Stories About Making Friends

Stories About Making Friends

Welcome to the Top 17 Stories About Making Friends! This collection is specially designed for kids, children, and young readers, creating the perfect bedtime stories to read online. Each story in this delightful selection is available in pdf format, making it easy and free to download, print, and share. Our tales are engaging and educational, fostering learning, empathy, and friendship. These short yet captivating stories are perfect to tell with pictures, and they come complete with audio, making them enjoyable for kids of all ages. This easy, best, and fun collection is ideal for night time reading, story time, and read-aloud sessions.

Stories About Making Friends are essential in teaching children not only the importance of relationships but also the social skills needed to be successful in life. These tales, which range from classic fairy tales to modern stories, are suitable for girls, boys, and readers of all ages. As children settle down for sleep, the stories will leave them with valuable morals that will guide them in their everyday lives. These stories are perfect for early years, preschool, kindergarten, elementary students, EYFS, and toddlers, providing a perfect introduction to the beautiful gift of friendship.

The Top 17 Stories About Making Friends will enchant and captivate the imaginations of young readers, encouraging them to create meaningful bonds, understand the value of respect, and celebrate the sheer joy of connecting with others. These stories instill morals and values that resonate with children, teaching them to become compassionate and open-minded individuals. What are you waiting for? Dive into this wonderful world, brush up on your bedtime storytelling skills, and share this amazing gift with the special kids in your life!

Top 17 Stories About Making Friends for kids to read online:

  1. The animals’ Christmas tree: The animals decide to have a Christmas tree after the swallows tell them about the human tradition. They plan to decorate it and choose their own presents. However, when some of the predators choose other animals as gifts, chaos ensues. A lamb sacrifices itself to maintain the animals’ newfound unity and the lion chooses a pig as his gift instead. In the end, they decide to hang little images of animals on the tree and the tradition spreads to humans. An ebook is available for download.
  2. The misbehaving monkey’s New Year resolutions: A mischievous monkey named Moki lives on Bali and likes playing tricks on tourists, but after overhearing them talking about New Year’s resolutions, decides to become a more helpful monkey. Moki learns about setting achievable goals and writes down three resolutions: showing a child the island’s best places, warning tourists about traffic, and bringing a daily banana to a random visitor. As he accomplishes each goal, Moki gains a reputation as a kind and helpful monkey, making himself and visitors happy.
  3. The Stuffed Animal Club: In this story, a young girl named Ava feels anxious about returning to school after a long holiday break. Her mom suggests she brings her favorite stuffed animal, Teddy, with her for comfort. Throughout the day, Ava holds Teddy’s paw whenever she feels anxious or worried, eventually meeting another child, Lucas, who has his own stuffed animal. They become friends and start a stuffed animal club, which makes them feel more confident and comfortable at school. The story emphasizes the importance of having something or someone to make you feel safe and calm.
  4. The birthday party nobody came to: The story is about Sarah, a young girl excited to invite her classmates to her birthday party. However, nobody showed up, leaving her heartbroken. Her kind neighbors, the Smiths, decided to make it special by asking their friends to send Sarah birthday cards and inviting people to come to her party. The next year, Sarah invited her classmates again, and they came, making it the biggest party ever. Sarah realized that sometimes unexpected things lead to the best things in life and was grateful to the Smiths for making her birthday special.
  5. A Valentine’s Day Wish: In this story, all the animals in the zoo are excited for Valentine’s Day except for Pai, the lone red panda who doesn’t have any friends or family. The zookeepers notice Pai’s sadness and bring in two new red pandas to keep him company. Pai is overjoyed and spends a happy Valentine’s Day with his new friends. The story teaches us that love and companionship come in many different forms and that we all have the capacity for love and happiness. An ebook version of the story is available to download.
  6. The Snow Girl: A couple without children builds a snow girl, which turns into a living child. The Snow Girl grows up quickly, and when spring comes, she becomes sad. The other children take her flower picking in the forest, and she disappears in a cloud of vapor. The Snow Girl has returned to the sky, leaving memories of the joyful winter months behind.
  7. Hilda’s Mermaid: A little girl named Hilda who lives by the coast meets a mermaid who washes up on shore during a storm. They share food and conversation, and the mermaid tells Hilda about life underwater. The next morning, the mermaid is gone but Hilda finds pieces of seaweed on the floor and believes that it wasn’t a dream. Hilda now looks for the mermaid whenever she goes out on her boat and knows that the whales spout to tell the mermaids it’s time to come home.
  8. Maya the Bee and the Dragonfly: In the story, Maya, a bee, meets a blue fly named Jack Christopher and learns about the struggles some insects face, such as finding a place to live and avoiding predators like frogs. Maya also meets a dragonfly named Lovedear, who tells her about the dangers of humans who try to catch dragonflies for sport. Through these encounters, Maya learns about empathy and gratitude, and the importance of recognizing the struggles of others.
  9. Maya the Bee meets Effie and Bobbie: The story is about Maya the bee who woke up to her first ever experience of rain. She saw a beetle, Bobbie, having a conversation with a cricket, Effie, and tried to help him when he lost his balance and fell over. After helping Bobbie, Maya discovered that love can be complicated and felt the sadness in the world. Finally, she continued on her adventure as the rain stopped and the day turned clear and warm. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading.
  10. Maya the Bee in the House of the Rose: The story follows Maya, a young bee who decides to leave the hive and enjoy her freedom. She comes across a beetle called Peter who invites her to his rose home and shows her around. They talk about different types of flora and fauna as well as learn about each other’s unique qualities. However, a pesky ant causes a commotion before Maya departs and Peter complains about his ill-mannered visitors. Overall, Maya enjoys her visit and Peter seems content with his peaceful home.
  11. Robinson Crusoe: Friday Rescued from the Man-eaters: The protagonist sees five canoes land on his side of the island. He wonders if the thirty men on board are here to attack him. As he watches, two of the men are pulled out of the boats to be killed. One runs towards the protagonist with his captors chasing. The protagonist saves him and makes him his assistant, naming him Friday. They bury the dead men and learn to communicate. The protagonist teaches Friday survival skills and is happy to have the company.
  12. Maya the Bee and the Acrobat: In the story, Maya the Bee meets a grasshopper named Flip and they have a conversation about their differences. Maya gets offended when Flip mistakes her for a wasp and finds out that he specializes in jumping. They talk about human language and Flip disappears suddenly. Maya wonders if Flip understands other creatures’ languages and if he goes near humans. She awaits his return but he is nowhere to be seen. The story ends with a section for downloading the e-book.
  13. Uncle Wiggily and the July Bug: Uncle Wiggily and the white cat decided to have a picnic but felt two was too few to enjoy it well. A July bug (intended to be a June bug, but slept too long) volunteered to distribute invitations to Uncle Wiggily’s friends. All of the visitors have arrived, and they enjoyed their picnic lunch until two foxes appeared menacingly. The Trustworthy July bug defended everyone by bumping and banging into the foxes with his wings, causing them to retreat. Uncle Wiggily resumed his travels the following day while the cat continued on with him.
  14. The Friendly Playmate: Four children from Espesett Farm have a berry feast on a hillside, where they find a friendly brown pig, which joins them. Then, they discover a pine tree, and the tallest boy throws stones at it to make the cones fall. The brown pig shakes the tree violently to get more cones on the ground. The children pat and praise the pig for its playful and clever behaviour. Later on, they notice that it is not a pig but a bear. The children happily remember their friendly brown playmate.
  15. The Disgraced Sugar-Bowl: In the story, a sugar-bowl loses its cover and is shunned by the haughty covered dishes. The cream-pitcher suggests that the uncovered dishes are often washed and polished more frequently. When the sugar-bowl’s cover is returned, the covered and uncovered dishes become friendly and realize they are all part of the same “family.” The sugar-bowl learns an important lesson about not judging others, and the covered dishes discover that the uncovered ones are more meticulously maintained than they realized.
  16. The Talking Animals: Hulda and Nathan, two children who initially dismissed the idea of a forest where animals can talk, find themselves lost in a strange part of the woods after chasing a squirrel. As night falls, they come across a tree with a glimmering window and are welcomed inside by an owl, who feeds them and introduces them to her babies. They continue their journey in the morning, meeting and having tea with talking animal families and seeing their adorable babies. Near the end of their journey, they meet a bear who cannot go further as it leads to the path where talking animals lose their ability to speak. Hulda and Nathan leave the forest, hoping to rediscover it someday.
  17. Suzette And The Butcher: In this story, a French fashion doll named Suzette feels lonely and ignored by the other toys in the playroom. When a new doll named Boy Doll arrives, he is snobbish and dismissive about the other toys, causing Suzette to lose interest in him. Instead, she marries the kind and humble butcher toy, and they live happily together. Boy Doll realizes his mistake too late and remains alone in a box. In the end, Suzette is content with her life and grateful that she didn’t marry Boy Doll.

In conclusion, these Top 17 Stories About Making Friends have taken us on exciting and heartwarming journeys, highlighting the importance of friendship, kindness, understanding, and acceptance. Through a diverse cast of characters and relatable situations, children are not only entertained but also learn valuable lessons about building meaningful connections and overcoming challenges. By reading these delightful tales, kids are inspired to embrace new friendships, appreciate their existing ones, and understand that friendships come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. After all, there’s always room for one more friend in our circle!