Once upon a time there were a man and a woman who lived next door to a wicked witch. In the garden of the witch grew delicious, juicy rapunzels. Now you must know that you can eat rapunzels. They taste great in a salad. The woman would look at the rapunzels for hours and every day wanted to eat them more and more. She was also pregnant and that sometimes leads to cravings.

One day the husband went to pick some rapunzels for her. Because his wife loved them so much he went back for more.

‘What are you doing in my garden?’ he heard to his horror. It was the witch! She looked terrifyingly mean. ‘Oh excuse me,’ the man stuttered. ‘I wanted to pick some rapunzels for my wife. I know of course that I’m not supposed to. But my wife is pregnant and she craved them. I am terribly sorry.’

The witch answered: ‘If it is, like you tell me, then you can pick as many rapunzels as you like. On the condition that when the child is born you will give it to me. The child will be well off and I will be a good mother.’

You can maybe imagine how terrified the man was, because he promised the child to the witch. And when the girl was born, the witch was at the door. ‘She shall be named Rapunzel,’ said the witch and took her.

Rapunzel was a beautiful girl. When Rapunzel turned twelve the evil witch locked her up in a high tower in an abandoned forest. There were no stairs and no door. During the day the witch would visit her. She would climb up on Rapunzel’s golden hair.

One day a prince was riding through the forest. He heard Rapunzel sing. The sound of her voice was so beautiful that the prince returned to the forest every day to hear it. There he saw how the witch climbed up the tower on the hair of a beautiful, young woman. He waited until the witch left.

‘Beautiful lady, may I join you in the tower?’ he yelled up.

Rapunzel was very scared, because it was a long time since she had seen other people. Except the witch of course, who she saw every day. She let the prince climb up on her golden locks.

And so it happened that the prince visited her every evening when the witch wasn’t there. He asked her to marry him. She wanted it very badly! He was a gorgeous man and also a prince!

She asked the prince to bring a silk ribbon with every visit. She would braid a ladder in order to leave the tower.

The witch didn’t know about it for a long time, until one day Rapunzel accidentally betrayed herself. ‘How is it that you are so heavy when I pull you up in the tower? You are surely twice as heavy as the prince, and he’s twice as fast too?

When the witch heard this she exploded with anger. ‘How dare you!’ she yelled at Rapunzel. She grabbed some scissors and cut off, in one quick movement, all of Rapunzel’s long hair.

After that she brought Rapunzel to a far away place that no one had ever visited.

That evening the witch waited in the tower for the prince. He didn’t suspect anything and climbed up the tower on Rapunzel’s braid. What a fright he got when he found the witch instead of Rapunzel!

‘You sneak! You will never see Rapunzel ever again!’ The witch pushed the prince and he fell through the tower window all the way down. When he came to from the fall, he suddenly couldn’t see anything anymore. The witch has bewitched his eyes.

Now that he couldn’t see, he couldn’t find his way home. For years he roamed the woods and lived off of water, fruits and plants.

But love brings, no matter how far they are apart, together. One day he heard someone sing. It was Rapunzel! Rapunzel lived in an abandoned part of the woods and had twins. A boy and a girl. When she saw her prince she cried tears of happiness. Two tears fell into his eyes and he could see again. The spell had been broken. The prince brought Rapunzel and their twins to his kingdom. There they were met with open arms and lived happily ever after.