The Fairy Tulips

In a cozy little village near Dartmoor, there lived an elderly woman who owned a charming cottage and a lovely garden. In this garden, she tended to a bed of exquisite tulips that were said to have a magical secret.

The village was also home to a group of playful pixies, who loved the tulip bed so much that they would bring their tiny babies there to sing them to sleep. At night, the garden would come alive with the soothing melodies of their lullabies, and it was believed that the tulips themselves hummed along, swaying in time with the music.

Once the pixie babies drifted to sleep, the pixies would head to a nearby field to dance and play, leaving behind circles on the grass as evidence of their nighttime frolics.

Each morning, as the sun began to rise, the pixies would return to the tulips to care for their little ones, showering them with kisses and gentle touches. Thanks to the pixies’ tender care, the tulips in the elderly woman’s garden stayed vibrant and fragrant longer than any other flowers in the village.

The old woman cherished her tulips and never allowed a single one to be picked. But, eventually, she passed away, and her garden fell into the hands of someone who did not appreciate the beauty of the tulips. The new owner replaced the tulips with a parsley bed, which deeply saddened and offended the pixies. In their disappointment, they caused the parsley to wither, and for many years, nothing would grow in that garden.

However, the pixies never forgot the kind old woman who had cared for their beloved tulips. They sang sweet songs around her grave and made sure it remained a beautiful, lush space, filled with the prettiest flowers that grew without any human intervention. And so it stayed, a testament to the bond between the old woman and the magical pixies who loved her tulip garden.