Stories About Trust

Stories About Trust

Welcome to the Top 12 Stories About Trust for kids to read online! This free collection of bedtime stories includes printable short stories for children that are easy to read, download, and enjoy. With pictures, audio, and fun English text, these classic bedtime stories are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students. Each famous story is carefully selected to be the best for early years learners and toddlers, offering entertainment and education through moral lessons and captivating storylines.

Stories About Trust are an essential part of your little ones’ learning and development, as they teach the importance of trust, honesty, and dependability. These stories are perfect for boys and girls who want to engage in some night-time reading, either read aloud or with the help of a parent. Each story in the collection demonstrates the consequences of not being trustworthy, as well as the rewards of showing kindness and reliability.

Bedtime stories, fairy tales, and longer classic tales all make up this wonderful collection of tales to tell for story time. Trust is a valuable lesson to learn from a young age, and these stories are sure to captivate and engage your kids with their entertaining and easy-to-read content. With a focus on learning, fun, and the development of good morals, Parents and Early Years Teachers (EYFS) will appreciate these stories for their power to instill trustworthiness and empathy within their children while fostering a love for reading. So, let your children’s imaginations soar as they embark on this exciting adventure through our top 12 Stories About Trust, and let the magic of storytime create unforgettable memories of fun and learning.

Top 12 Stories About Trust for kids to read online:

  1. Pinocchio: Geppetto creates a wooden doll named Pinocchio, but is surprised when it comes to life and screams. Gepetto sells his coat to buy Pinocchio a book to learn, but Pinocchio sells the book to see a puppet show. Pinocchio later goes on various adventures, which lead to him turning into a donkey. The fairy who helps Pinocchio eventually turns him into a real boy, and he and Gepetto live happily ever after. An ebook is available for download.
  2. The Wolf And The Sheep: In the story, a wolf is injured and asks a passing sheep for help getting a drink of water so he can regain his strength and hunt for food. The sheep refuses, suspecting that the wolf just wants to eat him once he has the strength to do so. The story highlights the danger of trusting those who may not have our best interests at heart.
  3. The Wolf And The Goat: In the story, a wolf pretends to be concerned for a goat’s safety and offers her the finest grass if she comes down from a steep cliff. The goat, however, sees through the wolf’s deception and understands that he actually wants to eat her. A downloadable ebook version of the story is available.
  4. The Wolf And The Shepherd: In the story, a wolf has been lurking around a flock of sheep, but surprisingly, instead of attacking the flock, he helps the shepherd take care of them. The shepherd becomes so accustomed to seeing the wolf around that he even leaves the flock in his care while running an errand. Unfortunately, upon his return, he discovers that many of the sheep have been killed and taken away by the wolf, and realizes how foolish it was to trust him.
  5. The cat and mouse in partnership: In this story, a cat and a mouse become friends and decide to live together. They buy a pot of fat which they store in a church for the winter. The cat convinces the mouse to stay at home while she attends several non-existent christenings, during which she sneaks away to eat the fat. Eventually, the mouse realizes what has happened but the cat eats her too as punishment for her perceived lack of gratitude. The story ends with the moral that this is just the way of the world. An ebook download link is also provided.
  6. The Twelve Huntsmen: In this story, a king’s son promises his dying father that he will marry a certain king’s daughter. However, he is already in love with another woman. To keep her close, the woman asks her father for eleven girls who looked exactly like her and dresses them all like hunters. She then joins them dressed the same, and all of them are employed as the king’s twelve huntsmen. The king suspects that they are women, but his advisors advise him to make a test which the girls pass by showing their strength. They also pass a second test when they do not look at spinning-wheels as every woman would. In the end, the king sees that his beloved was among the twelve huntsmen, and she returns to her rightful place as his wife.
  7. Going to a new school: The story is about Cindy, a little girl who is starting a new school after the summer break. She is nervous and scared but her parents help her prepare for it. On her first day, she meets a friendly teacher who shows her around and introduces her to some of the other kids. Cindy slowly starts to feel more comfortable in her new surroundings, makes new friends, and is excited to come back the next day. The story ends with a positive message about how starting a new school isn’t as scary as it may seem.
  8. The Stuffed Animal Club: This story is about a little girl named Ava who is feeling anxious about going back to school after a long holiday break. Her mom suggests that she bring her favorite stuffed animal, Teddy, to school with her. Throughout the day, Ava hugs Teddy whenever she feels anxious, and it helps her focus on her school work. One day, she meets another child, Lucas, who also has a stuffed animal named Bingo. They become friends, start a stuffed animal club, and learn the importance of having someone or something to help you feel safe and calm.
  9. The Jellyfish and the Monkey: In this Japanese folktale, the Dragon King of the Sea marries a queen who becomes ill, and to cure her, the liver of a live monkey is needed. The king’s smartest servant sends a jellyfish to bring back a monkey, but the jellyfish doesn’t know how to catch one on land. He convinces an ape to come to the Dragon King’s palace by describing the brilliance of the palace. While on their journey, the jellyfish asks the ape for its liver, which is needed to help the queen by the Dragon King. The ape tricks the jellyfish, however, and they return to the palace without a liver. The dragon king punishes the jellyfish by taking away his shell, making him soft from head to toe.
  10. Why the Lamb Is Meek: In this story, a little lamb who is feeling happy is approached by a toad who challenges him to a race and offers to pull him into the sea, which the lamb laughs off. However, the toad gathers his family to cheat by answering the lamb’s calls during the race and wins. Later, the toad asks the lamb to carry him to a party, and the lamb agrees, allowing the toad to use a piece of grass in his mouth and a stick to direct him like a horse, which becomes a humiliating spectacle at the party. The lamb then becomes meek and associated with meekness from then on.
  11. How the Monkey and the Goat Earned Their Reputations: In this story, a tiger invites a goat on a journey, and on the way, they come across a dangerous marsh and banana trees. The tiger convinces the goat to go first but then lets him struggle and go hungry, while the tiger walks on dry ground and eats well. They also come across a cobra, and the tiger offers the opportunity to the goat to obtain a beautiful necklace for his daughter, but it is a trick, and the goat is lucky to have survived. Later, when the tiger and monkey go on a journey together, the monkey is smart and cautious, and he outwits the tiger at every turn. In the end, the tiger tries to blame the monkey for stealing and killing, but the monkey manages to prove his innocence and escape unharmed.
  12. The Moonlight Sail: A family of mice living in a field consider moving into a house for the summer to give their children new experiences and protect them from the dangers of the outside world. One night, they attempt to make the journey to the nearest house during a heavy rainstorm. After encountering a pond in front of the house, they improvise a boat out of a flat piece of wood and begin to sail across. However, they become becalmed in the middle of the pond and a nearby cat poses a threat to their safety. The clever mouse uses his wits to seek the assistance of the cat, ultimately fooling her and safely escaping to the other side of the pond.

In conclusion, the Top 12 Stories About Trust provide children with valuable lessons on the significance of trust, honesty, and integrity in our daily lives. These captivating and engaging stories highlight the importance of trusting ourselves, as well as others, while teaching kids how to build and maintain strong, healthy relationships based on trust. By understanding and implementing these essential values, children can grow to become responsible, empathetic, and compassionate individuals who will contribute positively to society and make the world a better, more trustworthy place for everyone.