Once upon a time, in the beautiful land of Greece, there was a young and handsome prince named Hyacinthus. He lived in a kingdom called Sparta, where he was known for his grace and charm. Everyone in the kingdom loved him, and many admired his skills in sports and music.

Now, Hyacinthus wasn’t just loved by the people of Sparta, but also by the mighty gods of Olympus. Two of these gods, Apollo and Zephyrus, were especially fond of him. Apollo, the god of the sun, music, and poetry, was warm-hearted and bright, while Zephyrus, the god of the west wind, was more moody and jealous.

One sunny day, Apollo invited Hyacinthus to play a game of discus, a sport where players throw a round, flat disc as far as they can. Excited to spend time with the god, Hyacinthus agreed, and they went to a beautiful meadow filled with colorful flowers.

As they played, Hyacinthus impressed Apollo with his strength and skill. Apollo, wanting to show off a bit, decided to throw the discus as high and as far as he could. The sun god’s strength was mighty, and the discus soared high into the sky like a shining star.

Hyacinthus, eager to catch the discus, ran beneath it as it began to fall back down. But Zephyrus, who had been watching from afar, grew jealous of the bond between Apollo and Hyacinthus. In a moment of anger and envy, Zephyrus blew a gust of wind to change the discus’s course.

The powerful wind pushed the discus off its path, and it struck poor Hyacinthus right on the head. The young prince fell to the ground, badly hurt. Apollo rushed to his side, but there was nothing he could do to save his beloved friend. As Hyacinthus took his last breath, Apollo was filled with sorrow.

Apollo, heartbroken by the loss of his friend, decided to turn Hyacinthus into a beautiful flower as a way to honor his memory. He carefully touched the ground where Hyacinthus had fallen, and from that spot, a lovely purple flower began to grow. This flower, called the hyacinth, bore the teardrop-shaped petals that resembled the tears Apollo had shed for his friend.

As for Zephyrus, he was filled with regret for his actions. He could not undo the terrible thing he had done, but he vowed never to let his jealousy hurt anyone again.

And so, the hyacinth flower became a symbol of love and friendship, a reminder of the bond between Apollo and Hyacinthus. To this day, people in Greece and around the world grow these beautiful flowers to celebrate the beauty of friendship and the power of love that can even touch the hearts of the gods.