Math ABC

A is for Addition, two plus one make three, Add all day with joy, clever as can be.

B is for Budget, where numbers are key, Math shows us how much our savings can be.

C is for Count, one, two, three, Counting is fun as you can see.

D is for Divided, cut in half, Two from four, you do the math.

E is for Equal, it means the same, Two apples and two apples, in our counting game.

F is for Fraction, half of a reaction. One piece of the cake? That’s a lovely subtraction!

G is for Geometry, with shapes galore, Circles, triangles, squares and more!

H is for Half, a fraction so neat, When you divide an apple, it’s a treat so sweet!

I is for Inch, when you’re measuring space, With this little unit, you’re in the right place!

J is for Joint Probability, where two events meet with ability. Adding numbers, big and small, math makes heroes of us all!

K is for Kilogram, a unit so grand. With that we understand, the weight of sand in our hand.

L is for Less, which we find in a quest. When we take one from three, two is what’s best.

M is for Multiply, two times three, Count on your fingers, and you’ll see.

N is for Numbers, they help us to see, How many, how much? Oh, what could it be?

O is for Odd, like the numbers 1, 3, 5, It means they can’t dance in pairs, oh how they strive.

P is for Percent, it means out of a hundred. If you ate 20 percent of apples, 20 you’ve munched.

Q is for Quantity, a way to count each part. So many bananas in our basket, let’s do the math from the start!

R is for Ruler, for measurements galore, Inches and centimeters, it helps us explore.

S is for Subtract, when you take one away, You’ll have lesser cookies to munch on today.

T is for Total, add it all up, Just like the juice in your cup.

U is for Unite, Two apples and three make five just right.

V is for Value, less or more. Understanding it’s part of math’s core!

W is for Weighing, a scale is its tool, Every orange, every pear, isn’t it cool?

X is for X and Y-Axis, where lines meet and play, In math’s big atlas, they show us the way.

Y is for Yards, a lot or a few, Count the steps that take you through.

Z is for Zero, a round little doughnut, In math, it means nothing, not even a nut.

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