Once upon a time there was an old shoemaker named Gepetto. One day Gepetto got a special piece of wood. He decided he would turn it into a beautiful wooden doll. But once Gepetto started cutting into the wood it started screaming “Awww stop! That hurts!” To his surprise Gepetto noticed that the wood was alive! He quickly finished the doll and put Pinnochio on the ground. He ran away as fast as he could, but luckily Gepetto was able to catch him.

“I would like to go to school, father,” said Pinocchio one day. And Gepetto wanted that for his son too, but he didn’t have enough money to buy his first reading book. So Gepetto sold his coat. Shaking from the cold, but with the book in his hands he returned home. The next day Pinocchio went to school. He wanted to learn everything, so that he could earn lots of money and buy his father a new coat. But on his way to school, Pinnochio got distracted and forgot to go to school! He even sold his book to buy a ticket for a puppet show.

Pinnochio told the puppeteer about how his father had sold his coat. The puppeteer felt sorry for Gepetto and gave Pinnochio five coins to buy his father a new coat. When Pinnochio was on his way to the store, he was tricked by two con men. They tied him to a tree and wanted to steal his coins. But Pinnochio had hid them well and the con men left him tied to the tree without stealing the coins.

Luckily for Pinnochio, a fairy lived across the tree and had seen everything. She felt sorry for Pinnochio and freed him. Pinnochio told her about his adventures, but when she asked where the coins were now, he lied. And immediately his nose started growing! This startled Pinnochio and he promised not to lie anymore. The fairy sent him on his way to Gepetto. But on his way he ran into the con men again and this time they did steal his coins.

Gepetto was happy Pinnochio was home again, but he was angry that he sold his book. Still, Gepetto sent Pinnochio back to school. This time Pinnochio ran into the laziest boy of the school. Carlo convinced Pinnochio to join him to visit Toyland. Pinnochio joined and had a lot of fun for a couple of days. But then, one day, he woke up with giant donkey ears! It didn’t take long for him to completely turn into a donkey. That’s what happens when you skip school!

As a donkey Pinnochio was sold and was treated poorly. Eventually somebody even wanted to kill him for his skin. He backed the fairy to come help him and luckily she did. But Pinnochio had jumped into the sea to escape the nasty man. There he was chased by an enormous shark! Pinnochio swam as fast as he could, but he couldn’t prevent being eaten by the shark.

In the stomach of the shark it was pitch black dark. “Help!” screamed Pinnochio. Then out of the blue, he saw a little flicker of a fire. And he couldn’t believe his eyes! It was Gepetto who was holding the torch. Father and son fell into each other’s arms crying of happiness. They told each other all the adventures they had had and found a way to escape from the shark’s stomach.

When Gepetto and Pinnochio arrived home after many other adventures, he heard that the fairy was in the hospital. He sent his last bit of money to her so that she could afford the best doctors. The fairy was so grateful that she turned Pinnochio into a real boy. And Gepetto and Pinnochio lived happily ever after.