Bedtime Stories For Kindergartners

Bedtime Stories For Kindergartners

Welcome to our curated collection of the Top 100 Bedtime Stories for Kindergartners, a treasury of enchanting tales thoughtfully designed for your little ones. Our selection, comprising both classic tales and new favorites, is easily accessible, allows you to grab the best online content for absolutely free. These narratives, though short to suit the attention span of young children, are bursting with imagination, life lessons, adventure, and fun!

Bedtime stories are not just whimsical, dreamy end-of-the-day rituals; they play a vital role in shaping a child’s mental and emotional growth. They kindle creativity, instill moral values, improve language skills, and form a lifelong positive association with reading and learning. These tales can help alleviate fears of the dark, make bedtime easier, and imbibe a healthy routine. Our collection of stories bares adventures of wandering teddy bears to mystical fairies in faraway lands, ensuring these tales captivate the young hearts and minds. As their imaginations wander, kids will drift off to dreamland anticipating more stories, making reading a hobby they look forward too!

Top 100 Bedtime Stories For Kindergartners

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Once upon a time, there were four little rabbits named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. They lived with their Mother under a big fir-tree. Their Mother warned them not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden because their Father had been caught there before. But Peter, who was naughty, went into the garden anyway and got into trouble with Mr. McGregor. He managed to escape and find his way back home. The story teaches children about listening to their parents and following rules.
  2. The Three Little Pigs: Once upon a time, an old mother pig had three piglets. She sent them out to build their own houses. The first pig built a house of straw, but the big bad wolf blew it down. The second pig built a house of sticks, but the wolf blew that down too. The third pig built a house of bricks and when the wolf came, he couldn’t blow it down. The pigs outsmarted the wolf and stayed safe in their brick house. The wolf ran away and never bothered them again. The pigs lived happily ever after in their strong house. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  3. Peter Pan: In this story, Wendy Darling tells her brothers Michael and John exciting adventures about a hero named Peter Pan. Peter Pan secretly listens to Wendy’s stories and asks her to come with him to his magical island called Neverland. With the help of fairy dust, they all learn to fly and have many adventures in Neverland. They encounter pirates, Indians, and a jealous fairy named Tinkerbell. Eventually, Wendy and her brothers start to miss home, and they all return to London where they are lovingly received and adopted. Peter Pan and his ship disappear into the sky, leaving behind fond memories for Wendy’s father. The story teaches us about the importance of imagination and the joy of storytelling.
  4. The Little King’s Rabbits: In this story, the little king wakes up to find his pet rabbits are missing. He offers a reward to anyone who can find them, and everyone in the kingdom goes searching. The princes and princesses, the soldiers, and even the gardener’s daughter try to find the rabbits but have no luck. Finally, the gardener’s daughter, Peggy, discovers clues that lead her to an old woman’s cabbage patch, where the rabbits have been happily eating. When Peggy tells the king, he rewards her by giving her two white rabbits of her own. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  5. Goldilocks and The Three Bears: Once upon a time, a little girl named Goldilocks with sparkly yellow hair went into the forest and found a house belonging to three bears. While they were away, Goldilocks entered the house and tried out their chairs and porridge. She found the perfect fit with Baby Bear’s belongings. After eating, she fell asleep in Baby Bear’s bed. When the bears returned home, they noticed someone had been there. They discovered Goldilocks and she quickly ran away. Although Baby Bear was sad, she never went near the forest again. Kindergarten teachers can use this story to teach children about different sizes and the importance of not entering someone else’s home without permission.
  6. Bambi: On a beautiful spring day, a baby deer named Bambi is born. He learns from his mother and explores the forest with his friends Thumper and Flower. Bambi’s mother takes him to meet his father, The Great Prince, and they live with other deer in a big group. But then hunters come, and the deer have to run and hide. Bambi’s mother is taken by the hunters, and his father takes care of him. Bambi grows up with his friends and faces challenges, like dealing with annoying deer and escaping from hunters. In the end, Bambi starts his own family and feels proud.
  7. The Sleeping Beauty: In this story, a king and queen are blessed with a beautiful baby girl after a frog predicts her arrival. Fairies give her special gifts, but an angry fairy puts a curse on her. When the princess turns fifteen, she pricks herself on a spinning wheel and falls into a deep sleep. The kingdom is put to sleep as well. Many years later, a prince arrives and finds the sleeping princess. He kisses her, breaking the curse, and they live happily ever after. The story teaches us about love, patience, and the power of true love’s kiss. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline.
  8. Minnie and the Dwarfs: Once upon a time, there was a mother with two daughters. The mother worked hard to support them, and the two little girls helped keep the house clean and beautiful. One of the girls was unable to walk, so she stayed in her chair and sewed while her sister took care of the chores. Their home was near a forest, and they loved watching the changing seasons. One day, when their mother became sick and they needed money for food, the sister set out to find work. She came across a small house and decided to stay the night. But when she entered, she found a messy room with dirty plates and untidy beds. So, she cleaned the house and made it beautiful. Later, twelve dwarfs came home and were amazed by what she had done. They offered her a job to keep their house clean while their fairy housekeeper was away. She accepted and worked diligently every day. On the last day of her job, she noticed a picture of fairy palaces on the window pane and forgot to sweep under the rug. That night, she heard a voice reminding her about the dust. She quickly swept and discovered twelve shining gold coins. The dwarfs told her that the gold was a reward for her hard work and faithfulness. She returned home with the gold and used it to take care of her family. From that day forward, she never forgot the lesson the dwarfs taught her about doing her work faithfully and always sweeping under the rug.
  9. Thumbelina: In this story, a kind woman plants a special barley grain and a beautiful little girl named Thumbelina grows from it. Thumbelina has many adventures, including being taken away by an ugly toad and escaping with the help of fish and a butterfly. She meets a beetle who is kind to her at first but then rejects her for being different. Thumbelina then lives with a field mouse and a mole but longs for freedom and sunshine. With the help of a swallow, she finally finds happiness and love in a warm land filled with flowers.
  10. The Lost Star: Once upon a time, a little star grew tired of shining every night and wanted to explore Earth. Despite the warnings from other stars and even the moon, the little star descended to Earth. However, upon arriving, it was mistaken for a stone and felt lost and sad. The daisies heard its cries and tried to help, but they couldn’t. Finally, the moon appeared and guided the little star back home, but not without a consequence. The star would have to shine for a hundred years far away from its fellow stars to regain its radiance. The story teaches children the importance of appreciating the place where they belong and not straying without thinking about the consequences.
  11. The Princess and the Pea: In this story, a prince is searching for a real princess to marry. After a long search, he returns home sad and alone. One stormy night, a girl knocks on the city gate claiming to be a real princess. To test her, the queen puts a pea under twenty mattresses and twenty blankets for the princess to sleep on. The next morning, the princess complains of a terrible night’s sleep because she felt something hard in the bed. This proves that she is a real princess. The prince is overjoyed and marries her. The pea is kept in the Royal Museum as a reminder of the true princess.
  12. Little Red Riding Hood: This is the story of a sweet little girl named Little Red Riding Hood. One day, her grandmother was sick, so Little Red Riding Hood set off to bring her wine and biscuits. Her mother warned her to stay on the path and be polite. Along the way, she encountered a wolf who tricked her into leaving the path and went ahead to eat her grandmother. When Little Red Riding Hood arrived at her grandmother’s cottage, she found the wolf pretending to be her grandmother. The wolf then ate Little Red Riding Hood too. But luckily, a hunter came by, heard the loud snoring, and saved them both by cutting open the wolf’s belly. They filled the wolf’s belly with stones, and everyone lived happily ever after, learning the importance of listening to their parents and staying on the path in the forest.
  13. Little Bo-Peep And Little Boy-Blue: Once upon a time, two young shepherds named Little Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue watched over their toy sheep in a peaceful valley. One day, they both realized that their sheep had gone missing. Little Bo-Peep came up with an idea to bring them back home, and Little Boy Blue agreed to help. They played, teased each other, and even confessed their love for each other. Just as the sun set, they heard the distant sound of bells and saw their toy sheep returning. The sheep had followed the sound of Little Boy Blue’s horn and came back to their loving shepherds. Little Bo-Peep and Little Boy Blue lived happily ever after, knowing they could always rely on each other.
  14. Snow-white and Rose-red: In this story, a poor widow and her two kind and cheerful daughters, Snow-white and Rose-red, live in a cottage. One day, a friendly bear comes to their door seeking warmth. The bear becomes their friend and visits them every day. When spring comes, the bear tells Snow-white that he must leave to guard his treasures from evil dwarfs. Snow-white and Rose-red later encounter the dwarfs and help them when they are in trouble. Eventually, the bear, who is actually a prince under a spell, is set free and marries Snow-white, while Rose-red marries his brother. They all live happily ever after. You can download an ebook of the story for free to read or print.
  15. Mr. Bear’s Farewell Party: Mr. Bear decides to throw a farewell supper for his woodland friends before going to sleep for the winter. The animals enjoy a feast of pies, cakes, and fried chicken. Two sneaky animals, Billy Possum and Tim Raccoon, offer to help Mr. Bear clean up but secretly lock him out of his house. When Mr. Bear discovers this, he takes them out of his bed, throws them out of the window, and teaches them a lesson. Billy and Tim learn not to play tricks on Mr. Bear again. Download the eBook to read the full story.
  16. Puss in Boots: Once upon a time, a miller’s son was left with nothing after his father died. But then, he heard a talking cat who promised to bring him good fortune. The cat asked for a bag and a pair of boots and went to catch rabbits and other animals to present to the king. The cat also convinced the king that the land belonged to the miller’s son, who was now called the Marquis of Carabas. The miller’s son bathed in the river and dressed in the king’s clothes, impressing the princess and marrying her. The cat revealed its ability to transform the giant into a mouse and claimed the giant’s castle as the Marquis of Carabas’s own. The cat and the Marquis lived happily ever after. You can download the story as an ebook, too!
  17. The Kite That Went To The Moon: Tom is excited to fly his big kite with a moon painted on it. But the kite keeps falling and the other children laugh at him. Tom and his friend Anna decide to search for someone who can help them figure out why the kite won’t fly. Along the way, they meet a magical old man and travel to the moon on a comet. They meet the Lady of the Moon, who scolds them for bringing the kite to her country. They rush back home on the kite, and Tom proudly tells the other children that his kite flew to the moon. The kite goes back to the sky, and there are free downloads of the story available.
  18. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies: This is the story of the Flopsy Bunnies, who liked to eat lettuce. The bunnies lived with their parents and sometimes had to borrow food from their cousin Peter Rabbit. One day, the bunnies found a heap of overgrown lettuces and ate so much that they fell asleep. While they were sleeping, Mr. McGregor, a farmer, put them in a sack and planned to do something with them. But with the help of a clever mouse, the bunnies were saved and returned home safely. In the end, the mouse received a gift made from rabbit wool. You can download the ebook or print version of the story for more reading enjoyment.
  19. Kate Crackernuts: Once upon a time, there was a king and queen who had two daughters named Anne and Kate. The queen was jealous of Anne’s beauty and sought to ruin it. She sent Anne to gather eggs from the henwife, but Anne ate some bread on the way. When she arrived, the henwife told her to tell the queen to keep her kitchen door locked. The next day, Anne ate peas on her way to the henwife, and the henwife became angry. On the third day, the queen went with Anne to make sure she didn’t eat anything, but when Anne lifted the lid off the pot, her head fell off and was replaced with a sheep’s head. Kate, feeling sorry for her sister, wrapped her head in a cloth and they set off together. They arrived at a castle where the prince was sick, and Kate offered to sit with him. At midnight, the prince would leave and ride to a fairy ball, and Kate followed him. She saw the prince dancing until he was exhausted. When cockcrow came, they returned to the castle, and Kate asked for a bag of gold for sitting with the prince. This happened for three nights, and on the third night, Kate asked to marry the prince. She learned that a wand and a chicken possessed magical properties, and she acquired them. She used the wand to turn Anne back into her normal self, and the chicken to cure the prince’s sickness. They all lived happily ever after.
  20. Nim-Nim’s Golden Wings: Once there was a little fairy named Nim-nim who wanted to earn her golden wings. She felt sad because she couldn’t find any big deeds to do. But the Queen took her to the city where they found people who needed help. Nim-nim learned that even small acts of kindness can be important, like helping a little boy walk, healing an old woman’s pain, and making flowers bloom. By doing these humble deeds, Nim-nim earned her golden wings and realized that helping others is the greatest reward.
  21. The Velveteen Rabbit: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful velveteen rabbit. The rabbit was loved by a little boy, but soon other toys and modern gadgets stole the boy’s attention. The rabbit felt lonely and rejected, until one day a wise horse told him that being loved by a child is what makes a toy real. The rabbit longed to become real, even if it meant getting shabby and worn out. Eventually, the rabbit was discarded and almost burned, but a fairy appeared and brought him to life. Now a real rabbit, he joined the other rabbits in the forest and lived happily ever after. You can download the ebook to read this heartwarming story.
  22. Little Ida’s Flowers: In this story, Little Ida’s cousin tells her that flowers come to life and dance at night. Little Ida is curious and puts her wilted bouquet in her doll’s bed. That night, she sneaks out of bed and finds her mother’s flowers dancing in the living room. The flowers invite her doll to dance too. The next day, the flowers are gone, but Little Ida knows she needs to bury them in the garden so they can come back next summer.
  23. How Old Witch Neda Stole the Moon and the Sun: Once upon a time, there was an old witch named Neda who flew on her broomstick and brushed away the “cobwebs” in the sky, which were actually the veils the stars used to rest. The stars got angry and attacked Neda, causing her to accidentally capture the moon. Neda then stole the sun and locked them both away. The stars, worried about what would happen without the sun and moon, devised a plan. A brave little star volunteered to rescue them. The star tricked Neda and released the sun and moon with the help of a magic broomstick. As a reward, the little star was transformed into a bright cross in the sky, and the stars lived happily ever after.
  24. The Steadfast Tin Soldier: In this story, a one-legged tin soldier falls in love with a beautiful dancer. When the soldier is accidentally swept away, he faces many challenges, including a rat and a fish. However, in the end, the soldier is reunited with the boy and the dancer, and they live happily ever after. This story teaches children about bravery, love, and perseverance.
  25. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: In this story, a little rabbit named Benjamin Bunny goes on an adventure to visit his relatives who live in the woods. Along the way, he helps his cousin Peter retrieve his lost clothes from Mr. McGregor’s garden. They hide from a curious cat and eventually make it back home. This educational story teaches children about friendship, problem-solving, and courage. It is available as an ebook and in printable format.
  26. The story of the amber beads: This story is about a girl named Jeanie who lives in the Scottish Highlands. She has a beautiful necklace made of amber beads that hold tiny objects inside, like moss, flies, bees, and pine needles. Jeanie’s grandfather found the lump of amber on the beach after a storm, and he carved the beads himself, preserving the insects and moss inside. Mother Nature explains that long ago, the Scottish Highlands were covered in forests with beautiful pine trees that produced fragrant yellow gum. Insects would get stuck in the gum, which eventually turned into amber. Over time, the land sank into the sea, and the forests disappeared. Jeanie’s grandfather’s lump of amber washed up on the shore during a big storm. There is an eBook available to download if you want to read the story.
  27. The Town Musicians of Bremen: Once upon a time, an old donkey and an old dog decided to run away from their owners and become town musicians in Bremen. Along the way, they met an old cat and an old rooster who joined them on their musical adventure. When they came across a house of robbers, the clever animals scared them away and decided to stay in the house instead of going to Bremen. They lived there happily ever after. You can download the ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  28. A bear in the rain: Once upon a time, a bear was walking in the forest in the rain. He didn’t like being wet, so a wood anemone suggested that he find an umbrella. They searched together and found a large branch with leaves. The bear held it above his head and was happy that he stayed dry. He thanked the wood anemone and walked proudly with his new umbrella. The wood anemone went back to her spot in the forest, waiting for the sun to shine again. You can download the ebook of this story to read offline or print.
  29. Little Boy Blue: In this story, a little boy named “Little Boy Blue” lives on a farm and loves playing in his flower garden. One day, his daddy gives him a blue horn, and when he blows it, it makes beautiful music. The fairies who live in the garden love the sound of the horn the most. One night, the pansy fairy takes the boy on a magical adventure to dance with the fairies in the meadow. But when morning comes, the boy falls asleep in the meadow until his daddy finds him. When he wakes up, he tells his mother all about his wonderful adventure.
  30. Sandman: The story is about the Sandman, who visits children while they sleep and gives them wonderful adventures in their dreams. He tells different stories to a little boy named Hjalmar every day. One night, Hjalmar explores a beautiful garden, but when he wakes up, the letters in his notebook are still crooked. Another night, he travels through a painting and has a magical experience. On a rainy night, he sails with the Sandman and meets a stork who tells stories about Africa. Hjalmar also attends a wedding of two little mice and his sister’s dolls. The Sandman explains that he doesn’t give nicer dreams to grownups who have done something wrong. Then, Hjalmar learns about the Sandman’s brother, Death, who rewards good report cards with a wonderful story. But Hjalmar is not afraid of Death because he knows he needs a good report card. The story is educational, teaching children about imagination, creativity, and consequences. The Sandman gives children the joy of dreaming, inspiring their minds and allowing them to explore different worlds.
  31. Hansel and Gretel: In this story, Hansel and Gretel’s parents decide to leave them in the forest because they are poor and can’t feed them. But Hansel is clever and leaves a trail of pebbles so they can find their way back home. The next time they are left in the forest, the pebbles are gone, so they follow a trail of breadcrumbs and discover a house made of bread, sugar, and pancakes. However, it turns out that the old woman who lives there is actually a wicked witch who wants to eat them. But Hansel and Gretel outsmart the witch and escape. They find a treasure in the witch’s cottage and return home to their father, living happily ever after.
  32. The cloud that had no lining: Once upon a time, there was a cloud that had no lining. The fairies who lived in the cloud were uncomfortable because it let the rain come through. They decided to find silver to line their cloud with, but the first fairy brought back water instead. The second fairy tried moonshine, but it was too thin. Finally, the third fairy asked other fairies in different clouds and learned that sunbeam silver was the best. They lined their cloud with sunbeam silver and never got wet again. The important lesson is that only sunbeam silver can effectively line a cloud.
  33. The Emperor’s New Clothes: This story is about an emperor who loved new clothes. Two swindlers convinced him to buy special invisible fabric that only stupid and dishonest people couldn’t see. The swindlers took the emperor’s money and pretended to weave, but actually made nothing. When the emperor and his subjects couldn’t see the clothes, they pretended they could because they didn’t want to be seen as stupid or dishonest. Eventually, a child spoke up and revealed that the emperor was naked. The emperor continued to pretend he was wearing clothes. This story teaches us the importance of honesty and not pretending to see things that aren’t there. You can download the ebook version to read offline or print.
  34. The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes: Once upon a time, there was a little squirrel named Timmy Tiptoes. He and his wife, Goody, gathered nuts to store for the winter. They worked hard to collect the nuts and stored them in hollow stumps. Other squirrels tried to steal their nuts, causing chaos in the woods. Timmy got trapped in a hole and was saved by a kind chipmunk. Meanwhile, Goody discovered a hidden stash of nuts. In the end, Timmy and Goody kept their nuts safe and secure. The story teaches children about hard work, perseverance, and the importance of planning and saving for the future.
  35. The Little Red Hen: A Little Red Hen lives in a barnyard and loves finding worms for her children. She finds a wheat seed and learns that it can be made into bread. When she asks the other animals for help, they all refuse. So she plants, harvests, threshes, grinds, bakes the wheat all by herself. The other animals then want to eat the bread, but the Little Red Hen enjoys it all by herself. The story teaches children about the importance of hard work and responsibility.
  36. The Gnome In The Boot: In a small forest, there lived a little gnome named Gizmo. One day, Gizmo realized that his ladder was missing and he was stuck inside his boot. A helpful caterpillar offered to help him search for the ladder. They found a squirrel with the ladder, who needed it to gather food for its family. Gizmo and the squirrel decided to share the ladder, and they all became friends. They worked and played together, learning the importance of understanding and kindness. You can read the ebook version of this story for free.
  37. Ollie the Elephant Firefighter: Ollie the elephant had always dreamed of becoming a firefighter. Despite being big and clumsy, Ollie worked hard at probationary school and learned all the skills he needed. His classmates laughed at him, but Ollie knew he had special abilities, like his long trunk and strong legs, that could help him save lives. After facing challenges and setbacks, Ollie graduated and joined the fire department. On his first real fire, Ollie hesitated and felt afraid. But when he heard his classmate in danger, Ollie overcame his fear and used his skills to rescue him and others. Ollie realized he had found his true calling as a firefighter.
  38. Uncle Wiggily’s icicle maker: Uncle Wiggily is a kind bunny who receives a magical icicle toy from Jack Frost. With the toy, Uncle Wiggily can make icicles whenever he wants. He uses the icicles to make a bridge, help a friend, and even make clothes sticks for Mrs. Twistytail. But when the bad Fox tries to catch Uncle Wiggily, the bunny cleverly traps him in a cage of ice. Read or download the PDF to find out how Uncle Wiggily uses his magical toy to help others and outsmart the Fox.
  39. The Elves and the Shoemaker: Once upon a time, there was a poor shoemaker who only had enough leather to make one more pair of shoes. But when he woke up the next morning, he found two perfectly made shoes on his table. The same thing happened the next day, and then the next. It turned out that two little elves were secretly making the shoes for him. The shoemaker and his wife decided to thank the elves by making them clothes and tiny shoes. When the elves saw the presents, they were overjoyed and danced around the room. After that, they disappeared and were never seen again. The shoemaker and his wife lived happily ever after.
  40. The Leaf Dresses: On a windy October day, the wind had an important message for the trees. It whispered that the days were getting shorter, and it was time for the trees to go into hibernation. To celebrate, all the leaves were invited to a big party and asked to dress up. The leaves were excited and dressed in beautiful red, yellow, and brown colors. Some leaves even decided to cover the flowers and make children happy with their colors. A sweet little girl found some of these beautiful leaves and brought them to school for everyone to enjoy during winter.
  41. The Gingerbread Man: This is the story of a little old man and a little old woman who live together and want to have a child. One day, the old woman bakes a gingerbread man, but he comes to life and runs away. The gingerbread man outruns everyone, including the old man, the old woman, barn shredders, lawnmowers, a cow, and a pig. However, he is eventually caught and eaten by a fox. The story teaches children about determination and the consequences of bragging. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  42. Bart The Bear Hibernates: The story is about Bart, a brown bear who lives in the mountain forest. Bart explains to the kindergarten teachers that he is going into hibernation for the winter, which means he will rest in his cozy den without needing to hunt for food. He shares his favorite food, salmon and berries, and takes a bath in the river before saying goodbye to his forest friends. Bart’s friends, like Squirrel and Fox, have different ways of preparing for winter. Bart explains that he will wake up from his long winter’s nap when the temperatures rise. He says goodbye to the river and the raspberry bush before settling into his den for a nice, peaceful slumber. Bart hopes to have sweet dreams about exploring the forest with his friends while he hibernates.
  43. Tales from Mars: Meet Persey, the Perseverance Rover: Snuggle up, little dreamers, and imagine a magical world on Mars. Meet Persey, the brave and curious Perseverance Rover, who traveled all the way from Earth to explore the mysteries of the red planet. Equipped with special tools, Persey is on a mission to discover secrets that humans can’t uncover themselves. Although it can get lonely on Mars, Persey is filled with pride to be the first to explore this distant land. And if you think of Persey, it promises to share all its extraordinary adventures with you. Download the ebook to learn more about Persey’s adventures on Mars!
  44. Raggedy Ann And The Fairies’ Gift: In this story, Raggedy Ann and her dog friend Fido hear beautiful music and discover a group of fairies playing instruments and singing outside their window. The fairies bring a bundle of light into the nursery, which turns out to be a baby brother for Mistress. The dolls are excited and happy about the new addition to their family. You can download the eBook version of the story to read offline or print.
  45. The Cow On The Dike: Once upon a time, there was a cow who lived on a peaceful dike. She loved eating tasty grasses and looking at the strange and noisy things that passed by on the road behind the fence. One day, she couldn’t resist the sight of beautiful flowers along the creek and decided to eat them. However, the bank was slippery and she ended up getting stuck in the mud. Luckily, a helpful farmer came by with a boat and rescued her, taking her on a boat ride to enjoy more flowers. From then on, they went on boat trips together and the cow even got a flower wreath around her head. You can download the ebook to read or print offline.
  46. Why The Bear Sleeps All Winter: Once upon a time, there was a little rabbit who was hardworking and shared with others. But a mischievous bear kept bothering him. The rabbit asked his friends for help, and they tricked the bear by trapping him in a log. The bear slept all winter and when he finally woke up, he realized he had missed the whole season. Since then, bears have slept through winter, just like their ancestors. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print and share with your kindergarten students.
  47. Uncle Wiggily’s Fortune: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure to find his fortune. He travels with his friends, Kittie Kat and the red monkey, and they encounter obstacles along the way. Finally, they reach a hill, but Uncle Wiggily realizes that his fortune was right at home all along. His friends had taken care of his garden and fields, and now he is the richest rabbit in the world. They all live happily ever after, enjoying their newfound wealth.
  48. The Quest For The Nightingale: In the Enchanted Wood, the fairies lived peacefully with the creatures of the forest. But when the goblins stole the nightingale from the fairy dell, Pease-Blossom set out on a quest to find her. Along the way, he faces challenges and receives help from unexpected friends. Eventually, Pease-Blossom rescues the nightingale and returns to fairyland, where they celebrate with a grand court ball. This story teaches children about friendship, determination, and the importance of helping others.
  49. Little Maid Hildegarde: Little Maid Hildegarde’s father tells her that the knights are coming to town. She has always wanted to see them because they are brave and kind. But on the day of their arrival, Hildegarde’s mother gets sick and her father hurts his foot. They can’t take her to see the knights. Hildegarde is sad, but she doesn’t show it. She helps her parents all day and waits for the knights to come. Just when she thinks she won’t see them, she spots them riding by her house. They are beautiful and strong, and she hears the most beautiful music. Hildegarde keeps this memory in her heart and sings the same song to her own children one day.
  50. Raggedy Ann And The Kittens: In this story, Raggedy Ann and the other dolls in the nursery have a pretend dinner while their owner, Marcella, is away. When Fido the dog discovers three real kittens in the barn, the dolls are excited and want to share the news with Raggedy Ann. They all go to see the kittens, but Mamma Cat chases Fido away. Eventually, Mamma Cat trusts Fido and allows him to be friends with the kittens. The kittens become part of the nursery and are given names by Marcella. Raggedy Ann, with her wise cotton-stuffed head, helps bring joy and friendship to the nursery.
  51. Uncle Wiggily And The Water Lilies: Uncle Wiggily is a kind old rabbit who helps a worried mamma cat find her lost kitten, Snowball. Uncle Wiggily searches all over, but can’t find Snowball. Just when he’s about to give up, he brings some beautiful water lilies home to Mrs. Cat to cheer her up. To his surprise, he discovers that Snowball was hiding inside one of the flowers the whole time! Everyone is overjoyed to be reunited, and Snowball explains that she hid in the flower to escape from a dog. It’s a heartwarming story about friendship, bravery, and the power of hope.
  52. The White Swan: Two little sisters receive a beautiful white porcelain swan from their godmother. They want to put it in water, but they start arguing over who should do it. In their argument, they drop and break the swan. They feel sorry and ashamed, but their mother fixes it with glue. Although the swan can’t float in water anymore, the children learn to look at it and not fight. If they ever start arguing, their nurse reminds them to remember the white swan.
  53. The Adventures Of Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane go to the woods for an adventure. They find a picnic table with delicious food but it actually belongs to a bear family. The bears try to scare Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane, but they end up getting stuck on sticky fly paper. Later, they have more adventures with Squiggle Bugs and play on an island in a lake. But they have to escape from a heavy hippo and a tricky alligator. In the end, they are safe and happy.
  54. The White Moon: Once upon a time, when the moon was round and full in the sky, the land was filled with magic. The moon’s light transformed everything it touched, making old trees look like friendly monsters and turning a pond into a shiny mirror. Under the moon’s glow, the ordinary road became a path of mystery and dreams. The villagers gathered in the grand hall, eager to hear stories filled with adventure and love. Aunt Mildred told a tale about Lady Elinore, capturing everyone’s attention. It was a magical time, when the moon brought enchantment to the world.
  55. Apple-Roasting: In a charming village, the Vicar and the Squire would gather the villagers around a cozy hearth to roast apples and tell stories. The Squire was a wise man who would spin magical tales that captivated the children. One evening, they decided to play a game where the person whose apple burned first would tell the next story. A kind-hearted matron told a beautiful tale, leaving everyone eager for more. This story emphasizes the joy of storytelling and the warmth of community.
  56. Tickity-tock: Once upon a time, there was a lively clock that stood on the mantel in a little boy’s mother’s room. It told the family when to do various things, like go to work or prepare dinner. It even seemed to talk to the little boy, reminding him to go to bed and wake up. One day, the clock told the little boy that someone special was coming, so he quickly tidied up and put on his new sailor-like blouse. And just as the clock predicted, his father walked in, impressed by how well the little boy was prepared. This story teaches children the value of listening to the clock and being ready for important events.
  57. The Adventures of Mr. Piggles: In a small town, there lived a friendly guinea pig named Mr. Piggles. He loved to brush his hair back like a periwig and wore a sky-blue tie. With big whiskers and shiny buttons, Mr. Piggles was quite a sight. The townsfolk adored him and cheered him on when the town faced a problem. Using his strong whiskers, Mr. Piggles helped lift a fallen bell, becoming a hero. Now, whenever the bell rings, everyone remembers the brave Mr. Piggles and his message that even small creatures can do great things. If you want to read the story, you can download the PDF ebook.
  58. The Best Dream: In this story, some children are playing and pretending to be rich, famous, and have animals. The Dream-King sends them dreams to make their play-games come true. The children who dreamed of being rich and famous found out that it wasn’t as fun as they thought. They had servants and monuments, but they couldn’t play or have fun. The children with the animals had the most enjoyable dream, taking care of their pets and being loved. But in the end, they all agreed that animals and games were more fun than riches and fame. You can download the ebook version of this story to read offline or print.
  59. The Pot Of Gold: In this story, Peter and Polly are sad because it’s raining on a Saturday. But then they hear the umbrella and rubbers in their room speaking, saying that they like the rain and that there might be a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Peter and Polly decide to pretend that they like the rain too, and suddenly they see little raindrops turning into fairies with umbrellas. The fairies invite them to join them outside, and they have fun splashing in puddles. Eventually, they find themselves in a wood, where they try to wake up Lady April. Fairy Sunshine appears and unlocks a tree, and Lady April comes out with a pot of gold. The children and fairies say goodbye, and Peter and Polly return home with sunshine in their hearts. They decide to always carry sunshine with them and become known as Little Sir Sunshine and Little Miss Sunshine.
  60. The Shadow Child: In this story, Girl Goldy Locks always wanted to stay up late and never wanted to go to bed. But one night, some magical fairies came to teach her a lesson. They tried to convince her to go to bed, but she refused. Finally, a little Shadow Child took her to Shadow Land, where they heard many mothers crying because their children didn’t like to go to bed. Girl Goldy realized that she needed to go home and went to bed. The fairies sang her a sleepy-time song, and she woke up in her own bed. From then on, she happily went to bed on time.
  61. Uncle Wiggily And The Moon-man: In this story, Uncle Wiggily hears the news that his friend Nannie is sick and her party has been canceled. He decides to visit her and brings ice cream cones to cheer her up. On his way, he meets the moon-man who accidentally fell to Earth and burned his mouth. Uncle Wiggily helps soothe his pain with the ice cream cone. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is trying to find his way home in the dark, the moon-man shines his light to guide him safely. Uncle Wiggily is grateful and makes it back to his bungalow. The story teaches kindness, helping others, and the importance of light in the dark.
  62. The Little Moon Men: Once upon a time, there was a little boy who didn’t like going to sleep. One evening, his aunt came to rock him to sleep and told him a story about little men who bring dreams. As they rocked, the little boy saw the little men come to life and one of them tickled his toes. The little boy fell asleep and went on a magical adventure with the little men. When he woke up, he found a golden coin under his pillow. The story teaches kids the importance of listening and going to bed when told to, and promises the possibility of fairy gold.
  63. Uncle Wiggily And Little Bo-Peep: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are living together in their hollow-stump bungalow. Nurse Jane wants to make a chocolate cake, but they don’t have any chocolate. Uncle Wiggily goes to the store to buy some and on his way, he finds Little Bo Peep, who has lost her sheep. Uncle Wiggily buys her some toy sheep from a toy store so she won’t go home empty-handed. Bo Peep is happy and Uncle Wiggily gets her chocolate for the cake. In the end, Bo Peep finds her real sheep and everyone is happy. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  64. The Indian Summer Dance: In a colorful village during Indian Summer, a group of boys and girls dressed in autumn shades prepared for their annual dance. They formed a circle, swaying and hopping to the music, resembling leaves twirling in the wind. They skipped and danced in sync, just like the beautiful colors of the season. Their movement reminded everyone of seeds scattering. They bowed and curtsied, pretending to pick apples and grapes, and ended the dance with a grand finale. The children left hand in hand, leaving behind heartwarming memories of a beautiful autumn day.
  65. Moonbabies: Once upon a time, there were misbehaving children called Moonbabies. They were taken to the moon by a witch as punishment and learned important lessons about obedience and being good. After some time, they were able to return to Earth, where they became good again and never forgot their time on the moon. The story teaches children the importance of listening to their elders and being well-behaved.
  66. Little Hill Men: In this story, the Funny Fox and Mrs. Fox discover the Little Hill Men digging for gold on moonlit nights. The Little Hill Men are happy and sing while they dig. The Fox decides to trick them by dancing and singing for them. He tells them to close their eyes and count to ninety-three while he takes their gold and disappears. When the Little Hill Men open their eyes, they realize what happened and learn the lesson that haste makes waste. They go back to digging, but now they know the importance of taking their time.
  67. Uncle Wiggily’s Toothache: Once upon a time, there was a boy with a toothache. He didn’t want to go to the dentist, but his mother and grandmother tried to convince him. Meanwhile, Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit, came up with a plan to help the boy overcome his fear. Uncle Wiggily pretended to have a toothache and went to see Dr. Possum, the animal dentist. The boy watched as the bunny had his tooth pulled, and realizing that it didn’t hurt much, he decided to go to the dentist himself. In the end, the boy’s toothache was fixed, and he learned that going to the dentist isn’t so scary after all.
  68. The White Fur Coats: Bennie and Bunny Rabbit woke up one winter morning to find snow outside. Excited to play, they promised their mother not to throw snowballs at anyone. However, when they saw Jackie Rabbit showing off, they couldn’t resist and threw snowballs at him. Their mother punished them by taking away their white fur coats and making them wear gray ones. They had to stay inside most of the winter, only occasionally going out. If you see a rabbit in the woods with a gray coat, it might be Bennie, Bunny, or another rabbit facing the same punishment.
  69. The Sandman’s Sand: Once upon a time, the Moon Man played hide-and-seek with the little stars behind clouds. The Moon Man explained that he had to hide sometimes, so that naughty elves wouldn’t steal all the Sandman’s sand. The sand is what helps children fall asleep. The little stars saw the Sandman, an old man with a long nose, taking a nap. They watched as fairies put grains of silver sand in his bag, and the sand helps children have pleasant dreams. But then, the naughty elves came and switched the sand with bad-dream seeds. The Sandman caught the elves and released them, but the bad-dream seeds were left in his bag. The Sandman then goes to find children who are awake and won’t go back to sleep. The naughty elves make their bad-dream seeds look like the good sand, so the Sandman has to leave them in his bag. It would be easier if the children knew everything, just like the little stars.
  70. Uncle Wiggily And Humpty Dumpty: In this story, Uncle Wiggily is asked by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to get some glue to fix a broken teacup. On his way, he meets Charlie Chick who is upset because Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall and broke. Uncle Wiggily goes to investigate and finds out that Humpty Dumpty was actually an egg and the little chicken inside hatched out of it. They all become friends and everything turns out well in the end.
  71. The Fairies’ Dolls: Once a year, the Queen of the fairies gives her little subjects a special holiday where they can make a wish. One year, a little fairy asked for a doll, just like the ones human children have. The Queen had never heard of a fairy asking for a doll before, but she wanted to grant their wish. She took the fairies to a garden filled with flowers, and told them that the hollyhock flowers were their dolls. Each flower had a tiny face and a beautiful dress. The fairies played with their hollyhock dolls all night and made sure to put them back in their places before morning. The next night, the fairies found their dolls just as they left them, all fresh and bright.
  72. The Lost Fairy: Once upon a time, a fairy fell in love with a mortal and wanted to be with him forever. She went to an old witch who turned her into a human, but warned her that if the fairy Queen ever found out, she would be punished. The fairy-girl married the mortal, but the Queen soon discovered her and turned her into a white rabbit. The husband found the rabbit and promised to marry it, and the witch turned the rabbit back into the fairy-girl. They had a baby and lived happily ever after. The fairy Queen knew that fairies could find happiness with mortals, so she let them be.
  73. Uncle Wiggily And Little Boy Blue: In this story, Uncle Wiggily, a rabbit, is asked by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to deliver a pie to their friend, Grandfather Goosey Gander. On his way, Uncle Wiggily encounters Little Boy Blue, who is sad because he can’t find the haystack he sleeps under and his horn won’t make any music. Uncle Wiggily helps to thaw out the horn by placing it on the hot apple pie, and they both play tunes. Uncle Wiggily then invites Little Boy Blue to stay with Grandpa Goosey Gander until summer, where he can blow his horn for the sheep and cows. They all enjoy the warm pie together.
  74. The Fairy Queen’s Jewels: In this story, the elves want to steal the fairies’ jewels and wear them for themselves. They search for the jewels but can’t find them. Eventually, they discover that the fairies’ jewels are actually the beautiful flowers in the fields. The fairies transform the flowers into jewels at night, but during the day, the flowers are just ordinary flowers. The elves learn that true beauty can be found in nature.
  75. Uncle Wiggily And The Crumple-horn Cow: Uncle Wiggily goes for a walk and helps a cow with a crumpled horn who is stuck in a stump. The cow tries to jump over the moon like in the Mother Goose book, but gets stuck. Uncle Wiggily helps her and she promises to help him in return. Later, Uncle Wiggily gets rheumatism and needs medicine but can’t open the bottle. The cow comes to the rescue with her crumpled horn, which acts like a corkscrew and opens the bottle. Uncle Wiggily feels better. The story teaches kindness, helping others, and problem-solving.
  76. The Moon Lady’s Daughter: Once upon a time, a King and Queen who had no children prayed for a baby girl. A fairy visited the Queen and said that their wish would be granted, but the baby would be a moon baby who could only stay on Earth for a short time. The Queen accepted and soon a baby girl arrived. The Princess grew up and fell in love with the gardener’s son, but her parents refused to allow them to marry. One night, the Princess called out to the Moon Lady for help, and she was taken back to the moon. The Moon Lady agreed to let the Princess visit her lover on Earth as long as he was willing to change form. They became a lake in the mountains, shining like silver in the moonlight. You can read more about their story in the downloadable ebook.
  77. The Vanity Of Annie: Annie is a vain little girl who cares a lot about her looks. One day, an elf appears in her mirror and tells her that she is too proud and not a nice person. The elf warns Annie that if she doesn’t change, he will take away her good looks. Annie becomes kind and helpful to others, and she starts to feel happier. Eventually, the elf returns and tells Annie that she has improved, and her pretty face is restored. The elf reminds Annie that being kind and pleasant is more important than just looking pretty.
  78. Jack Frost’s Sweetheart: In this story, a little flower elfin mistakenly wakes up during the winter. She gets lost and is very frightened until she meets Jack Frost. He invites her to a winter festival and the other magical creatures wonder if he’s in love with her. Eventually, they make her a member of their society and name her the Christmas Rose. Every year, the Christmas Rose blooms and Jack Frost tells her she is beautiful, causing her to blush. While humans call her the Christmas Rose, the magical creatures call her Jack Frost’s Sweetheart.
  79. The White World: One morning, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Bird woke up to a strange sight – the world was covered in white snow! They didn’t know what to do or where to find food. Luckily, their feathered friends, like Robin Redbreast and Grandmother Sparrow, came to their aid. They showed them where to find warmth and food until the snow melted. The Cardinals learned that even in difficult times, people and animals can come together to help each other. You can download an ebook (PDF) version of the story to read offline or print.
  80. Grandmother Rabbit’s Story: Patty Rabbit is unhappy with her storybook because it only has pictures of boy rabbits. She wishes there was a story about a girl rabbit. So her grandmother tells her a story about Susie Rabbit who made a doll out of a carrot and lettuce. Susie enjoyed playing with her doll, but she ended up eating it because she was hungry. Patty Rabbit loves the story and asks her grandmother to have it printed so other children can read about a girl rabbit too. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  81. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan, while initially skeptical, find themselves lost in a mysterious forest where animals can talk. They encounter Mrs. Owl, who offers them supper and introduces them to her adorable owl babies. They also meet Mrs. Blue Jay, Mrs. Bruin, Mrs. Rabbit, and Mrs. Squirrel, each proudly showing off their own charming animal babies. Finally, they are guided out of the forest by Mr. Bruin, and though they can’t find their way back, they hope to return to the magical forest one day.
  82. Emborg And The Animals: In this story, Emborg goes out on her own for the first time to buy a birthday present for her mother. Along the way, she meets various animals who give her gifts without asking for anything in return. She receives a whistle, wool, milk, butter, cheese, eggs, and even reindeer horns. At the end, a horse appears and carries all the gifts on its back, allowing Emborg to bring them home to her mother. The story teaches kindness, gratitude, and the joy of giving.
  83. The Singing Ring: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Princess who wanted to marry a Prince, but her father, the King, didn’t approve because the Prince didn’t have many castles or land. The Princess was sad and cried a lot. One day, she saw the Prince from her window and they waved to each other. She found a singing ring that made her feel happier. The Princess and the Prince communicated through a magical dove and eventually, the Prince saved her from a fire. The King allowed them to get married, and the ring continued to sing as they rode away together on a black horse. The moral of the story is that true love is more important than material possessions. You can download an ebook version of the story for offline reading or printing.
  84. The Marriage of the Roses: In this story, a bee helps connect two roses who are in love with each other. The red rose asks the bee to send his love to the white rose, but the white rose is hesitant because she is afraid of being rejected. The bee reassures her and delivers her message to the red rose. Eventually, the white rose admits her love and they get married. The bee is happy because he loves making matches and spreading love among the flowers.
  85. Jack Frost’s Cards: Rudolph, who lived on a mountain, was invited to a magical revel by a Goblin. However, when the animals in the forest asked the Goblins to delay the arrival of winter, Rudolph learned about the importance of working together. He realized that he could protect his plants from Jack Frost by covering them at night. The Goblins even helped Rudolph fix his roof to keep out the rain and cold. In the end, Rudolph appreciated the educational lessons he learned from his adventure with the Goblins. You can download the story as an ebook to read offline or print.
  86. How the Fairies Borrowed the Moon: Once upon a time, the Fairies wanted to have a winter festival, but they needed more light than the moon could provide. So, they decided to borrow a piece of the moon to make their festival shine. They asked the man in the moon, who was hesitant at first, but eventually agreed to lend them a piece. The Fairies had a wonderful festival, and when they returned the moon, the man in the moon was so happy that he said they could borrow a piece anytime they wanted. So, if you see only a part of the moon in the sky, it might be because the Fairies are having another festival and have borrowed another piece.
  87. The Green Cat: In this story, Old Witch Betto is angry because she was not invited to a village celebration. She causes rain to spoil the festivities. Hans, who is about to get married, promises to make the rain stop. He meets a talking frog who tells him that he can stop the rain by finding a green cat guarded by a dwarf. Hans goes on a dangerous journey, finds the green cat, and brings it to Old Witch Betto. The cat turns into a princess, and the prince she was supposed to marry thanks Hans for his help. In the end, the rain stops, and Hans and his bride can have their wedding. The story teaches us about bravery, kindness, and the power of helping others.
  88. Princess Dido and the Prince of the Roses: In this story, Little Princess Dido goes on an adventure in a forest. She finds a magical key and unlocks a hidden door in a tree. Behind the door, she discovers a beautiful castle filled with roses. The Prince of the Roses appears and asks the princess to stay with him in his castle. They live happily ever after surrounded by flowers and enchantment. You can download the ebook version of the story using the provided link.
  89. Cilla and the Dwarf: In this story, there was a king with a beautiful daughter who had many suitors. One of them was an ugly dwarf who wanted to marry the princess, but she refused. One night, before her wedding, the princess disappeared. A kitchen maid named Cilla, who loved the princess, decided to find her. She went to a witch for help and received a magical bean. Cilla followed the dwarf to a hidden cave, where she discovered that he had turned the princess into a rabbit. Cilla twisted the dwarf’s nose, turning him into a toad, and gave the rabbit the bean, which transformed her back into the princess. They escaped from the cave and Cilla was rewarded with a cottage near the palace. She lived happily with her family, telling her children the story of how she saved the princess from the bad dwarf.
  90. The Gingerbread Rock: Once there lived a little boy named Hans and his sister Lisbeth. Their parents had passed away, and their uncle, who was very greedy, took them in to do all the work without giving them enough to eat. One night, Hans and Lisbeth went into the woods looking for food and discovered a rock with smoke coming out. They found out that the rock was actually made of gingerbread and started eating it. The next night, they went back to the gingerbread rock and found an old man living inside. Instead of being angry, the old man invited them to cook and eat with him. It turned out that the children’s uncle had stolen their parents’ wealth and hidden it under the rock. The old man, who was a wizard, helped the children recover their fortune and they lived happily ever after.
  91. The Silver Horseshoes: Once upon a time, there was a king who wanted a good soldier as a son-in-law. He put his daughter, the beautiful Princess, in a tower on top of a high mountain and announced that the youth who could reach her would marry her. Many tried, but the mountain was too slippery. In a faraway kingdom, a poor prince had a black horse. The Prince wished he had clothes to impress the Princess and the horse suggested he visit a witch. The Prince found the witch’s cave and saw that she wore silver horseshoes. He also noticed that her cat had two more. The witch and cat fell asleep, so the Prince took the shoes and escaped. The witch chased him, but the shoes made him fly. He reached the Princess, used the shoes to climb to her, and they rode down the mountain together. The King was impressed and they lived happily ever after.
  92. Princess Cantilla: Princess Cantilla lives in a rundown castle with her poor father. One day, while cooking soup, she sees an enchanted dwarf offering to restore their home and make her father a rich king again, but only if she agrees to marry him. Reluctantly, Cantilla agrees and is transported to an island in the middle of the ocean for the wedding ceremony. However, when the ceremony is complete, the dwarf transforms into a handsome man who had been under a spell. They return to the castle, where Cantilla’s father no longer remembers their poverty. They live happily ever after.
  93. Little Bear Cub: Once upon a time in a happy forest, there was a grumpy Little Bear Cub who wanted to be more than just a bear. He went on a journey and transformed into a man to impress the princess. However, when he couldn’t resist eating honey at a grand feast, everyone discovered he was just a bear. They chained him up instead of letting him marry the princess. The story teaches us that it’s important to be content with who we are and not try to be something we’re not. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  94. The Friendly Playmate: A group of children from Espesett Farm went on a berry-picking adventure and met a friendly brown animal that they thought was a pig. The animal joined them and even ate berries from the baby’s cup. Later, the animal helped the children collect pine cones and playfully shook a tree to make more cones fall. When the children’s fun was interrupted by ants, they brushed them off the animal’s back. The animal left when it heard the sound of cows returning to the pasture. The children excitedly told their parents about their new friend, but their father realized it was actually a bear. Luckily, it had been a kind and harmless bear. The children never forgot their playful encounter and love sharing the story with others. They even have a downloadable eBook about it.
  95. The Moonlit Lullaby: In this story, a baby bird rests peacefully in its cozy nest while the world sleeps. The wind whispers a lullaby, and the gentle breeze carries sweet scents, filling the air with lovely dreams. The moon spreads its warm glow, keeping watch over the sleeping world. Even the stars gather close to protect the little bird until morning. It’s a soothing tale that emphasizes the importance of peaceful sleep and the beauty of nature. For more educational resources, you can download the ebook version of the story.
  96. How The Dimples Came: On a beautiful spring day, two playful dimples were sent by Mother Nature to find their purpose. They journeyed through the sky, danced with sunbeams, and explored the trees and flowers. Unable to find their work, they sought a place to rest. With the help of stars and moonbeams, they discovered a baby’s rosy cheeks to rest on. As the baby woke and smiled, the dimples found their purpose in bringing joy and laughter. They play hide and seek on the baby’s face, bringing smiles to everyone who sees them. You can read the full story in the downloadable ebook.
  97. The Fairy Tulips: In a cozy village near Dartmoor, an elderly woman took care of a beautiful tulip garden. Playful pixies loved the garden and would bring their babies there to sing them to sleep. At night, the garden would come alive with the soothing sounds of their lullabies, and the tulips would sway along. The pixies would then go to a nearby field to dance and play. Every morning, they would return to care for their babies and shower them with love. The tulips thrived because of the pixies’ care. Sadly, when the old woman passed away, someone who didn’t appreciate the tulips took over the garden and replaced them with parsley. The pixies, saddened by this, caused the parsley to wither, leaving the garden barren. However, they continued to honor the old woman’s memory by tending to her grave and keeping it filled with beautiful flowers.
  98. Calico Pie: In a magical land, there was a special tree called the Calico Tree that grew delicious pies. Birds, fish, mice, and insects all came to enjoy the tree’s treats, but they never returned. The tree continued to offer its delights, and the narrator hoped that one day the visitors would come back and share their happiness once more. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  99. The Jumblies: Once upon a time, there were peculiar creatures called the Jumblies. They had green heads and blue hands and loved the sea. One day, they set off on a daring adventure in a sieve, despite warnings from their friends. They faced storms and sailing in a sieve wasn’t easy, but they stayed brave and sang songs under the moonlight. They explored new lands, collected treasures, and after many years, returned home as heroes. Inspired by their courage, their friends also dreamed of going on exciting journeys. This story is about the Jumblies’ incredible imagination and the limitless possibilities of an adventurous spirit. You can download an ebook version of this story to share with your students.
  100. The Fairy Box: In this story, a little girl named May wishes for a magic bracelet like her friend Rosamond’s. She is surprised when she hears a voice telling her to look under her pillow every night. If she has been good, she will find something nice, but if she has been naughty, something bad will appear. May tries hard to be good and receives presents like a gold box, a kitten, a dog, a picture book, a pony, and a boat. She learns to be patient and not be greedy. Eventually, May realizes that she doesn’t need the fairy box anymore because she has learned to be good on her own. One night, she wakes up to find a beautiful bracelet on the table and sees a real fairy before it disappears. May is happy because she has truly seen a fairy.

In conclusion, the Top 100 Bedtime Stories for Kindergartners provide a fun-filled, enriching journey into the world of imagination for young minds. By encapsulating a variety of intriguing characters, captivating plotlines, gentle morals, and vivid visuals, these tales act as a magical gateway into the realm of dreams for kindergartners. These stories not only enhance children’s listening skills, vocabulary, and cognitive thinking, but also spark creativity and engrave lifelong lessons, making bedtime routine not just entertaining but also educational. This collection is truly a treasure trove that fosters a love for reading in children, making these stories the perfect companion to sign off each day.