And The Child: In this story, a curious little girl named Lucy asks a hardworking bee why it collects nectar all day long without resting. The bee shares its wisdom with her, telling her to enjoy the beauty around her while it lasts and to plant seeds of knowledge, love, and good deeds. Emily takes the bee’s message to heart, cherishing every moment and every flower in the garden and carrying a bountiful harvest of joy and warmth with her throughout her life.
  40. A Walk In The Garden: A boy named Frank and his mother come across a beautiful garden and the gardener kindly allows them to walk in it, reminding Frank not to touch anything. Frank enjoys the garden without causing harm, impressing the gardener. When another boy comes to the gate asking to be let in, the gardener refuses, as the boy had meddled with the flowers and fruits before. Frank learns the importance of not meddling and is happier as a result. A downloadable ebook is available for offline reading or printing.
  41. The Fairy Tulips: In a village near Dartmoor, an old woman tended to a bed of magical tulips in her garden. Playful pixies would bring their babies to the tulips every night to sing them lullabies, and the garden would come alive with their melodies. When the old woman passed away and her garden fell into the hands of someone who didn’t appreciate the tulips, the pixies caused the parsley replacement to wither. They continued to care for the old woman’s grave and filled it with beautiful flowers that grew without human intervention, in honor of the woman who cherished the tulips.
  42. The Canyon Flowers: The story is about Gwen, who loves riding horses but has a terrible accident and can’t ride anymore. She becomes sad and bitter, wondering about her purpose. The Pilot tells her a story about a canyon and how flowers there grow through adversity. In time, Gwen learns to see the beauty in her situation and focuses on her inner growth. She becomes stronger and more beautiful despite her hardship. The story ends with Gwen finding a new purpose and happiness in the shelter of her “canyon”.
  43. Hyacinthus: The story follows Hyacinthus, a handsome prince loved by the people of Sparta and the gods of Olympus, especially Apollo and Zephyrus. Apollo invites Hyacinthus to play a game of discus and in a fit of jealousy and anger, Zephyrus changes the course of the discus, striking Hyacinthus and killing him. In honor of his memory, Apollo turns him into a beautiful flower, the hyacinth. The flower remains a symbol of love and friendship, reminding people of the power of bonds that even touch the hearts of gods.
  44. The Proud Little Apple Blossom: The story is about a proud little apple blossom who belittles a plain dandelion for being common and unattractive. However, a sunbeam and a group of children appreciate the dandelion for its unique and practical qualities, while an old woman uses its roots to make tea for the sick and sell some to buy milk for children. In the end, the princess recognizes the beauty of the dandelion and chooses it for her painting with the apple blossoms, causing the apple blossom to feel ashamed. The message is to not judge others based on appearance and to appreciate the value and beauty in all things.
  45. How The Flowers Grow: In a beautiful garden, the children learned the secret of how flowers grow. As they watched a little green leaf protect and nurture a small bud, the sunbeams woke the bud, and it grew into a stunning flower, adding more color and beauty to the garden. The children marvelled at the transformation and learned the secret of how flowers grow. There is also a downloadable PDF version of the story available.
  46. Butterflies: The story revolves around Uncle Paul teaching the children about butterflies. He describes their beauty and names the different species in the garden. He also explains how butterflies come from caterpillars and undergo metamorphosis. Uncle Paul compares the transformation of a caterpillar into the magnificent butterfly to that of Cinderella’s godmother transforming her clothes and surroundings. The story ends with downloads for an ebook version.
  47. The Bumble-Bee: The story is about a group of children learning about the importance of insects in pollinating flowers. They conduct an experiment with pumpkins to observe the transfer of pollen to stigmas. The uncle tells them about the various ways pollen is transferred, including the remarkable ability of a plant called vallisneria to release its flowers and move them to the surface for pollination. The uncle also explains how flowers use nectar and color to attract insects to their pollen, and how closed flowers have a bright spot that acts as a signboard to insects to show them the entrance to the nectar. The story is a celebration of the complex and harmonious relationship between flowers and insects, and a refutation of the idea that nature is guided solely by chance.
  48. Princess Dido and the Prince of the Roses: This is a story about a princess named Dido who ran away from her attendants and found herself lost in a forest. She discovered a key that unlocked a door to a beautiful castle, filled with roses of different colors. The prince of the castle revealed to her that he had been looking for a princess who loved his roses as much as him, and he proposed to her. Dido accepted, and the fairy tale ends with the two living happily ever after.
  49. The Marriage of the Roses: In this story, a bee helps a red rose express his love for a white rose. The white rose initially pretends not to care, but eventually confesses she loves him. The two roses get married with the help of other flowers, and the story concludes with the bee continuing his matchmaking efforts. There is also a link provided to download the story as a PDF.
  50. How the Goblins Were Out-Tricked: The fairies and the goblins are not always friends as the goblins are jealous of the fairies’ power. One night, the goblins planned to frighten the fairies who were having a celebration. They hid under the flowers, ready to kidnap the fairies when they landed on the flowers. However, the fairy queen commanded her subjects to sting the goblins with their wands. The goblins were transformed into stone and scattered throughout the dell. The sun requested the moon to ask the fairies to locate the flowers, and they restored them. The goblins returned to their original form, and the fairies had a celebration without any trouble.

In conclusion, the Top 50 Stories About Flowers provide a delightful and enchanting journey through the world of flora, as experienced and enjoyed by various characters. These stories, designed for kids to read online, capture the imagination, impart valuable moral lessons, and foster a deep appreciation for the beauty and importance of flowers in our lives. As children explore the colorful and diverse universe of flowers in these tales, they will not only be entertained but also inspired to cherish and protect nature’s delicate, vibrant gifts.