Stories About Family

Stories About Family

Welcome to the Top 58 Stories About Family for kids to read online! This fantastic collection is perfect for children who love bedtime stories and who are eager to explore different tales about families. All these stories are available as free pdf downloads, which you can easily print or read online. With a mix of famous classics and lesser-known gems, our selection has something for everyone – boys and girls, preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and elementary students alike.

In this captivating compilation, you’ll find both short stories perfect for a quick read as well as longer narratives for when you’re engrossed in story time. Each tale comes with beautiful pictures to stimulate your child’s imagination and immerse them in the world of each narrative. Our user-friendly platform even offers audio versions in English, making read-aloud sessions a breeze.

Stories About Family are essential learning tools that every child should experience. These heartwarming and educational narratives encourage early year readers to develop strong relationships with their own families and understand the significance of love, support, and connections. Both fun and engaging, these stories teach essential moral lessons that children will carry with them throughout their lives.

So, why wait any longer? Embark on a magical journey through our diverse collection of stories that are perfect for any night time reading adventure. Happy exploring, and sweet dreams!

Top 58 Stories About Family for kids to read online:

  1. Brother and Sister: After their mother dies, Brother and Sister have a hard life under their wicked stepmother who gives them little to eat and treats them badly. One day, they run away and come across a forest where the stepmother has bewitched the water so the animals around them will transform if they drink from it. Brother turns into a roe but Sister ties a golden ribbon around his neck and leads him to an empty home where they settle. One day, the king goes hunting and sees Sister, falls in love, and takes her to his castle. Little Brother follows and is allowed to stay with them. After the evil stepmother tries to kill Sister, the king finds out, burns the stepmother at the stake, and Brother becomes human again. From then on, Brother and Sister live happily ever after.
  2. The Wild Swans: The story is about a king with eleven sons and one daughter who were cursed by their evil stepmother, turning them into swans during the day. The daughter, Elize, goes on a journey to find and save her brothers, with the help of an old woman’s advice to weave jumpers out of nettles. Despite being locked up and facing execution for being accused of witchcraft, she manages to finish making the jumpers just in time to free her brothers by throwing them over the swans. As a result, the brothers are turned into princes once again, including the youngest, who still has one swan wing.
  3. The Ungrateful Son: A man and his wife were about to eat a roasted chicken when the man’s old father arrived. The man hides the chicken and pretends he didn’t have it to share. The old man left after drinking a glass of beer. When the man tries to put the chicken back on the table, it changes into a duck that viciously clings to him. Months later, he realized that he was punished due to his greed and lack of gratitude towards his old father. After confessing and asking for forgiveness, the duck turned back into the roasted chicken, and they all ate together in harmony.
  4. The Four Skillful Brothers: In this story, a poor man sends his four sons out into the world to learn a trade and find their place. The oldest becomes a skilled thief, the second becomes a stargazer with a magical glass, the third becomes a hunter with a gun that never misses, and the fourth becomes a cutter with a needle that can sew anything together. After four years, they meet again and return home to face a test of their skills. They later rescue the princess from a dragon, but a fight ensues over who deserves to marry her. The king resolves the dispute by giving each brother a piece of land.
  5. The Golden Goose: In this story, a family with three children live on the edge of a forest. The youngest child, Simpleton, is thought to be dumb by his family. When his older brothers fail to chop wood, Simpleton volunteers to go and is given stale food and beer. He meets a gnome who asks for some food and drink, which Simpleton shares kindly. As a reward, the gnome directs Simpleton to chop down a tree where he discovers a goose with golden feathers. Many people he encounters while carrying the goose become stuck to its feathers. Simpleton falls in love with a princess and the king promises to give him her hand in marriage if he can perform a series of impossible tasks. With the gnome’s help, Simpleton is successful, and he becomes king and marries the princess.
  6. The Mole And His Mother: In this story, a little Mole tells his mother that he can see, despite being told he was blind. To teach him a lesson, his mother puts a bit of frankincense in front of him and asks him to identify it, but he mistakes it for a pebble. His mother points out that he has lost his sense of smell as well as his sight, humbling the little Mole. The story is accompanied by a link to download an eBook of the story.
  7. Jupiter And The Monkey: The story is about a mother monkey who enters her baby into a baby show among animals in the forest. Despite being perceived as ugly and strange by the other animals, the mother monkey is confident that her baby is the prettiest and sweetest. The story concludes with the reminder that beauty is subjective, and that a mother’s love for her child is unwavering.
  8. The farmer and his sons: A dying farmer tells his sons that there is a treasure hidden somewhere on their land, which they search for fervently after his death, only to realize that the real treasure was their hard work and bountiful harvest. The story emphasizes the importance of diligence and persistence in achieving success. An ebook version of the story is provided as a download.
  9. Theseus and the Minotaur: The story is about a Greek hero named Theseus who travels to Crete to defeat the Minotaur, a creature that is part human and part bull, and which requires a sacrifice of seven young men and seven virgins from Athens every year. Theseus is helped by Ariadne, the daughter of the cruel king Milos, who gives him a sword and a silk thread to navigate the labyrinth where the Minotaur lives. Theseus defeats the Minotaur and escapes with the captives, including Ariadne’s brother, Medos. However, he forgets to change the color of the ship’s sails as pre-planned with his father, who sees the black sails and believes Theseus has died. The grief-stricken king throws himself off a cliff, and Theseus becomes king of Athens.
  10. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: The story tells of Uller, a fairy god who invented skates and sleds and was in charge of things in winter, and his huntress wife Skadi, who gave birth to six daughters. One of the daughters marries a fire fairy named Vuur and they have a child named Stoom, who is mischievous and powerful like his parents and has the ability to do all sorts of tricks like exploding vessels or causing earthquakes. However, when properly harnessed and treated well, Stoom becomes a great servant and friend all over the world.
  11. A Christmas present for mother: In this story, a little prince’s mom is sick. He goes to visit her and she becomes better in the autumn. He wants to give her a Christmas present and asks what she wants. She replies with a smile, a kiss, and a hug, but he persists and she tells him she wants a simple herb called rosemary. The prince sends messengers to find it but no one has it, until two days before Christmas, rosemary is found in the city where the prince lives, but an old woman doesn’t want to sell it. The prince goes to visit the old woman since he really wants to buy the plant, but she refuses. On the night before Christmas, the old woman visits the palace and exchanges the rosemary jar with the prince’s precious and magical golden ball. The next day, the prince’s mother was delighted to have received the rosemary plant, and she thanks him with a hug and a kiss.
  12. Little Gretchen and the wooden shoe on Christmas morning: In this story, Granny and Little Gretchen live in a small log hut on the edge of a great forest, in Germany. They are poor and don’t have money for Christmas gifts. Little Gretchen hopes someone will think of them that night and she puts their wooden shoes by the door hoping Santa Claus will leave a gift. The next morning, she finds a chickadee with a broken wing nestled down in the wooden shoe, and Granny mends its wing. Despite being poor, Little Gretchen and Granny have a beautiful Christmas and enjoy the festive spirit.
  13. The Pomegranate seeds: In this story, Mother Ceres leaves her daughter Proserpina alone to tend to the crops and warns her not to go too far into the fields. Proserpina meets King Pluto and ends up in his underworld palace. When Ceres realizes her daughter is missing, she searches for her and later learns from Quicksilver that Proserpina is with Pluto. Eventually, Proserpina returns home but has to spend six months each year with Pluto for having eaten the seeds of a pomegranate.
  14. Soria Moria castle: The story is about Halvor, a good-for-nothing man, who joins a skipper on a sea voyage, gets shipwrecked on a strange land, finds a kidnapped princess, kills a three-headed troll, saves two more princesses, and marries the youngest one. Later he wants to visit his parents and the princesses give him a magic ring to wish his way back and forth, but he must not speak of them. But he forgets and shows the princesses to farmer’s daughters. They disappear and he sets out to find them. Old couple helps him find the castle with magic boots. Halvor marries the youngest princess after winning a contest.
  15. The Penguin Family: A family of penguins in a snowy land work hard to support each other, even the baby penguin, who learns to help its parents collect food from the ocean. Together, they are content with what they have and are grateful for each other’s company. They overcame any challenge that came their way, knowing that they have each other.
  16. The Lazy Penguin: In the story, Joe the lazy penguin spends his days lounging on ice and scoffing at other penguins’ hard work. One day, he meets Lily, a wise and elegant female penguin, who inspires him to change his ways. Joe realizes that laziness doesn’t bring happiness, and he decides to live on the breeding grounds and march to the open water to feed his chick. Joe learns that responsibility, hard work, and dedication lead to true fulfillment. In the end, he creates a happy family and reflects on his transformation with joy. Downloads of the ebook are available.
  17. Max’s Quest for Attention: The story is about a dog named Max who is happy to spend time with his family but becomes upset when they start spending more time on their screens. Max starts misbehaving to get their attention, and eventually, his family realizes that they need to spend more time with him. Max’s actions help them realize the importance of spending time with the ones they love. The story ends with Max bringing happiness back to his family’s life, and they become grateful to him for showing them the error of their ways.
  18. How Camping Changed a Troubled Child: The story is about a child named Emily who struggled with school and misbehaved. Her parents and teachers took her camping, and she learned to love exploring and to help out around the campsite. As a result of this experience, Emily’s behavior improved, and her parents and teachers worked together to help her find a balance between outdoor fun and classroom learning. The story ends with Emily thriving in both environments. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  19. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: A tall snowman guards Santa’s house and falls in love with a beautiful snowwoman. They’re happily in love until an evil spirit steals all the Christmas gifts that Santa has made. The elves ask for the snowman’s help, and despite his wedding day, he and the snowwoman set off to find the culprit and return the gifts. After finding the Curmudgeon, a confrontation ensues, and the snowman and snowwoman retrieve the gifts, making Christmas a success. They live happily ever after guarding Santa’s home from any harm that may come their way.
  20. A Family Christmas Surprise: The story is about a family with two kids, Olivia and Jayden, who always felt sad during Christmas time because their parents had to work on Christmas day. However, this year was going to be different. Mom and Dad decided to surprise Olivia and Jayden with a special Christmas present. They were going to take the day off from work and show up at their aunt’s house for Christmas dinner. The kids woke up on Christmas morning and were shocked to see their parents standing on the doorstep. They all had the best time ever and the best present of all was having their mom and dad there with them. They never felt sad on Christmas again.
  21. The Brave Children of the Ice Castle: A group of children discovers a beautiful ice castle in the snowy Canadian woods. Inside, they meet a kind ice princess and her animal friends who are in danger from the princess’s evil sister. The children try different ways to protect them, but the only thing that works is forming a protective circle and singing to offer love and kindness to the evil sister. Eventually, she surrenders to their love, and the ice castle is saved.
  22. Sisterly Love in a Snowglobe: The story follows the life of a little girl named Lily who loses her sister, Daisy, in an accident. Lily is devastated and doesn’t know how to cope with the pain. Her parents give her a snowglobe that Daisy left for her, which contains a tiny village inside. Lily realizes whenever she shakes the snowglobe, she can relive the good memories she had with Daisy which brings her comfort. Over time, Lily learns that her sister will always be with her in her heart and memories, and she doesn’t need the snowglobe to remember her.
  23. The Snow Globe Family: The story is about a boy named Jack who had a bad attitude towards his family. One day, he said hurtful things to them and the next day, his family was taken by an evil snow queen and locked inside a snow globe. Jack tried everything he could to save them and learned to appreciate and be grateful for his family. In the end, he was able to bring his family back and they all learned the importance of forgiveness and the power of love. The story emphasizes the importance of family and the consequences of our actions.
  24. The Lonely Giant: A happy family wakes up to find their cereal, orange juice, and toys missing one morning. To catch the culprit, their clever son waits under the sofa and discovers a lonely giant who has been stealing to ease his sadness. The boy offers the giant a hug and a place to stay with their family. Although the giant initially stands out in their small house, he becomes a gentle protector and a new family member. You can download an ebook of this story in PDF format to read offline on a device or print it.
  25. The History of the Mistletoe: The story is about Frigg, the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, who was worried about her son’s death after having a dream. She went to every object in the world and asked them not to harm her son except mistletoe. Baldur eventually died when Loki tricked Höðr to kill him with a dart made of mistletoe. Frigg, devastated by her son’s death, declared that mistletoe would never again be used as a weapon. Instead, anyone who passed beneath the mistletoe plant would be kissed as a sign of love and peace, and this tradition is still followed today.
  26. The Magic of Christmas Lights: The story is about an old grandma who feels lonely in her small town, but finds happiness in the beautiful Christmas lights of her young neighbors. The lights remind her of happy times with her family, and when she thanks the neighbors for their lights, they invite her to join them for dinner and become her new family. The old grandma is grateful for their kindness, and the lights continue to bring her joy each evening. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  27. Beauty and the horse: A wealthy merchant with three daughters goes on a journey where he makes a promise to give his youngest daughter, called Beauty, to a horse in return for his life. On their arrival at the palace, Beauty lives with the horse for a while and is allowed to visit her father when she misses him. Later, when she finds the horse gravely ill and about to die, she promises to stay with him forever and marry him. The horse transforms into a prince, and they live together happily ever after in the palace he owned.
  28. Mrs Tabby Gray and her three little kittens: The story tells of Mrs. Tabby Gray and her three kittens, one white, one black, and one gray. They live in the barn, but Mrs. Tabby Gray promises them a new home with milk and bread in the big house. However, when she moves one of the kittens into a trunk filled with clothes, the lady who owns the trunk locks it without knowing a kitten is inside. The mother cat becomes distressed and goes to the lady’s room, mewing for her baby. The lady eventually unlocks the trunk and the mother and her kitten are reunited. In the end, Mrs. Tabby Gray concludes that a barn is the best place to raise her kittens.
  29. A Winter Journey to Grandma’s House: On a cold and icy day, a young boy named Ben wanted to visit his grandma despite the treacherous road conditions. He decided to ice skate to her house, packing hot cocoa and snacks to keep him fueled along the way. His father saw him getting ready and decided to join him on the journey. They spent many hours skating through the beautiful winter landscape before arriving at grandma’s house. They spent a cozy evening together before heading back home the following day. Thanks to Ben’s determination and his father’s support, they were able to make the journey and visit grandma. A downloadable eBook version of the story is available.
  30. The Flooded Cave: A caveman family lives in a cold, harsh environment and the oldest son goes on a journey to find a better place for the family to live. He finds a cave with lots of water but the youngest and wisest son warns that it could flood if it rains heavily. The family moves to the new cave and when it starts raining heavily, the youngest son’s concerns are ignored. He manages to scare the family out of the cave before it floods, but he doesn’t make it out in time and dies. The family is sad but does not fully understand the sacrifice the youngest son made to save their lives.
  31. Winter Solstice Celebration: In a small village, a family of farmers celebrated the winter solstice, signifying the beginning of scarcity and hardship. They slaughtered cattle for a big feast, reflected on their accomplishments, and spent time playing games and telling stories, bringing them closer together. They retired feeling warm and content, knowing that every day after the solstice brought them closer to spring. An ebook is available for download.
  32. The new New Year’s Eve traditions: In this story, Adam’s family had a difficult year, and Adam wanted to cheer them up by creating new and unique New Year’s Eve traditions. He got the idea from a TV programme which showcased traditions from different countries. He chose five traditions that were easy and affordable, including the Spanish tradition of eating grapes for good luck, the Greek tradition of hanging onions for prosperity, and the Danish tradition of leaping off a chair to banish evil spirits. His family loved the idea, and they ended up celebrating with grapes, oliebollen, wave jumping, onion hanging, and chair leaping, wishing each other a happy new year. An ebook download link is also available.
  33. Grandpa’s Winter Paradise Surprise: A family visits Winter Paradise, a magical winter wonderland nestled in the mountains. They surprise their grandpa by bringing him along, and he surprises them by eagerly joining in on the adventures. They ride the merry-go-round, go cross-country skiing, ice skating, and enjoy the stunning view from the ferris wheel. They also browse the Christmas stalls and do some holiday shopping. Exhausted but happy, the family returns to their cabin, vowing to include their grandpa in more family outings.
  34. The Baby Snow Owl: The story is about a baby snow owl who has to leave the comfort and warmth of his nest to become a strong, independent snow owl. At first, he was reluctant to leave but as he gained skills and knowledge about the world beyond the nest, he realized that his parents were only trying to help him. With the guidance of his parents, the baby owl grew stronger and learned how to hunt and survive in the cold arctic winter. In the end, he was ready to take on the world. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  35. The importance of Soup Joumou on New Year’s Day: This story is about a Haitian-American family’s tradition of making squash soup every New Year’s Day. The soup recipe was passed down from generations and was very important to them. One year, the parents told the children the story behind the Haitian tradition of eating soup joumou, which symbolizes hope, resilience and pride in their heritage. From then on, the kids prepare soup joumou every New Year’s Day, remembering the story of their ancestors, and the importance of the tradition.
  36. Back to school: The story is about a boy named Danny who is embarrassed about not doing anything exciting over the winter break, while his classmates had gone on exciting trips. However, as he shares his experience of spending quality time with his family, he realizes that the simple things in life can be the most special of all. His classmates also share similar experiences of feeling left out or ignored over the break. Danny learns to be proud of his winter break, and he understands the importance of family.
  37. Tevin Prepares For Preschool: This is a story about Tevin, a little boy who was excited to start his first day of preschool but was also a little nervous. To help him get ready, his parents built a routine that included packing his backpack with supplies, practicing getting dressed, and establishing a morning routine. On his first day, Tevin was more confident and excited to learn thanks to the routine his parents established. The story highlights the importance of preparation and routine in helping young children feel confident in new situations.
  38. Sick Day Fun with Ruby: The story is about two twin sisters, Rosie and Ruby. One day, Rosie fell sick, and her mom told her to rest as she had the flu. Rosie felt sad as she could not play with Ruby. However, Ruby came up with the idea of organizing a tea party and putting on a show for Rosie outside her window. Ruby’s acts brought a lot of joy and fun to Rosie’s sick day, and they had a great time spending time together even though they were apart. Eventually, Rosie recovered, and they were reunited, learning that they could find fun in unique ways and that the bond between them was strong.
  39. The Strawberry Shortcake: In this story, a little boy named Ben picks wild strawberries for a strawberry shortcake, while his cousin Pen caps them. Ben’s big brother Fred makes the fire to bake the shortcake and father arrives home not knowing anything about it. They surprise him with the delicious strawberry shortcake. Download the ebook (PDF) from the link provided.
  40. Conquering the Dark: The story is about a little girl named Mila who loses her mother and develops a fear of the dark. She tries multiple methods to overcome her fear, but nothing works until she sees a therapist. With the therapist’s help, Mila learns to confront her emotions, remembers her mother’s love and guidance, and conquers her fear of the dark. The story ends with Mila feeling her mother’s spirit around her, giving her the courage to face the dark and get a peaceful night’s sleep.
  41. Pearl and her pigeons: This is a story about a girl named Pearl who received two white pigeons from her brother when she was seven years old. Pearl loved playing with them and would often let them fly away and explore the world. The pigeons would also visit Pearl when she was in the garden, and they even built a nest and raised two baby pigeons together. Pearl would watch over the baby pigeons and listen to the mother pigeon cooing to put them to sleep. A downloadable PDF version of the story is available.
  42. A True Pigeon Story: The story is about two pairs of pigeons living side by side. One day, a baby pigeon fell out of the dovecote while its parents were away. The other couple of pigeons saw this and took action to make their own dovecote safer by building a little fence of sticks across the doorway. The owner of the pigeons watched the whole thing happen and shares a valuable lesson about the care and intelligence of animals. An ebook (PDF) is available for downloading.
  43. The Johnny Cake: A little girl named Ava is asked by her grandmother to make her a johnny cake. However, when she goes to make it, she finds that she has no meal. She sets off on a journey to find the meal, and encounters obstacles along the way. She is eventually able to make the johnny cake for her grandmother, through hard work and perseverance.
  44. Goody Two Shoes: The story is about a girl and her brother who are poor and homeless. They meet a kind gentleman who gets the girl some new shoes and takes the boy to be a sailor while the girl goes to live with a kind lady. Because of her excitement about the new shoes, everyone in the village starts calling her “Goody Two Shoes”.
  45. Baking birthday cookies: A young boy, Milo, is excited about his birthday and looks forward to baking cookies with his mother every year. On the morning of his birthday, Milo wakes up to see his mother and father had already decorated the whole living room and kitchen with balloons. They start baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and Milo picks his favourite colours and shapes to decorate them. The cookies turn out perfect, and Milo feels grateful for his mother’s love and presence in his life. The tradition of baking cookies will always hold a special place in Milo’s heart.
  46. The Foundling: A poor girl finds a crying red-skinned baby outside her house and brings it in to feed and care for it. Her mother wants to give the baby away, but the girl convinces her to keep it since it won’t eat much. The girl sings the baby to sleep and takes care of it.
  47. Bambi: The story is about a sweet deer named Bambi who learns about life in the forest from his mother and makes friends with Thumper the rabbit and Flower the skunk. When Bambi becomes an adult, he falls in love with his friend Feline but faces competition from an annoying deer. The animals face danger from hunters and a forest fire, but Bambi, his father, and Feline survive and start their own family. The story teaches about friendship, love, and survival in the wild.
  48. The cave of the beasts: The story is about a family with seven daughters whose father finds seven wild duck eggs but only gives them to his wife and himself. When the daughters find out, they eat all the eggs, which angers their father. He takes the two youngest daughters into the mountains to abandon them but they find a cave filled with precious stones and live there with a wolf and fox. When their father comes looking for them, they push aside the stone covering the cave and they all become very wealthy.
  49. The morning and the evening star: Two stars, Tschen and Shen, are sons of the Golden King of Heavens. After quarreling and a terrible blow, they vow to never look upon one another again. As a result, Tschen only appears in the evening, and Shen only appears in the morning, and not until Tschen disappears is Shen seen again. The story teaches that when brothers don’t live peaceably, they are like Tschen and Shen. An ebook download link is provided.
  50. The big flood: A young girl named Maria and her family survive the devastating Watersnoodramp of 1953 in the Netherlands by fleeing to their roof until they’re rescued by soldiers. They lose their farm and are forced to start anew in the east of the Netherlands, but they hold onto each other and their memories of the tragedy as a reminder of the power of nature and the importance of being prepared for disasters. The story ends with the family passing down their experience to future generations as a lesson in resilience and strength. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  51. The Ram: The story is about a princess named Miranda, who is on the verge of being killed by her father, the king. She runs away into the forest and meets a ram who was once a cursed king. The ram falls in love with Miranda, and she eventually reciprocates. Miranda attends her sisters’ weddings in disguise but is caught and recognized. Her father forgives her, crowns her queen, and discovers that he had misjudged her. However, Miranda breaks her promise to the ram, and he dies waiting for her at the palace gates. The story teaches that even princesses face setbacks.
  52. Soccer on a lake: The story is about Chai, a young man who anchors his boat for the night on a lake and witnesses a group of strange men playing soccer with a sparkly silver ball. When he accidentally kicks and breaks the ball, the group becomes angry and threatens him until his father, who was thought to have drowned years ago, appears and saves him. Chai’s father reveals that he survived because of his soccer skills and that the men they encountered were fish goblins who served the Dragon King. They escape just in time before the Dragon King catches them.
  53. The Snow Girl: A childless couple makes a snow girl, which comes to life and becomes their daughter. She grows up happy, but as spring arrives, she becomes sad and eventually disappears during a dance with her friends. She melts and becomes a delicate snowflake, floating away with the wind to the blue sky.
  54. The travels of Prince Flamingo: Mrs. Old Turtle, the oldest and wisest turtle alive, tells stories to various birds and animals. One of her stories is about young White Wing, a white flamingo born on a tropical island who was mistreated by his own kind because of his unusual white wings. He leaves home and embarks on a journey to the Emperor’s palace, suffering many dangers and adventures along the way. Finally, he arrives at the palace where he is given the name Prince Flamingo and becomes an adviser to the Emperor. The story ends with Mrs. Old Turtle promising to come back and tell more about Prince Flamingo’s journey.
  55. Sunshine and her siblings: The story is about Mother Nature, who has many children, and leaves them in charge while she naps. During this time, Sunshine diligently spins to create sunshine for the next summer, while her siblings misbehave and cause chaos. But when Northwind and Snow return, they help to clean up the mess and prepare for Christmas. Sunshine struggles to keep her naughty brothers in check, but with the help of West Wind and fresh breezes, she manages to save Christmas. Finally, all the siblings work hard to get everything in order before Mother Nature wakes up again in the spring. In the end, they all celebrate, happy that Spring has finally arrived.
  56. King Lear: In this story, King Lear plans to divide his kingdom among his three daughters and asks them to express their love for him. However, his youngest daughter, Cordelia, only speaks of her love in terms of duty and does not give extravagant expressions like her sisters. Lear gets angry and banishes her from his kingdom, dividing it among his other two daughters. His daughters, however, are ungrateful and cruel towards him, and Lear ends up wandering the fields with only his faithful jester as company. Cordelia rescues him and takes care of him, but they are eventually defeated in battle by Lear’s other daughters. The tragic end of the story reveals who among his children truly loved him.
  57. As you please: The story follows the banished Duke’s daughter Rosalind and her cousin Celia, who flee to the Forest of Arden after Rosalind is banished by her wicked uncle. Once in the forest, Rosalind disguises herself as a young man named Ganymede and meets Orlando, who has also fled his treacherous brother. Ganymede agrees to help Orlando cure himself of his foolish love for Rosalind by pretending to be her and acting obstinate and contrary. Meanwhile, Oliver tries to kill his brother Orlando but is saved by him in a heroic act. Oliver repents and ultimately marries Celia, while Orlando and Rosalind are finally united as themselves in a joyful wedding celebration.
  58. The boy with the moon on his forehead: This story is about a king who is desperate for a child, so he marries a poor woman’s daughter who promises to bear him twins. When the king goes on a trip, he gives his wife a golden bell to ring when the child is due. The other six queens overhear this and persuade her to ring the bell early, causing the king to get angry and refuse to come when the child is actually due. The seventh queen gives birth to a son with the moon on his forehead and stars on his palms, but the other queens replace the twins with puppies. The boy and his sister are saved and raised by a potter, but when the boy goes on a journey to get a special flower, he meets the daughter of a rakshasa who tells him how to kill the bees guarding it. He succeeds and returns with the flower. The king eventually learns the truth about the seventh queen and the swapped puppies, and the boy with the moon on his forehead and stars on his palms is reunited with his rightful place and chosen bride.

In conclusion, the “Top 58 Stories About Family” is a heartwarming collection of tales that remind kids of the importance of love, understanding, and togetherness within their families. These stories provide valuable life lessons, spark imaginative journeys, and instill the significance of strong familial bonds. By reading these stories, children are encouraged to cherish the special moments they share with their family members and learn to navigate the challenges that come their way. With each heartening story, kids will grow in their appreciation for the unique beauty of every family’s love and support, making lasting connections and creating memories to be cherished forever.