Stories About Being Sick

Stories About Being Sick

In the magical world of storytelling, children, both boys and girls, find comfort, excitement, and a unique form of learning that encourages their imagination to blossom. Stories are a cherished part of our childhood, often associated with cosy bedtime moments where our parents or guardians would open a book and transport us to worlds far beyond our imagination. This article is about to introduce you to the 14 best stories about being sick for kids to read online, making their recovery period not only more bearable but also enjoyable.

Whether your child is in their early years, a preschooler, in kindergarten, or an elementary student, this comprehensive collection of tales caters to children of all ages. Our stories range from shorter, easy-to-read tales perfect for the littlest listeners, to longer, more detailed narratives for the older, more advanced readers. Each story is in English and is accompanied by fun, vibrant pictures, making the reading experience more engaging.

The beauty of this collection lies in its accessibility. All the stories are available to read free online and come in various formats to suit your needs. You can download them as a PDF for offline reading, print them out as a keepsake or use them for story time at school or home. For those children who prefer to listen to their stories, we also offer an audio option. With these options at your fingertips, story time can happen anywhere, anytime!

These stories are more than just tales to tell at night time before sleep. They are educational tools that subtly weave morals and values into their narratives, contributing to the character building of your children. Some are famous, classic fairy tales retold with a modern twist, while others are new, waiting to become part of your bedtime tradition.

Each story is about children who fall ill, but through courage, resilience, and kindness, they manage to feel better, both physically and emotionally. Reading or listening to these stories while unwell can provide comfort, empathy, and reassurance. They deliver the powerful message that it’s okay to be sick and that everyone experiences illness at some point.

So, gather your little ones, it’s story time! Let these enchanting tales serve as a soothing balm, helping your children to relax, recover, and drift off into a peaceful sleep. Because sometimes, the best medicine isn’t in a bottle, but within the pages of a good story, waiting to be read aloud.

Top 14 Stories About Being Sick:

  1. The Fairy Box: Little May, longing to have a magic bracelet like the one in her storybook, expresses her wish out loud. To her surprise, a sweet voice responds, instructing her to look under her pillow every night. If she’s been good, she’ll find something nice, but if she’s been naughty, she’ll find something bad. Excited by the prospect of seeing a real fairy, May obeys the instructions and receives rewards and punishments in the form of magical gifts. Through these experiences, May learns the importance of being good, the consequences of her actions, and the joy of giving to others. Eventually, she becomes a genuinely good-hearted girl and discovers that true happiness lies in her own virtuous deeds. In the end, May is visited by a fairy and receives a beautiful bracelet as a symbol of her transformation and ongoing goodness.
  2. Sophia’s Visit To The Doctor: Sophia wakes up with a fever and her parents decide to take her to the doctor’s office. To help her feel more comfortable, they play “doctor” with her stuffed animals, pretending to take their temperatures, listen to their hearts, and give them medicine. Sophia enjoys the game and becomes braver about going to the real doctor. At the doctor’s office, she initially feels scared but finds comfort in holding her stuffed animal. The doctor examines her, provides helpful information about taking care of herself while sick, and gives her medicine. After the visit, Sophia feels better and is grateful for the experience that helped her be brave and learn about self-care.
  3. Kate Crackernuts: In a kingdom, there lived a king and queen, each with a daughter named Anne and Kate, respectively. Anne was beautiful, causing the queen to become jealous and plot against her. Seeking advice from a henwife, the queen sends Anne on two occasions to fetch eggs without eating anything. On the third attempt, Anne eats a crust of bread and some peas, resulting in her head transforming into a sheep’s head. Kate, outraged by her stepsister’s fate, takes Anne on a journey. They arrive at a castle where Kate volunteers to sit with a sick prince at night. The prince takes Kate on magical rides to a fairy ball, where she overhears that three wand strokes can restore Anne’s beauty. Kate cleverly obtains the wand and uses it to return Anne to her normal self. On subsequent nights, Kate acquires a chicken with magical healing properties, curing the prince of his illness. In the end, the sisters marry the princes, living happily ever after.
  4. The Fever Dream Monster: On a stormy night, young Kai experiences a terrifying encounter with a monster in his sleep. As he wakes up to find the creature looming over him, he frantically tries to escape, but the monster relentlessly pursues him. Kai’s desperate attempts to flee prove futile until he finally confronts the monster with a frying pan. However, in a surprising twist, Kai realizes it was all just a vivid nightmare induced by his flu-induced fever. Relieved to discover it wasn’t real, Kai gradually recovers from his illness, holding onto the memory of the terrifying monster but grateful that it was only a dream.
  5. The Canyon Flowers: In a small village, a young girl named Gwen, who loved riding horses and exploring the countryside, experiences a devastating accident that leaves her unable to ride. Struggling with feelings of sadness and anger, she questions her purpose. Her friend, the Pilot, visits her and acknowledges that sometimes things happen without clear reasons but assures her that she still has a purpose. Gwen’s restlessness and bitterness grow over time, and she yearns for the freedom she once had. The Pilot tries to lift her spirits by sharing a story about a canyon where delicate flowers bloom. He explains that challenges and hardships in life can reveal inner strength and beauty. Slowly, Gwen begins to find beauty in her situation and focuses on her personal growth. She learns patience and kindness, and her transformation is noticed by her father, the Duke. Despite her changed circumstances, Gwen discovers a new purpose and happiness, blooming like the flowers in the shelter of her canyon.
  6. The Snowman With A Cold: In a snowy land, Frosty the snowman catches a cold while playing in the snow. Concerned for his well-being, the people of the land bring him inside their warm houses, only to realize that the heat causes Frosty to melt. Panicked, they take him back outside. Desperate to help Frosty, a little girl has an idea and adorns him with a hat and scarf, which keep him warm and prevent further melting. Grateful for the people’s kindness, Frosty is forever remembered as the first snowman to catch a cold, and people continue to dress snowmen with hats and scarves as a tribute to their assistance.
  7. Uncle Wiggily’s Fourth Of July: Uncle Wiggily, a bunny rabbit gentleman, is reminded by Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy to be careful on the upcoming Fourth of July, as real children might try to play pranks on him. Uncle Wiggily encounters a sick boy in a hammock who longs to join in the Fourth of July celebrations but is unable to due to his condition. Determined to bring joy to the boy, Uncle Wiggily gathers green puff balls from the woods, which make popping sounds when squeezed. He secretly tosses them into the boy’s hammock, and the boy delights in his newfound ability to participate in the festivities. Later, Uncle Wiggily arranges a captivating display with firefly-lightning bugs, resembling real fireworks, and the boy enjoys a memorable Fourth of July celebration. Uncle Wiggily returns home content, knowing he has brought happiness to the sick boy.
  8. Sick Day Fun With Ruby: Little Rosie wakes up sick with the flu and is disappointed that she can’t play with her twin sister, Ruby. Determined to find a way to spend time together, Ruby sets up a tea party outside Rosie’s door and later puts on a show outside her window, acting out the movie Frozen. Rosie laughs and enjoys the performance, grateful for her sister’s efforts to bring joy to her sick day. Ruby continues to engage with Rosie through reading books and showing her pictures. As Rosie starts to feel better, the sisters are reunited, and they realize the importance of their bond and promise to support and care for each other always. They learn that even when they are physically apart, their love and creativity can bring them together.
  9. The Velveteen Rabbit: In this heartwarming story, a velveteen rabbit is given as a Christmas gift to a young boy. Initially adored and cherished, the rabbit becomes the Boy’s beloved companion. However, as time passes, the Rabbit is forgotten and spends his days in the nursery, feeling shabby and unimportant. Through the wisdom of an old Horse and the love of the Boy, the Rabbit learns about the transformative power of being loved and becoming “Real.” After facing challenges and moments of doubt, the Rabbit ultimately embraces his own journey to becoming Real. With the help of a magical nursery fairy, he is transformed into a real rabbit and rejoins his fellow rabbits in the forest. The story emphasizes the enduring power of love, the value of being oneself, and the magic of becoming Real.
  10. The Animal Clinic Of Dr. Mike: In a small town, Dr. Mike, a compassionate and skilled veterinarian, runs a cozy clinic where animals from the neighborhood come for help. From a little kitten named Fluffy with a cut paw to a big and clumsy dog named Max with an upset stomach, Dr. Mike treats each animal with care and kindness. With his expertise and comforting presence, he heals their ailments and brings joy to their lives. Dr. Mike’s dedication and love for animals make him the go-to vet in the town, and the animals know they can always rely on him for the best care.
  11. Ella The Elephant And The Cart: In a faraway jungle, Ella, a remarkable and admired elephant, suffers a leg injury while playing with her friends. Concerned for her well-being, the animals quickly seek help from the doctor, who determines that Ella’s leg needs rest and support for proper healing. After unsuccessful attempts with crutches and a wheelchair, the doctor ingeniously creates a small cart that suspends Ella’s leg off the ground, allowing her to move around freely. Ella is overjoyed to explore the jungle once again and visit her friends while her leg heals. With the doctor’s clever solution, Ella’s leg eventually recovers, and she remains grateful for his assistance and reliable support. Living happily ever after, Ella embraces the jungle’s adventures with renewed vigor.
  12. Grandma’s Chicken Soup: In a small town plagued by a severe flu outbreak, a group of compassionate grandmothers takes it upon themselves to make a pot of chicken soup to help everyone feel better. The only obstacle is the lack of a chicken, until they turn to Farmer Joe, who selflessly offers them one of his own despite being sick himself. The grandmothers eagerly prepare the soup with fresh vegetables, noodles, and the chicken, also baking buns to accompany it. The enticing aroma draws people out of their homes, and the community gathers to enjoy the nourishing soup together. As they savor the warm broth and connect with their neighbors, their spirits are lifted and the town gradually recovers from the flu. In gratitude, the town establishes an annual Chicken Soup Day to commemorate the grandmothers’ act of healing and unity.
  13. The January Blues: On a cold and dreary winter day, Mindy finds herself in a deep funk on Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. She bemoans the darkness, coldness, and broken resolutions. However, as the days progress, she notices subtle signs of change in the weather—the nights grow shorter, the days grow longer, and the snow begins to melt. Mindy’s spirits gradually rise as she anticipates the arrival of spring, eagerly awaiting the blooming flowers, singing birds, and radiant sun. Realizing that even the gloomiest days hold signs of hope and happiness, Mindy decides to cheer herself up while awaiting the new season. She bakes a delicious pie, her favorite activity, and shares it with her two best friends, embarking on a joyful adventure in the snow. Mindy’s mood lifts, and she learns the valuable lesson that gratitude and joy can be found regardless of the weather, reminding herself to cherish the magic of changing seasons and the joys of winter.
  14. Dr. Dolittle And The Leader Of The Lions (8/21): John Dolittle finds himself overwhelmed with sick monkeys during an outbreak. Determined to help, he separates the sick monkeys from the healthy ones and builds a grass hut to treat them. However, he quickly realizes that there aren’t enough healthy monkeys to care for the sick ones. He asks other animals, such as lions, leopards, and antelopes, for assistance, but they refuse, feeling superior and unwilling to help. Worried about the overwhelming task ahead, Dolittle’s plea falls on deaf ears until the Leader of the Lions has a change of heart. Realizing the doctor’s kindness and the potential need for help in the future, the Leader rallies the other animals, and they all join forces to care for the sick monkeys. With the combined efforts of the animals, the monkeys begin to recover, and eventually, all the monkeys are well. Dolittle, exhausted from his efforts, finally rests for three days, knowing that he has made a significant difference in the lives of the monkeys and the animals who overcame their pride to lend a helping hand.

In conclusion, the act of sharing stories about being unwell can bring comfort and courage to children in their time of need. From the early years to elementary, our collection of 14 best stories about being sick, available for free online in various formats, offer valuable lessons and a sense of camaraderie for kids undergoing similar experiences. Each story, whether a classic fairy tale or a modern narrative, brings fun, education, and companionship to bedtime or anytime story sessions. With the power of these narratives, children learn to better understand their situation and grow emotionally, all while enhancing their language skills and fostering a lifelong love for reading. So why wait? Make story time a magical journey of healing and learning that eases your child’s journey to recovery and lulls them into a peaceful sleep.