The Christmas Present Incident

Once upon a time, in a world just North of ours, nestled in the sparkling snow and guarded by the glistening Aurora Borealis, lived a charming old couple, Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa Claus. They shared their abode with Lord Scribum, the meticulous Private Secretary and Madam Trim, the diligent Doll’s Dressmaker. Their world was made even more magical with the fluttering Christmas Fairies, who brought messages from the human world.

One frosty morning, as the sun peeked over the snow-clad hills, Mrs. Santa Claus found her dear husband snoozing in his favourite chair. She planted a tender kiss on his forehead, causing Santa to awaken from a dream filled with fluffy dandelion blossoms. Madam Trim, joining the couple for breakfast, teased Santa, who in turn, teased her about her adoration for the dolls she crafted. Santa, his laughter echoing through their cosy home, asked about his dear wife’s sleep, and they discussed the perils of his annual trip among the humans.

As they chatted, Santa revealed a strange incident from his recent trip on Christmas Eve. He had visited a house where a naughty little boy had hung up multiple stockings, hoping to trick Santa into filling them all with gifts. This revelation led to gasps of surprise from everyone present, as Santa was known to never make mistakes.

Santa, having anticipated the boy’s scheme, had decided not to fill the extra stockings. Instead, he filled the boy’s own stocking with a small amount of candy and a sour orange. His original gifts, an order for an automobile and a pony, were instead given to two other deserving boys who lived down the same street.

However, when the Christmas Fairies arrived with messages from the human world, they brought news that caused dismay. The boy who received the automobile had turned selfish and disagreeable due to his new possession, and the boy with the pony had been thrown off and bruised, although not seriously injured. Santa, in his frustration, declared it was all the fault of the cheating boy, who had caused the presents to be swapped.

Despite the tension, the Fairies soon returned with joyful tidings. The naughty boy had confessed his trick to his mother and vowed never to cheat anyone again, not even in the smallest matters. Hearing this, Santa’s heart swelled with joy. He announced the boy’s resolution as the best a child could make, teaching Madam Trim and everyone present the important lesson that no one admires a cheater.

To celebrate this change of heart, the Christmas Fairies sang a beautiful song, filling the air with joy and peace. As the song echoed through their home, Santa made Lord Scribum note in his big account book that the little boy was forgiven, even if some of the troubles were “all his fault.”