Mother Goose Stories

Mother Goose Stories

As the stars twinkle in the night sky and the hush of bedtime falls, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a good, classic fairy tale. For generations, children and parents alike have reveled in the whimsical worlds and timeless lessons of Mother Goose fairy tales. These stories, told and retold, have shaped the landscape of childhood, filling it with magic, fun, and an appreciation for the power of a good story.

As the digital era reshaped our means of accessing knowledge, the classic fairy tales of Mother Goose have moved from the dog-eared pages of beloved books to the glowing screens of our devices. Today, we’re pleased to present our collection of the 10 best Mother Goose fairy tales for kids to read online. This collection, available for free, is a perfect choice for story time, allowing children to explore these famous tales at the click of a button.

What’s more, each story comes in a printable, easy-to-read pdf format that you can download at your convenience. They’re perfect for busy parents and caregivers who want to make sure their little ones get their daily dose of literary enrichment. Whether you’re an early years or preschool teacher, or a parent of toddlers, kindergarten, or elementary students, you’ll find these tales an essential addition to your learning materials.

Reading aloud to children has been a cherished tradition for centuries, and it’s also a key part of early years foundation stage (EYFS) learning. With the option to read aloud, these Mother Goose fairy tales make for engaging educational tools that will captivate both girls and boys. Each tale is written in simple, easy-to-understand English, perfect for those early readers eager to learn.

Additionally, we’ve made sure each fairy tale comes with enchanting pictures to stimulate your child’s imagination and make the stories come alive. The colorful illustrations add an extra layer of fun to the reading experience and are sure to hold the attention of the youngest listeners during story time.

For children who prefer longer narratives to short stories, this collection includes both. From brief bedtime tales to longer adventures, there’s a tale for every child’s preference and attention span. Plus, every story in this collection has a moral, teaching children important life lessons in a gentle, accessible way.

For an even more engaging experience, this collection includes audio versions of each tale. These are ideal for children who prefer to listen to stories before sleep or for those simply looking for a fun and educational way to pass the time.

In this digital age, it’s never been easier to carry on the tradition of sharing these timeless Mother Goose fairy tales. So snuggle up, get cozy, and step into the magical world of Mother Goose, where every story is an adventure waiting to unfold. This collection, filled with tales passed down through generations, promises to bring joy, wonder, and rich learning to children everywhere.

Top 10 Mother Goose Fairy Tales:

  1. Cinderella: Once upon a time, a kind and beautiful girl named Cinderella endured a difficult life with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. Despite their mistreatment, she remained true to her mother’s words, never complaining about her chores. When a royal ball was announced, Cinderella’s stepmother refused to let her attend. Desperate, Cinderella sought the help of a magical hazel tree, which granted her a stunning dress and shoes. At the ball, she captivated the prince with her beauty and grace, but she always managed to disappear before he could learn her identity. On the third night, the prince ensured Cinderella couldn’t escape and found her when she lost her shoe. Recognizing her, he married her, and they lived happily ever after.
  2. Little Red Riding Hood: Once upon a time, a beloved little girl named Little Red Riding Hood received a red velvet hat from her grandmother, earning her the nickname. When her grandmother fell ill, Little Red Riding Hood embarked on a journey to bring her wine and biscuits, warned by her mother to stay on the path and be cautious. Along the way, she encountered a cunning wolf who tricked her into straying from the path. Meanwhile, the wolf reached the grandmother’s house, devoured her, and disguised himself in her clothing. Little Red Riding Hood arrived, noticing the strange appearance of her grandmother but unaware of the wolf’s deception. As she questioned the wolf’s appearance, he revealed his true intentions and swallowed her whole. Fortunately, a hunter arrived, discovered the wolf, and rescued Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother by cutting open the wolf’s belly. They filled the wolf’s belly with stones, ensuring he could never harm anyone again. From that day on, Little Red Riding Hood vowed to always stay on the path and heed her mother’s advice.
  3. The Sleeping Beauty: In a distant time, a king and queen desperately desired a child and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Twelve fairies bestowed the child with gifts, but an uninvited angry fairy predicted that the princess would fall into a deep sleep when she pricked herself on a spinning wheel. The twelfth fairy modified the curse, ensuring she would only sleep for 100 years. The king removed all spinning wheels from the kingdom, but on the princess’s fifteenth birthday, she discovered an old woman spinning and pricked herself. She fell into a deep slumber, and the entire castle was put to sleep. After a century, a prince arrived and managed to reach the princess, breaking the spell with a kiss. They married and lived happily ever after.
  4. Puss In Boots: In this story, a miller’s son inherits nothing but a cat after his father’s death. To his surprise, the cat can talk and promises to bring him good fortune if he follows its instructions. The cat uses its wit and cleverness to catch animals and present them as gifts to the king, earning the miller’s son the title of Marquis of Carabas. The cat also manipulates the king into believing that the land belongs to the Marquis, paving the way for his marriage to the princess. Eventually, the cat outsmarts a giant and secures a grand castle for the Marquis. In the end, the miller’s son marries the princess, and the cat enjoys a life of luxury.
  5. Little Thumbling: In a time of poverty, Little Thumbling, the youngest of seven sons, and his siblings are abandoned in the forest by their parents due to the lack of food. Little Thumbling uses pebbles to find their way back home, but on the second attempt, the parents lock the door, leaving them with only a piece of bread crust. They wander until they find a house inhabited by a woman, whose husband is a giant. They hide from the giant but are discovered. However, Little Thumbling switches the boys’ crowns with the girls’ sleeping caps, causing the giant to mistakenly eat his own daughters. The boys escape, tie up the giant, and take his seven-mile boots. Little Thumbling tricks the giant’s wife into giving him their wealth, and they return home, providing enough money for their family to live comfortably. The giant, remorseful for his actions, vows never to harm another child.
  6. The Queen Bee: Once upon a time, two princes embarked on an adventure, but they were dissolute and didn’t return home. The younger brother, Simpleton, went to find them and was ridiculed by his brothers for being foolish. Despite their mockery, they journeyed together and encountered an anthill, a lake full of ducks, and a bee’s nest, which Simpleton urged his brothers not to harm. Eventually, they reached a castle where an old man guided them and set them tasks to free the castle. The eldest brother failed, followed by the second brother, turning them into stone. Simpleton succeeded by receiving help from ants, ducks, and bees, retrieving pearls, a key, and identifying the true princess who had eaten honey. The spell was broken, and Simpleton married the princess, becoming the king, while his brothers married the other princesses.
  7. The Water Of Life: Once upon a time, an old and ill king was in need of the water of life. His three sons embarked on a quest to find it, with the intention of becoming the heir to the kingdom. The eldest two sons encountered a dwarf and rudely dismissed him, leading to their own misfortunes. However, the youngest son, treated the dwarf kindly, received valuable information on finding the water of life. He successfully obtained the water from an enchanted castle, saved three kingdoms with his sword and bread, and returned home. But his jealous brothers stole the water and replaced it with sea water, causing their father’s health to worsen. The king ordered the youngest son’s death, but a hunter spared his life. Later, the king realized his mistake and called his son back, leading to a grand wedding with a princess. The deceitful brothers fled, and the youngest son became the lord of the kingdom.
  8. The Twelve Brothers: Once upon a time, a queen gave birth to a girl despite the king’s desire for a boy. In fear of the king’s wrath, the queen hid the existence of her twelve sons, who were to be killed if the newborn was a girl. The youngest son, Benjamin, discovered the truth and devised a plan for their survival. They fled to a cottage in the forest and communicated with their mother through flags. Years later, the girl discovered her brothers and lived with them until a witch’s curse turned them into ravens. Determined to break the curse, the girl endured seven years of silence and met a king who married her. However, suspicions arose, and she was accused of witchcraft. At the brink of execution, her brothers returned as men, revealing the truth and saving her. The family was reunited, and they lived happily ever after.
  9. The Gnome: Once upon a time, a king had three daughters who disappeared after taking apples from a special tree. The king promised his daughters’ hands in marriage to anyone who could bring them back. Three brothers arrived at a castle and decided to split up, with the youngest brother staying behind. The eldest and second brothers encountered a little man who attacked them, but the youngest brother outsmarted him and learned the location of the princesses. With the guidance of a gnome, the youngest brother rescued the princesses from a well guarded by dragons. However, his deceitful brothers cut the rope when he was halfway up. Thankfully, the youngest brother used a magical flute to summon little men who rescued him. He confronted his brothers and revealed the truth to the king, leading to his marriage with the youngest princess while his treacherous brothers were never heard from again.
  10. The Ungrateful Son: Once upon a time, a man hid a roasted chicken from his old father, but when he tried to put it back on the table, it transformed into a duck that clung to his face. The son was forced to feed the duck every day or face harm. After a long time, the son realized his mistake and sought forgiveness from his father. When his father forgave him, the duck turned back into a roasted chicken, and they shared a delicious meal, appreciating the taste because of the act of forgiveness.

In conclusion, our curated collection of the 10 best Mother Goose fairy tales for kids to read online offers a perfect blend of education, entertainment, and tradition. Available in both text and audio format, with vibrant pictures, this free, downloadable and printable resource caters to the diverse needs of today’s digital natives. From toddlers to elementary students, this compilation serves as an invaluable resource for parents, caregivers, and educators alike, bringing to life the timeless tales that have delighted generations. So, whether it’s story time, bedtime, or any time, let the magic of Mother Goose fill your children’s world with fun, learning, and the charm of these classic fairy tales.