Fourteen Bells For Christmas

Once upon a twinkling night, in the middle of a winter’s chill, fourteen children gathered, each with a shiny red cardboard bell. Each bell was a secret charm, holding a white letter on its flip side, invisible to the world. These letters, when put together, spelled a magical phrase, “Merry Christmas”.

“M is for the magical Christmas time, a season of love and cheer,” said Matthew, the eldest of the bunch. “When we are all nestled in our beds, a certain someone creeps down our chimney, spreading joy, bearing gifts. He’s Santa Claus, arriving when the moon is high, and children are deep in their dreams.”

“E stands for every stocking we hang year after year,” chimed in Emma, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “We line them up, awaiting Santa’s gifts. Come morning, each will be full from top to toe with surprises that warm our hearts.”

Rachel was next, holding up her red bell with enthusiasm. “R is for the ride Santa embarks on, across snow-covered fields, jingling all the way. His jolly laughter echoes against the frosty night, a joyous sound to all who hear.”

Ronald, grinning ear to ear, revealed his bell. “R also stands for the various gifts Santa carries, toys of all shapes and sizes, a pack filled to the brim with happiness for all.”

Little Yara spoke up next, her bell shaking slightly in her small hand. “Y is for the yes we utter when asked if Santa will come. He’s a busy man, especially on Christmas Eve. But we always believe in his magic.”

Carter, a bright-eyed boy with a cherubic smile, was eager to share his part. “C is for the carols we hear when Christmas is near, the bells ringing soft and low across the snowy lands, heralding the arrival of our beloved Santa!”

Heather, with her golden curls, held up her bell. “H reminds us to hang our stockings by the fire with care, knowing that Santa, our dear friend, will fill them with gifts come Christmas Eve.”

Rosie, with her rosy cheeks, proudly revealed her letter. “R also stands for the joy Christmas brings to all, rich or poor, high or low. Everyone loves this merry time and our dear Santa Claus!”

Isaac, the thinker in the group, had a thoughtful look on his face. “I stands for the infinite variety of funny presents Santa manages to pack into our stockings. He has an unending supply of games, toys, and playthings.”

Sebastian, the smallest among them, had the biggest smile. “S stands for the surety that Santa Claus is on his way. We know this because all our stockings are empty, waiting to be filled.”

Tina, the chatterbox, was full of stories. “T is for the truckload of toys and games Santa brings for every child. And oh, let’s not forget the baby’s stocking. It’s brand new and ready for its first Christmas surprise.”

Matthew, again took the floor, his face beaming. “M also stands for the music of Christmas, the sweet ringing of merry bells that all the children sing along with. Merry, merry, merry Christmas!”

Little Amy, barely more than a toddler, proudly held her bell aloft. “A is for all us children, excitedly gathering here with our empty stockings, looking forward to saying, ‘Hurrah for Christmas, and for dear Santa!'”

Finally, Sam, the quiet one, held up his bell with a warm smile. “S is for stockings that are waiting all around the world. As children sleep, a jolly man in a furry coat will quietly fill them with love and happiness.”

And together they all exclaimed, “Merry Christmas time is coming, bringing with it countless joys. Santa Claus will soon bring wonderful presents for all the girls and boys.”

And so, the curtain fell on their playful act, or perhaps they all took a bow before heading off to bed, their hearts filled with the magic and anticipation of Christmas.

Goodnight, dear children, may your dreams be merry and bright, just like a Christmas night. Sleep tight, and remember, Santa Claus is on his flight.