Snow Stories

Snow Stories

Snow Stories is a collection of short tales about the magic of snow, perfect for preschool and kindergarten children. These stories will take children on a journey of imagination and wonder, exploring the many different ways snow can bring joy and excitement to their lives.

The Snow Stories collection features a variety of tales that are sure to capture the attention of young readers. One story, “Snowflakes,” tells the story of a curious owl who watches as snowflakes fall from the sky, while “The Snowman and the Snowwoman” is a heartwarming story about two snow figures who fall in love.

“The Snow Queen” is a classic tale that follows the journey of a young princess as she attempts to rescue her friend from the clutches of an evil queen. Meanwhile, “The Snowman with a Cold” is a fun and lighthearted story that children will love, about a snowman who can’t stop sneezing.

Whether your child is enjoying a snow day at home or reading about a snow storm from afar, Snow Stories will transport them to a world of winter wonder. Children can explore the magic of snow with a snow globe or watch as snow falls outside their window, all while reading along with these captivating tales.

Snow Stories is available in a variety of formats, including PDF and online versions that can be easily accessed from anywhere. The stories can also be read aloud, either by a parent or teacher, or through an audio version that children can listen to on their own.

These tales are perfect for children in KS1 and KS2 and can be enjoyed by kids from all around the world. With Snow Stories, your child can experience the joy and magic of snow, no matter where they are.