Snow Stories

Snow Stories

Welcome to the fantastic collection of the Top 21 Snow Stories for kids to read online! These engaging and educational stories are perfect for children of all ages, whether it’s bedtime, story time, or any time in between. Our vast library of free, downloadable, and printable pdf short stories is just waiting to be explored. These enchanting tales, filled with captivating pictures and easy-to-follow text, are not only entertaining but also a great way to encourage learning in early years, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students, as well as EYFS and toddlers.

Snow Stories are an essential ingredient for some of the best memories children can make during those chilly night-time readings, as they transport your little ones into magical winter wonderlands. These stories often serve as a wonderful tool for teaching important lessons and morals in a fun and engaging way, as timeless tales of adventure and fantasy come packed with beautiful illustrations that spark the imagination of both girls and boys alike. Our classic collections include famous tales that have been treasured for generations, alongside new bedtime favorites that are quickly becoming an integral part of the bedtime routine.

As you explore these enchanting Snow Stories, you’ll find that each story is perfect to read aloud, with engaging audio and read-along options for kids just beginning their reading journey. These tales are tailored for young children, ensuring every story is enjoyable and easy to understand, providing the perfect way to make learning English fun and interactive. Whether you’re looking for a classic fairy tale, a good moral lesson, a longer story, or a delightful tale to tell at bedtime, our incredible collection of Snow Stories has it all, and more! So, snuggle up, keep warm, and tuck into the wonderful world of Snow Stories, free for you to download and enjoy with your children tonight!

Top 21 Snow Stories for kids to read online:

  1. The Snow Queen: The story tells of an evil troll who makes a mirror in which everything looks ugly and bad, and whoever gets a shard of it in their eye or heart, sees only the bad things and turns cold-hearted. Kay and Gerda, two children living in the city, are affected when Kay gets a shard in his eye and heart, and is taken by the Snow Queen to her palace. Gerda embarks on a long journey to find Kay, encountering various challenges and helpers along the way. Ultimately, Gerda saves Kay by thawing his frozen heart with her warm tears and they return home, having grown up but still the same at heart.
  2. The Snowman: In this story, a snowman comes to life and wishes he could move like the children he sees playing. He talks with a yard-dog who tells him about the sun and the moon, and warns him not to get too close to the stove in the house. The snowman becomes fascinated by the stove and watches it through the window until he melts away. In the end, no one thinks about the snowman anymore, and only a broomstick remains where he stood.
  3. To catch a snowflake: The story is about a little girl named Amy who lives in a small village deep in the woods and loves to play in the snow. One day she noticed that every snowflake is unique, and she tried to catch one, but it kept melting in her hand. Amy learned to appreciate the beauty of snowflakes and would go outside every day to watch them dance. The story encourages readers to look up and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  4. The Making of a Snowflake: The story is about two tiny particles named Dusty and Vapor who fell in love with each other and spent every moment they could together, dancing and twirling through the sky. As the weather grew colder, they cuddled up close and held on tight to stay warm and safe. The cold air around them froze their love, turning them into a beautiful snowflake. Together, as one snowflake, they spread joy and happiness wherever they went, living happily ever after. An ebook download link is also provided.
  5. Snowy’s Search for a Twin Snowflake: The story is about a snowflake named Snowy who is searching for a snowflake exactly like her. After searching and not finding any, Snowy realizes that every snowflake is unique and beautiful in their own way, and makes friends with all the snowflakes she meets, celebrating their differences and being kind. The moral of the story is to celebrate our differences and appreciate that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.
  6. How Snowflakes Became Beautiful: In this story, two invisible friends, hydrogen and oxygen, want to be admired like the stars and clouds. They decide to form snowflakes with six sides, which becomes a unique and beautiful creation that people notice and admire as they fall to the ground. The friends are thrilled to have found a way to make themselves visible and special, and they happily take their place in the world. An ebook download link is provided.
  7. The Snowman with a Cold: This is a story about a snowman named Frosty who caught a cold while playing in the snow. The people in the land of snow tried to help him by bringing him inside their warm houses, but he started melting. Finally, a little girl had the idea to keep Frosty warm by putting a hat and a scarf on him. Frosty was grateful, and the people have been putting hats and scarves on snowmen ever since in honor of Frosty.
  8. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: In this story, the world’s tallest snowman falls in love with a beautiful snowwoman and they spend every day together. However, an evil spirit named the Curmudgeon steals all of the Christmas gifts that Santa was making for children. The elves ask the snowman for help and, despite his wedding day, he and the snowwoman set out to find the Curmudgeon and get the toys back. Together, they are able to confront the Curmudgeon and save Christmas. They live happily ever after, guarding the house of Santa Claus.
  9. Sledding on a Leaf: The story is about a group of different snowflakes that go sledding on a leaf in a land covered in snow. At first, they struggle to find something to sled on until one of them suggests using a leaf. They have a great time sledging down the hill, although one of them has a little accident and goes off the side. They all laugh it off and continue sledding happily ever after. There is an ebook download available.
  10. The Search for Santa’s Sleigh Team: Every year, the reindeers of the North Pole compete in a race to become one of Santa’s helpers. Santa watches closely, looking for reindeers who are not only strong and fast but also kind and compassionate. In the end, only nine reindeers are chosen, known as Santa’s sleigh team. They take pride in their job of delivering presents to children all over the world and consider themselves the luckiest reindeers in the world. The story also includes a link to download an e-book version of the story.
  11. Igloo Home Sweet Home: The story describes how the Inuit people, who live in the Arctic, built and lived in igloos made of ice and snow. Despite being made of such cold materials, the Inuit knew how to keep them warm and cozy using insulation, fur blankets, and small fires in the center of the room. The igloos were a place for the Inuit to gather with family and friends, where they shared stories and laughter. The story also highlights the Inuit’s resourcefulness, using everything they had to make their homes comfortable. The story comes with a downloadable ebook in PDF format.
  12. Grandpa’s Winter Paradise Surprise: A family goes to Winter Paradise, a winter fair, for their holiday and brings along their grandpa to surprise him. They try out several festive attractions such as the merry-go-round, cross country skiing, indoor and outdoor skating rinks, and the ferris wheel. They also go holiday shopping and end their day with an exhausted but happy return to their cabin, with the family vowing to include Grandpa more in their family outings. The story comes with a downloadable Ebook in PDF format.
  13. The Magical Ski Lift: A little boy named Tom loves skiing and gets on a magical ski lift that takes him to a land where the snow never melts, but he gets stuck and misses his parents. He promises to listen to them in the future and is returned to the ski resort. Tom learned his lesson and had a great time skiing with his family. There is also a link to download the ebook in PDF format.
  14. Cleverness of a Sheep Dog: In this story, a snowstorm hits Scotland and hundreds of sheep are missing on the hills. Despite the efforts of farmers and their men, they can hardly find any. However, a very clever sheep dog called Rough comes to the rescue. He barks and digs little holes on the snow, indicating where each sheep lies buried. The men follow his lead, and most of the sheep are thankfully saved.
  15. Snowflakes: The story is about a little raindrop that decided to fall to the earth and do some good. As it fell through a cold cloud, it turned into a little ice needle and met others like itself, forming a snowflake. The snowflake and others like it decided to fall on the ground and keep the seeds planted by a sick boy warm so they wouldn’t freeze during winter. In spring, the snow melted into water, and the little boy had his flowers again, all because one little raindrop wanted to do some good in the world. Downloads for an ebook version are available.
  16. The Snow Girl: A poor couple named Ivan and Marie make a snow child when they see other children playing in the snow. The snow child comes to life and becomes a beloved member of the village. But as the snow child grows up, she becomes sad during the spring and then disappears while dancing around a campfire with her friends. The villagers look but cannot find her, and they believe she has melted and flown away with the wind to the blue sky.
  17. The Harvest of King Winter: King Winter gathers his Snow and Frost Fairies to ask what they have done to make people happy. They share all the snowy and icy wonders they created for the children, which pleased King Winter. However, he comes up with a new idea to leave a lasting harvest before the sun melts their creations. With the help of Mr. North Wind and the Frost Fairies, they create a bountiful ice harvest that people can use year-round to store food and cool items.
  18. The Babies’ Blankets: Mother Nature is worried about her babies being cold without blankets as Jack Frost is up to his tricks. She sends a letter to Father Winter to ask for blankets, and he sends snowflakes to Earthdom to cover the babies. The children in Earthdom enjoy playing in the snow, not realizing that it is keeping Mother Nature’s babies warm.
  19. The White World: The story is about Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal Bird waking up to a white world, which turns out to be snow. They are confused and scared until they’re advised by other birds to take shelter under a blind. The next day, the snow has melted, and the Cardinals find plenty of worms to eat. The experience teaches them the meaning of the saying “a touch of nature makes everybody akin” since even their usually grumpy neighbor Sparrow was kind to them during the snowstorm.
  20. How Mr. Fox was saved by his Friends: In this story, Mr. Fox had a prosperous winter and became greedy with his food. He refused to share with his neighbors and enjoyed eating alone, until one night, his house caught on fire. His neighbors rushed to help him and put out the fire. Mr. Fox realized the value of friendship and decided to share his food with his less fortunate friends in the woods.
  21. The Rented House: In this short story, Mrs. Sparrow asks her husband to find a nice tree home for them, but he suggests renting instead. They find a nest in a tree near a house, but when it snows at night, they realize the rented house is not as comfortable as their old home behind the blinds. They return to their old home, and Mr. Sparrow is content with the little inconvenience bringing much comfort for the rest of their days.

In conclusion, the Top 21 Snow Stories offer an enchanting collection of winter-themed tales perfect for kids to read online. These stories, full of magical snowscapes, heartwarming friendships, and thrilling adventures, not only provide entertainment on a chilly day, but also instill valuable life lessons and spark a love for literature. As children explore the icy wonders found within these captivating narratives, they are sure to be inspired by the enchanting world of snow and make lasting memories through the power of storytelling.