Santa Claus and the Mouse

Once upon a Christmas Eve, Santa Claus made a stop at a certain house to fill the children’s stockings. As he was doing so, he was surprised to find a little mouse awake and watching him. Santa greeted the mouse warmly and said, “A merry Christmas, little friend.” The mouse replied, “The same to you, sir.” Santa, finding the mouse’s presence amusing, said, “You’re very welcome to stay and watch.”

As Santa filled the stockings with toys, he proudly declared that they wouldn’t be able to hold anything more. But the mouse had other ideas. With a twinkle in his eye, he politely suggested that there was one more thing he could fit into the stockings. Santa, thinking the mouse was joking, laughed and said, “Don’t I know how to pack? By filling stockings all these years, I should have learned the knack.”

Santa then offered the mouse a challenge, and gave him permission to try and fit one more thing into the stocking. The mouse, with a chuckle, stole over to the stocking and gnawed a small hole at the toe of the stocking. He then looked up at Santa and said, “Now, if you please, good Santa Claus, I’ve put in one thing more. For you will own that little hole was not in there before.”

Santa couldn’t help but laugh at the mouse’s clever joke, and promised him a Christmas cheese for his clever trick. And, if anyone ever doubted the truth of this story, Santa could show them the very stocking with the hole that the little mouse had gnawed through.