Funny Stories For Kindergarten

Funny Stories For Kindergarten


Welcome to the Top 100 Funny Stories for Kindergarten read aloud! This exciting collection is available to you in an easy-to-navigate PDF format and is sure to captivate your young listeners with its humor, vivid imagery, and engaging characters. These funny stories are especially curated for kindergarten children, filled with hilarious situations, silly characters, and unexpected twists that will incite rib-tickling laughter and pave the way for a joyful reading experience.

The importance of Funny Stories for Kindergarten lies not only in their entertainment value but also in their educational role. Reading aloud these stories stimulates your kindergartener’s imagination, encourages their listening skills and inspires their creativity. This collection will teach important life lessons through humor while enhancing vocabulary and language skills. Funny stories can also lessen the fear of making mistakes and help kids understand the world around them in a lighthearted manner. Kids are sure to love these stories as it brings out their natural joy and jovial curiosity. This enjoyable journey of funny stories will make your kindergartener look forward to each read aloud session, eagerly anticipating what the next story will bring. So dive right in and let your kindergartener discover the magical world of laughter and learning.

Top 100 Funny Stories For Kindergarten

  1. The Tale of Peter Rabbit: Once upon a time, there were four little rabbits named Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. They lived with their mother under a big tree. Their mother warned them not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden but Peter, being naughty, went anyway. He ate vegetables and got chased by Mr. McGregor. Peter managed to escape and found his way back home. The story teaches children about listening to their parents and the consequences of disobedience.
  2. Goldilocks and The Three Bears: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldilocks who had bright yellow hair. One day, she wandered into a forest and found a secluded house. Since Goldilocks was tired and thirsty, she knocked on the door, but no one answered. She went inside and found three chairs and bowls of porridge. Goldilocks tried each chair and bowl, finding the smallest one just right. She tasted the porridge from the small bowl and it was delicious, so she ate it all. Feeling sleepy, Goldilocks went upstairs and tried each bed, finding the small one perfect for her. While she was sleeping, the three bears who lived there came back and discovered someone had been in their house. They found Goldilocks in Baby Bear’s bed and she quickly ran away. Baby Bear was sad that he couldn’t play with her. Goldilocks never went near the forest again.
  3. It Is Shown That Tiggers Don’t Climb Trees: Pooh wanted to see Eeyore, but on his way, he remembered that he hadn’t seen Owl or Roo for a while. While sitting on a stone in the stream, Pooh thought about climbing trees and had an idea to help Tigger and Roo. Christopher Robin, Pooh, Piglet, and Eeyore worked together to rescue Tigger and Roo from the tree. They all ended up on the ground, but everyone was okay in the end. You can download the ebook (PDF) to read the story offline or print it.
  4. The Town Musicians of Bremen: There was an old donkey who ran away from his unappreciative owner and set out to become a town musician in Bremen. On his journey, he met a dog, a cat, and a rooster, who also wanted to join him. They came across a house occupied by robbers and decided to scare them away using their loud music. The plan worked, and they enjoyed a nice meal and a peaceful sleep in the house. The robbers never returned, so the animals decided to stay there happily ever after. You can download an eBook of this story.
  5. The Little Red Hen: A Little Red Hen lived in a barnyard and spent her days looking for worms for her children. The other animals, like the pig and cat, were lazy and didn’t want to help. When the hen found a wheat seed, she decided to plant it herself. She worked hard to grow the wheat and make it into flour and then bread. But when it was time to enjoy the bread, the other animals wanted to eat it too. The hen stood up for herself and enjoyed the bread all by herself. This story teaches children about the importance of hard work and not relying on others to do things for them. You can download the ebook version of the story for free if you want to read it offline.
  6. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny: In “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny,” a little rabbit named Benjamin goes on an adventure to visit his relatives. Along the way, he meets his cousin Peter and they explore Mr. McGregor’s garden. They have some misadventures with a cat and onions, but in the end, Benjamin’s father comes to rescue them. They return home safely, and Benjamin’s mother forgives him for his escapade. This story teaches children about family, friendship, and the importance of being resourceful and brave.
  7. The Emperor’s New Clothes: In this story, there was an emperor who loved new clothes. Two swindlers came to the palace and promised to make him special invisible fabric that only stupid and dishonest people couldn’t see. The emperor believed them and gave them lots of money. The swindlers pretended to work, but actually kept the money for themselves and made nothing. When the emperor sent people to check on the progress, they pretended to see the clothes even though there was nothing there. The emperor and his people pretended too, because they didn’t want to seem stupid or dishonest. Finally, a child shouted that the emperor was actually naked, and everyone realized the truth. The moral of the story is that it’s important to be honest and not pretend just to fit in with others.
  8. Raggedy Ann And The Kite: In this story, Raggedy Ann watches as the children prepare and fly a kite. The kite starts to act strangely, and Raggedy Ann is tied to the tail to make it more stable. However, a strong wind carries Raggedy Ann away, and she falls into a tree. The robins take some of her yarn hair to line their nest, and Raggedy Ann is eventually found by Marcella with the help of the robins’ calls. Raggedy Ann is rescued and happily reunited with Marcella. The story teaches children about the importance of caution and not taking unnecessary risks.
  9. Little Ida’s Flowers: Little Ida’s Flowers is a story about a little girl named Ida who loves her cousin’s stories. Her cousin tells her that flowers come to life and have a ball when humans go to sleep. Ida puts her wilted flowers in her doll’s bed and, at night, she sees all the flowers dancing and having a great time. The flowers tell Ida that they will die soon, but if she buries them in a nice spot in the garden, they will come back even more beautiful next summer. Ida finds the best place in the garden and takes care of the flowers.
  10. Uncle Wiggily Breaks The Rules: Uncle Wiggily, a bunny gentleman, visits the Hollow Stump School to show the animal boys and girls how to be good. However, he ends up getting into mischief himself. First, he throws a wet sponge at Jackie Bow Wow, and then he tickles Billie Wagtail with a feather. As a result, he is asked to sit in the front seat and then stand in the corner. Just when the Lady Mouse Teacher is about to ask the class to sing, the Skillery Scallery Alligator bursts into the room. Uncle Wiggily saves the day by blowing chalk dust into the alligator’s face, causing him to flee. Despite his misbehavior, the Lady Mouse forgives Uncle Wiggily for his actions.
  11. The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies: In this story, Benjamin Bunny and his wife Flopsy have a large family of bunnies. Sometimes they don’t have enough food, so they go to a rubbish heap to eat. One day, they find some lettuces that make them very sleepy, and they all fall asleep. Meanwhile, Mr. McGregor, who owns the garden, sees them and puts them in a sack. But with the help of a clever mouse, Benjamin and Flopsy rescue their bunnies. At the end of the story, Thomasina Tittlemouse, the mouse, gets a gift made of rabbit-wool. You can download the ebook or print the story to read later.
  12. Prince Sneeze: Once upon a time, a king and queen threw a big party for their baby Prince Rolandor. But when it was time to serve the strawberry cake, they realized it was all gone! A fairy named Malvolia got very angry and cursed the prince so that he would sneeze and cause chaos every time. To protect him, the prince had to live in a tower and could only return home when he found someone brave enough to marry him. In the end, a princess with her own curse married the prince, and when he sneezed at their wedding, the curse was broken, and they lived happily ever after. You can read the full story and download an ebook version to read offline on the website.
  13. The Oat Cake: In this story, a farmer’s wife makes two oat cakes. One cake wants to see the world instead of being eaten, but the other cake thinks it’s an honor to be eaten by the farmer. When the farmer comes home hungry, he eats the first oat cake and tries to catch the second one, but it escapes. The oat cake goes on an adventure, rolling into different places and causing chaos wherever it goes. Eventually, it gets eaten by a fox and realizes that it would have been better off being eaten by the farmer in the first place. The story teaches the importance of contentment and appreciating what we have.
  14. The Tale of Pigling Bland: Once upon a time, there was a family of pigs. They were very mischievous except for Spot and Pigling Bland. Aunt Pettitoes, the mother pig, decided that it was time for some of the pigs to go to market. Pigling Bland and his brother Alexander set off on their own. Along the way, they encountered some challenges but managed to find a place to stay. Eventually, they made it across the hills and far away.
  15. The Story of the Four Little Children Who Went Round the World: Once upon a time, four little children named Violet, Slingsby, Guy, and Lionel decided to sail around the world on a big boat. They brought along a cat as their helmsman and an older Quangle-Wangle to cook and make tea. They had many adventures, encountering islands of veal cutlets and chocolate drops, talking to blue-bottle flies, and even riding on a rhinoceros. Eventually, they returned home safely and were received by their loved ones, although their adventures were met with both admiration and scorn. They decided to save their travel plans for another time. As a token of gratitude to the rhinoceros, they had it stuffed and placed in front of their father’s house as a doormat.
  16. Uncle Wiggily And Miss Muffet: In this story, little Miss Muffet visits Uncle Wiggily’s bungalow and enjoys some curds and whey while sitting on a tuffet. Uncle Wiggily tries to protect her from a spider, but Miss Muffet isn’t afraid and reveals that the spider is there to measure her for a new dress. Miss Muffet then invites Uncle Wiggily to her birthday party, and everyone is happy. The story emphasizes kindness towards spiders and not being afraid of them. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  17. The snowman and the boy: Once upon a time, a group of children made a snowman with sticks for arms and stones for eyes. They promised to bring him a hat the next day. The youngest boy couldn’t stop thinking about the snowman and wished they had brought him a hat that night. To his surprise, the snowman sneezed outside his window and asked for a hat to keep warm. The boy gave him his sailor hat, and the snowman came to life. The snowman and the boy went on an adventure to the Winter King’s palace to ask him not to let the sun shine and melt the snowman. The Winter King agreed to ask the North Wind to freeze the snowman, and the boy and the snowman danced all the way back. However, it turned out to be a dream, and the boy woke up to find the snowman frozen in the field.
  18. The Friendly Playmate: Four children from Espesett Farm go on a berry-picking adventure and meet a friendly brown pig, who turns out to be a clever and good-natured bear. The bear joins in their play, eats berries, shakes pine cones from a tree, and even gets ants on his back. The children brush off the ants, but when they hear their mother’s call, the bear runs off into the woods. The children realize their playmate was a bear and never forget their happy time together. They love sharing the story with others.
  19. The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse: Once upon a time, there was a wood-mouse named Mrs. Tittlemouse. She lived in a funny house under a hedge, with different rooms and even a little box bed. Mrs. Tittlemouse was very tidy and always cleaned her house. But sometimes unwanted guests like beetles and spiders would come in and make a mess. One day, a big fat spider named Mr. Jackson tried to eat all the honey in her cupboards, but she chased him away. Mrs. Tittlemouse worked hard to clean up the mess and make her house tidy again. She even threw a party for her friends and shared honey with them. In the end, Mr. Jackson watched from outside and wished her good health. If you want to read this story offline, you can download the ebook or print version.
  20. The little tadpole: In this story, a busy little lizard befriends a tadpole and discovers that he wants to sing like a bird. The lizard tries to help him, but as the tadpole grows legs instead of wings, they begin to lose hope. Eventually, the tadpole realizes that he is meant to be a frog and joyfully leaps away to join his fellow frogs. The lizard listens to the chorus of frogs singing in the swamp and learns that there are many ways to make beautiful music.
  21. Nero at the Bakery: In this story, a baker bakes a fresh batch of bread and a little girl named Sophie comes to buy a loaf. Just as Sophie is leaving, a big dog named Nero walks into the store with money in his basket. The dog wants to buy a loaf of bread too! The baker gives Nero the bread and the dog happily walks home with it. When Sophie tells her family about Nero, they are amazed at the clever dog. You can read and download the ebook of this story by clicking the link provided.
  22. Mr. Fox’s House Party: Mr. Fox wanted a new house, so he found a treehouse and invited his friends to a house party. But Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Badger couldn’t climb the tree, so Mr. Fox borrowed a ladder. Unfortunately, when Mr. Dog smelled the delicious soup, he climbed the ladder and ate it all. Chaos ensued when Mr. Dog slipped down the ladder with Mr. Pouch Rat, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Badger. Eventually, everyone forgave Mr. Fox, but he decided to stay on the ground floor for his next party.
  23. Uncle Wiggily’s Strange Umbrellas: Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure in the rain and encounters various animal friends along the way. He offers his umbrella to keep them dry, but they all have their own solutions to stay dry. From a toadstool umbrella to a Japanese parasol, Uncle Wiggily’s kind gestures are appreciated by his animal friends. In the end, the sun comes out, and Uncle Wiggily helps out a squirrel with a pancake umbrella. The story teaches kindness and problem-solving skills, making it a great educational read for kindergarten teachers to share with their students.
  24. Mr. Bear’s Farewell Party: Mr. Bear decided to throw a farewell supper for his woodland friends before going into hibernation. All the animals enjoyed a feast of delicious food and praised Mr. Bear as a wonderful host. Just when Mr. Bear was about to go to sleep, Billy Possum and Tim Raccoon offered to help clean up and keep house for him while he slept. However, they had mischievous intentions and locked Mr. Bear out of his own house. When Mr. Bear discovered what they had done, he promptly threw them out the window. Billy and Tim learned their lesson and nursed their sore backs. They realized that it would have been better if they hadn’t played such a sneaky trick on Mr. Bear.
  25. Appley Dapply’s Grand Adventure: In a bustling meadow, there lived a curious mouse named Appley Dapply. He loved the tasty treats from Mrs. Baker’s kitchen and decided to have an adventure to find them. Appley Dapply cleverly opened the cupboard filled with delicious cakes, cheeses, jams, and biscuits. He feasted and explored, discovering a world full of wonders. After enjoying his fill, Appley Dapply returned home, full in both tummy and spirit. He realized that he was a brave mouse ready to discover more adventures in the world.
  26. The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle: In this story, a little girl named Lucie is always losing her pocket-handkerchiefs. One day, she goes searching for them and meets different animals along the way who haven’t seen them. Finally, Lucie climbs up a hill and finds a door that leads to the home of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, a hedgehog who is an excellent clear-starcher. Mrs. Tiggy-winkle helps Lucie find her pocket-handkerchiefs and irons them, along with other clothes belonging to different animals. After enjoying tea together, Lucie and Mrs. Tiggy-winkle return down the hill and give the clean clothes to the grateful animals. But when Lucie turns to thank Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, she discovers that she has transformed back into a hedgehog and has disappeared. Lucie is amazed by the magical encounter she had with Mrs. Tiggy-winkle.
  27. The Moonlight Sail: Mr. and Mrs. Mouse decide to move their family into a house for the summer to teach their children about the world. They find a pool of water in front of a house and wish they had a boat to sail on it. Mr. Mouse quickly arranges a piece of wood to act as a boat, and they set sail. However, they become becalmed and a cat approaches. Mr. Mouse cleverly convinces the cat to roll stones into the water to create ripples and get their boat to the other side. They escape the cat and reach the safety of the house. Mr. Mouse thanks the cat for her help, and the cat promises to keep an eye on the mouse family.
  28. In Mother Goose Town: In this story, the animals in Mother Goose Town can talk and have fun together. One day, a boy named Little-Boy-All-Alone enters their enchanted circle and gets whisked away to Mother Goose Town. The animals and children there help him make a new cupboard for Mother Hubbard and a table and chairs for Jack Sprat. They even make a dining room with cut-out dishes and food. They all work together and have a great time being creative. Little-Boy-All-Alone learns that when he’s alone, he can use paper, scissors, and glue to make his own creations and be happy. The story teaches kids about teamwork, creativity, and the joy of making things with their own hands.
  29. The Adventures of Mr. Piggles: Once upon a time, in a busy town, there was a friendly guinea pig named Mr. Piggles. He was special because he loved to style his hair like an old-fashioned wig. Every day, he would brush his hair, put on his favorite tie, and wear his special waistcoat with big buttons. The townsfolk loved Mr. Piggles and he would make them smile with his unique look. When the town faced a problem and couldn’t lift a heavy bell, Mr. Piggles came up with an idea. He used his strong whiskers to make a rope and with everyone’s help, they lifted the bell. The town cheered and Mr. Piggles became a hero. From then on, whenever the bell rang, the townsfolk would remember Mr. Piggles and his bravery. It taught everyone that no matter how small you are, you can achieve great things.
  30. Uncle Wiggily Painted His Bungalow: Uncle Wiggily is painting his bungalow when his friends, Billie, Jackie, and Peetie, play a funny joke on him by giving him green paint instead of red. Uncle Wiggily accidentally paints his bungalow the wrong color, and just when he’s about to fix it, a sneaky alligator tries to attack him. But Billie, Jackie, and Peetie come up with a clever plan to scare the alligator away by splashing paint on him. In the end, Uncle Wiggily saves the day and everyone laughs. The story teaches children about friendship, problem-solving, and the importance of being kind.
  31. The Tale of Two Bad Mice: Once upon a time, there was a beautiful doll’s house owned by two dolls named Lucinda and Jane. One day, when they were out, two mischievous mice named Tom Thumb and Hunca Munca entered the house. They found a delicious meal set on the table, but everything turned out to be fake. Out of disappointment, they broke things and caused havoc. However, in the end, Tom Thumb found a coin under the rug and used it to pay for the damages they caused. Every morning, Hunca Munca comes to clean the doll’s house with her broom.
  32. Uncle Wiggily Waters His Garden And His Neighbors: Uncle Wiggily wanted to water his garden, but things didn’t go as planned. He got his face wet and accidentally sprayed his neighbors, including Mrs. Twistytail the pig and Uncle Butter the goat. Then the Bushy Bear came by, and Uncle Wiggily sprayed him too. Eventually, everyone laughed and the Bear agreed to behave. The story teaches children the importance of being careful and considering others when using tools like a hose.
  33. Grandmother Rabbit’s Story: Patty Rabbit is bored with her storybook because it only has stories and pictures about boy rabbits. She asks her grandmother if there are any stories about girl rabbits. So her grandmother tells her about Susie Rabbit, who made a doll out of a carrot and lettuce but ended up eating it all. Patty loves the story so much that she asks her grandmother to have it printed in a book. And that’s how you got to read the story too!
  34. The White Fur Coats: Bennie and Bunny Rabbit wake up to find snow outside. They promise their mother not to throw snowballs at anyone. But when they see Jackie Rabbit with his fancy clothes and high hat, they can’t resist. They throw snowballs at him, and their mother punishes them by taking away their white fur coats. They have to wear their old gray coats all winter. If you see a little rabbit in the woods wearing a gray coat, you’ll know it’s Bennie, Bunny, or Jackie, or another rabbit who got punished like them. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  35. Raggedy Ann And The Washing: In this story, Marcella is upset when she sees Raggedy Ann after her nanny, Dinah, washed her. Raggedy Ann looks funny and flat because she got tangled up in the clothes and was scrubbed and squeezed in the wringer. But Marcella realizes it was her fault for throwing Raggedy Ann in the clothes hamper. Everyone laughs as Raggedy Ann’s smile gets even bigger. Dinah hangs her in the sun to dry, and when she comes back inside, Marcella and her dolls are happy to see Raggedy Ann clean and sweet again. They all learn the lesson of being careful and treating their toys with kindness. You can download the ebook of this story to read offline or print.
  36. The Tale Of Tom Kitten: Once upon a time, there were three little kittens named Mittens, Tom Kitten, and Moppet. Their mother, Mrs. Tabitha Twitchit, wanted to dress them nicely for tea with friends. She scrubbed their faces, brushed their fur, and combed their tails and whiskers. But Tom Kitten was naughty and scratched. Mrs. Tabitha dressed Moppet and Mittens beautifully, but Tom Kitten’s clothes burst because he had grown. Mrs. Tabitha sent them outside to play while she made hot buttered toast, but they got dirty and fell on their noses. Then the Puddle-Ducks found them, and the kittens tried to dress Mr. Drake Puddle-Duck, but his clothes were worse than Tom’s. Finally, Mrs. Tabitha found the kittens without clothes and sent them to bed, while the Puddle-Ducks searched for their missing clothes.
  37. The Jumblies: In a far and few land, there lived the Jumblies – peculiar creatures with green heads and blue hands. They loved the sea and embarked on an extraordinary journey in a sieve. Despite warnings, they sailed away undeterred, wrapping their feet in pinky paper. They sang happy songs, collected treasures, and after twenty years, returned taller and wiser. Inspired by their courage, their friends also dreamed of sailing the seas. This tale of the Jumblies teaches us about bravery, adventure, and the limitless power of imagination.
  38. An interrupted nap: Nimble, a young fawn, sneaks quietly into the forest without waking his sleeping mother. Suddenly, his mother wakes up and panics, thinking they are being chased by a dangerous creature. But then Nimble appears and reveals that he was just hurrying away from a fox. His mother is relieved but corrects him, saying the animal he saw was actually a raccoon. Nimble learns about the differences between foxes and raccoons, and he’s glad his mother doesn’t ask why he was in the woods alone. The story emphasizes the importance of being cautious and aware of our surroundings in nature.
  39. The Tale Of Johnny Town-mouse: This story is about Johnny Town-mouse and Timmy Willie, two mice with very different backgrounds. Timmy Willie accidentally ends up in the city and is overwhelmed by the noise and unfamiliar food. Johnny Town-mouse tries to make him feel welcome, but Timmy Willie realizes that he prefers the calm and peacefulness of his country home. Eventually, he returns home while Johnny Town-mouse decides that he enjoys city life. The story teaches children about the differences between city and country life and the importance of finding the right place that suits them.
  40. A bear in the rain: Once upon a time, a bear was walking in the forest in the rain. He was unhappy because his fur was soaking wet. A wood anemone heard his complaints and suggested that he hide from the rain. The bear said he couldn’t because he was too big. But the wood anemone came up with a clever idea – to find an umbrella for the bear. They searched together and found a large branch with thick leaves. The bear held it above his head and was no longer bothered by the rain. He thanked the wood anemone and walked proudly with his new umbrella. The wood anemone went back to her spot and waited for the sun to shine again.
  41. The Scarecrow: In this story, a farmer has a cherry tree that always gets eaten by robins. So, the farmer makes a scarecrow to scare away the birds. The scarecrow works at first, but then the robins realize it’s not scary at all. They decide to live in the cherry tree and enjoy the cherries. The scarecrow ends up helping the robins have a safe and happy home. You can read the story offline or print it using the provided PDF download link.
  42. The Story The Milk Told Me: This is a story about a glass of milk. The milk tells the person drinking it about its journey. First, it was in a bottle with other bottles in a cold place called a distribution center. Before that, it was in a large milk can in the country. But even before that, it was grass growing by a river, eaten by a cow. After being drunk, the milk turns into red blood to make the person’s body strong. The person thanks the cow for giving the milk and remembers the story to share with others.
  43. Raggedy Ann Learns A Lesson: In this story, the dolls are left alone in the room and decide to go on a search for food. They follow the leader, Raggedy Ann, to the pantry door, but they can’t open it. Raggedy Ann has a rip in her head, but once it’s fixed, she comes up with a plan to unlock the door. The dolls have a fun time eating treats from the pantry, but when their mistress comes home and finds them, they get a stern talking to. After a bath and dinner, Raggedy Ann reminds all the dolls to be grateful for what they have and to never take without asking. It’s a lesson in gratitude and good behavior.
  44. The Story of Miss Moppet: This is the story of Miss Moppet, a curious kitten who thinks she hears a mouse. But the clever mouse isn’t afraid of her and teases her instead. Miss Moppet tries to catch the mouse but ends up hurting herself. As the mouse watches from a safe distance, Miss Moppet pretends to be sick to lure the mouse closer. When the mouse gets close enough, she pounces on it. However, in a turn of events, the mouse escapes and dances on top of the cupboard. The story teaches children about curiosity, consequences, and the importance of being kind to others. An ebook and printable version of the story are available for download.
  45. The Johnny Cake: Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Ava who wanted to make a special breakfast for her grandmother. But she faced many challenges along the way. Ava searched for cornmeal, but there was none. She had to go to the miller, who couldn’t give her any meal either. Finally, the farmer told her that the cornfield needed to be ploughed before they could plant. Ava found the ploughman, and together they prepared the field. The corn grew, and Ava was able to make the johnny cake her grandmother wanted. It was a story about hard work, persistence, and overcoming obstacles to achieve a goal.
  46. The tale of the fierce, bad rabbit: In this educational story, there are two rabbits, one fierce and one gentle. The fierce rabbit takes the gentle rabbit’s carrot without saying please and scratches him. The gentle rabbit hides in a hole feeling sad. Then a man with a gun thinks the gentle rabbit is a bird and tries to shoot it, but the gentle rabbit escapes. The story teaches about manners, kindness, and the consequences of bad behavior. It’s a great resource for kindergarten teachers to use in their lessons.
  47. The Gnome In The Boot: In a small forest, a little gnome named Gizmo gets stuck inside his boot without his ladder. He meets a helpful caterpillar who offers to help him find the ladder. Together, they discover a squirrel holding the ladder and realize that the squirrel needs it to feed its family. Gizmo suggests sharing the ladder, and they all become friends, working and playing together in the forest. This story teaches us the importance of understanding, kindness, and sharing.
  48. Bart the Bear wakes up: Bart the Bear wakes up from his long winter hibernation and meets a kind lady bear named Bella. Bella teaches Bart how to catch salmon and they become fast friends. They go on a hike with their other friend Sandy Squirrel, and later meet Fox who joins them too. They enjoy the sights and sounds of spring and Bart is excited for all the adventures that lie ahead in the summer. He goes back to his den, thinking of his new friend Bella, and whispers, “Springtime is the best time of all.”
  49. The Gingerbread Man: Once upon a time, a little old man and a little old woman who lived in a house by the forest baked a gingerbread man. But when they opened the oven, the gingerbread man jumped out and started running! The old couple chased him, but couldn’t catch him. Along the way, the gingerbread man outran a barn of shredders, a field of lawnmowers, a cow, and a pig. However, when he encountered a fox, the quick fox caught and ate him. The gingerbread man was never seen again. You can download an eBook of this story to read offline or print.
  50. The Pack of Ragamuffins: In this story, a rooster and a hen go on a trip to find some ripe nuts. Along the way, they meet a duck, a pin, and a needle who join them. They all stay in an inn for the night but play a trick on the innkeeper before they leave. The story teaches about teamwork and the consequences of breaking promises. Read the ebook (PDF) to enjoy the full adventure!
  51. Hans in Luck: Hans worked hard for seven years and received a big piece of gold as a reward. Along his journey to visit his mother, he made several trades, exchanging the gold for a horse, then a cow, then a pig, and finally a goose. Each trade seemed lucky at first, but eventually Hans discovered that the animals were old or stolen. In the end, he traded the goose for a rock, which he accidentally dropped into a well. Hans was happy to be free from the burden and continued his journey home with a light heart.
  52. The Tale of Ginger and Pickles: Once upon a time, there was a village shop called “Ginger and Pickles.” The shop sold everything except a few things the customers needed urgently. Ginger, a yellow tom-cat, and Pickles, a terrier, ran the shop. They gave unlimited credit to their customers, but no one paid their bills. Eventually, they had to eat their own goods because they had no money. The shop had to close, causing inconvenience for the villagers. Afterward, Sally Henny Penny reopened the shop and had a successful opening day. She insisted on cash payments but had a variety of bargains to please everyone. Ginger now lives comfortably, and Pickles works as a gamekeeper.
  53. The Mad March Hare: In this story, the Mad March Hare is very wild and makes a lot of noise. He invites his animal friends to join him in his house during a storm. The Bear, the Beaver, and the Monkey all come in and keep warm by the fire. The Mad March Hare asks them why they do certain things, and they all have funny answers. Eventually, they all have a happy time together and write a song about not getting angry. The Mad March Hare becomes happy too, and children all over the world whistle and sing the song instead of getting angry.
  54. The Gingerbread Boy: Polly and Peter had to stay home on a sunny Saturday when their mother was ill. Polly took over in the kitchen and made gingerbread cookies. To her surprise, the cookies came to life and the Gingerbread Boy jumped out of the oven. They nibbled on him and he sang a happy goodbye before disappearing. Fairy Help-You-Out rewarded the children with a picnic in their kitchen, and the Gingerbread Boy even showed up to join the fun. They had a wonderful time, and it’s possible that the Gingerbread Boy is still with them. You can download the ebook to read the full story.
  55. Raggedy Andy And The Spinning Wheel: In this story, Raggedy Andy tickles Uncle Clem, who wakes up and can’t remember the funny story he dreamed about. All the dolls in the nursery decide to have a fun pillow fight. During the fight, Raggedy Andy loses his arm, but Raggedy Ann sews it back on. They all have lots of laughs and fun together. The dolls make sure to be quiet before the humans wake up. And Raggedy Andy feels loved by his doll friends as he goes to breakfast with his little mistress. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  56. The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin: This is the story of a little red squirrel named Nutkin. He and his friends go on an adventure to gather nuts on an island in the middle of a lake. Nutkin is very impertinent and disrespectful to an owl named Old Brown who lives on the island. Despite his rude behavior, Nutkin and his friends continue to bring gifts to Old Brown in hopes of being allowed to gather more nuts. In the end, Nutkin gets into trouble with Old Brown but manages to escape, although he loses his tail in the process. If you ever meet Nutkin, be careful because he might throw sticks at you and scold you! You can download the ebook or print version of this story.
  57. Raggedy Ann And The Painter: In this story, the dolls in the nursery are placed on a high shelf while the room is being painted. Raggedy Ann, who is on the bottom, asks the other dolls to move so she can sit up. The next day, a painter takes Raggedy Ann off the shelf and accidentally drops her into a bucket of paint. When she is returned, her face is covered in paint, but a kind lady cleans her up and even puts a candy heart with the words “I LOVE YOU” inside her. The dolls are happy for Raggedy Ann and they all cuddle up for the night.
  58. King Bubbles: Once upon a time, there was a king named King Bubbles who loved blowing bubbles. He lived in a palace on top of a mountain and had a special bubble blowing pipe that made unbreakable bubbles. At first, he only blew bubbles inside the palace, but soon it became too crowded. So he opened the windows and doors and blew the bubbles out. They filled the garden, reached the city at the foot of the mountain, and caused a big haze. People couldn’t see, hear, or interact with each other properly. After a meeting, they decided that the king should blow the bubbles upwards instead. The king agreed and started blowing his bubbles into the sky. This made everyone happy again, and they could see each other, hear each other, and live together. Now, if you look up in the sky on some days, you can still see the beautiful colors of King Bubbles’ bubbles.
  59. Johnny-cake: Once upon a time, an old man and an old woman asked their little boy to watch a Johnny-cake they were baking while they worked in the garden. But the little boy didn’t pay attention, and the Johnny-cake jumped out of the oven and ran away. The boy, his parents, and many others tried to catch the Johnny-cake, but it outran them all. Eventually, it came across a sly fox who tricked the Johnny-cake and ate it up. The story teaches children about responsibility and the consequences of not paying attention.
  60. Why The Bear Sleeps All Winter: Once upon a time, there was a little Brother Rabbit who lived in the woods and a big, brown Bear who loved to play tricks. Brother Rabbit was hardworking and shared his food with others, but Bear would always steal his supplies and try to squeeze into his bed. Rabbit sought help from his animal friends, and together they trapped Bear in a log. Bear slept and slept until he woke up to find that winter had passed. Since then, every summer Bear plays tricks on Brother Rabbit, but then he goes to sleep again in the fall. The story teaches about sharing, hard work, and the natural cycle of hibernation. You can download the ebook to read offline or print for free.
  61. Mr. Elephant And Mr. Frog: Once upon a time, Mr. Elephant and Mr. Frog were good friends who liked to go walking together every day. One day, Mr. Frog tricked Mr. Elephant into letting him ride on his back. He used small cords to make it look like Mr. Elephant was his horse, and laughed when all the other animals believed it too. You can download an ebook of this story to read offline or print.
  62. The Story Of Lambikin: Once upon a time, there was a little lamb named Lambikin. He decided to visit his grandmother and happily hopped along. But along the way, he encountered a lion, a vulture, and a tiger who all wanted to eat him. Clever Lambikin had a plan and told them he would go to his grandmother’s house to grow fatter and tastier. When Lambikin reached his grandmother’s house, he ate and ate until he was plump. Worried about being eaten, Lambikin asked his grandmother for help. She made a drum out of a bit of old skin, and Lambikin hid inside. As he rolled back home, he encountered the lion, the vulture, and the tiger again, fooling them with his drum. Lambikin escaped, and happily returned to his grandmother’s house.
  63. Uncle Wiggily And Johnnie’s Marbles: On a beautiful spring day, Uncle Wiggily Longears and the animal boys were playing marbles in the woods. They made so much noise that Nurse Jane asked them to be quiet. Uncle Wiggily decided to join the game and discovered that he was still good at shooting marbles. On their way to the store, Uncle Wiggily’s hat flew away in the wind, but Johnnie squirrel went to fetch it. Just as Johnnie returned with the hat, a bear appeared and wanted to eat Uncle Wiggily. However, Uncle Wiggily cleverly shot a marble at the bear’s nose, causing him to run away. Everyone laughed, and Uncle Wiggily realized that he could still play marbles just like when he was a young rabbit.
  64. The Cow On The Dike: Once upon a time, there was a cow who lived happily on a dike. She loved looking over the fence and seeing all the exciting things that passed by on the road. But one day, she couldn’t resist the delicious flowers growing along the creek and decided to eat them. Unfortunately, the dike was slippery, and she slid down into the creek and got stuck in the mud. Luckily, a kind farmer rescued her and took her on boat rides to enjoy the flowers. They became great friends, and the cow even got a flower wreath for her head. You can download an ebook of this story to read offline or print it out for your kids to enjoy.
  65. Uncle Wiggily And The Puff Ball: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, goes for a walk in the woods. His muskrat housekeeper, Nurse Jane Fuzzy, asks him to bring back some cream puffs from the bakery. Uncle Wiggily falls asleep, and a weasel replaces the cream puffs with puff balls. When Uncle Wiggily wakes up and goes home, an alligator tries to eat the “cream puffs” and sneezes because they are actually puff balls. Uncle Wiggily is saved by the weasel’s trick, and he goes back to the store to get real cream puffs. The story teaches children about trust and the consequences of trickery.
  66. Uncle Wiggily And The Bee Tree: In this story, Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure and saves a honey bee from drowning in a flower. The bee takes Uncle Wiggily to her hive tree in the woods and shows him how they store honey for the winter. Later, when Uncle Wiggily is in danger from a bear, he leads the bear to the bee tree and the bees come to the rescue by stinging the bear. Uncle Wiggily is grateful to the bees for their help. This story teaches about bravery, kindness, and the importance of helping others. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  67. The Happy Egg: Once upon a time, there was a Mother Hen with seven eggs. One of the eggs was a special happy egg, always rolling and jumping and making cheerful sounds. Mother Hen and Father Rooster eagerly awaited the hatching of the eggs. After 21 days, six yellow chicks emerged, but the happy egg brought a surprise—a chick with feathers in all the colors of the rainbow. The other chicks were a little jealous, so they tried to color their own feathers but made a big mess instead. Luckily, Mother Hen laid some new eggs, and the chicks decorated those instead. Maybe you’ll find one of their colorful eggs on Easter!
  68. Uncle Wiggly on the Flying Rug: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane get caught in a strong wind while carrying a rug. Uncle Wiggily’s hat blows away, and the wind lifts them up on the rug. They try to hold on, but then Mrs. Twistytail, a pig, gets blown towards them. They hope she can help them land safely, and luckily she falls on the rug between them. They all safely reach the ground. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.
  69. Pussy-cat Mew: In this story, a curious cat named Pussy-cat Mew goes on an adventure from her home to visit the palace in London. Along the way, she encounters various obstacles and even chases a mouse. When she finally reaches the palace, chaos ensues when she startles the Queen and causes a commotion. Frightened by the loud noise, Pussy-cat Mew returns home, realizing that she prefers the comfort and safety of her own familiar surroundings. The story can be downloaded as a free ebook in PDF format for offline reading or printing.
  70. Uncle Wiggily And The Water Lilies: Uncle Wiggily is hopping through the woods when he meets a sad mamma cat looking for her lost kitten, Snowball. Uncle Wiggily promises to find Snowball and begins searching. He looks everywhere, even enlisting the help of a crow, but cannot find her. He decides to pick some water lilies to cheer up the mamma cat. When he brings them home, they open up in the sunlight, revealing Snowball asleep inside one of the flowers. They are reunited and everyone is happy.
  71. The Frog Meeting: Once upon a time, there was a toad who felt lonely and wanted to meet new friends. He visited his neighbors, the frogs, but they thought he looked different and didn’t fit in. However, the toad proved to be kind and wise, and the frogs discovered that they could learn from him. The toad was accepted by the frogs and enjoyed his new life with them. This story teaches us that it’s important to accept and appreciate others, even if they are different from us. To read the full story, you can download the ebook for free.
  72. The Great White Bear: Once upon a time, a tailor and a tinker went to the king’s fair and then started home through the Enchanted Wood. The moon was shining brightly, but they got scared when they saw Grandmother Grey’s white sheep. They thought it was a bear and ran back to town, shouting about the bear. Everyone in the town came out, armed with weapons, ready to kill the bear. But when they reached the wood, they realized it was just a silly little sheep. They all laughed so hard that their laughter was heard at the fair. You can download a free ebook of this story to read offline or print.
  73. Uncle Wiggily And The Baby: Uncle Wiggily, the bunny gentleman, is sad because he hasn’t had any adventures. But suddenly, he sees a lady’s veil and meets the Duchess from Wonderland, who gives him a baby to hold. However, the baby turns into a pig, which surprises Uncle Wiggily and Alice. Just as they are trying to figure out what happened, a bad alligator appears to capture them. Luckily, the baby pig squirms out of Uncle Wiggily’s paws and causes the alligator to fall, allowing them to escape. You can download a free ebook of the story.
  74. The Adventures Of Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane: Once upon a time, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane went to the woods and had an adventure. They found a picnic table with delicious food, but it belonged to three bears. The bears tried to scare them away, but Uncle Wiggily outsmarted them. The next day, they went to the forest again and had more adventures with bears and Squiggle Bugs. They also built a playhouse, sailed on a lake, and escaped from a hungry hippo and alligator. In the end, they were safe and had lots of fun.
  75. Uncle Wiggily And The Lazy Duck: Uncle Wiggily and his friends go on a ride in their magical car and stop at a house with a pump to get some water. They meet a lazy duck boy named Fizzy-Whizzy who doesn’t want to help. Uncle Wiggily comes up with a plan to cure Fizzy-Whizzy of his laziness by pretending to be scary creatures and throwing things at him. Fizzy-Whizzy learns his lesson and promises to be hardworking from then on.
  76. Uncle Wiggily Goes Chestnutting: Uncle Wiggily and the squirrel boys go on an adventure to gather chestnuts in the woods. They find a tree with lots of chestnuts and decide to roast them. While they are roasting the chestnuts and some apples, a man with a gun comes and accuses them of stealing his apples. Just in time, the chestnuts explode and scare the man away. Uncle Wiggily and the boys are safe, and they enjoy their roasted chestnuts and apples before heading home. You can download the story as a PDF to read offline or print.
  77. The Spool Family: In the story, the Sphere, Cube, and Cylinder meet the Spool Family. The Spool Family is made up of different types of spools, each with its own personality, and they all come tumbling into the Kindergarten. They introduce themselves and dance the minuet. After they leave, the Kindergarten children have lots of fun with their own Spool Family, drawing faces on spools, naming and numbering them, and creating stories about them. The children even make a table for the Spool Family. It’s a delightful story that teaches children about creativity, imagination, and the joy of storytelling.
  78. Uncle Wiggily At The Squirrel House: Uncle Wiggily, a kind old rabbit, was excited to go on a journey in his newly fixed automobile. He couldn’t remember how to start it, but found instructions in a cookbook. His rabbit friends, Sammie and Susie, joined him for the adventure. Along the way, they narrowly avoided running over a dog’s tail and gave a cold cricket a warm place to stay. When they arrived at their squirrel friends’ house, they were startled by what they thought were a bear and a wolf, but it turned out to be the squirrel brothers wearing false faces for Halloween. They all decided to stay and have fun together. You can read or download the ebook here: [link to ebook].
  79. Ann’s Funny Fingers: Little Ann discovers that her fingers can talk to her and help her with everyday tasks like washing dishes, making a fire, sweeping the floor, and playing the piano. The Funny Fingers teach her the importance of being careful and practicing, and they even join her in a game of croquet. When Ann’s mother sees all the work and fun the Funny Fingers have helped with, she surprises Ann with a gift of pretty gloves. The Funny Fingers remind Ann to be happy and enjoy both work and play every day.
  80. Uncle Wiggily Gathers Flowers: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane go to the woods to gather May flowers. While picking flowers, they are chased by a Skillery Scallery Alligator and a Woozie Wolf. Uncle Wiggily comes up with clever disguises to outsmart the dangerous animals, and they manage to escape. They may not have many flowers for the May basket, but they had a fun adventure and outsmarted the Wolf and Alligator.
  81. The Gingerbread Boy And Girl: In this story, the Gingerbread Boy and Girl come to life while Old Mammy Cook-It-All takes a nap. They start cleaning the kitchen with a broom and cloth, but then Old Dog Towser comes in and tries to eat them! Luckily, Mammy and Daddy wake up just in time and save the Gingerbread Boy and Girl. In the end, Mammy gives Daddy a piece of gingerbread and hopes that nothing will ever destroy her special creations. You can download the story as an ebook (PDF) to read offline or print.
  82. Uncle Wiggily And The Red Spots: Uncle Wiggily, the rabbit gentleman, is playing a game of tag with Lulu Wibblewobble, the duck girl. They have lots of fun jumping and springing around in the woods. But when Uncle Wiggily gets home, he discovers that he is covered in red spots. Nurse Jane thinks he has the measles and sends for the doctor. However, it turns out that Uncle Wiggily and the duck children just got sticky, red berries stuck to them from jumping in the bushes. They are relieved and continue to play tag. The story teaches us that things are not always what they seem. You can download the ebook to read offline or print for free.
  83. The Bashful Earthquake: Once upon a time, an Earthquake caused chaos by knocking down houses and palaces. Feeling ashamed, the Earthquake ran away and stumbled upon a sleeping Dormouse. The Dormouse woke up angry, but the Earthquake apologized and disappeared. The Dormouse grumbled and went back to sleep. The story teaches kids about taking responsibility for their actions and apologizing when they make a mistake.
  84. Uncle Wiggily And The Kittens: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit gentleman, goes for a walk in the woods looking for flowers and adventures. However, his glasses break, and he mistakes a stump, a stone, and some leaves for his animal friends. Finally, he sees what he thinks are frightened kittens up in a tree, but they turn out to be pussy willows. Uncle Wiggily realizes he needs his glasses fixed and hurries to the blacksmith’s, while Mother Goose puts the pussy willows in water to bloom into cat-posies.
  85. The Jolly Old Pumpkin: In this story, a friendly pumpkin asks someone to not steal its eyes. But a dull knife cuts them out anyway! The pumpkin asks for its eyes back, but the knife won’t give them back unless the pumpkin helps it become sharp. So the pumpkin goes on an adventure, asking for help from people at a farm, a store, and a bank. Finally, a little wee man helps the pumpkin get its eyes back and even gives it a mouth and nose. The pumpkin becomes a Jack-o’-Lantern and is thankful for all the help it received. It dances and wishes everyone a happy Halloween Day!
  86. Uncle Wiggily And Humpty Dumpty: Uncle Wiggily is asked by Nurse Jane to bring glue to fix a broken teacup. On his way, he meets Charlie Chick, who has lost his friend, Humpty Dumpty. They discover Humpty Dumpty is actually a chicken who has hatched from an empty eggshell. Uncle Wiggily realizes there is no need for his glue and the friends celebrate their happy ending. You can download an ebook of the story for offline reading or printing.
  87. Funny Fox: The Funny Fox and the Bold Badger meet the Happy Hare. The Funny Fox invites the Happy Hare to his den, but the Bold Badger quickly leaves. The Happy Hare learns a lesson about talking to strangers. The Funny Fox tells the Happy Hare a story in his den. They have a fun time together. You can download the ebook to read the story offline, on your phone or e-reader, or you can print it.
  88. Uncle Wiggily And Nurse Jane Go On Holiday: Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane are going on a holiday to the country. They pack their clothes and toothbrushes and take an airship to a lovely house in the woods. While Uncle Wiggily goes on an adventure, Nurse Jane hears strange noises that scare her. But Uncle Wiggily assures her that the noises are just sheep, turkey gobblers, and cows. They have a great time in the country and learn not to be afraid of funny noises. You can download the ebook version of the story to read offline or print.
  89. Big Brother Bear: In this story, “Big Brother Bear” meets a tricky fox who pretends to have a sore foot. The fox tricks the bear into getting stuck in a tree, and then convinces him to go after honey from beehives. The bear gets stung by bees and learns a lesson about being cautious. The story has a downloadable ebook available for offline reading or printing.
  90. Uncle Wiggily And The Moo-cow: In this story, Uncle Wiggily and Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy are staying in a country woods bungalow. One night, they hear strange sounds and think it’s a fox trying to break in, but it turns out to be a cricket and a bug called a Katy-did. The next morning, they receive milk from a Moo-Cow and go on an adventure in Uncle Wiggily’s airship. Unfortunately, the balloons burst and they start falling, but luckily they land on soft cushions and are safe. The story is full of fun and educational elements about different animals and sounds.
  91. The Goblins’ Feast: Florence and Nicholas meet a goblin who takes them to an enchanted land where the trees are filled with delicious food. They eat and eat without getting full, but soon realize that the food will make them fall asleep for a whole month. They manage to escape and learn that they should appreciate the meals they have at home. The story teaches children about gratitude and the importance of moderation in eating.
  92. The Skipping Shoes: Once there was a little girl named Kitty who always refused to do what she was asked. One day, she was given a pair of magic shoes that made her do things she didn’t want to do. The shoes took her on errands and made her run. At first, Kitty didn’t like the shoes, but she soon discovered the joy of helping others and experiencing new things. She danced and learned to be kind. However, at sunset, the magic of the shoes wore off. Kitty never forgot the lessons she learned and continued to love and appreciate the wonders of nature.
  93. Uncle Wiggily And The Cake Of Ice: In this story, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy and Uncle Wiggily are feeling hot, so Nurse Jane puts out a sign asking for a cake of ice. But two squirrel boys mistake the sign for their lemonade stand and take it down. Mr. Whitewash, the polar bear, doesn’t see the sign and doesn’t bring any ice. Uncle Wiggily then goes to get a cake of ice in his airship, but it accidentally melts and makes everyone think it’s raining. Luckily, Mr. Whitewash comes back with a cake of ice and all ends well. You can download the ebook of the story to read offline or print it out.
  94. The Frogs and the Fairies: In a pond, a family of frogs decides to explore the valley next to their home. The young frogs are excited, but their Grandfather Frog warns them to stay home. Ignoring his advice, they venture out and stumble upon a fairy party. Thinking the fairies are insects, the frogs jump in to feast on the fireflies. However, the fairies cast a spell on the frogs, causing them to lose a toe for each adventure away from home. The story teaches the importance of listening to wise elders and the consequences of disregarding their advice. You can download the ebook to read offline or print from the provided link.
  95. Uncle Wiggily And Mother Goose: Uncle Wiggily, a kind rabbit, decides to make an airship using toy balloons and a clothes basket. He wants to surprise his housekeeper, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy. As he sails through the air, Mother Goose accidentally pops his balloons with her falling pins, causing him to fall back to the ground. Thankfully, Uncle Wiggily is okay, but Nurse Jane suggests he stick to other forms of transportation in the future.
  96. The Singing-School: Mrs. Polly Duck wants to start a singing school in the barnyard. The animals gather to decide who should lead the singing. Each animal thinks they are the best option, but they soon discover that the peacock, with his beautiful voice and appearance, is chosen as the leader. However, when the peacock starts singing, the other animals run away because his tone is terrible and frightening. The animals realize that they were right not to choose him, and Mrs. Polly Duck decides to quack instead.
  97. Uncle Wiggily’s Funny Auto: In this story, Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy wants to go for a ride in Uncle Wiggily’s automobile. But the car starts acting up and causes all sorts of adventures. It goes backward, skids around trees, and even chases an alligator! But in the end, the car saves the day and sends the alligator flying. It’s a fun and exciting tale that kindergarten teachers can use to engage their students in imaginative storytelling and adventure.
  98. Uncle Wiggily’s June Bug Friends: Uncle Wiggily, the bunny rabbit, has a big adventure when he finds a June Bug in his house. Nurse Jane is scared of the bug, but Uncle Wiggily is kind to it and even lets it sleep in his bed. The next day, Uncle Wiggily and his goat friends fall into a pit, but the June Bug comes to their rescue. It gathers its bug friends and they make a ladder out of grass to help them climb out. They defeat the bad Bazumpus and everyone is happy in the end. Kindness and helping others are important themes in the story.
  99. The Vanity Of Annie: Annie is a vain little girl who spends a lot of time in front of her mirror, but she is not very pleasant to be around. One day, an elf appears and tells her that she needs to be kinder and more helpful to others. The elf takes away Annie’s good looks until she learns to be a better person. Annie becomes kinder to her family and classmates, and eventually, her good looks return. The elf reminds Annie that being kind and caring is more important than just looking pretty.
  100. Uncle Wiggily Picked Some May Flowers: Uncle Wiggily Longears visits Mrs. Wibblewobble to return an egg, and she mentions she wants some May blossoms for a reception party. Uncle Wiggily goes into the woods to find flowers but can’t. Jimmie the duck and the two piggie boys come up with a clever idea to plant artificial flowers from hats and spray them with perfume. Uncle Wiggily picks the “flowers” and gives them to Mrs. Wibblewobble, who later realizes they are from her hats. They forgive Uncle Wiggily and sew the flowers back onto the hats. You can download the ebook to read the story offline or print it.

In conclusion, the Top 100 Funny Stories for Kindergarten are delightful tales that spark laughter and joy. As children explore these humor-filled stories online, they not only develop their reading skills but also cultivate their sense of humor, creativity, and imagination. These tales, full of warmth and wit, provide both fun and learning, clearly showcasing that laughter truly is the best medicine, even in the realm of learning and education. Hence, these stories are indeed a ‘must-read’ for every kindergarten kid who enjoys a hearty laugh!