On a beautiful spring day, a sweet deer child is born. The mother named him Bambi. His mother protects him and makes sure he learns everything he needs to know to survive in the forest.

Bambi likes to learn and is very curious. He meets the rabbit Thumper and the skunk Flower. They become good friends and have a lot of fun together.

After a few years, Bambi’s mother thinks it is time to go into the big meadow with Bambi. It is not safe, because people regularly hunt the animals. Here Bambi meets his father, who is called The Great Prince. It is the oldest and smartest deer in the forest. They live together in a large group of deer. Feline is one of the deer. She’s a young girl deer. Bambi and Feline become great friends.

But then hunters enter the forest and the deer have to flee.

That was very scary, but luckily it ends well and the deer find a good hiding place. In winter, Bambi sees snow for the first time and he loves it. Together with his friend Thumper he enjoys playing on the ice. But in winter the forest sleeps and there is little food. When Bambi’s mother sees grass in an open field, she decides to go there with Bambi. But the hunters are back in the forest and so they have to run for their lives.

“Run Bambi and don’t look back, just keep running,” Bambi hears his mother yell. A shot rings out. But Bambi doesn’t look back. He finds the hiding place again, but he no longer sees his mother. Bambi’s father, The Great Prince, says she was taken by the hunters.

From that moment on, The Great Prince takes care of Bambi. Bambi becomes an adult deer. His friends Thumper and Flower are also adults now.

The wise owl in the forest tells them about the ‘Spring jitters’. “That’s when adult males take an interest in the females,” says the owl. Well, that wouldn’t happen to them, all three say firmly.

But the owl was right. Flower started dating a girlfriend not much later. And Thumper also falls in love. Bambi also gets more than usual interest in his friend Feline. But he’s not the only one. There is also another deer that is interested. This is a very annoying deer and he even gets so annoying that it turns into a fight between him and Bambi. Fortunately, Bambi manages to chase the deer away.

Then danger threatens the friends again. The hunters are back and there’s a lot of them. The animals flee into the woods, but many are shot at. Feline goes looking for Bambi, but is threatened by hunting dogs. Bambi finds Feline. When he fights with the hounds, he gets shot in the leg. His father sees it happen and shouts to his son to get up and run.

The fire that has been started in the hunters’ camp is fanned by the wind that soon the whole forest is on fire. Bambi manages to escape to a safe place with his father and Feline.

The following spring, two sweet deer children are born. Feline gave birth to twins! Bambi watches from a high mountain with his father and feels very proud with his new beautiful family.