The Stinky Flower

Once upon a time in the dense rainforests of Southeast Asia, there lived a group of blowflies and a beautiful rafflesia plant. The blowflies were always on the lookout for rotting flesh to lay their eggs on, and the rafflesia plant was always searching for a way to spread its seeds far and wide.

The blowflies had always been jealous of butterflies, bees, and wasps. They could sit on the most beautiful flowers and enjoy their sweet nectar, but the blowflies were disgusted by the smell. They preferred the stench of decay and rot. The butterflies, wasps, and bees always laughed at the blowflies, for they were eating feces and rotting meat.

One day, the blowflies came across the rafflesia plant and were immediately drawn to its strong, pungent scent. The plant, on the other hand, was delighted to have found a group of flies that could help spread its seeds.

So, the blowflies and the rafflesia plant decided to work together. The blowflies would lay their eggs on the plant’s strong, leathery petals, and in return, the plant would provide the flies with a safe place to lay their eggs.

And so, the blowflies regularly teased the butterflies, bees, and wasps, for they now fed on the largest flower in the world. They were no longer jealous of the other insects and were proud of their unique partnership with the rafflesia plant.