Stories About Fairies

Stories About Fairies

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Top 53 Stories About Fairies, a magical collection specially designed for kids, children, and early readers. These stories are perfect for bedtime, and are available to read for free in a downloadable PDF format. The printable online stories are not only great fun for your little ones but also educational and perfect for learning, especially for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary students.

Each of these short stories, with their engaging plots and fascinating characters, will easily capture the hearts and minds of both boys and girls alike. The collection includes audio, in English, and pictures that accompany each tale, making each story time an enjoyable experience to share, to tell, and to fall in love with every evening. With a mix of classic and modern fairy tales, not only will these tales fill your child’s imagination, but they will also inspire a love for storytelling that will enhance their learning in the early years (EYFS), for toddlers and young readers.

Stories About Fairies are filled with magical creatures, enchanting spells, and delightful morals that resonate with young minds. Fairy tales allow children to explore the realm of fantasy and make-believe, fostering their creativity and teaching them important life lessons. With a mix of both easy and longer stories, this collection offers something for all skill levels, and the read aloud option ensures children of all ages can enjoy the tales at night time.

Whether it’s a famous and classic story, or a new adventure, these fairy tales capture the magic of story time and create lasting memories that will stay with them as they drift off to sleep. So, join us on this whimsical journey and introduce your little ones to the enchanting world of Stories About Fairies.

Top 53 Stories About Fairies for kids to read online:

  1. The Sleeping Beauty: This is the story of a king and queen who have a baby girl but forget to invite one fairy to the baby’s christening. The uninvited fairy curses the baby to die by pricking her finger on a spindle on her fifteenth birthday. The twelfth fairy changes the curse so that the baby will not die but sleep for 100 years. On the princess’s fifteenth birthday, she pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into a deep sleep. The entire castle and its inhabitants also fall asleep, and a thorny hedge grows around it. One hundred years later, a prince finds the castle, wakes the princess with a kiss, and they live happily ever after.
  2. Pinocchio: The story is about an old shoemaker named Gepetto who creates a wooden doll named Pinnochio that magically comes to life. Pinnochio wants to go to school, but is easily distracted and learns valuable lessons about lying and skipping school. He eventually turns into a donkey and goes through many adventures until he is turned back into a real boy with the help of a fairy. Gepetto and Pinnochio live happily ever after. An e-book version of the story is available for download.
  3. Jack and the Beanstalk: The story is about Jack, a curious and daydreaming son of a poor farmer who traded his old cow for magic beans. Jack planted the beans, and they grew overnight and reached far above the clouds. There he climbed the stems and met a fairy who tasked him with retrieving two items from a castle that belonged to his father, a chicken that lays golden eggs and a talking harp. Jack went to the castle, was taken in by the giant’s wife, and stole the items and gold coins from the giant, who chased him. Jack called to his mother for help and cut down the beanstalk, which caused the giant to fall to his death. The fairy helped Jack regain his castle and get rid of the giant’s wife.
  4. Prince Darling: Once upon a time, a king was known for his kind heart and his love for animals. A fairy appeared before him and offered to grant him a wish. The king wished for his son, Prince Cheri, to be a good person. However, after the king’s death, Prince Cheri’s behavior worsened and he was transformed into a lion, a wolf, a snake, and a bull by the fairy. He was later transformed into a dog, and then a white dove after performing good deeds. After helping Zelie and meeting fairy Candide again, he was transformed back to his normal self and was able to rule happily with Zelie.
  5. Toinette and the elves: Toinette, a young girl who often behaves poorly with her siblings, meets an Elf in the forest and helps him by removing a thorn. As a reward, the Elf gives her the ability to become invisible by spreading fern seeds in her shoes. Toinette tries this and realizes that she doesn’t like being invisible, but the seeds scare her, so she takes them out. Toinette then changes her behavior and becomes kinder to her siblings, who notice the change and start to love her more. The story ends with Toinette realizing that being happy, having a good mood, and being kind is where true happiness lies.
  6. The tears of princess Prunella: The story is about Princess Prunella who is bored and has no one to play with until her mother suggests finding a playmate for her. When she sees deaf Robert, the son of the court musician, she wants him as a playmate despite the objections of her parents. They allow it, and over time, they become close friends. Robert wants to be able to hear the princess’s crying, which he finds is the sweetest sound in the world. He leaves to go on a quest to learn how to become a real sweet boy and after two years of doing brave, foolish, nice and wise deeds, he returns to the castle to comfort the princess when she cries.
  7. The ice king and his wonderful grandchild: This is a fairy tale about the ice king, Uller, and his wife, Skadi, who had six powerful daughters. One of the daughters married a fire fairy, Vuur, and they had a child named Stoom, who was mischievous and loved to cause explosions. However, Stoom could also be put to good use, and when harnessed properly, he could drive a locomotive, ship, submarine, or airplane. The story teaches the importance of treating powerful forces with respect and using them wisely.
  8. Old Mother Bear’s Happy New Year: The story is about Old Mother Bear who is worried about her four naughty bears and how she can have a happy new year with them behaving badly. Lady Wind, Old Mother Moon, and a snowflake fairy suggest ways each bear can improve their behavior over one year, such as learning to be on time, picking up things, going to bed on time, and saying “thank you” and “if you please.” In the end, all the bears learn their lessons and behave better, making everyone around them happy and spreading joy throughout the town. The story is available to download as an ebook in PDF format.
  9. King Frost and King Winter: The story is about King Winter living in a palace made of ice. He is selfish, and his fairy servants are cross and spiteful, rarely doing kind actions. One night, he sends them to break all the gold and ruby leaves spread by King Frost to make the forest beautiful. When he discovers that the bags they brought are full of brown leaves, he gets angry and decides to attack King Frost’s palace to take his riches. However, King Frost and his frost fairies are ready and defeat King Winter and his servants in battle, leaving him alone to be chased and stripped of parts of his magic cloak, which protects him from the cold. He returns to his palace, while King Frost’s fairies decorate the trees with white feathers and diamonds, restoring some of the forest’s beauty.
  10. Was it the field fairy?: In the story, Jack and his sister Nina are orphans who are taken in by an unkind man named Simon, who makes them work hard and gives them little food. One day, Simon tells Jack to take their beloved Cow to the butcher, and on the way, Jack meets a Field Fairy who offers to change Cow into anything she likes to save her from the butcher. But Cow asks instead for the Field Fairy to change Simon into a kind and good man. Later, Simon is burnt and the children care for him, and surprisingly, he becomes a changed man, treating them kindly and even buying them a horse and carriage. Though they never know whether the Field Fairy had anything to do with Simon’s transformation, Jack and Nina are grateful and happy to live with their “Uncle Simon” now.
  11. The giant Energy and the fairy Skill: The story is about a clumsy young giant named Energy who wanted to help in the world’s work but found it hard to get work because of his clumsiness. He went to the mountains to rest but couldn’t sleep, so he went back to the valley to ask for work. He met a good woman who gave him a basket of china to carry but he broke it. She forgave him and gave him a pitcher of milk to carry. He ran so fast that the milk was spilled. She forgave him again and advised him to go to Fairy Skill to learn and be a helper in the world. He went there, did tasks, and learned how to make a carpet, cup, and chain. He returned to the good woman’s house, gave her the beautiful things he made, and finally learned to be a helper in the world.
  12. The Little Skater Who Could: The story is about a little girl named Lily who dreams of becoming a figure skater. Though she was fascinated by figure skating, she struggled to stay upright, and despite trying everything, she could not improve. One night, she met a magical ice fairy who advised her to let go of her fears, and the next day, Lily improved significantly. She continued to grow as a figure skater, and she never forgot the fairy’s wise words. The story ends with Lily fulfilling her dream of becoming a champion figure skater.
  13. The Tooth Fairy: This is a story about the Tooth Fairy, who lives in a magical forest and is responsible for collecting teeth from children around the world. Children place their lost teeth under their pillow and the Tooth Fairy comes to take the tooth, leaving a special surprise in its place. The Tooth Fairy loves children and wants to make losing a tooth a magical experience. The story encourages children to put their lost teeth under their pillow in the hopes of receiving a special visit from the Tooth Fairy.
  14. The Fairy’s New Year Gift: Two little boys receive a New Year present from a fairy in the form of beautiful books with white pages. A year later, the fairy returns to take their books and give them new ones. The boys are hesitant to part with their books and ask to keep them a little longer, but the fairy insists. As she turns the pages with her silver lamp, the boys notice that the pages are no longer pristine and white, with some having ugly blots, while others have beautiful pictures, gold, and silver decorations. The fairy explains that each blot is a result of naughty behavior, while each pretty picture is the result of good behavior. The fairy takes the old books, but each boy gets a new one with a beautiful message written on it.
  15. The White Hare and the Crocodiles: This is the story of a white hare who tricks some crocodiles into forming a bridge so that he can cross the sea to the mainland, but then taunts them and gets his fur pulled out. He meets a kind man who helps him heal and advises him to bathe and cover himself in kaba flowers which have the power to make his fur grow back. The hare is healed and meets a fairy who turns out to be the kind man who helped him. The fairy later finds a Princess who falls in love with him and they get married.
  16. Go Away, Monster!: The story is about a little boy named Elijah who is afraid of the dark and believes there are monsters hiding in his room. One day, a fairy appears in his dream and gives him a magic wand to make the monsters go away. With the wand, Elijah successfully scares away noises and sounds that used to keep him up at night. He no longer feels tired and can play and learn new things. The story ends with Elijah feeling safe and happy with his magic wand by his side.
  17. The Dream of Little Christel: In this story, a young girl named Christel is inspired by a fairy’s words in her dream to make the world a better place. She decides to take action by performing small acts of kindness, like fixing a windmill and watering a wilting rose tree. Christel realizes that even the smallest actions can bring happiness and satisfaction. The story is available to download as a PDF for offline reading or printing.
  18. The cloud that had no lining: In this story, the cloud has no silver lining, causing the fairies who live in it to be uncomfortable with rain coming through. They decide to line it with silver, but when the first fairy brings back water from the stream below, they realize they need to find real silver. The second fairy gets silver from moonshine-fairies, but it’s too thin and rain still comes through. The third fairy asks other clouds and is directed to sunbeam-fairies, who give them the perfect silver. The cloud is lined, and the rain never comes through again.
  19. The fairy and Cupid: A mischievous fellow named Cupid falls in love with a beautiful fairy in the land of love after accidentally being struck with his own arrow during target practice. The fairy returns his affection and the two become the most loving couple in the land, living happily ever after. An ebook download link is provided.
  20. The Wonderful Dog and the Miraculous Cat: The story follows an old wizard who leaves a wizarding school after an argument with the headmaster and finds refuge in a cottage. He acquires a dog and cat, who he teaches all known languages, history, and magic. Once the pets become well-educated, they ask the wizard for permission to travel the world. While traveling, they meet the King of the Land of the Flowing Rivers, who is cursed. The dog and cat set out to find a solution and encounter the evil wizard Zidoc, who tries to capture them. In the end, the wizard helps the animals defeat Zidoc, and the curse is lifted from the king, and they all lived happily ever after.
  21. Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess: In this fairy tale, a king who is in love with a princess learns that he can marry her if he can break a curse. The curse can only be broken if he stands on the tail of her cat, which turns out to be an evil wizard. The king breaks the curse, but the wizard curses the king’s son to never be happy until he realizes that his nose is too long. The son grows up believing that a long nose is a symbol of great beauty and falls in love with a princess. The wizard kidnaps the princess, and the prince sets out to rescue her. He meets an old fairy who helps him realize the truth about his nose, and he rescues the princess. They marry and live happily ever after.
  22. The White Cat: In this fairy tale, a king gives his three sons a task to find the smallest and most beautiful dog, the finest and most delicate fabric, and the most beautiful princess. The youngest prince meets a white cat who transforms into a beautiful woman and helps him complete each task. In the end, the youngest prince declines the crown to marry the woman with access to six kingdoms, and they all live happily ever after.
  23. Graciosa and Percinet: In this story, a king falls in love with an ugly duchess after she shows him her vast collection of wine barrels that are full of gold and precious gems instead. In exchange for his kingdom, the king marries the duchess but agrees to her condition of having control over his beautiful and obedient daughter, Graciosa. A fairy prince who loves Graciosa helps her escape various tasks set by her jealous stepmother, the duchess, until she is thrown into a hole and left for dead. Graciosa finds a door to a beautiful garden where the fairy prince is waiting for her, and they get married and live happily ever after.
  24. The Good Little Mouse: In this story, a queen is captured by a cruel king who killed her husband and plans to kill her once she gives birth, hoping for a daughter he can marry off to his son. A fairy assures the king that it will be a daughter and tests the queen’s good heart with a mouse. After the princess is born, the fairy transforms into a mouse, and with the queen, creates a basket to lower the princess to safety. The fairy agrees to raise the princess, but another cruel fairy steals her away. Years later, the princess is found working as a turkey-keeper by a good fairy who recognizes her and reunites her with her mother. They overthrow the cruel king and make the princess queen, and she finds a kind prince to marry, living happily ever after.
  25. How the Buttercup Became Yellow: In this story, all flowers were originally white and gained their color through magic. The daisy was proud of its yellow center and thought the field would look better if the white cups were golden too. The white cups agreed but didn’t know how to change color. The daisy suggested they convince the goblins to color them, but they wouldn’t do it just to make the flowers look prettier. The white cups came up with a plan to make the goblins think they would anger the fairies if they didn’t color them, and it worked. When the fairies flew over the field, they whispered a love song to the white cups, and the goblins colored them in the night. The next morning, the buttercups (as they were now called) with golden hues looked beautiful among the daisies.
  26. Jorinde and Joringel: The story is about a shepherd boy named Joringel who falls in love with the most beautiful girl in the world, Jorinde. They wander into an old fairy castle, where the fairy turns Jorinde into a nightingale and locks her up with other enchanted birds. Joringel is frozen in place until the fairy leaves. He becomes a shepherd and spends many years trying to find a way to rescue Jorinde. Finally, he has a dream which leads him to a flower that breaks the enchantment. He goes to the castle, frees Jorinde, and restores the other birds to their human form. They get married and live happily ever after.
  27. Princess Rosette: A princess named Rosette was locked up in a tower for her entire life because a fairy predicted that her love affair would cost her brothers their lives. Her brothers eventually became kings, and they freed Rosette from the tower. Rosette wanted to marry the King of the Peacocks, which led her brothers on a journey to find him. However, the governess and her daughter threw Rosette off the boat and took her place. Rosette survived and was brought to the King of the Peacocks, who was disgusted by her appearance. Meanwhile, the boatswain and the governess were jailed for their actions. Rosette was eventually freed and married the King of the Peacocks, and everyone lived happily ever after.
  28. The Ram: This story is about a king with three beautiful and smart daughters. When the king has to go to war, he asks them what they dreamed of the night before his departure. The youngest daughter’s dream angers the king so much that he orders for her to be killed. However, she is left in the forest and meets a cursed ram who was once a king. They fall in love and she visits her sisters’ weddings secretly until she is finally crowned queen. The ram dies of heartbreak at the palace gates, and the new queen is devastated. The story teaches that life can be unpredictable, and we must keep our word.
  29. The spring fairy and the frost giants: The story is about Frost Giants who want to capture Iduna, the Spring Fairy and her basket of golden apples. The apples are life-giving and keep nature fresh and people young. The Giants want the apples to bring desolation to the fruitful fields, so they plan to capture Iduna with the help of Loki, the Prince of Mischief. Loki tricks Iduna into going to a remote grove, where the Giants capture her and take her to their palace. The absence of Iduna causes the flowers to droop, the grass to become parched, and the people of Asgard to suffer. Odin summons Loki to bring back Iduna, and he does so with the help of a magic nutshell. The Storm-Giant follows, but Loki wins the race back to Asgard, and the Spring Fairy is restored.
  30. Why the Stork loves Holland: The story tells of how storks love Holland and why they migrate there every year from as far as Africa. It is said that the stork is welcomed in Holland, as it keeps vermin populations under control and there are many songs and verses written about it. According to the story, the stork was invited by fairies to Holland to manage the frog population, and the Dutch people have regarded it as a bringer of good luck ever since. The stork’s white and red plumage was admired, and people were so pleased with the bird that they allowed the storks to live in fancy city ponds and even planted poles in the countryside as an invitation for stork families to come and live with people.
  31. Twinkling Feet’s Halloween: On Halloween, Twinkling Feet, an elf who is the best dancer in the ring, played a trick on all the little dancers. He tripped his dancing partner and dragged all the little elves down; some were badly injured. Twinkling Feet lost his smile after the incident, and the elves went to Little Fiddler for help. Little Fiddler said, “Twinkling Feet has lost his smile!” The elf searched for his smile and asked Jack O’Lantern, the Happy Little Witch, and the children at the village. A tiny creature that somersaulted rapidly approached him, climbed onto him, disappeared into his mouth, and Twinkling Feet found his smile again.
  32. The Frogs and the Fairies: In this story, a group of young frogs ignore their grandfather’s warning and venture out of their pond at night to explore the valley. While there, they stumble upon a fairy gathering and mistake the fireflies for food, leading to their punishment by the fairy queen. The story ends with a lesson about the importance of listening to wise elders.
  33. The Revenge of the Fireflies: The Fireflies felt slighted when the Goblins didn’t invite them to join in a romp through the forest, particularly since they had always been good friends. Vowing revenge, the Fireflies hatch a plan to cause the Goblins to think their rocks are on fire, preventing them from getting any rest. Afterward, the Goblins suspect the Fireflies’ involvement, and the next time they have a party, they are careful to invite all their friends so as not to anger anyone.
  34. A Midsummer Night’s Dream: The story is about two lovers, Hermia and Lysander, who are forced to flee to a place beyond the reach of a cruel Athenian law that allows girls to be put to death if they refuse to marry according to their father’s wishes. Hermia’s friend Helena betrays her by telling her lover, Demetrius, about their plan, leading to a chain of events involving fairies and a love potion that causes confusion and humorous situations among the characters. In the end, the lovers are reunited and married, and the fairy king and queen remain happily together in the forest.
  35. The Tell-Tale Goblin: The story is about a little fairy who falls in love with a river god and has secret meetings with him. A goblin who spies on the fairies plans to tell the queen about the meetings in exchange for a reward. However, the river god intervenes and tricks the goblin by giving him a silver hat, but as punishment, he turns the goblin into a thistle. The fairy continues to live happily ever after with her river god, while the thistle lives a lonely life, regretting his actions.
  36. Orianna: Little White Rabbit sees a stranger fairy among the fairy group while they were feasting. He runs to the queen to ask about the little stranger, whom she identifies as Orianna, the Indian fairy who only visits occasionally. The queen describes Orianna as living near the Indians in a forest and having eagle feathers as wings, a small silver arrow and a bow instead of a wand. Little White Rabbit runs to the fairies to see Orianna’s beautiful dress and the arrow with the shining tip, which the queen describes as the love that Orianna shoots straight into the hearts of all Indians. The next day, Little White Rabbit looks for the wigwam trees to see Orianna’s house, but he cannot find them as fairies live in secret places.
  37. Dr. Dolittle and the Prince: In this story, John Dolittle and his animal friends get lost in the jungle while searching for a way home and accidentally end up in the backyard of the king’s palace. They are captured and put back in prison, but Polynesia the parrot comes up with a plan to help Prince Bumpo become a golden prince and in return, Bumpo helps John and his animals escape from jail.
  38. The Revenge of the Gnomes: The Fairies threw a party and invited the Goblins, but forgot to invite the Gnomes who overheard and got angry. At the party, the Goblins acted greedily and ruined the beautiful tablecloth made by a spider, and then fell into a trap set by the Gnomes. The Goblins demanded the Fairies to rescue them and provide them with breakfast since they lost dinner. The exhausted Fairies made ice for the Gnomes in exchange for the Goblins’ release. However, when the Goblins demanded breakfast, the Fairies punished them with their wands, leaving red marks on their faces, and the Goblins fled in fear of being pointed out as greedy.
  39. The story of the Norse about how everything began: This story tells of the Norse creation myth, where before the world was made, there was a great gaping dim gap full of waves and two lands, North and South of the gulf. Then, Ymir the giant was born, followed by a cow from whose udders large streams of milk flowed. When the cow licked the salt from the ice blocks, the body of a mighty man was revealed. From the sons of Ymir came a race of giants, and from the Sons of the Ice-Man came the race of Gods, who immediately began to wage war against the evil Giant-Kings. After a hard fight, they killed the giant Ymir, and from his body, the Gods made Midgard, the earth, the high hills, the cliffs, and oceans. Lastly, they made the Tree of Life and a man and a woman named Ask and Embla, from whom the entire human race was created.
  40. Donkeyskin: This is a story about a king and queen who had a daughter. The queen died, and the king became mad, thinking his daughter was his queen and asking her to marry him. The daughter turned to her fairy godmother for help, who gave her tasks that she thought were impossible for the king to fulfill. However, the king manages to complete the tasks, and the fairy advises the daughter to leave, so she disguises herself in a donkey skin and begins working on a farm. Through a series of events, she meets a prince and they fall in love. The king finds out, and the fairy reveals the truth about the daughter’s identity. In the end, the king and queen are married, and the daughter marries the prince and they all live happily ever after.
  41. The Harvest of King Winter: King Winter summons the Snow Fairies and Frost Fairies to ask about the joy they’ve brought to people. The Snow Fairies put white dresses on trees, blanketed the grass and put hats on posts. The Frost Fairies made pictures on windows, crystals on trees and covered ponds with ice for skating. King Winter now wants to leave something behind, so he decides to create a harvest and the Frost Fairies work hard under a big cloud curtain to create thick ice for the ice houses. Thanks to King Winter’s harvest, people can now cool food and make ice all year round.
  42. Allerleirauh: The story is about a King who promised his dying wife to remarry someone as beautiful as her after her death, but cannot find anyone who matches her beauty. The King ends up falling in love with his own daughter who looks just like her mother. A Protective Fairy helps the daughter escape and offers the King impossible tasks to fulfill as conditions for a marriage. The daughter eventually attends a ball, but hides her beauty with a cloak made of donkey fur. The King falls in love with her, and she eventually agrees to marry him after many trials and tribulations. The story has a happy ending, with both the daughter and the King finding happiness.
  43. Diamonds and Toads: The story is about two sisters, one who is unpleasant and rude, and the other who is polite and kind. The kind sister helps an old woman and is gifted with the ability to speak diamonds and flowers. The rude sister, however, refuses to help a disguised fairy, and is cursed to speak toads and snakes. The kind sister marries a prince, while the rude sister is shunned and ultimately dies alone.
  44. The White Doe: This is a story about a princess named Desirée who is born with a curse and is locked in a tower until her fifteenth year. When a prince falls in love with her portrait, he sends his friend to visit her with gifts but is told to wait until her fifteenth birthday for the wedding. In an attempt to stop the wedding, Desirée’s jealous bridesmaid, Longue Epine, dresses up like the princess and is chosen by the prince. Desirée escapes as a white deer and meets the prince in the forest, where they fall in love and break the curse. They marry and live happily ever after.
  45. The Lost Half Hour: In this story, Bobo, the youngest son who was considered foolish, embarks on a journey to find a lost half-hour in order to help Princess Zenza. Along the way, he meets Father Time and his twelve sons, takes care of their horses for a year, and gains the water of wisdom from Twelve o’clock. With Father Time’s advice, Bobo helps others like the man who lost his reputation, the man who lost his patience, and the king whose daughter was stolen by fairies. Bobo finds and saves the king’s daughter, Tilda, with the help of the lost half-hour and his courage. In the end, Bobo and Tilda get married and live happily ever after.
  46. Prince Sneeze: A king and queen throw a party to celebrate the christening of their son, Prince Rolandor, but an angry fairy declares that every time the prince sneezes, something will change until he finds someone brave enough to marry him. The prince is taken to a tower on the Golden Mountain to protect him from the consequences of his sneezes, and years go by until his poodle friend returns with the missing words of the enchantment. Eventually, the prince marries an ugly princess under a spell and, amidst chaos, sneezes for the last time, ending all enchantments in the kingdom. The bride returns to her former beauty, and the prince and his wife live happily ever after.
  47. Marianna: A wicked nobleman kills the king and the queen flees with her baby princess, leaving her in the care of an old dwarf who raises her as his own. Seventeen years later, Marianna sets out to find who she is and heal the sick with the dwarf’s crystal bottle of healing water. She arrives in a kingdom where she finds her father, the rightful king, and falls in love with Prince Desire, but Garabin, the wicked man in charge, seeks to destroy them both. With the help of a yellow bird and the dwarf, they defeat the villains and Marianna becomes queen, married to Prince Desire.
  48. Kate Crackernuts: In this story, a jealous queen tries to ruin the beauty of her stepdaughter by sending her on an errand without any breakfast. When the girl fails to follow her instructions, the queen sends her again without breakfast, but she eats some peas on the way. On the third day, the girl goes with the queen, but her head falls off and a sheep’s head appears in the pot while they visit the henwife. The queen is satisfied, but the girl’s stepsister takes her and they both end up at a castle where the stepsister volunteers to sit with a sick prince in exchange for a bag of silver. The following night, she learns about a wand that can make her sick stepsister pretty again and on the third night, she asks to marry the prince and learns about a chicken that can cure his sickness. They both get what they want, and the sick prince marries the now-pretty stepsister while the well prince marries the sick stepsister.
  49. Mabel on Midsummer Day: This is a story about a kind and helpful girl named Mabel who goes to visit her sick grandmother and must complete various tasks without disturbing the fairies who live in the woods and by the well. The fairy queen and the brownies take notice of Mabel’s respect and kindness and grant her blessings. Mabel then returns home and her sister makes a miraculous recovery, thanks to the help of the fairies. Mabel continues to be a loving and helpful person for the rest of her life.
  50. Buttercup Gold: A selfish man found a pot of gold, but as he walked towards a wood to hide it, the gold slipped out of his bag without him noticing. Fairies turned the gold into bright, yellow flowers, which replaced the stolen gold coins. The greedy man returned, and in place of the gold, he found beautiful buttercup flowers, which brought joy to rich and poor. An ebook (PDF) can be downloaded from the link provided.
  51. The Fairy Tulips: In a small village near Dartmoor, an elderly woman cares for a bed of tulips with a magical secret, which the local pixies love and sing to through the night. When the woman dies, the new owner removes the tulips, and the pixies, offended, cause the parsley beds to wither. The pixies continue to sing around the woman’s grave, keeping her space pretty and filled with flowers that thrive without human intervention.
  52. The Tree of Swords: A king’s daughter is turned into a cow by a wicked witch who was not invited to her birth feast. The witch tells them the only way to change her back is to get a pear from a tree near a mountain of ice. However, the mountain is guarded by a three-headed troll and the tree is filled with swords that turn into branches when touched. The reward for bringing back the pear is the princess’s hand in marriage, but many tried and failed. Eventually, a poor peasant tries and succeeds with the help of fairies and a belt. The troll tells the peasant how to get the pear, but the tree burns up as a result. The peasant gives the pear to the cow, turning her back into the princess. The peasant then leaves and asks for gold instead of marrying the greatly changed princess.
  53. Nardo and the Princess: The story is about twin brothers, Nardo and Stephen, who have different personalities. Nardo is kind and selfless while Stephen is selfish and greedy. When an old beggar man visits the King’s palace, Nardo welcomes him while Stephen turns him away. The beggar rewards Nardo with a ring that grants him any wish that money cannot buy. Nardo falls in love with the beautiful Princess and wishes for her love. However, Stephen also loves the Princess and schemes to obtain the ring. He manages to get the ring and casts a spell on Nardo, making him forget about the Princess. With the help of a fairy, the Princess manages to retrieve the ring and restores Nardo’s memory. Stephen eventually learns the error of his ways and becomes a better man.

In conclusion, the Top 53 Stories About Fairies engage young readers with enchanting tales of magical adventures, whimsical creatures, and valuable life lessons. Each story offers a marvelous glimpse into a world where fairies play, teach, and guide children on their journeys to self-discovery and personal growth. These captivating narratives not only spark imagination but also instill kindness, empathy, and the importance of believing in oneself. Let kids delve into these enthralling stories to experience the charm of fairies and explore the boundless limits of their own creativity.