Santa Claus Stories

Santa Claus Stories

Welcome to the Top 14 Santa Claus Stories for kids! These delightful stories are perfect for children to read during bedtime, or simply as a fun activity during the day. This amazing collection of stories is available to read online for free, and features easy-to-understand language, making them enjoyable for girls and boys of all ages. You can also download the stories in PDF format, or print them out for extra convenience during storytime. Our enchanting array of Santa Claus tales is perfect for preschoolers, kindergartners, early years (EYFS), and elementary students.

The Santa Claus Stories come with beautiful illustrations and can be enjoyed in a printable or audio version, making it a captivating experience for kids as they learn and grow through these educational and entertaining narratives. These short stories are not only perfect for bedtime but also to tell during schools days or as part of entertaining and learning games.

Santa Claus Stories hold a special place in our hearts as they ignite the magic and wonder of the holiday season. They teach valuable morals and bring joy to children, making them anticipate the fall of snow, and the soft tinkling of sleigh bells on Christmas eve. Through these classic fairy tales, the tradition of Santa Claus comes to life, emphasizing the importance of love, kindness, and generosity during Christmas time. The captivating stories in this collection are perfect for cozy story times by the fire, and are sure to be cherished and loved by toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary school children for generations to come. So, snuggle up with your little ones and enjoy the heartwarming adventures of Santa Claus, as you delve into a world of fantasy and fun during the magical holiday season.

Top 14 Santa Claus Stories for kids to read online:

  1. Toinette and the elves: Toinette, a moody girl, meets a kind elf who gives her fern seeds that make her invisible. She uses this power to spy on her family and becomes upset when she overhears her siblings thinking she is not missed. She learns the value of kindness and after returning visible pledges to be nicer to her family. She uses the fern seeds again to enjoy a surprise party and learns from the elf that kindness leads to true happiness.
  2. The Visit to Santa Claus Land: In this short story, Kate and Brian couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve and were surprised to see a jolly chocolate by their window who offered to take them to Santa Claus Land. They went with the chocolate on an adventure to a remarkable garden full of toys and Christmas trees. When they finally arrived at Santa’s house, they almost fell before waking up in their beds – realizing it was all a dream. The story is available as a downloadable ebook.
  3. Santa Claus: The story is about Santa Claus, who rides in a sleigh drawn by reindeer to deliver gifts to children on Christmas Eve. He dresses in fur and carries a pack full of toys, knowing exactly what each child wants. Children never see him come, and if he hears any sound, he waits outside until it’s quiet. The story tells of one little boy who stayed up to see Santa Claus but fell asleep and woke up to a full stocking. The world is happy when Santa Claus comes, and he laughs joyfully as he rides over the world. The story comes with a link to download it as an ebook (PDF) to read offline or print.
  4. Old Mother Bear’s Christmas stocking: In the story, Old Mother Bear is knitting a stocking for Santa Claus to fill on Christmas Eve. Different animals come to her house with sad stories of not having a stocking for Santa. She finishes stockings for each of them, but forgets to make one for herself. The animals come together and create a large stocking for Old Mother Bear and hang it up while she is sleeping. When Santa sees the large stocking, he wonders how he will fill it, but he and Old Mother Bear end up having a wonderful time together.
  5. Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas: In this heartwarming Christmas story, Uncle Wiggily goes out on a snowy day to buy Christmas presents with Grandfather Goosey but encounters two boys who won’t receive gifts because their chimneys are too full of soot for Santa Claus to descend. Uncle Wiggily then enlists the help of his friends, a group of black crows, to deliver presents down the dirty chimneys, bringing joy to the boys and girls who never expected to receive gifts.
  6. Making Santa Smile: In a small village nestled in the snowy mountains, the villagers decide to surprise Santa Claus and his reindeer on Christmas Eve. They make handmade gifts and leave them on the edge of the forest where Santa and his reindeer will pass. Santa is touched by the village’s kindness and thanks the villagers for their thoughtfulness. From that day on, the tradition continues, and every Christmas Eve, the villagers leave gifts for Santa and his reindeer to show their appreciation for the joy he brings to their lives. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  7. The Boy Who Became Santa Claus: The story is about Santa Claus and how he was once a young boy named Nicholas living in the North Pole with his parents. Nicholas was known for his kindness and generosity towards others. His parents, seeing his potential, asked him to take over the family business of delivering presents to children on Christmas Eve. Nicholas prepared and eventually became Santa Claus, spreading joy and happiness to children all over the world on Christmas Eve. The story ends with Santa Claus still having the same kind and generous heart he had as a boy. An ebook (PDF) is available for download.
  8. The Snowman and the Snowwoman: In this story, the world’s tallest snowman guards Santa’s house at the North Pole day and night. One day, he falls in love with a giant snowwoman and they become a couple. However, an evil spirit named the Curmudgeon ruins Christmas by stealing all the toys. The elves ask the snowman for help, and he and the snowwoman set off to find the Curmudgeon and get the toys back. They succeed, and Christmas is saved. The snowman and the snowwoman live happily ever after, keeping Santa’s house safe.
  9. The Spoiled Timmy and Wise Santa: This is a story about a spoilt boy named Timmy who always wants more and is never satisfied with what he has. On Christmas Eve, Santa takes Timmy with him to deliver gifts to poor families who appreciate even the smallest of toys. After seeing their happiness and gratitude, Timmy learns to be appreciative of his own gifts and starts to become kind and caring, even giving his toys away.
  10. The Search for Santa’s Sleigh Team: Every year, reindeers compete to be one of Santa’s sleigh team and deliver presents to children around the world. The competition tests their speed, strength, and kindness. Santa chooses the most determined and caring reindeers, and they are given special names to reflect their unique qualities. The chosen reindeers become Santa’s pride and joy, looking forward to the day when they can bring joy to children. You can download the ebook to read offline or print.
  11. Santa’s Reindeer: The story is about Santa Claus who has female reindeer that help him deliver presents on Christmas Eve. Unlike male reindeer who lose their antlers in December, the female reindeer keep their antlers all year round and their magic powers allow them to fly the sleigh. Santa’s female reindeer have names like Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph, and they love flying with Santa. The children leave carrots and cookies for the reindeer, and they prove every year that they are just as strong and capable as male reindeer. The story is available for download as an ebook in PDF format.
  12. The Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly: The story is about a little reindeer named Glow-Nose who was too afraid to fly, unlike his friends who delivered presents to children across the world every Christmas Eve. The other reindeer teased him and called him names, but Santa noticed his fear and helped him realize that his bright, shining nose made him special and important for guiding the way through foggy nights. With Santa’s encouragement, Glow-Nose overcame his fear, became confident, and flew with joy and pride. The story has an eBook download available.
  13. Santa Claus and the Mouse: On a Christmas Eve, Santa Claus visits a house to fill children’s stockings and finds a little mouse watching him. He allows the mouse to stay and watch as he fills the stockings to the brim. The mouse suggests that he can fit one more thing in the stockings, and Santa gives him permission to try. The mouse gnaws a small hole in the stocking and claims to have added one more thing. Santa promises him a Christmas cheese for his clever trick and can even show the stocking with the hole the mouse gnawed through. An ebook version of the story is available for download.
  14. A Letter From Santa Claus: The story is a letter from Santa Claus to a little girl, Susie Clemens, who wrote to him. Santa explains that he has trouble with some letters which he dictates through the mother and nurses, but he can read Susie’s own letters and deliver what she asks for. He talks about a specific order for a trunk full of doll’s clothes, and instructs Susie to tell George to walk on tiptoe and not speak, and to go to the nursery and stand on a chair or nurse’s bed to speak through a speaking tube to him. Santa promises to get her things but shouldn’t leave snow, just tell George to sweep it into the fireplace, nor should George clean a boot mark that Santa will make on the marble. He wants Susie to remember him and be a good little girl.

In conclusion, the Top 14 Santa Claus Stories for kids offer a magical and delightful journey into the heart of the holiday season, unveiling the wonders and traditions of a beloved character – Santa Claus. These timeless tales engage young readers’ imagination, foster a sense of warmth, love, and generosity, while teaching valuable lessons about kindness, empathy, and the true spirit of giving. By embracing the enchanting world of Santa Claus and his numerous captivating adventures, children of all ages can discover the joy of these classic holiday stories, bonding with their loved ones and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, gather round, snuggle up, and embark on a wondrous exploration of the enchanting world of Santa Claus with this delightful collection of stories.