Stories About Self-worth

Stories About Self-worth

Welcome to our amazing collection of the Top 13 Stories About Self-worth for kids to read online! These stories are perfect for children to enjoy during bedtime, at story time, or simply as a fun learning activity. Our selection of educational and engaging tales come in various formats such as PDF, and they are completely free for you to download or print! With beautiful pictures to capture the imagination, easy-to-follow text, and even audio options, these stories cater to English-speaking preschoolers, kindergarten, and elementary students alike, making it an enjoyable experience for toddlers, boys, and girls of all ages.

Learning about self-worth is an important aspect of early childhood education as it helps children build a healthy sense of self-esteem and teaches them the importance of believing in their abilities and unique qualities. These short, yet meaningful stories are carefully curated to include morals relevant to children’s lives, while also embracing the classic charm of the longer and famous fairy tales. The stories in this collection are perfect for parents and educators to read aloud, as the captivating narratives will surely hold a child’s attention and encourage them to fall in love with reading during their early years.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these wonderful stories and share this fun-filled journey of self-discovery, love, and learning with our young readers. After all, a good night’s sleep and immersive story experience can instill a valuable lesson about the importance of self-worth that will last a lifetime. Happy reading!

Top 13 Stories About Self-worth for kids to read online:

  1. Clumsy Hans or Jack the Dullard: Two sons of a wealthy man prepared to woo the King’s daughter, who had made a public proclamation that she would marry the man who could arrange his words the best. The first son knew the whole Latin dictionary by heart, and the second was adept at corporation laws and embroidery skills, while the third son, Jack the Dullard, had no horse to ride to the king’s court but mounted his Billy-goat. His clay-filled pockets and dead crow presented to the Princess won her admiration, and he was eventually made King and wed her.
  2. The Skiing Superhero: The story follows Lindsey, who always looked up to doctors, police, and teachers as heroes. While skiing with friends, she stumbled upon a group of thieves trying to steal valuable ski equipment from a local shop. She chased after the thieves using her impressive skiing skills, and eventually tackled them to the ground, sending the stolen goods flying in all directions. After being hailed as a hero, she was able to use her skills to help a rescue worker get to a wounded skier, as well as teach young children to ski. Lindsey found her calling as a “Skiing Superhero.”
  3. Benny’s First Day of Training: This is a story about Benny, a beagle puppy who is excited to attend his first day of puppy training classes. However, as the day approaches, he becomes nervous about what to expect. His worries fade away as he meets his trainer, Miss Jenny, and his classmates, Max, Coco, and Lucy. With Miss Jenny’s patient guidance, Benny learns basic obedience skills through exercises and games and gains confidence and joy. The story encourages overcoming fear and trying new things with patience and encouragement. A downloadable ebook in PDF format is available to read offline or print.
  4. The Stuffed Animal Club: Ava, a little girl, is anxious about going back to school after the holiday break. Her worried mother suggests that she bring her favorite stuffed animal, Teddy, to school. Teddy helps Ava feel better throughout the day by providing comfort and improving her focus. One day, Ava meets Lucas who also brings his stuffed animal, Bingo, to school. They become good friends and establish a stuffed animal club to share stories and games with their special friends. With their stuffed animals, Ava and Lucas learn to feel more confident and comfortable at school and make new friends.
  5. Tevin Prepares For Preschool: The story is about a little boy named Tevin who is excited and nervous about starting preschool. His parents help him prepare for his first day by building a routine that includes packing his backpack with supplies, practicing getting dressed, and setting an earlier alarm for morning routine. On his first day, Tevin feels confident and ready to learn, and he has a great day making new friends and learning new things. Thanks to their routine, Tevin was able to start preschool feeling prepared and confident.
  6. The Fantail Pigeon: The story is about a little white fantail pigeon who feels useless because she cannot lay eggs, give milk, sing, catch rats, or guard the house like the other animals on the farm. She asks the wise old owl for help and he tells her that she is foolish and must make the best of it. The little white pigeon continues to feel miserable until the old drake tells her that everything in the world has a purpose and that she must make the best of what she can do, which is to show off her pretty white tail. The little white pigeon takes the advice and feels much happier.
  7. Yu Yuzu: A little yuzu fruit named Yu meets a group of apples who laugh at him for being unknown. Feeling lost, he seeks advice from his wise friend, the lemon. The lemon tells Yu to embrace his unique characteristics and share them with the world. Yu travels from village to village promoting yuzu, and soon everyone knows who he is, making him happy and content with his identity. The story ends with a downloadable PDF of the book.
  8. Lemmy The Lemon: A sour lemon named Lemmy sets out on a journey to find the secret to being sweet. He meets many fruits along the way and finally an old apple named Al tells him that the secret is to be true to himself and embrace his sourness. Lemmy returns to the fruit basket happy and confident and is loved and respected by all the fruits. He even teaches a class on how to be sweet and makes delicious lemonade. Lemmy learns that it’s important to be true to yourself and that everyone has something special to offer.
  9. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: In this fairy tale, a king falls in love with a princess who is under a spell that prevents her from marrying anyone. To break the curse, the king must stand on the tail of the princess’s cat, but the cat turns into an evil wizard and threatens the king with a curse for breaking the spell. The king marries the princess and has a son with an unusually long nose, whom he raises to think that long noses are beautiful. When the prince grows up, he falls in love with a sweet little princess and sets off to marry her but is interrupted by the evil wizard. Along the way, the prince encounters a fairy who reveals to him the truth about his long nose, and he finally realizes his love for the little princess. They get married and live happily ever after.
  10. The Princess on the Glass Hill: A farmer with three sons owns a meadow on a mountainside, but each year on St. John’s Eve, the grass is mysteriously stripped bare. Seeking a solution, the farmer sends his eldest son to sleep in the barn one year. He runs away in fear at the sound of a deafening noise and shakes, and the grass remains gone. The same thing happens the next year with the second son. On the third year, the youngest son, Assepasser, is ridiculed but bravely stays in the barn despite hearing the same noises and shaking. He discovers a large horse stealing the grass and uses his tinderbox to subdue and hide it. Later, Assepasser competes to reach the princess perched atop a glass hill with slippery slopes, winning her heart and half the kingdom after revealing his golden apples.
  11. Discontented Dewdrop: In this story, a dewdrop on a rose petal wishes to become part of the river so that it can see the world and be amazing. A gentle breeze hears its wish and blows the dewdrop into the river. The dewdrop rejoices in its new adventure but eventually realizes it has lost its identity and merged with the vast ocean. The gentle breeze tells another dewdrop not to pursue grandeur and to be content with its own role in the world.
  12. The Lost Half Hour: The story is about Bobo, the youngest son of a widow who is considered foolish. One day, Princess Zenza takes Bobo to her castle and makes him perform foolish tasks to amuse her court. But Tilda, the kitchen maid, doesn’t enjoy seeing Bobo humiliated and advises him not to let them do it. When Princess Zenza loses half an hour of her time, Bobo sets out to find it. He travels the world, meets an old man who has lost his reputation, a terrible man who has lost his patience, and a king whose daughter was stolen by fairies. Along the way, Bobo becomes wiser, and when he finds the lost half-hour, he saves Tilda from a dragon and marries her.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and the Freckled Girl: Uncle Wiggily helps a freckled girl who is unhappy with her appearance. He leads her to a nest of freckled bird eggs and shows her how beautiful freckles can be. The girl leaves with a new appreciation for her freckles and throws away her mirror.

In conclusion, these top 13 stories about self-worth present valuable lessons for kids while engaging their imagination and curiosity. Each story offers a unique perspective on the importance of believing in oneself, embracing individuality, and finding inner strength. By reading these tales, children will not only be entertained but also be reminded of their self-worth, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately, these stories inspire young minds to understand that they are capable of achieving great things, regardless of the challenges and obstacles they may encounter.