Snowman Stories

Snowman Stories

Welcome to our delightful compilation of the Top 7 Snowman Stories for kids to read aloud online! These short, funny tales are the best pick for children of all ages – toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grade kids. Each story is crafted with beautiful illustrations and pictures that will surely captivate your child’s attention. These tales are not just entertaining, but they offer your kids a meaningful bedtime reading. Our carefully curated list of online stories is available in English, making it a perfect resource for your young ones to learn new words and enhance their language skills. With a convenient PDF format, you are granted unlimited access to these snowman tales free! You can either read them online, download them as e-books, or print them out.

Snowman Stories are of great significance to children’s literature. They carry a magical, winter-themed charm that ideally captures the imagination of children. Moreover, these tales often have a moral subtly woven into the storyline, allowing children to learn important values while enjoying the adventures of their frosty friend. Snowman stories also tend to have a humorous aspect, keeping the little readers engaged and entertained. Despite being a cold figure, the snowman melts hearts with his endearing mishaps and triumphs, fostering an emotional connection with the children. By reading these stories, children not only interact with the fun-filled exploits of the Snowman but also sharpen their reading and comprehension skills. Don’t wait, let your little ones embark on an exciting journey with the coolest friend they can have this winter – the Snowman! Enjoy our interactive, educational, and absolutely entertaining Snowman Stories today!

Top 7 Snowman Stories for kids:

  1. The Snowman: In the story, a Snowman longs to move and experience the joys of winter like the children he watches. The Snowman talks to a wise yard-dog who explains the sun and the moon to him. The Snowman becomes fascinated by a stove in a house and dreams of sitting by it. However, he soon melts away as the weather warms, and only a broomstick remains.
  2. The snowman and the boy: Once upon a time, a group of children made a snowman who came to life. One boy felt bad for not giving him a hat, and the snowman started sneezing. The boy gave him his sailor hat, and they went on an adventure to ask the Winter King to stop the sun from melting the snowman. The king couldn’t do that, but he asked the North Wind to freeze the snowman instead. The boy woke up and found the snowman frozen in the field. You can download the ebook to read the full story.
  3. The Snowman with a Cold: In a snowy land, a snowman named Frosty catches a cold while playing outside. The people try to help him by bringing him inside, but he starts to melt from the heat. Eventually, they put a hat and scarf on Frosty, keeping him warm and preventing further melting. The people continue to dress snowmen in hats and scarves as a way to remember Frosty’s story.
  4. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: At the North Pole, the world’s tallest snowman falls in love with a giant snowwoman. While they are happily together, an evil spirit tries to ruin Christmas by stealing Santa’s toys. With the help of the snowman and snowwoman, the toys are recovered and Christmas is saved. They live happily ever after, guarding Santa’s house from harm.
  5. The Abominable Snowman’s New Friends: In a snowy, remote land, the Abominable Snowman, a giant creature with white fur and sharp claws, lived alone in the mountains. Some brave children set out on an adventure to find him, facing dangers along the way. When they finally found him, they befriended the Abominable Snowman and had a wonderful time exploring the mountains together. Although sad to part ways, they returned home as heroes with unforgettable memories of their new friend. An ebook download is available for offline reading.
  6. The Magical Ski Lift: Tom, a little boy who loves skiing, goes on a ski vacation with his parents. He jumps on a ski lift before they’re ready and ends up in a magical land with endless ski runs. But he can’t get back down. Feeling helpless, he meets a snowman who asks what he’s learned. Tom realizes the importance of listening to his parents and promises to do better. Immediately, he’s transported back to the resort, reunited with his parents. The rest of their trip is amazing as they all ski together, and Tom appreciates the lesson learned.
  7. The Snow Girl: Once upon a time, a poor couple named Ivan and Marie made a Snow Girl out of snow. To their surprise, the Snow Girl came to life and became their daughter. She brought them joy and happiness, but as she grew older, she became sad during the warm spring days. One day, while dancing around a campfire with other children, the Snow Girl disappeared and turned into a vapor, floating away into the sky. The villagers searched for her but couldn’t find her. She became a delicate snowflake in the blue sky.

In conclusion, these top 7 snowman stories wonderfully capture the magic and wonder of winter, especially, the joyous act of building a snowman that every child looks forward to. They take readers on fascinating journeys filled with laughter, friendships, mystery and surprising twists. Whether it’s a snowman coming to life, embarking on an adventure, or simply teaching valuable life lessons, each story provides a unique and engaging narrative. These snowman stories are not just entertaining but also serve as portals to stimulate children’s imagination, nurture their creativity, and foster a love of reading.