Back To School Stories

Back To School Stories

The allure of a fresh notebook, the joy of seeing old friends, and the thrill of exploring a new grade; the experience of going back to school is an annual tradition that is filled with both hurdles and excitement for kids. After a relaxing summer, the idea of early morning alarm clocks, homework, and new teachers may feel daunting to children. Conversely, the anticipation of fresh learning opportunities, the camaraderie of friends, and the prospect of new extracurricular activities sparks enthusiasm. A perfect way to ease this mixture of feelings is through the magic of storytelling. Welcome to our carefully curated collection of the 9 best back-to-school stories for children to read online. This assortment of tales is perfect for bedtime or story time, providing a soothing yet educational experience. Whether you’re looking for a short story to tell to your little ones before they fall asleep, or a longer classic for read-aloud sessions, we have it all.

Our collection is rich and diverse, offering a range of tales from famous fairy tales to lesser-known stories, each brimming with fun, adventure, and valuable morals. We have stories for boys and girls, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, early years foundation stage (EYFS) students, and elementary students. Each story promises to whisk children away to magical lands while subtly preparing them for the adventures of the upcoming school year.

You can enjoy these stories in a format that best suits your family’s lifestyle. They are available as free online reads, and also as printable PDFs for those who prefer holding a physical book. For kids who are more auditory learners, or for those busy nights when reading isn’t an option, we offer audio versions of each tale for a captivating listen.

These English language stories come with delightful pictures, making them even more engaging and easy to follow. We firmly believe in the power of visual learning and are confident that these illustrations will enrich your child’s reading experience.

With this diverse assortment of stories, bedtime will be transformed from a night time routine to an anticipated daily adventure, providing your child with a good sleep and a refreshed readiness for the next day at school.

So, let’s dive into the world of imagination and learning, where children’s dreams come to life, where the first day of school doesn’t seem so scary anymore, and where every tale is an adventure to be remembered and lessons to be learnt. Happy reading, and here’s to an excellent start to the new school year!

Top 9 Back To School Stories:

  1. The Little Lazy Boy: In a story of personal growth and realization, a lazy boy named Bojr encounters a bee, a swallow, and a wise dog who teach him the value of hard work and learning. Initially seeking companionship and play, Bojr is disappointed when the bee and the swallow emphasize their responsibilities and important tasks. However, it is the dog, named Old Stentor, who imparts wisdom and highlights the necessity of work, even for animals. Realizing the importance of diligence and education, Bojr decides to attend school, becoming a diligent student and embracing the rewards of hard work. Inspired by the busy bee, hardworking horse, and loyal dog, Bojr’s newfound understanding leads to a life of purpose and gratitude, recognizing that play is all the more enjoyable after a day of diligent effort.
  2. The Teacher’s Back To School Jitters: Jada, a preschool teacher, was initially hesitant to go back to school after the winter break, feeling anxious and uncertain. However, her students noticed her absence and decided to lift her spirits by creating a banner expressing their love for her. They found Jada outside the school and presented her with the heartfelt gesture, which touched her deeply. Still reluctant to enter the classroom, Jada confided in the children about her pressures and missing a dear teacher friend who had moved away. The empathetic children reassured her of her worth as an amazing teacher and offered their support. Together, they discussed their back-to-school jitters, realizing that it was a common feeling and that they could overcome it by standing together. With renewed confidence, Jada and her students had a wonderful day in the classroom, strengthened by their mutual support and understanding.
  3. Farm Animal Preschool: Once upon a time, a lively group of young animals, including Penelope the pig, Chuck the chicken, Shirley the sheep, Henry the horse, and Clarabelle the cow, eagerly embarked on their first day of preschool at a farm far away. With Mrs. Sheep and Mr. Pig as their kind teachers, the animals entered the classroom filled with excitement. Their initial wild behavior caused some chaos, but as the day progressed, they began to settle down and engage in activities, such as painting, singing, and even taking a nap. Despite their mischievous antics, the animals had a great time and learned new things. Reluctant to leave their newfound friends and teachers, they eagerly anticipated returning to preschool for more fun and adventures in the days to come.
  4. Tevin Prepares For Preschool: Tevin, a curious and adventurous little boy, was excited but nervous about his first day of preschool. To help him prepare, his parents established a routine. They gathered his supplies, practiced getting dressed independently, and established a morning routine. On the first day, Tevin felt prepared and eager to make new friends. He had a fantastic day, filled with new experiences, games, and learning. Grateful for the routine, Tevin realized that with practice, he could accomplish anything.
  5. Back To School: Danny, a little boy excited to go back to school after the winter break, felt embarrassed as he hadn’t gone on any exciting vacations or done anything special like his classmates. He worried about their reactions and felt ashamed. However, during a sharing session in class, Danny realized that his classmates’ stories weren’t always as glamorous as they seemed. Some felt lonely or overlooked during the break. When Danny shared his experiences of spending quality time with his family, his classmates admired his close bond and wished for similar connections. Danny learned that the simple moments spent with loved ones were valuable and meaningful, teaching him to appreciate the specialness in everyday experiences.
  6. The Stuffed Animal Club: Ava, a little girl feeling anxious about returning to school after the holiday break, shared her worries with her mom. To help Ava feel better, her mom suggested bringing her stuffed animal, Teddy, to school. Ava loved the idea and took Teddy with her. Holding Teddy’s paw throughout the day, Ava found comfort and focus. One day, she noticed another child, Lucas, playing with his stuffed animal, Bingo. They bonded over their shared comfort and formed a friendship. They continued bringing their stuffed animals to school, forming a stuffed animal club and finding solace and confidence in their special friends. Teddy and Bingo helped Ava and Lucas navigate school, make friends, and feel safe and calm.
  7. Benny’s First Day Of Training: Benny, a curious and energetic beagle, was excited to start puppy training classes but became nervous as the first day approached. His human mom took him to the training center where they met Miss Jenny, the instructor. Miss Jenny helped Benny feel at ease by introducing him to the other puppies in the class. Throughout the class, Benny listened to instructions, tried his best, and received encouragement from Miss Jenny. As he learned and played with the other puppies, Benny’s nerves faded away, and he became a happy and confident pup. Benny’s first day of training taught him the importance of overcoming jitters and embracing new experiences.
  8. Going To A New School: Cindy, a shy little girl, was starting a new school after the summer break. Her parents noticed her anxiety and took steps to help her feel more at ease. They visited the school together, discussed the challenges she might face, and promised to accompany her on her first day. As the day approached, Cindy couldn’t shake her nerves but remained determined to make the most of her new school. With her backpack packed and a positive mindset, Cindy walked to school with her parents. She was warmly welcomed by a friendly teacher, who introduced her to other students. Throughout the day, Cindy gradually grew more comfortable, making new friends and trying her best in class. By the end of the day, Cindy realized that starting a new school wasn’t as scary as she had imagined and eagerly looked forward to the days ahead.
  9. The Fantastic Journey To School: Leo, a young boy, had a daily routine of waiting for the school bus driven by Mr. Jones. One day, as Mr. Jones fell asleep at the wheel, the bus transformed into a magical flying vehicle, delighting Leo and his fellow passengers. They embarked on an extraordinary adventure, soaring through the sky and visiting incredible places like a spectacular playground and a land filled with sweets and candies. Despite the enchanting journey, Mr. Jones safely brought the children back to reality, and they eagerly anticipated future adventures with their magical school bus and their beloved driver.

In conclusion, the start of a new school year is a monumental event in a child’s life, brimming with a unique blend of anticipation and anxiety. Our exceptional collection of nine back-to-school stories, available online for free in a range of formats from readable PDFs to engaging audio versions, is designed to help navigate these mixed emotions. These timeless tales, enriched with beautiful illustrations and important life lessons, make for perfect bedtime or story time reading. They aim not only to entertain but also to educate, helping to foster a love of learning in boys and girls of all ages, from toddlers and preschoolers to EYFS and elementary students. Here’s to a wonderful school year filled with learning, growth, and an abundance of enchanting stories!