Science ABC

A is for Atom, small and unseen. It brings together all things, bright and serene.

B is for Bacteria, they’re so small, Some are good, some make you fall.

C is for Cells, so small in size, In our bodies, they’re a surprise.

D is for DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, long and twisty. It copies itself, keeping life’s instructions nifty.

E is for Experiment, a playful way to learn, From them, many a lesson, we can discern.

F is for Fossil, buried deep within, A piece of history, telling tales of what’s been.

G is for Germs, too small for the eyes, Washing our hands is always wise.

H is for Hypothesis, a smart scientist’s guess, With a bit of thinking, they’ll solve the mess.

I is for Inventors, those curious folks, who give us new gadgets, not just for old blokes.

J is for Jar, used in experiments, Mixing chemicals with different elements.

K is for Kaleidoscope, a tube of many colors, It delights the eyes, like no others.

L is for Lens, making things appear near, A science tool we hold so dear.

M is for Microscope, a tool used for a peek, To look at things tiny, things that we seek.

N is for Numbers, counting to ten, Important in science, again and again.

O is for Oxygen, we breathe it in and out. Without it, there’d be trouble, no doubt.

P is for Physics, which makes things move. In the science world, it shows us the groove.

Q is for Quartz, which shimmers so bright, In your pocket, it shines like a tiny spotlight.

R is for Rust, formed by metal and air. Science everywhere, you just need to stare.

S is for Solar, powered by the sun, Helping our planet, when day is done.

T is for Test Tubes used in a lab, Mixing and measuring, it’s really fab!

U is for Ultraviolet, a light so fine, That’s too bright for our eyes and makes the stars shine.

V is for Velocity, how fast you can run, On foot or on wheels, it’s all in good fun.

W is for Weight, which keeps us on the earth. It’s the force of gravity, giving it its worth.

X is for X-Ray, that can see bones through skin, When we fall and get hurt, the healing begins.

Y is for Yield Point, in metals, it’s a trait, An important concept in physics, to understand it is never too late.

Z is for Zygote, that’s how we start, From a tiny cell, then grow heart and heart.

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