Halloween Stories For Kindergarten

Halloween Stories For Kindergarten

Welcome, dear children and their wonderful parents, to an enchanting collection of the Top 29 Halloween Stories for Kindergarteners. These hand-selected tales are perfectly crafted for short read aloud sessions filled with magic, imagination, and a touch of spookiness that will undoubtedly ignite your little one’s Halloween spirit. Filled with fun, colorful, and engaging pictures, each story is designed to captivate, entertain, and educate young minds.

Reading these stories aloud to children not only hones their language skills but also whets their creative curiosity by letting their imagination run wild within the world of words. Even more so, these Halloween-themed stories are rich with tradition and cultural significance that could help your child better understand the idea behind the celebrations. So, dive into our curated list for the very best Halloween stories for Kindergarteners that strike the perfect balance between fun and spooky. Enjoy the rhythm of the words, the delight of the illustrations, and the joy of sharing a captivating story with your little one. These bewitching tales may even become a loved Halloween tradition in your home!

Top 29 Halloween Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Little Pumpkin: Once upon a time, a little pumpkin grew on a vine in a field. He listened to the other plants and worried because he thought he had to be a Jack-o’-lantern. But the wind and sun told him to just be the best little pumpkin he could be. When the time came, the children picked him and turned him into a beautiful Jack-o’-lantern that everyone admired. The little pumpkin was happy and knew that his mother would be proud of him.
  2. The Halloween Witches: In a land where autumn painted the leaves in beautiful colors, a group of delightful witches gathered on All Hallow’s Eve. They dressed up in their finest clothes and flew on broomsticks under the moonlit sky. With laughter and magic, they danced and played, warning others in jest. But in their hearts, they were gentle and kind. Every year, they returned to spread joy and magic. If you ever see them, remember their playful warnings and enjoy the magic of the night. Magic exists everywhere, even in unexpected places.
  3. Two Ghosts: Once upon a time in a small town, two friendly ghosts named Whisper and Moan would come alive on Halloween night. Whisper loved to play pranks and scare people, while Moan expressed his feelings through mournful sounds. One Halloween, they both ended up in the graveyard and were startled to see each other. But instead of being scared, they laughed and became friends. From then on, they explored the town together, delighting the children who knew that their spooky noises were just the two friendly ghosts having fun. You can even download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  4. Uncle Wiggily’s Halloween Fun: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and his animal friends get ready for Halloween. They dress up in costumes like witches, cats, and elephants. They go out in Uncle Wiggily’s car and have a lot of fun with other animal children who are also dressed up. They encounter a real bear who tries to bite Uncle Wiggily, but they scare him away with a tickle and everyone is safe. Afterward, they enjoy hot chocolate and go home to bed. The next day, Uncle Wiggily has another adventure.
  5. The Haunted House: In a charming town, five brave and curious friends set out on an adventure to the legendary haunted house. As they approached, their hearts filled with excitement and a bit of fear. They learned about the tragic story of a French nobleman and his daughter. Some of the friends claimed to see something white in the windows, adding to the suspense. Just then, little Effie wandered off in search of her lost kitty. Leon and Floyd followed her into the haunted house, and they all emerged, relieved to find Effie’s cat, which happened to be white. They realized that not all ghosts are what they seem. From that day on, whenever they saw Effie and her white cat, Elouise, they would remember their adventure and the lesson they learned. And now, it’s time to close your eyes and drift off to dreamland. Good night!
  6. Happy Halloween: In a small town during Halloween, three young friends and their black cat, Shadow, have a magical time filled with indoor and outdoor activities. Molly enjoys the cozy indoors, pretending to be a ghost and listening to the crackling fire. Tommy loves the outdoor excitement, spotting jack-o’-lanterns and pointing out Shadow’s antics. Sammy embraces both worlds, imagining mischief and scary voices. Together, they create a playground of fun and adventure, proving that Halloween is truly a time for joy and excitement.
  7. The Brownies’ Frolic: Once upon a time, in a magical land, there were seven playful and mischievous creatures called the Brownies. They wore cute brown suits and carried glowing Jack-o’-lanterns. One Halloween, they ventured into a village and had a wild time, dancing, jumping, and making funny faces in the village square. They sang a silly song and recited verses about their mischievous acts. After their adventures, they left behind grinning Jack-o’-lanterns for everyone to find. This fun-filled story reminds us of the joy and excitement of Halloween, and it has been passed down through generations to keep the Halloween spirit alive.
  8. Moonbabies: Once upon a time, there were mischievous children called Moonbabies. They used to live on Earth but always caused trouble. One Halloween, they were taken to the moon by a witch and her cat. There they met the Moon Man, who taught them to be obedient and silent. The Moonbabies longed to return to Earth and eventually convinced the witch to take them back. They learned their lesson and became good children once again. So remember, always listen to your elders and be good, or you might end up on the moon too!
  9. Jack Frost’s Halloween: In a magical land, a group of unique characters called the Jacks lived. One day, Jack Frost got lost in the woods and met a mischievous Witch on Halloween. But Jack Frost wasn’t scared! He was joined by other Jacks like Jack-be-Nible, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Jack-in-the-Box, Jack Sprat, Jack-o’-Lantern, Jack Tar, and Jack Horner. Together, they sang and celebrated Halloween, bringing joy and wonder to the night. If you want to read the story offline, you can download the eBook on your phone or e-reader!
  10. The Halloween Ghost: Once upon a time, there was a kind old lady named Granny Spriggins. On a spooky Halloween night, she went to visit the old graveyard. As she walked, she saw a witch and a ghost. Inside the church, she saw two skeletons and a ghost lying on the floor. The ghost told Granny Spriggins that someday she would join them. This scary night was filled with magic and taught us to be brave and kind.
  11. The Jolly Old Pumpkin: In this story, a friendly pumpkin asks someone not to steal its eyes for Halloween. Unfortunately, a dull knife takes the eyes anyway. The pumpkin tries to get its eyes back by asking for a grindstone, sugar, and change. Finally, a little wee man helps the pumpkin get its eyes back and become a Jack-o’-Lantern. The pumpkin is grateful for everyone’s help and wishes them a happy Halloween. You can download an eBook version of this story to read offline or print.
  12. Growing Jack-O’-Lanterns: In a charming village, a group of lively boys discovers the magic of growing Jack-o’-lanterns. They help the farmer plant the seeds in the spring, and eagerly watch as the pumpkins grow throughout the summer. When autumn arrives, they carve funny and spooky faces on their big pumpkins and light them up with candles. The boys have a wonderful time surprising their friends and chasing the girls with their illuminated Jack-o’-lanterns. But eventually, the pumpkins fade away, bringing an end to their joyful adventure. To learn more about this story, you can download an ebook (PDF) to read offline or print.
  13. The Adventures Of Ten Little Goblin Elves: Once upon a time in a colorful land, ten little goblin elves with bright caps and masks came together. They realized they could have fun and chase away loneliness by working together. Each elf brought their unique skills and knowledge to the group. They spread joy and merriment, traveling and bringing Halloween cheer to everyone they encountered. They loved to see people smile and believed it made for happy living. Together, they marched through the magical land, spreading Halloween joy and cheer with their enchanting song.
  14. The Enchanted Wood: In the magical realm of the Enchanted Wood, Bats, Goblins, and Tricksy Elves lived together. The Bats danced gracefully under the twinkling stars, while the mischievous Goblins brought chaos and fun. When the Tricksy Elves joined the mix, they challenged the Bats and Goblins. In the end, the Elves drove away the invaders and celebrated with joyful songs and dances. The night in the Enchanted Wood was filled with playful tricks, thrilling dances, and joyful songs, without scaring anyone.
  15. Jim’s Surprise Halloween Party: In a small town, a boy named Jim couldn’t join the other children on Halloween because of his injury. Feeling alone, Jim wished the night would pass quickly. But suddenly, his classmates surprised him by bringing the party to his house. They filled the room with laughter and treats, showing Jim that he was never alone. Together, they made Halloween a happy and memorable night for Jim.
  16. Playing Halloween Elf: In a small village, six friends felt sad because their older siblings wouldn’t let them join in the Halloween fun. They decided to become elves and spread kindness instead. Each friend had a special mission to help someone in their community. Excitedly, they completed their deeds and attended an Elf Party at Rob’s Grandma’s house. It turned out to be the best Halloween they had ever experienced, filled with kindness, joy, and a special celebration. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  17. The Halloween Picture Show: Once upon a time, in a village not too far away, there was an exciting Halloween tradition. Every year, the village would hold a special Shadow Picture Show to entertain the children before bedtime. The show featured spooky shadows of witches, goblins, and other magical creatures, as well as fun activities like bobbing for apples and fortune-telling. The night ended with a sweet wedding and a heartfelt “good night” from the children. It was a magical and educational experience that the children would always remember.
  18. A Mother Goose Halloween: In the land of Mother Goose, Halloween is a special time. Mother Goose and her eight fascinating children gather together to share their Halloween tales. Each child has their own unique experience with witches, elves, and ghosts. They enjoy singing, playing tricks, lighting up Jack-o’-lanterns, and eating pumpkin pie. They have lots of fun and laughter, just like kindergarten teachers and their students. They can’t wait for the next Halloween to come with more thrilling adventures.
  19. Halloween At The Orphanage: In an orphanage, a group of children eagerly asked Mother Farley if they could have a Halloween party. Sadly, Mother Farley explained that there wasn’t enough money for a party because they needed to buy necessities for the growing number of children in the orphanage. The children expressed their disappointment but also their gratitude for the good food and warm clothing they had throughout the year. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and a group of village children arrived, bringing jack-o’-lanterns, apples, candy, and even ice cream and cake. The orphans and village children celebrated together, making it the happiest Halloween the orphanage had ever known.
  20. Healthy Halloween: Once upon a time, there was a special spirit called the Health Spirit. Every Halloween, she brought with her a group of fun characters who represented different aspects of health. There were the Frost Spirits who made everything frosty and bright, the Corn Kernels who fed people around the world, the Apples who were associated with good health, the Grapes who turned into nourishing raisins, and the Imps of Exercise who taught the importance of staying active. The Health Spirit wanted children to understand the connection between Halloween and health, so they could have a healthy holiday and a healthy lifestyle all year round.
  21. Halloween Spirit: Once upon a time, in a colorful kingdom, there was a majestic girl named Halloween Spirit. Every year, during the last week of October, she would come alive and celebrate Halloween with magical creatures like witches, goblins, ghosts, black cats, and children dressed as pumpkins. They would sing, dance, and tell stories, filling the kingdom with laughter, scares, treats, and joy. Together, they made Halloween the most exciting and mysterious time of the year.
  22. The Pumpkin Ghosts: In the town of Harvest Hollow, three little friends named Jack, Patty, and Gus are getting ready for Halloween. Each of them has a piece of a pumpkin shell from their pumpkin carving activities. They take turns sharing stories about pumpkin ghosts. Jack tells a story about a pumpkin that was carved into a jack-o’-lantern but then left outside and haunted the field. Patty shares a story about a pumpkin that was baked into a delicious pie and now haunts old pie dishes, adding sweetness to every pumpkin pie baked on Halloween. Lastly, Gus tells a story about a pumpkin that was canned and never got to become a pie or a jack-o’-lantern. The trio thinks about these pumpkin ghosts as they go to bed, knowing that their spirits add magic to their favorite Halloween traditions.
  23. Halloween Greetings: Once upon a Halloween night, five young friends in a cozy town dressed up as Halloween cards and went on an adventure. They shared spooky tales and Halloween cheer with everyone in the town. Each child took turns telling a scary story, from ghosts and goblins to mischievous imps and witches. They promised to return next year with more stories. With laughter and smiles, they spread the enchanting spirit of Halloween throughout the town. You can download an ebook of the story to read offline or print.
  24. The Halloween Debate: Once upon a time, there were a boy and a girl who had different opinions about Halloween. The boy thought that only boys enjoyed Halloween because girls were scared of ghosts and preferred to play simple games. But the girl disagreed and said that girls also loved Halloween and weren’t afraid of ghosts. To prove her point, she made a ghost appear and the boy ran off scared. The girl then went to join her friends at the Halloween party, leaving the boy’s mask behind. The story teaches us that both boys and girls can enjoy Halloween and that bravery is not determined by gender. If you want to read this story again or share it with others, you can download the ebook (PDF) using the link provided.
  25. The Nine Halloween Letters: Once upon a Halloween night, nine children in a small town celebrated the magic of All Hallows’ Eve. Each child carried a wooden letter spelling “Halloween.” They joyfully shared the happiness, bobbing for apples, making lanterns out of pumpkins, and laughing together. They appreciated the wisdom of owls and the enchantment of witches. They believed in the strange and wonderful things that happen on Halloween evening. With their costumes and laughter, they spread cheer and hoped that Halloween would always be a joyful time for everyone.
  26. Making Jack-o’-lanterns: Three schoolboys named Jack, Bill, and Harold were carving pumpkins for Halloween. Bill was having trouble making his Jack-o’-lantern look good. They decided to do something kind and gift their creations to three new boys in town who had never seen a Jack-o’-lantern before. The boys spread the Halloween spirit and left behind a glow of kindness that touched hearts and created lasting memories.
  27. Halloween Puppet Play: On a spooky Halloween night, a showman gathers a group of puppets, including a Witch, a Cat, a Jack-o’-Lantern, and a Brownie. The Witch sets out on a quest to discover the true meaning of Halloween, but none of the puppets can give her a satisfactory answer. Frustrated, the Witch threatens to boil the puppets unless they bring her the answer. The Cat, Jack-o’-Lantern, and Brownie then explain the ancient traditions and rituals associated with Halloween. Just as the Witch is about to carry out her threat, a puppet named Knowledge appears and calms the situation. They all come together to dance and celebrate the true spirit of Halloween. It’s a magical night on the hill where even the puppets understand the significance of Halloween.
  28. On Halloween Night: In a quiet forest on Halloween night, six witches gathered under the bright moon. They wore black capes and pointed hats and held broomsticks. They warned of scaring anyone who dared to go out on that night. Each witch shared stories of misbehaved children, and then they laughed and sang before disappearing into the night. The next day, four children who were part of the witches’ tales were scolded by their teacher. The children laughed at the idea of being scared by witches and went home. But as they walked through the woods, the witches cast a spell on them, turning them into statues. Columbus and his sailors arrived and broke the spell, teaching the children lessons about being good and polite. They waved a flag together, symbolizing their triumph over the Halloween spell. The children never forgot what happened on that special night.
  29. The Halloween Ghosts: In the town of Maplewood, eight unique ghosts come to life every Halloween, bringing mischief and delight to the townsfolk. Each ghost has its own special personality, from a melancholic ghost who hums a haunting melody, to a tender spirit who cares for ghostly flowers. The ghosts appear mysteriously and then retreat into the shadows, leaving the town in awe. This magical tradition is eagerly awaited every year, making Halloween in Maplewood an enchanting and educational event.

In conclusion, these top 29 Halloween stories for kindergarten offer a delightful blend of thrill and fun, ideal for the young minds. While creatively introducing them to the unique traditions and celebrations associated with Halloween, each tale invites our young learners into enchanting worlds filled with friendly ghosts, mischievous witches, magical pumpkins, and much more! Beyond the joy of storytelling, these tales foster imaginative thinking, empathy, and vocabulary expansion in children — making them an engaging and educational part of the Halloween memories they’re just beginning to build.