Stories About Mothers

Stories About Mothers

Welcome to our extraordinary collection of the 27 best stories about mothers for kids to read online. We understand that reading is a powerful tool for learning and fostering love in children. Therefore, we’ve carefully curated this assemblage of short, educational tales that are perfect for bedtime, story time, or any time in between!

We’re providing this collection of mother-themed stories entirely for free, making them available for easy online reading. From classic fairy tales to modern narratives, each story is designed to be just as fun as it is enlightening, geared towards children from the early years foundation stage (EYFS) to elementary students.

Parents and teachers will find the selection perfect for various age groups – toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners will all enjoy these tales, delivered in clear, simple English for easy comprehension. Moreover, boys and girls alike will be engrossed by the fascinating plots, vivid illustrations, and warm characters.

All the stories come with colorful, attractive pictures that will captivate your little ones, enhancing their visual learning and making story time even more enjoyable. For those children who prefer to listen to stories, we have also included audio versions, creating a read-aloud experience that is sure to enhance their listening skills and imagination.

If you’d like a physical copy of these stories, worry not! We have made them available in downloadable, printable PDF format, giving you the liberty to create your own hardcopy collection. And for the ones who crave for longer stories at night, we’ve got that covered too! We’ve included both short and longer stories, ensuring a good night’s sleep filled with fascinating dreams.

Mothers play a crucial role in our lives. They are our first teachers, our guiding stars, and our constant source of love and support. These stories highlight the boundless love, strength, and wisdom of mothers, teaching our children essential morals and values.

Through the power of storytelling, we hope to instill in your children a deep appreciation and respect for their mothers, and mothers everywhere. So whether you’re looking to fall into a tale with your children at bedtime or expand their learning in the early hours, these stories are the perfect fit.

So come, delve into this fascinating world of mother-themed stories – they are more than just stories to tell. They are life lessons wrapped in love and imagination, waiting to be discovered by your little ones.

Top 27 Stories About Mothers

  1. Sunflowers And Strawberry Shortcake For Mother’s Day: In the charming town of Sunnyside, young Lottie plans a heartfelt surprise for her loving mother on Mother’s Day. With the help of her friends Rosemary and Jack, Lottie decides to create a beautiful sunflower garden and bake a scrumptious strawberry shortcake. They gather sunflower seeds, ingredients, and spend an afternoon planting the seeds with hope and excitement. As the sunflowers bloom just in time, Lottie and her friends bake the cake and prepare a delightful breakfast tray. When her mother wakes up, she is overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Together, they enjoy the day surrounded by the blossoming sunflowers, creating cherished memories and starting a tradition to celebrate Mother’s Day in their magical garden. The town of Sunnyside is forever touched by the love and appreciation they share for their mothers, making Mother’s Day a cherished celebration filled with heartwarming moments.
  2. Rock Me To Sleep, Mother: a weary soul yearns to relive the innocence and comfort of childhood. Through a whispered wish to the wind, the protagonist is granted a miraculous encounter with their mother from bygone days. Embraced in her loving arms, worries fade away, and the burdens of adulthood are lifted. The mother’s lullabies soothe the spirit, evoking a sense of peace and joy. In this precious moment, the power of a mother’s love transforms the world, bringing solace and tranquility. As sleep overtakes them, the protagonist finds respite, knowing they are once again safe and secure, forever cradled in the eternal love of their mother.
  3. Peewee’s Lesson: Peewee the little chicken discovers the importance of embracing one’s own strengths and abilities. With a loving mother by his side, Peewee encounters new neighbors, including a family of ducks. While the ducks can effortlessly swim in the pool, Peewee, unable to swim, finds himself in danger. Thankfully, Mother Duck comes to the rescue and pushes him to safety. Reflecting on the experience, Peewee learns a valuable lesson from his mother that everyone has their own unique talents and destinies. As he drifts off to sleep, Peewee feels safe and loved, dreaming of the adventures that await him on dry land. With newfound confidence, Peewee awakens ready to explore the world and embrace his individuality, knowing that his mother will always be there to support him on his journey.
  4. An Interrupted Nap: Nimble the fawn ventures into the forest while his mother sleeps, taking great care not to awaken her. However, when his mother suddenly wakes up, she panics, not seeing Nimble beside her. In a moment of fear, she momentarily forgets about her son, only concerned with her own safety. But just as she prepares to flee, Nimble reveals himself, gracefully jumping over a stone wall. Relieved, his mother asks about the supposed chase, and Nimble explains that he saw a fox. However, his mother corrects him, identifying the creature as a raccoon. Nimble realizes his mistake and is glad his mother didn’t question his solo forest adventure.
  5. The Lovely Moon: In this sweet bedtime story, a child resists going to sleep, but their mother gently reminds them that the animals and nature have already settled down for the night. Still unwilling, the child becomes tearful until the moon appears at their window, bringing comfort and a smile. The child watches the moon as their mother sings a lullaby, feeling the heaviness of sleep gradually overcome them. As they drift off, the moon assures that it sees the peaceful lambs and the child falling asleep. The story ends with a serene scene of the moon smiling at the child and their mother, while the child blissfully slumbers, embracing the tranquility of the night.
  6. Mother’s Day Mayhem: siblings Ricky and Sienna embark on a mission to surprise their mother with a special Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed. However, their well-intentioned efforts lead to a series of mishaps that result in a chaotic and messy kitchen. Feeling disheartened, they brace themselves for their mother’s disappointment. But when their mother discovers the scene, she embraces her children, reminding them that their love and effort mean more to her than any perfect surprise. Together, they clean up the mess and proceed to make breakfast as a family, sharing laughter and stories along the way. The day unfolds with a delightful park outing and cherished moments spent together. As they drift off to sleep that night, the children feel the warmth of their mother’s love, knowing they made her day special despite the kitchen mishaps.
  7. Mother Nature’s House Cleaning: Mother Nature eagerly awaits the arrival of Spring and her three little helpers: March, April, and May. She realizes that the world left behind by King Winter is dirty and in need of cleaning before the arrival of the two young girls, April and May. March, with his roguish demeanor and playful spirit, becomes Mother Nature’s helper. He whistles to the East Wind, summoning rain to wash away the dirty snow, and then calls upon the West Wind to sweep away the cloud cobwebs from the sky. March’s efforts awaken the seeds, prompt the trees to bud, and bring back the singing brooks and the cheerful robins. Mother Nature appreciates March’s help and bids him farewell, promising to call upon him again for future cleaning days.
  8. My Dear Little One: In this touching story, a parent expresses their unwavering love and admiration for their growing child. From the early moments in the womb to the milestones of walking and talking, the parent reflects on the child’s growth and independence. Despite occasional clashes over safety concerns or reminders, the parent wonders if their presence is still cherished. However, the child’s small acts of affection, like embracing the parent or creating a heartfelt gift, serve as reminders that their love for each other is unbreakable. The parent’s heart overflows with love and reassurance that they will always cherish and protect their dear little one.
  9. The Strawberry Thief: two impoverished siblings venture into the forest to collect strawberries to sell in town. As they diligently fill their jars, they unknowingly attract the attention of mischievous dwarfs living in the mountain. When the children return to retrieve their jars, they discover that they have been stolen. Fried, the brother, bravely decides to stay behind and search for the jars, while Lorchen runs home to their worried mother. In the depths of the mountain, Fried encounters the gnome-King and is invited to a grand feast. After dancing with the dwarfs, he falls asleep on the King’s throne. Upon waking up, Fried realizes that the events of the night were a dream, and he returns home empty-handed. However, a surprise awaits them—a precious wreath of sparkling flowers from the gnome-maidens, which turns out to be composed of valuable gems. The family’s fortune changes, and they live happily ever after, sharing their newfound wealth with others and remaining grateful and content.
  10. Mother Holle: In this classic fairy tale, a widow has two daughters: one beautiful and diligent, and the other ugly and lazy. The mother favors the ugly daughter, making the beautiful daughter do all the household chores. One day, while spinning, the diligent daughter’s coil falls into a well, and out of fear, she jumps in after it. She finds herself in a meadow, where she helps a talking bread and shaking apples from a tree. Eventually, she comes across Mother Holle, an old woman who offers her a home and good life in exchange for hard work. The girl agrees and proves to be a diligent worker, rewarded with abundant food and a golden shower. However, the lazy sister, driven by envy, tries to mimic her sister’s experience but fails due to her laziness and rudeness. Instead of gold, she receives a shower of sticky tar, symbolizing the consequences of her actions.
  11. Ripple, The Water Spirit: embarks on a journey to find the Fire-Spirits’ home in order to obtain a magic flame that can bring a child back to life. Guided by the Seasons and armed with their gifts of Sunbeam, Breeze, Leaf, and Flake, Ripple ventures through the sky, encountering various elemental spirits along the way. Eventually, she reaches the realm of the Fire-Spirits, who agree to grant her request in exchange for precious jewels. Despite her efforts, the jewels melt away, but Ripple’s pearl chain, formed from her tears, remains. The Fire-Spirits accept it and release Ripple, who returns to the sea triumphant, having fulfilled her promise and brought joy to a grieving mother.
  12. The Young Crab And His Mother: a Mother Crab questions her son about his peculiar sideways walk and advises him to walk straight forward with his toes turned out. The son, eager to learn, asks his mother to show him how to walk properly. However, despite her attempts, the mother crab fails to walk straight and ends up tripping and falling on her nose, just like her son. The story playfully emphasizes the unique nature of crabs and their inherent sideways movement, suggesting that it is natural for each creature to have its own way of doing things.
  13. Emborg And The Animals: Emborg sets off on her own for the first time to find a birthday present for her kind and loving mother. Armed with a two-ore piece, a “luck penny,” Emborg encounters various animals along her journey who selflessly offer her gifts without accepting payment. She receives a whistle, wool, milk, butter, eggs, cheese, and even magnificent reindeer horns. Overwhelmed by the generosity she has encountered, Emborg wonders how she can transport all the gifts home. Just in time, a horse appears and magically carries her and the presents back to her mother. Filled with gratitude and the belief that giving brings happiness, Emborg learns valuable lessons about kindness and generosity.
  14. The Burglar’s Christmas: takes an unexpected turn on Christmas Eve. The story revolves around a young burglar named Jimmie, who finds himself drawn to the warmth and festivity of a family’s home while contemplating his life choices. As Jimmie secretly watches the family’s joyous celebrations, an unforeseen event leads to a heartwarming revelation that challenges his perception of happiness, love, and the true spirit of Christmas. Through this poignant narrative, Elizabeth L. Seymour explores themes of compassion, redemption, and the transformative power of human connection, reminding readers of the potential for goodness in even the most unlikely circumstances.
  15. The History Of The Five Little Pigs: is a delightful tale of five little pigs and their different adventures. The story follows Mr. Pig, the responsible and hardworking pig who goes to the market with his cart full of vegetables, facing challenges along the way. Meanwhile, his mischievous brother stays at home and causes havoc, only to face the consequences of his naughty behavior. Another pig enjoys a delicious roast beef and demonstrates his good manners and helpfulness, while another pig’s stubbornness leads to trouble. Lastly, one pig disregards the rules and finds himself in a perilous situation. With its colorful characters and moral lessons, this story highlights the importance of responsibility, obedience, kindness, and the consequences of one’s actions.
  16. The Three Piglets: a mother pig and her three piglets embark on different paths in life. Browny, the dirty pig, loves rolling in the mud; Whitey, the greedy pig, is obsessed with food; and Blacky, the smart and well-mannered pig, is the pride of his mother. When their mother passes away, she leaves them each with a house. Browny and Whitey fall victim to the sly Fox, who tricks them and takes them away. However, Blacky, with his wits and resourcefulness, outsmarts the Fox and saves his siblings from their captor’s clutches. Together, they learn valuable lessons about obedience, greed, and the importance of making wise choices. Their adventures ultimately lead them to a happy ending, living together in Blacky’s well-constructed house.
  17. Mrs. Flyaway: In this charming tale, we meet Mrs. Flyaway, a dainty and adventurous ant who lives in a big, brown ant-hill with many other ants. The ants work together to build their house, starting with a humble blade of grass and constructing pillars, arches, and a roof. Mrs. Flyaway, along with the other “Flyaways” and the hardworking workers, faces the temptation to wander away from the safety of the ant-hill. However, they ultimately learn the value of home and family when Mrs. Flyaway discovers twenty little eggs and becomes a devoted mother. The story beautifully captures the industrious nature of ants and the joys and surprises that come with nurturing new life.
  18. The Story Of Speckle: In this story, we meet Speckle, a diligent hen who diligently sits on her nest of eggs in a wooden box in the barn. She remains committed to keeping her eggs warm, even as the other hens go about their daily routines. Speckle encounters various farm animals and even receives help from a kind little girl named Phoebe who brings her food and water. After three weeks, Speckle’s eggs hatch, and she proudly leads her brood of ten adorable baby chickens on a walk around the farm, encountering the farmer, the horse, the cows, and even a friendly barn swallow along the way. Finally, Speckle and her chicks find themselves in a cozy coop under a cherry tree, where they continue their journey of discovery and joy.
  19. The Lost Chicken: In this adorable tale, Peepsie the little chicken goes missing, and his mother, Mrs. Crackle, becomes worried and searches for him. She encounters various animals on the farm, including Mrs. Fieldmouse, Mrs. Robin, and Mother Duck, but none of them have seen Peepsie. Just as Mrs. Crackle begins to feel even more anxious, she meets Little Bess, the farmer’s daughter, who reveals that she had taken Peepsie inside for a visit and promptly returns him to his mother. Mrs. Crackle is relieved and grateful, realizing that there is no chicken quite like her own beloved Peepsie. From then on, whenever Peepsie goes missing, Mrs. Crackle clucks near the kitchen door, and Bessie lets him return to her, reinforcing the unique bond between mother and child.
  20. The Legend Of Oliver’s Adventure: In a small village near a dense forest, young Oliver embarks on a quest to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift. As he ventures deeper into the woods, he encounters a wicked witch who traps him in her cottage, erasing his memory of his old life. Years later, a good wizard breaks the curse, and Oliver returns to his village, reuniting with his mother. From that day forward, Oliver cherishes every moment with his mother and learns the importance of love and family. The legend of Oliver’s journey becomes a symbol of the love and sacrifice of mothers, celebrated every Mother’s Day in the village.
  21. A Mother’s Day Reunion In The Forest: In the lush green forest, Santiago, a little snake without a mother, embarks on a journey to find her before Mother’s Day. Guided by the wisdom of the animals he encounters, Santiago learns important lessons about teamwork, organization, and growth. Finally, he reunites with his mother, Seraphina, near a crystal-clear lake. Their joyous reunion fills the forest with happiness, and Santiago realizes that he had been surrounded by the love and support of his forest friends all along. Together, they celebrate Mother’s Day and create a stronger bond, carrying the lessons learned and the love shared forever.
  22. The Surprise From The Maple Trees: David Wylie moves to the countryside and discovers a grove of maple trees near his house. Curious about the tin pails hanging from spouts in the trees, David learns from his parents that it’s the sap of the trees, awakened by warm weather, flowing into the pails. His father collects the sap and boils it in a kettle to make maple syrup and sugar. David witnesses the process and realizes that the special tree is called a sugar maple. Excited by the surprise and sweetness of the maple trees, he wonders if other children will also be surprised by the wonders of the sugar maple.
  23. Sweet Porridge: a poor girl receives a magic pot that can cook sweet porridge with a magic word. She and her mother enjoy the porridge until the mother, not knowing the magic word, causes the pot to overflow and fill the whole town with porridge. In a panic, the girl returns and utters the magic word, stopping the cooking. Those who want to leave the town must eat their way through the sweet porridge.
  24. A Christmas Present For Mother: a little prince’s mother is sick, and he wants to give her the perfect Christmas present. After learning that his mother’s dearest wish is a little jar of rosemary, the prince sets out to find it. Despite his attempts, he cannot convince anyone to sell the rosemary until he meets an old woman. She is touched by the prince’s generosity and accepts his offer to trade his cherished golden ball for the rosemary. On Christmas Day, the queen is overjoyed to receive the jar of rosemary, and the little prince’s selflessness and love are rewarded with his mother’s embrace.
  25. The Travels Of Prince Flamingo: Mrs. Old Turtle, the wise and storyteller turtle, shares the adventures of Prince Flamingo. Born with white wings in a town of pink flamingos, Prince Flamingo is shunned and his parents disown him. Feeling lonely and rejected, he embarks on a journey guided by Mrs. Old Turtle’s advice. Along the way, he encounters helpful creatures like a cheerful toucan and experiences the wonders of nature. Finally, he reaches the Emperor’s realm, where he is recognized for his unique beauty and wisdom, becoming known as Prince Flamingo. His story continues as he finds love and faces new challenges, awaiting the next tale from Mrs. Old Turtle.
  26. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: Old Mother Bear is worried about her four naughty bear children as the New Year approaches. Lady Wind, Old Mother Moon, and a snowflake fairy all offer their wishes for a Happy New Year, but Old Mother Bear laments her children’s misbehavior. Fairy See-It-All intervenes and takes the four bears to a small house in the woods, where each bear must learn a lesson. Boxer learns to be on time, Drowsy-Head learns to go to bed, Bruin learns to pick up his things, and Bright Eyes learns to be polite. After a year of learning, the four little bears return home, having grown and improved, bringing happiness to Old Mother Bear and inspiring positive changes in children who read the story. The story’s influence spreads, with children improving their behavior and people in town exchanging greetings for a Happy New Year.
  27. The Mole And His Mother: A little Mole questions his mother about being blind, claiming that he can see. In an attempt to teach him a lesson, Mother Mole presents a piece of frankincense and asks the little Mole to identify it. The Mole mistakes it for a pebble, and his mother uses this as evidence that he has lost not only his sight but also his sense of smell. The story emphasizes the importance of humility and recognizing one’s limitations.

In conclusion, our diverse and engaging collection of the 27 best stories about mothers offers an unparalleled journey of exploration and learning for children of all ages. Emphasizing the crucial role of mothers, these stories combine education and entertainment, facilitating learning through fun, moral narratives. Whether read aloud, downloaded as a printable PDF, or enjoyed as an audio tale, these stories can add a sprinkle of magic to bedtime, story time, or any moment of the day. Free and easily accessible online, they serve as excellent resources for nurturing love, respect, and comprehension in kids – from toddlers to elementary students. Let these timeless stories nurture your children’s imagination, fostering a profound appreciation for the irreplaceable role of mothers in our lives.